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[17 Feb 2004|03:39pm]
okay blurty and friends. you know i love you. but. i switched to livejournal. the user name is brokenlovex so if any of you guys switch/switched to livejournal ADD ME. ill be talking to you all soon :)

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[17 Feb 2004|02:32pm]
im as happy as a goat. :D
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[13 Feb 2004|11:47pm]
im superstitious and believe that friday the 13th is def bad luck ::hides:: only 10 minutes left yayy

um yeah so today was valentines day in school. so instead of one tortorous lonely day i get two! haha but really it wasnt bad. me n heather bought flowers for each other which made us both happy haha. tomorrow i think im hanging out with andrea just cuz ya kno we're fat and we wanna eat cake. some guys wanted 2 hangout but... yeaaa.. we'll see.

after school i went over heathers. me, heathers mom and heather make a great team.

then we went to michelles

then we went to the movies. weird. whatever. 50 first dates was SUCH a good movie tho it was sooo cute.

so now im home. waiting for this dreaded day to end. BAD LUCK I TELL YOU.

<33 happy pre-8 minutes valentines day!
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[11 Feb 2004|10:43pm]
too miserable to update.. ill do it tomorrow.

-i dont think ive ever been so emo.-
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[10 Feb 2004|08:56pm]
i just keep repeating the words in my head.
i dont know what hes trying to get at.
i dont understand it all.
i just want to be able to say that it exists.
and that everything is [perfect].

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