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(letters to you)

the death of my computer [02 Jun 2003|10:34am]
[ mood | melancholy ]

It is official my computer has practicaly died.
its is doing my head in among other things.
they include:
[x] not getting my sooper cool edinburgh summer job
[x] waiting on my shitty exam results
[x] liking a guy, meeting him then making an arse out of myself no hope there.

the kinda plus side is that:
[x] i got offered a job ina call centre yesterday
[x] i had a laugh with afformentioned guy.
[x] i can resist my highers.
[x] oo and i'm going to belfast with lisa.


thingk i'mm gnna go for a swim and a sauna then maybe hea over to lisas.

-elle xxxxxxxxx <----extra kisses since i've not been on in forever!

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[25 Apr 2003|02:58pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | taking back sunday - great romances of the 20th century ]

eeep i haven't done this in so long
i've beent o some gigs and they have been rockin.
i was suppossed to update about the used for
it was awesome, really awesome.
i can't really mind what tey played, but it rocked.
i met BERT , I MET HIM.
he hugged me shook my hand then gave me a kiss on the check.
he was such a swety.
the ataris was awesome to.
i mean really good.
my friend fandy got up on stage and played guitar.
then there was finch , it was amazing too.
support brand new were ace too.
my exams start in less than a month ,
well must go and get back to studying

bye bye

-elle ♥
p.s i got my hair cut.

looke see, it hink its prety.
give me your thoughts on it.
any ways love elle &stars;

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you know that i don't mind hanging out and wasting time [02 Feb 2003|01:18am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | fenix*tx - all my fault ]

MMMmmm so i am majorly happy right now.
ataris in 18 dasy :)
then i have the used , finch and less than jake to follow.
i soo cannot wait
i have seen all of these bands except the used , so that will by far be the best, :)
shit thing tho i have prelims starting in 11 days.
starting with english and i actually have my chemistry exam on the 19th , dillema, same day as ataris
but tis cool it is only a morning exam :)
i shall go now, cause i am probably boring you all.

-elle xxx

(letters to you)

[27 Dec 2002|10:45pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | anti flag - die for the govenment ]

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(letters to you)

[27 Dec 2002|10:08pm]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | the used - bulimic ]

my very first blurty update.
i am amused this is eriously about the tenth journal i must have by now.
this won't be updated all that much.
my livejournal is the one i update ythe most.
i hope everyone had a good turkey day.,
i certainly did.
got a wee bitty drunk which was silly :P
got loadsa fun stuff.
digital camera
computer upgrade
make up
and loadsa sweets and shit.

-elleisasillygirlwholikeboyslybum x

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