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thank GoD! [28 Mar 2003|10:18pm]
[ mood | relieved ] soo happy i did mi speech thing for conformation n i thought i did good but w.e. n yehah soo now i aint worried bout nuffin..conformation was kinda boring b/c it took realli long..i wood rather have went ovr jodis to chill wit j.leigh n meGa but we are ganna tomorrow i think..i went ovr nikkiz after skewl n we ate chinese food n we were like lightin this thing i duhno it was funn n we wanted to see joey well 1 of us did but yeah we never got to n the person was mad cuz she wanted to do sometin but it aLL good! skewl i membered to tell kris(coff--loser! . . he) n he was like oki n he didnt realli say nehtin i think he was confused nd i juss started crackin up..well science joe got kiqqed out bc he stood up or somethin ms.mulnar or wateva like wore the same ting 3 days in a row..ew i was like can you say SCANK . . neways n dis kid asked her n she was like i washed them n then i felt badd but oo well!hehe!..well tomorrow i got soccr at 3 nd we are ganna kiqq some ass! then i m ganna do somethin wit jodi meghan or nikki or all of hem n then we are ganna go somewhere..i <33 JP!..bu he dont love meh..nd umm.well mi feet realli hurt . . nikki help meh why do i like dis frickin kid cn you tell meh dat>>??...alrite well i m ganna go to sleep.. ZzZzZ ! good nite! mwahh xoxox

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