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[09 Sep 2003|05:07pm]
((i need time to think so i might not be on AIM tonight))
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[08 Sep 2003|06:48pm]
(( u shouldve read kellys post and i need to vent to ok yea I like Mark alot hes a really great guy and were the perfect match but Im to scared to take that chance to be hurt with Tyson I have security and history and Ty is the reason i wake up with a smile every morning the reason I live I want to have his kids ::smiles:: and I want to marry him yea Im 13 but I was lucky to find the love of my life so early if my life ended today I would be happy all the moments I have shared with Kelly and Ty are the best days of my life they have made me so happy and its my turn to make them happy not cause i feel like I have to because I want to Kelly you should be with Mark you guys are meant for eachother and Tyson you are my life my world like you said to me you are my heart without you I die, and when u kissed my stomache and said our beautiful baby would be in there some day I wanted to cry because thats the life I want a life with you i want to grow old with u as gay as that sounds I wanna tattoo your name on myself ::giggles:: Ty Im gonna ask you this one last time and this is your decsion post it here Christopher Tyson Moore I want you to be mine forever will you marry me in 4 years?))
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grrr IM FROM CANADA TO! [08 Sep 2003|06:53am]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | Headstrong[x]Trapt ]

WTF?!?! does anybody realize that IM CANDIAN TOO!!!!!!!!! grrr watever, Im in a bitchy mood so if Im on AIM i suggest you dont start a convo with me, Evan tried and I pushed him of his chair -laughs a little- oh yea you dont know this but he broke his leg he fell down the stairs, haha but watever Paris was pregnant but she took awhole bunch of sleeping pills to try to kill herself and she ended up losing the baby, but then wait it was twins so one baby did live only to die when Paris was in an accident, Evan is really torn up about it he was so excited to be a dad I feel bad for the kid he was talking to her stomache and everything but they'll try again -shrugs-. Well I talked to Bert -coughsonofabitchcough- watever and I DO TELL THAT TO EVERYONE!! but I <3 Aaron the most cause hes my sexy drummer, I talked to Ryan hes the coolest hes my new fwiend we talked about Aaron and stuff and he thinks its cool that I like Aaron DAMN AGE DIFFRENCE but anyway yea Aaron is my friend I like talking to him but Im not gonna be like well Aaron lets get together cause I know hes going through the whole michelle thing and i respect him enough to give him his own space he will come around eventually -shrugs- anyway Im out cause I have to get dressed for practice. peace out,Foxxy Lady -laughs- Foxx

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New pants [08 Sep 2003|06:45am]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | goodnights sleep [x] The starting line ]

my new pants

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((break ups suck!!)) [03 Sep 2003|01:01pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Cheek to Cheek [x] The Starting Line ]

((so hey I just want to let everyone know that u should keep me hyper unless u want me depressed ::tears start to fall:: i got dumped last night wow Im crying again. I love him so much and he just dumps me ow. He asked me to marry him in 4 years and I said yes I love him that much I wanna be with him forever we even named our Kids they were gonna be Evan Ryan Moore for a boy and the girl would be Alison Kelly Moore. Yea hes such as beautiful person i love him with all my heart yet when i told him that last night he told me I was lieing, he said its time to give other guys a shot and I love him but I need to move on Tyson I know you r probably reading this and I wanted to tell you I love you but for awhile now I've fallen in love with someone else. I've fallen for Mark, hes such a great guy we like the same things and he thinks Im hot and Mark I cant believe when u dumped kelly u said Tiffany would be a hell of a lot better thats just mean. Look Mark I just dont wanna hide my feelings for you anymore, were not dating eachothers best friends anymore so If u wanna date me now Im totally up for it ::bites bottom lip::Kelly i love you your like my sis My FULL time sis u helped me out last night thats what sisters do Kelly If you really love me you wont be mad at me for loving Mark or hurting Tyson u said I broke my own heart your right I put it on myself. and kell and ty when i updated about Aaron it was more myself discribing Mark. I cant type anymore im gonna have another break down bye. love u guys always Tiffany))

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HELLO [03 Sep 2003|12:34pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | Up and Go[x] The Starting Line ]


sorry I had WAY to many skittles this morning. So yea i hung out with Bert hes cool and I like him, we kissed and all but like hes never around, I might be jumping to conclusions cause he might not even like me but whatever. Sooooooo I dont really keep secrets but I have a wittle crush on a guy.hes a great drummer, Hes so sweet, and funny,nice, Knows how to stay calm in tough situations, and hes a hottie, we like alot of the same things, like the same foods and bands and crap like that but the only thing that really sux is hes 23 and Im 19 ((i think thats how old she is)) well yea might as well not be a total britney and tell you (hahaha Like my new word like YOU ARE SO BRITNEY.....see brit kept the whole JD thing secret and called him HIM hehehe) ANYWAY, I have a wittle crush on a guy we all like to call Aaron. yurp i did not studdard biatches yup Aaron is cool he made me icons and shiz he owns ::nods:: anyways much love goes out to Avril shes my home girl ohh and much love to my little slut yea thats right Im talkin bout you Evan u little ho. and MWUAH to Paris shes my buddy and wazup so Jenny.....Ohh and Jason shes a great girl you should really be with her CAUSE I SAID SO bwuahahaha. Sowwy no more skittles for Foxx. Ohh and Hi Aaron ::acts like a shy school girl:: hehe well Im out like you in a beauty pagent (ha i got that from Paris) peace biatches, Foxx

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Hey all [31 Aug 2003|11:17am]
Hey Im Foxx Im from a little band I like to call Live on Realease, I play the bass. So Im not good on intro's so drop me a line on this sn xlorxfoxx and HI ALLY, Peace out Biatches Foxx
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