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..::*night blooming jasmine*::.. [02 Sep 2003|11:06am]
[ mood | refreshed ]
[ music | ..::*none*::.. ]

*»the last day of labor day weekend was definitely the best...but i guess i should start at sunday....

*»so sunday was a pretty eventful day. i hung out with shireen, molls and this guy from norwich named pat. justin kept coming around and tickling me and stuff...he also picked me up upside down and tried throwing me in the fountain..haha no such luck!! then when we were standing by the gambling booth, this bitch that i hate gave me the dirtiest fucking look, so i just sat there and glared back at her...stupid ass freshmen...

*»WE FOUND THE RING!!!! yupperz, i have justin*s ring back on my hand...i guess when i threw it, the chain busted and it was turned into information...THANK GOD! so he gave it back to me to wear....!

*»when it got darker, the skankier people came out. now i only call people that i don*t like or who dress to slutty, skanks...and these 4 girls definitely fit into that category. i have hated andrea ever since the teen center days, but this weekend she definitely proved too be skanky...not only with the way she dressed and the girls she hung out with, but by being all over every single guy at the fair! including my hunny....hello, when you*re like 14, you don*t have to act like you*re fucking 21. besides, last time i talked to her was like last year and she was 13 then, which makes her friends pretty much the same age. so this is just kinda really gross...but whatever...

*»after shireen, pat and molls left, i just kinda went to the cement benches and sat around, trying like hell to keep warm. jeff and colbs walked over to me to see how i was doing, and jeff said he felt bad for leaving me cold like that...then kenny came over to sit with me and we talked it up for awhile. then vicks came over to talk and we saw justin up on the hill waving at us to go see him. so i went up on the hill to talk to him, and he was hiding from some people he didn*t want to see him. then he went to say his good-bye*s and then came back up on the hill and cradled me in his arms...talk about warmth!!

*»we decided to walk to cumberland farms so i could get a cappuccino...mMmM..hot french vanilla...yummerz! he said i could sleep over at his house since it was too late to go home. his mom is such a sweetie!! hehe...so we stayed there for the night...

*»yesterday, we got up at like 10:45 and only because his brother woke us up. justin took a shower and then decided to walk up to spring street so he could change his clothes...then we walked up to norwich so that i could change my clothes in my aunt*s car...nothing like having no shirt on with ppl staring in at you!! haha...then we walked back downtown to the bank and he got me rainbow ice...throughout the whole day he wanted me to give him kisses so i did...and when danny clark kept staring at me, justin came and rescued me. he bought me dinner, too...awww what a babe! then after everything was starting to close up, we decided to walk back to his house...so we took the trail through the woods. when we got to his house, he finally gave me his hat...yea i look mega cute in it! *LOL*...

*»after dinner we went for a walk up the road and just sat there in it. he was laying on my stomach and he was asking me what was wrong cause i was wicked bummed. i was cold too, so he stuck my hand in his pants to "warm it up"..hehe...while we were standing there hugging to keep warm, he was like "you could call your gram and see if she is working tomorrow and i could spend the night". so i called, and his mom brought us out here...

*»after i took a shower, did my hw, and he took a shower...we just layed there in bed...then he kissed me. it was a GREAT kiss too!! hehe...you know, the super ultra mega romantic kind....not the little peck on the lips kiss..this one was romantic-like. so then we did some seriously PERSONAL stuff...HEHEHEHE ((wink wink))...anyway, by the time this personal stuff got over with, we were both WICKED EXHAUSTED. plus it was like after midnight, so we went in, brushed our teeth and curled up together in bed and went to sleep. this morning i got up at 5 to see him off to work...

*»i got up again at 6:15 to go take a shower and get ready to go to school...well after i had blow dried my hair and had the iron in to straighten it, i was going to iron my shirt...since my feet are in some serious pain from walking from here to northfield with justin on sunday, my gram was like i think you should stay home. i couldn*t even walk...they were bleeding and all cut up...poor justin was like "omg hun, that looks like it really hurts."

*»so now here i am. home from school...with hw to do...and all i wanna do is sleep!! hehee....i rule...can*t wait til this weekend though!!...well, later dayz...

