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Monday, March 1st, 2004

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    i'll blame it on being young
    last weekend was great. i can't believe ceneth got married AND is going to have a kid.
    i got out of school at 10:15. that was awesome. stephanie's mom is my hero for that one.
    i bought Die Hards by The Casualties, because i don't have any of their cd's.. i just downloaded most of their songs... BUT i left it in a bag, with my AP magazine, on stephanie's bed... that blowwwws.
    i really don't feel like updating right now, but i must.
    i think he's mad at me, and that makes me really sad. i really don't want him to be, but i couldn't appologize because after being on away for a few seconds, he got offline. i swear, he's going to make me cry again, but this time it won't be because he made me so happy. gah... i don't know..
    i feel fat right now, and i don't know why. i don't have anything to wear. this sucks.
    today is going to be horrible.
    i'm going to get ready.

    love me. love you.

    Current Mood: blank
    Current Music: from autumn to ashes: chloroform perfume
    i remember waiting there to find nothing at all
    after hearing that i have no reason to be sad, and that i shouldn't have to feel this way, i'm still pretty bummed. he kept telling me that he wasn't mad at me, and that i don't deserve this. it didn't change the way i felt.
    today, i told my mom about how i always think of sentences in my head and punctuate them, when i get really bored. she thought it was weird, and wrong. i thought that, too. oh well. i'm a freakin' weirdo, so what else is new.
    after failing nearly all of my bio tests, i seemed to pull a B, as my 9 weeks grade, out of nowhere. he said i might be able to get an A by the time grades are do. that made me happier than you could ever imagine. if i get an A in bio, i will cry. i don't think i've ever gotten an A in any of my science classes since i went to masontown.
    elle seems really depressed. that makes me feel bad. i really want to help her out, but i don't think i can really do anything. i hate when people are sad. it always gets to me..
    i also hate to see people cry. i don't know what to do.
    i also also think stephanie and her mom deserve more than bill. sure, he has money, but he's a fucking cunt. i hate him. i just want to drown him in their ponds. horrible, but true.
    i need need need to actually finish my stun picture. bunyan came into stefancick's room today, and she asked me if i could turn her in. i told her i had been meaning to, which i really have, and she told me i didn't haaaaave to. it made me feel bad. i really did work hard on that, and i know she wanted to send it to that show. i let her down. :\ oh well...
    it seems like i can't do anything right.
    my computer is going slow. it's making me mad.
    i can't get onto aol. what a bitch.

    love me. love you.

    Current Mood: distressed
    Current Music: the commercials: vince is dead

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