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a skating rink. outside. current temperature: 67 degrees [04 Jan 2004|10:49pm]
[ mood | creative ]
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welllll hello to one and all... the day in the life of Victoria begins at exactly 1:00. no wait.. 2:30. Yes. 2:30 it tis. i went to plug in my straightener, since my hair looks like a rat nest since im a lazy fuck and didnt do it last night.. Would ya look at that...we have a skating rink outside! a skating rink! for ice skating! no and its actually going to FREEZE my mother tells me. oh well fuck it. not like I'm going to skate outside. i might fall and break my ankle and the people in the Egg yolk yellow house willl stare, point and laugh at me as i make a fool out of myself..more than i have anyways but thats besides the point. okay onward. Called Adam, figures my dear old mother and father cant take a drive down to Swampscott. its not like guam or anything, they can take a lovely walk on the beach, eat some dinner, maybe even take a stroll on to my grandmothers house, convienently the city over. have a nice cup of joe and be on their way. offff course not. they want me home at "a reasonable hour" because luckily I have school tomorrow. And he could not have gotten a ride here or to the movies so i didnt see him today. dear old cassandra could not call me today since, she well, has other friends over, and other people on her mind. so i decided to call her. UNfortuanlly her love of her life did not sleep over, meaning, she ditched me for her friend that she wont flirt with but will try to stalk. oh how lovely. nothing at tall happened other than that. i finished my book, if your willing to read, Angus thongs and fullfrontal snogging, quite a nice book if you ask me. not suitable for the how you say, Guys, to read. But whatever you are, its your opinion. anyways. Other than that, i started my boring project, The Pythagorean Theorem. ohhhhh Joy. another grade, mr svendsen once again will fail to put in his grade book. that man is going on my "people i want to kill list" along with 50 cent, Nelly, J"lo", and Lumidee. And now i sit here, pretending like i give a damn for anything im going to say, eating me "better than sex" cake, because i know im certainly not getting anything tonite. That Tis all for today, Talk to yous all soon i hope. Maybe after school tomorrow, depending if i dont kill myself before then. Bye Bye!

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