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    Thursday, December 4th, 2003
    9:43 pm
    WAZUPPPPPPPP?! lol well ummmmmm.......lets see..where do i start...i came home sunday....and everything has been crazy since:)! lol um...well monday...folkz came ova...james,bryant,dave,matt,beef,mackey

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    Current Music: milkshake~!
    Saturday, November 29th, 2003
    1:03 am
    Same Day... going crazy! im dying for a {cigg} someone send me one to my dads house! i would GREATLY appreciate it!but besides that i just got done yelling at i feel a lil better. i hate that bitch....she knarcked me out! she's the WHOLE reason im on house arrest for 30 days and ill be on probation for a fuckin year!! i get off in 6 months if im good tho:) hehe thank u~! she's like the biggest nerd and everyone hates her. she sucked 3 dicks in 1 night. SHE ADMITTED 2 THIS YALL. NO LIE. i swear to GOD she admitted to it bcuz someone goes u sucked 4 dicks in one night and she goes actually it was 3. i was like...Omg? thats SO GROSS i just wanna like smack her ass what kind of girl does that? she probably has fuckin aids. uhhh'oaghd'awhs...i got to barf! and then she's screwed 6 people supposedly ...and she claims she's only "experienced".....LMAO....girl quit "experimenting"...DAMN...i bet fucking her would be like throwing a hot dog down an empty hallway. GrOsS!but out! much luv!

    Current Mood: crappy
    Current Music: the neptunes new cd..."light ur ass on fire"
    Friday, November 28th, 2003
    9:18 pm
    At the dads crib...
    Hey...Well im hOnEsTlY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED 2DAY. what happened all week tho was perty fun i guess. i mainly hung out with jordan,chase,rhianna,adam and josh. {JORDAN IS SO HOTT} like WHOA buddy. well me and rhianna are getting perty close i guess. she's perty crunk~ lol o ya MY MOM CAME HOME ONE DAY AND THEY WERE THERE AND I GOT IN MAJOR SHIT...hehe. funny stuff tho! [im not allowed to have guys over especially inside the house with NO supervision]. this is the [first] time of me getting caught at this. {damn} lol. o well. u live u learn!? BUT newayz 2day this is what happened...i woke up and got on the computer watched a movie and got back on the computer ALL DAY LONG. i re-done my profile [so check it out]. ill write back probably tomorrow. things will get a lot more interesting when im at HOME. well actually probably not 4 u cuz im not going to put it on the internet!! hehe! mwuh much luv. o ya and today SOOO sucked ass cuz i havent had a cigarette since yesterday. [damn]

    Current Mood: irritated
    Current Music: tyrese-nobody but u