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    Thursday, February 19th, 2004
    5:46 pm
    i finally got one of these fuckers!! ::sighs with relief:: lol..

    Cheerleading is driving me nuts!! ALl of us are at each others throats b cuz of competition..its awesome tho that im flying in the basket toss cuz carleys to scared..i love it..they throw me so high!! :-P..

    if Tavia wasnt such a dumbass we might actually get to all practice together n skip this weekends practices..but nope she had to be retarded n get suspended..its so frustrating when there is ONE girl of 10 that we cant depend on..shes a back so we cant stunt with out her..well my stunt group can thank god..lol

    THis weekend is gonna be hell..we got practice friday before the game..saturday morning..then we are going to the westerns TRAC cheerleading thing..n then sunday practice!! aw well..practice makes perfect :-P

    Current Mood: drained
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