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..::*rainbow ice*::.. [31 Aug 2003|10:32am]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | ..::*none*::.. ]

*»yesterday was the beginning of Labor Day weekend...i wasn*t planning on going into town til around 4, but ann wanted to go to the mall to get some things for her new puppy so she came and picked me up...her puppy is so damn cute!! his name is sam, and he*s a black lab, golden retriever, german sheppard and collie mix. he*s huge already for 9 weeks...by the time he*s 6 months old, i bet you he*ll be bigger than me!!

*»anyway, when i got there i went over to talk to brit and she pointed justin out to me so i went over and talked to him for a few minutes. me, brit, casey, jenny and ann all hung out for like, the whole night. i had about 2 rainbow ice, and that is it. i did good yesterday, compared to the normal like 9 i have a night! *LOL*...tonight i will have more tho...

*»i saw shireen there around 9 so i walked around with her for a little bit..we saw jeff and colby so we went over and talked to them for awhile...then we went back to the gambling booth...and justin came around the corner just as jeff was pinning my feathers back on..i knew he would think something was up...cuz that is justin. so he got pissed off at me and avoided me the rest of the night calling me all these names and things.

*»i went over towards the street with shireen around 10 because her dad was picking her up there and justin came over and told me he wanted to know why i was mad at him. he was saying that i said if i liked anyone he would be the first to know...and he would be! i was standing there bawling, so was he...so i took of his class ring that was about the 2 of us and i threw it in the bushes...we gotta go find it today! haha

*»i walked straight over to joe and he saw me crying and asked if i wanted a ride home...sweet kid that he is...so he brought me home, with me sniffing all along the way....

*»when i got here, i threw my stuff in my room and headed straight for the shower...i always take hot showers when i*m crying or upset...sometimes i take like 3 a day!! *LOL*...after i put my pj*s on, i got on the computer and started talking to colby and brittany and then justin stopped out. he kneeled down to me and i went to take off his sweatshirt and he told me to leave it on and that he was so sorry, he overreacted and he was an asshole. he said his mom was waiting outside, so he either had to leave or spend the night...so he slept over...

*»we were in my room, on my bed just talking...and he told me to curl up under the covers and just sleep...this was at like 11:30...i wasn*t tired so i just layed there, and he wrapped his arms around me...then came the personal stuff that i*m not going to write about!! *HEHEHEHEHE* so you*ll have to figure that out on your own...((wink wink))...anyway, we finally went to bed around 1:45...hehehe....

*»so right now, justin is still asleep in my bed...and i*m about to go back there with him....we have to rest up, we*re walking from my house into northfield...should be interesting...just like old times...hehe....

*»not only that, but we*ll be out late again today for more labor day weekend...later dayz!!


..::*warm vanilla sugar*::.. [29 Aug 2003|03:36pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | ..::*none*::.. ]

*»today was all in all a wicked good day...

*»i was sitting in study hall with ann, charles and tyner talking about someone who was in the room who we don*t really like...we were trying like hell to make it look like we weren*t talking about this person and fricken tyner would say something and then look right at them...i mean how obvious can you get?!? haha...then walking out the door to math, tyner was talking about this person ....who was walking right behind us...wicked loudly...it was just way too great....

*»we have a kinda big math class and there is this brazilian kid named chico in there. well when we got into our groups, he reached over towards my chest, reached down and grabbed my necklace and pulled it to look at it...talk about violation!! haha i was sooo freaked out!! he is always staring...like they don*t have boobs in brazil...

*»so i*m in AP Bio with my girls...cuz there is only like 8 of us in there and 7 of us are chicks...anyway, Ukolowicz is talking abou damselfy penis and sperm removal and doing these wicked amusing "gestures" as to how this male damselfly penetrates the female...i thought i would die laughing! everytime he said the word "thrust" or "penis" i thought i would lose it...talk about being a wicked dork!! i don*t see how this man can sit there and talk about things like this and not just crack up...although he did once when he did the thrust motion..haha what a great class!

*»OMG french class...friggen rackel mcmartin is in there and she asks questions at everything, even if it*s not french related...hello, i thought retards had special ed?! anyway, everytime that she says something and pisses me, molls and em off, we rub our ears. they went and saw bad boys 2 and in there he rubs his ears and says "woosa" to relieve stress...so now that is what we do...haha it is QUITE funny to see!!

