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    Saturday, June 7th, 2003
    9:28 am
    Hey everybody!
    Hey ya'll!!I'm sOoOo broed!! I'm in Florida ya kno and home by myself, and my cousin's fxin to come pick me up!! I'm SoOoOo fuckin bored!!Well sorry sOoOoO short, but my cuz is here! Bye!

    .::luvz ya::.
    Friday, June 6th, 2003
    5:40 pm
    I think i'm in love!
    Hey ya'll! I think i'm in love w/ this dude named Zach!!I've liked him since like 3 months ago! He says he leks me but, he hasent asked me out yet! lOl!! hahaha! well sorry sOoO short, but gots ta bounce!

    =luvz ya'll alwayz=
    5:35 pm
    Hey ya'll!
    Hey ya'll!! I'm in Florida for summer vaca!! I'm sOoO bored!! Wella bunch of stuff has happened in the last few weeks but i'm not gunna bore u with all the details! LoL! well i'm goin to get a henna tattoo tonite!! I'm sOoOo hapy! LoL!well i better gt goin now!

    .::luvz ya::.
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