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Sunday, August 24th, 2003
3:05 pm - .* La La La *.
hOla.. yesterday i went ta volleyball frOm 9-3 and my legz are killin mee! ahhh! lol. me n vale cant even walk down thaa stairs! :( tear tear lol. im so sore its not even funni lol. then afta that i went home n took a nap for like an hour n 45 min.. den i came online n did a lil more on my book reports. then went to kassandra's house because she was leaving 2 go 2 las vegas n wanted 2 spend time with me. lol she will be back thursday so its all good hehe. her flight was at 8:00 am but she had 2 leave at 4 in tha mOrnin! ahh. i was gunna go to tha moviez wit vale fil teri jay jj christina n all dem pplz but then like i didnt wana ditch kasey sO i sed no..:( even tho i wanted 2.. but its all good. well thats about it.. gotta rest up for volleyball tomorrow from 11-1.. sOo lata
Don't let me get me

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Monday, August 18th, 2003
12:34 am - Cuz's house!
today i went to my cousin rob & lisa's house for a bbq in howell. when we first got there mii cuz's jess & christina were dere so i was chylen wit them.. it kinda was drizzling. i fell asleep on the deck on the swinging thing lol it was sooo comfy! haha. den me and jess saw these two really hot guys and so we were sitting on the steps like lookin at dem like idiots den they rode past on their bikez.. so then my cuz lisa told rob to introduce us so he did.. their lil sis kelly was so cute. they had a trampoline which she was on most of the time. So me and jess were playin hockey wit rob and we were missin da net sometimes haha. it was so funny. so then like my cuzin laura came wit tha triplets and we were all hanging out it was fun. then we got home at like 10:30ish.. and i am gunna go play madden o4 now so byE byE xOx
Baby Boy You Stay On My Mind.. Fulfill My Fantasies.. I Think About You All The Time.. I See You In My Dreams <3

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Friday, August 15th, 2003
1:39 am - My BoRinG paSt TwO DayZ hEHe
hayy .. yesterday i went to tha movies wit jannine & megz.. but fil didnt come cuz he culdnt .. :( tear tear haha.. well then we had fun.. saw swat.. didnt lyke it that much. den we were gunna go to sports authoritii 2 play with all the stuff but it was closed, so then we went to barnez n noblez and were listenin 2 music wit da headphones.. it was soo kewl haha.. den i saw kristen, sam, erin, danielle, bree, emily, emily l, and lyke i was like hayy! they went to see freaky friday! i didnt even realize they were there until lyke i saw kristen yell and then i ran 2 them haha... thats all i did.. then i got home round 11:30izh.. went online.. went 2 sleep hehe.. today i went 2 kaseyz n da powa went out at lyke 2.. we thought it was trey messin wit da power thing like always or a fuse or something.. so then like it was out for a while and her mom cawled sayin lyke dey were havin trouble wit da power.. den all of a sudden tasha comez runnin sayin omg its terroristz n we were lyke nahh not really .. it was funny. thats about it.. then my powa came back on :) yay. thats abouT it.. xOx


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