*»P.E was definitely the greatest part of the day...yea i know...wierd coming from me. we played this game called rat race where you have two teams and one team stands on both sides of the gym with balls and the other team has two ppl carrying yellow balls, running down to the safety at the other end. if they get tagged by ppl throwing balls at them, then they sit down and hold the ball up for another team member to try and get. well me, molly and shireen lined up so we were on the same team. i kept trying to run out so i wouldn*t get stuck last weaving through all these people sitting on the floor, but guess what?? this chick was last...so it was up to me to get both yellow balls and try to score some mad points. well each time i got to the safety i just wanted to stay there and Powers would yell "run back!!"...at least i scored like 5 pts. of the 7 we got that round...talk about friggen world war 2!! i swear, i almost died with all those balls flying at me!! haha...

*»so labor day weekend starts tomorrow...i might go down, i dunno...not too sure who i*ll hang with tho..since molls can*t go til like sunday night...who knows what*ll happen...

*»OMG check out my wicked cute blob i adopted!! how cute is that thing?!?!

*»well i*m out...got stuff and ppl to do...*LOL* jk jk...i love that blue eyed hunny bear...always......

Adopt your own useless blob!


..::* [28 Aug 2003|05:57pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | ..::*Whatever by Godsmack*::.. ]

*»today wasn*t really anything too special, except that i saw someone special wondering around the school when he was supposed to be at home...::blush::...that basically made my day right there! then i walked down to the church and saw this person and got hugged and all that good stuff...yup, i think i*m still smiling...

*»we had a senior meeting in the auditorium talking about school stuff, same old boring shit we hear every year. then we talked about senior mountain day on the 15th. yupperz, can*t wait...well i mean i can, but hey...i*m allowed to be excited...i*m a senior! hehehehee

*»so i*m still eating those gobstoppers i got yesterday..only i can*t seem to suck on them long enough! haha...i always just bite into them...it*s wierd i know...but for some reason, i do that...oh well...guess i*m a little crazy at times...hehehe....

*»yea so i have been in school for 2 days and have already decided, that i basically don*t like most of the freshmen...i*m not mean to them and i haven*t said anything...but if they piss me off then i will...most of them are stuck up little bitches, either that or they just really bug me...some of them are ok tho...like the ones i*m friends with...but the rest need some serious attitude adjustments...and i know a few ppl who would like to adjust them....

*»labor day weekend is coming up fast...it*s like 2 days away...anyway, i dunno if i wanna go or not...like i said before, i might have to kick some ass...*LOL*...i doubt i would do that...but i might beat some faces in...we*ll just have to see...hehehe....

*»well i*m out for now...got a lot of AP hw and i need to take a shower and stuff first so i can relax....aaah! and ya know, wait for that someone special to get back on so i can talk to him...awwww!!! hehe later dayz...

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..::*everlasting gobstoppers*::.. [27 Aug 2003|07:02pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | ..::*Praise by sevendust*::.. ]

*»i just wanna say that this subject relates to my life now, too..cuz i just bought a box tonight! hehe..yummerz

*»today was the first day of my last year of high school...and basically, i like all my classes!!! i have friends in every single class...hehe math...and i have like an hour for lunch to just hang out in the senior lounge. pretty kick ass if ya ask me...only thing that set me off was mike hall took MY locker!! i was buggin big time...but i think i*ll get over it..my locker will be wicked once i get all my pictures and stuff up...give it that cute little vibe of mine...*LOL*

*»so i*m sitting here talking to joey and jeff and i just found out that i get to be joe*s hoe!! talk about wicked excitement!! i have never been so excited in my life!! *LOL*

*»yea so labor day weekend is coming up and i*m not so sure if i really want to go to it. molls said i could stay with her at her place and we can hang out til like midnight all weekend but i dunno if i wanna go. cuz i know if i see some shit going on that i don*t wanna see i*m gonna flip out and kick some ass...hehe...yea that*s right, i*m a tough little blonde chick! i dunno...we*ll have to see how many people want me there...

*»so i*m taking french this year...which is pretty cool cuz there are mostly seniors in there *my senior girlies em and molls are in there* and there are 4 peeps from the squad! it*s gonna be good, i can tell...my french name: juliette!

