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Monday, April 5th, 2004

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    living in your letters
    it's early.
    i woke up last night, i don't even know what time it was, i thought i was going to die.
    i felt like i was going to throw up for hours, but i didn't. nothing at all.
    i almost passed out while i was walking back to my bed.
    i was just lying there, facing the completely opposite side, trying not to let myself pass out because i knew i wouldn't wake up in time for school.
    i finally got out of my dizzy spell, situated myself, and tried to go back to sleep.
    i'm feeling a little better this morning, but still not so well.

    OH. i didn't write about this. i thought i did, but i guess it didn't save.

    i can recall a conversation stephanie and i had. it was about jr. prom and whatnot. she pissed me off.
    s: so andy was there?
    l: yeah.
    s: what do you think of him?
    l: i think he's quite gorgeous.
    s: so you like him?
    l: i didn't say that.
    s: but you do.
    l: i don't think so. i don't want to.
    s: sure.

    SO, stephanie told nick, and i guess nick told andy.
    what the fuck.
    i never said i liked him.
    i think he's a cool kid and all, but i don't like to like people.
    if i did, i most definately would like him becuase, of the times i've actually been around him, he's deck as fuck.
    i always get fucked over in the end.
    i don't like when that happens.
    i don't know.
    that just really made me mad, i mean, she's supposed to be my "best friend", and she goes and does something stupid like that.
    even if i did say that i liked him, why the hell would she go and tell other people?

    i'm not in a good mood.
    oh, and fuck aim.

    love me. love you.

    Current Mood: sick
    Current Music: quench: everything i want

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