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Great day! [02 Mar 2003|07:18pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Hilary Duff- I Can't Wait ]

Yo...ok I like tried to update my journal but I'm not quite sure it worked lol. So I'm going to write again. Today I shot another episode of Smallville. Too bad Tom has a wife! haha He's such a hottie. I'm going to tell him to get a Blurty journal so that he can chat with us. There is this guy I like...and it's not Adam Lamberg...*giggles* What do you think? He is only like 2 years younger than me. Is that a lot? Hmm give me some advice! And...someone really needs to get him a blurty. well...I have to go now...I've got some homework to work on. ttyl
xo Kristin xo

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Hey everyone [02 Mar 2003|03:30am]
Ok...hi guys. I'm just chilling right now but I don't know anyone so you should all leave me a comment! I want to make some friends. :) I hope you all watch's a really great show and Tom Welling is so good. He's my great friend...maybe I can get you an, ttyl
xoxo Kristin xoxo
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