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..::*Nestle Treasures*::.. [26 Aug 2003|12:33am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | ..::*none*::.. ]

*»well that is my subject title cuz i have a full bag of them sitting next to me. well it*s not so full anymore....when i*m bummed, i just need chocolate. i*m an addict for life!! anyway, the past few days have been really rough on me...i*ve tried not to let anyone notice because i don*t want people thinking i*m weak. i just keep everything bottled up inside. i know it*s not healthy but shut up! i don*t really care anymore...

part one [basics]
-- name: amanda
-- nickname: manda, mandy, manda bear, mouse, blondie
-- birthdate: june 3
-- location: vt
-- eye color: green
-- hair color: strawberry blonde
-- righty or lefty: righty
-- zodiac sign: gemini
-- bff: justin

-» part two [describe..]
-- your heritage: irish/welsh/who knows what the hell else
-- the shoes you wore today: i didn*t wear shoes today, *LOL*
-- your hair: shoulder length and layered
-- your weakness: flowers and shopping
-- your fears:snakes, ugly bugs, broken heart
-- your perfect pizza: pineapple
-- one thing you'd like to achieve:become a college cheerleader.....hehe shut up don*t laugh!

-» part three [what is. .]
-- your most overused phrase on aim: *LOL* and omg
-- the first feature you notice in the opposite sex: eyes! definitely...but i notice if they smell good too
-- your best physical feature: umm i dunno...don*t really like ne thing about me
-- your bedtime: this princess doesn*t have one! it*s whenever i get tired
-- your greatest accomplishment: falling in love and doing everything to survive it

-» part four [ you prefer ..]
-- pepsi or coke: coke
-- sprite or 7up: sprite
-- mcDonald's or Burger King: mcdonalds
-- single or group dates: single
-- adidas or nike: adidas...but i have 2 pairs of nike and 2 pairs of adidas...so it doesn*t matter *LOL*
-- lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: nestea
-- chocolate or vanilla: chocolate...but if it*s cremees i like the mix!
-- cappuccino or coffee: cappuccino

part five [do you..]
-- smoke: no
-- cuss: haha fucking right i do
-- sing well: oooh yea...can you say diva?? haha jk
-- take a shower everyday: of course sumtimes twice
-- want to go to college: definitely
-- want to get married: yes
-- type w/ your fingers on the right keys: yes, i confess i do
-- believe in yourself: sometimes
-- get motion sickness: sometimes...ewwy
-- think you're a health freak: not really but i do watch what i eat sometimes
-- get along with your parents: yes
-- like thunderstorms: LOVE 'EM!!!!! they are awesome...specially with purple lightning...ooooh la la!
-- play an instrument: yeah right

-» part six [in the past month have you]
-- drank alcohol: yep
-- smoke(d): no
-- done a drug: no
-- eaten an entire box of Oreos: no
-- been on stage: no
-- been drunk: hehe guilty
-- gone skating: no
-- made homemade cookies: no
-- gone skinny dipping: no...but friggen a let*s do it! haha
-- Dyed your hair: nope
-- stolen anything: no

-» part eight [number of..]
-- number of drugs taken illegally: none
-- number of people i could trust with my life: umm maybe 2 if that
-- number of CDs that I own: omg waaaaaaaaaay too many to count
-- number of piercings all over you body: 5
-- what are they: 2 in each ear and my belly button
-- number of tattoos: none yet
-- number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: haha i dunno...lots when i was little and in plays
-- number of scars on my body: too many to count
-- number of things in my past that I regret: lots of things

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..::*Crazy in love*::.. [21 Aug 2003|10:03am]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | ..::Don*t Mess With My Man by Nivea and Jagged Edge::.. ]

*»so i*m lying in bed this morning, staring at those awesome glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling, thinking of my sweetie. then i roll over and what do ya know! there*s the picture of me and him from snowball. ((not to mention all of the other pictures of us, and him))...anyway, i*m lying there staring at that picture, thinking of how much i love him and of how stupid i am for thinking he would ever hurt me again. he*s promised me he would never do anything to hurt me or to put our relationship in jeopardy. i mean this is the guy who walked into my science class in 9th grade and he had an immediate crush on me. if you can like someone for 3 years, and have that like turn into being in love, then obviously you want to be with them more than anything. so why would you hurt them? let me tell you, there is a lot you can learn from little plastic glow-in-the-dark stars...and of course, the picture of the one you*re in love with.

