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[30 Mar 2003|01:18am]
*Pulls his glasses off, sets them down onto his desk, rubs his temples, yawning* I guess it's quitting time tonight. Damn headache. *Pushes his chair back, stands, stretches* Mmm.
*Walks towards the stairs* Got everything unpacked today. The place looks good. Still need to buy a bit more furniture though. I met a lovely girl named Reese at the coffee shop yesterday and hired her as an assistant. She was in search for a job and I need someone to get my supplies and run errands for me because well I'm lazy I guess so I figured why not right?
*Scratches his face, climbing the stairs, yawns into his fist* She helped me unpack. Monday I'll go get her a cell phone so I can keep in touch with her. I told her I pretty much work out of here now. She can set up a little office if she wants. Or just whatever. She can answer that damn phone I had hooked up as well.
*Yanks his shirt off, undoes his pants, steps out of them, drops the shirt to the floor, crawls into bed*
Met a few people the other night. First night here too. I can't remember half their names but one does stick out.
*Rolls over onto his side, yawns again*
She seems really sweet. She's going to school here *Laughs softly* for writing.
I need to run into her again because I never caught her last name or her number.
*Closes his eyes*
Sleep is good.
1 Made Some Noise - Shout

[26 Mar 2003|04:45am]
[ mood | tired ]

*Pushes open the door to his loft, throws his bags down, flips on a light, grins at all the space, nods approvingly* Nice... *Looks down at his watch* I thought I would be getting in before five am. Damn. Oh well. Here now.
*Throws his bags down, looks around* Looks better than it did when I first flew out here and saw it. Of course they cleaned it and got the tacky furniture out. Mine and better. *Grins, walks around, blinks, suddenly noticing the place is completely empty*
Damn moving company!!!
I'm not sleeping on the floor, Oh hell no.*Growls* The hard floors down here would hurt. *Raises his eyes to the upstairs where his room will be* Carpeted I bet. But hard nonetheless. I'll deal with it and go shopping for more stuff tomorrow. *Grabs one of his bags* To the hotel I go *Heads back out*

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