*»well, from my first journal entry, it*s pretty clear there are some people i don*t like...well hate would be the better word. and i don*t *hate* many people. there is one person who is singled out in that category and i have hated this girl since about 5th grade but we*ve avoided each other up until this year. this year was when she decided she would try to steal my boyfriend away from me, so that was when i decided to call her a skank and everything got started. HELLO...you don*t try and get with a guy who has a girlfriend. that*s wicked slutty. and i*m not the only one who thinks so....she has tried this with a guy who one of my best friends was with. i hate when girls think that a guy is just going to up and leave the girl he*s with. not only that, but talk about being so pathetic and desperate that you have to try and STEAL a guy away from his GIRLFRIEND. god that really pisses me off. anyway, she is the person that i hate the most out of everyone who is on my shit list. just the thought of this person makes me want to throw up. sure, some people like her but they don*t know her like i do. i have known her since i was in 5th grade, and when you know someone for that long, you get to see who they really are. and she is NOTHING special. she*s just another bitch who wants to have her own way all the time, she doesn*t care who it*s with or if the guy is in a relationship that he "cherishes". well, lucky for me my sweetie only likes her as a friend. and she is just going to have to friggen deal with it....and i can*t wait til she fricken hears it.

*»well yesterday, my dad took me to the bank and opened up an account for me. he put $200.00 in it and then handed me $40 on top of it. i was pretty stoked. this weekend, i*m gonna have to take a trip to B*town and spend some money!! hehe...i need to go to $hopaholics anonymous or something...i*m seriously addicted to shopping!

*»so i took some quizzes cause i was bored...here*s the results!!! i*m outtie..i love my justin!! he*s the most important thing in my life!!! XOXO HUNNY BEAR!! MWAH!

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..::*candy apple*::.. [20 Aug 2003|11:08am]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | ..::Now That I Love You by David Corey::.. ]

*»hmm, in case you haven*t noticed, my subjects have nothing to do with what i write in here, but that*s ok..cause they aren*t boring. anyway, last night me, my justin, ravyn, her justin, ann and charles went to see Freddy vs. Jason..it was a wicked movie and i jumped more than once...hehe ::blush::...anyway, i loved being able to go out and hang out with my friends as couples..it*s great! then on the drive home, justin pulled over into the sand pit by my house and we turned off the lights and just watched the stars. talk about sweet moments! of course, while we were sitting there in the car, he said he kept getting this feeling that someone was going to come out of the darkness with a mascheti and slash it through the engine so we couldn*t leave...it was the movie, i swear....

*»today is our anniversary!!! i am sooooo happy...we woke up this morning and looked at eachother and after he came back in the room, he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me and wouldn*t let me go. it was sweet! i*ve never been so happy in my life and it*s great knowing that he*s mine and that he isn*t going anywhere...::grin::


..::*caramel cappuccino*::.. [16 Aug 2003|11:05am]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | ..::Praise by Sevendust::.. ]

*» when you*re a little kid, love is pushing down the kid that you like and kissing them on the cheek. sometimes i wish it were still that simple. not that love isn*t great. i*m happily in love with my hunny bear, justin. but it*s when it comes down to those girls who think that your boyfriend wants them, that things get a little bit harder. the way they throw themselves onto him, making them look not only desperate but stupid is just pathetic. and then you just want to kick them in the face. it*s not jealousy, it*s pure hatred. at least when you*re little, all you have to do is tell them that he has cooties and they back off. because lets face it, nothing is worse than a case of the cooties. but when your boyfriend is social and extremely good looking, it gets harder and harder for you to chase these girls away. even when your boyfriend tells you that he doesn*t want anyone else to be with you and that he doesn*t want anyone else but you, you still can*t help but get the urge to demolish the bitch who is into him and in your space. at least when you*re a little kid you don*t have to deal with all of the skanky girls who want to steal your boyfriend from you. i mean, when you*re the little skanky is a word you don*t even know yet. but when you*re a teenage girl, in a serious relationship...you don*t want anyone getting involved where they don*t belong...so you are entitled to do anything to protect your relationship. remember that when you try to steal someone*s boyfriend by throwing yourself on them...


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