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Monday, February 16th, 2004

Time:11:29 am.
go to my livejournal..its prettier...


will someone please call a surgeon .

Saturday, January 3rd, 2004

Time:4:16 pm.
I hearI'm feelingeuphoric!
I hearI'm feelingnothing.


what began as a day to hand out before skool with my two friends...which was fun all on its own....

turned into a "hanging out" between the guy i have liked for a year!!! still euphoric and have this joker like smirk permanently attatched to my face...:D

ok sooo at 7 my friend chuck who gave me his number and is our communicating link called me up and told me that he wanted to hang out with me because he figured out it was me (last year in physics we were lab i guess we had 'history') and i got reallllllyyy excited soo after some intensive coercing i called him up and asked him to come to the movies with me....

and he did!!!

ahahahah i was looking hot and i was nervous the whole time i was getting ready..i felt sooooo freakin sick to my stomach and i was was horrible.

i bought his ticket cuz i was scared it was going to be sold out and when i gave it to him i said 'you get the next one' and he gave me a smirk....ahahah that was the greatest.

i got to sit next to him and i was sweaty and nervous and i cant sit still for that long so i got really fidgety and i played with my hair and i shook my legs....i was a wreck...

but half way thru the movie i began to make sarcastic remarks about the movie and we began to loosen up a bit....and then we left cuz it was over

then we stood outside- him-royce, my best freind-mayday, ikkin, her boyfriend- trevor, carolina and i and we talked and im sooo proud of myself for not saying anything dumb..i made him laugh and stuff and my friends were reaallllyyy good, they made me less nervous...

then it was 12:30 and i had to go drop off my best friend so we left and i got a HUG!!!

arrgggg im soooo estatic!!!

i dont know if i should call him and thank him or anything...:)

i was speeding when i was driving cuz i was sooo was weird...geez!

im a goober :)

will someone please call a surgeon .

Wednesday, December 31st, 2003

Subject:dont stop BELIEVIN'!!!!
Time:1:49 pm.
I hearI'm feelingbooooooorrrrreeeeddddd
I hearI'm feelingjourney...shhhh!
ball dropping.... )

bored. bored. bored.

doing homework.

im gonna dye my hair...
big big blonde chunks mixed with my brown hair! hot! maybe..lets hope sooooooooooo.

i really really really wanna see big fish.
maybe i will.

yesterday i went to the mall w/ mayday and we got pins - that look like terriers and have a collar of "diamonds" and ones black and ones white and i got the balck one and mayday got the white one and mines barnes and mayday's is noble...ahahahaha! we are the coolest, we have best friend puppie pins!


p.s my mom got this HOTT ericson camera phone for X MAS from my daddy so maybe ill start postin' HOTT pictures!!!
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Saturday, December 20th, 2003

Subject:my name is ana...banana that is!
Time:2:26 pm.
I hearI'm feeling giddy
I hearI'm feelingronney.
yesterday was fun.

i got sooo many great things from my friends...i love them all.

i got
- SEA MONKEYS!!!! hahahahah at 3 my friends are coming over and we are going to watch them hatch!
- A flapper hat, a jackie o' looking sweater and CHANEL CHANCE all from mayday my best friend....who i think is making up for neglection and crappy best friend behavior. hhhhaaa i think it worked.
- a volcom bag..which i adore!
- a pink shirt that says guilty.
- candles.
- a frame.
- a watch!
- and MONKEYS!!! hahahaha.

i love alll of my friends.

in every class we had "parties" welll all except pre-calculus where we took a TEST! which i failed.
in ap chem we poped popcorn in a 'popcorn lab' and drank kool-aid while dicussing its solubility properties! ha what nerds!
in IR we had a party and played nsync christmas!hahaha i got laughed at for knowing the words!
in government we got stuff and had to write an essay on how christmas effects the economy
and in english we watched 'Beloved' and ate massive amounts of cookies, more popcorn, chips, chocolate and more cookies. we had such a sugar rush! it was great!

i just got 200 dollars from my daddy and 100 from my grandpy-----guess whos going SHOPPING!

i feel happy...this guy gave my his number and wants me to call him..ive liked him since last year.....i dunno..... i would feel wierd...everybody tells me to....maybe i will....later.

on wednesday i saw SIMON AND GARFUNKLE! ha it was the greatest ever! i cried. i fucking love them soooooo much. they are my all time favorite...EVER!

i have to go clean my room and prepare for my sea monkey party!


p.s. its soooooo cold. i love it.
p.s i feel energetic...but im sick....ha..thats weird...i think i have the flu.
will someone please call a surgeon .

Saturday, December 13th, 2003

Subject:im not sorry, you are.
Time:9:18 am.
I hearI'm feeling apathetic
I hearI'm feelingb&s
not much to say.

i got into fsu....florida state university.....thats 3/4....still waiting on the one that matters.

i hate being jealous.

my car battery died today for the third would think i would get that fixed.

i wanna leave.

i am madly in love with listening to belle and sebastian while reading sylivia plath.

the coldness is making me lonelier.

lord of the rings tomorrow..i will finally watch it!

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Tuesday, November 11th, 2003

Time:10:38 am.
i got into PENN STATE!!!!!!!!

im soooooo happppyyyyy!

'tis all.
will someone please call a surgeon .

Time:10:38 am.
I hearI'm feeling excited
i got into PENN STATE!!!!!!!!

im soooooo happppyyyyy!

'tis all.
will someone please call a surgeon .

Time:10:38 am.
I hearI'm feeling excited
i got into PENN STATE!!!!!!!!

im soooooo happppyyyyy!

'tis all.
will someone please call a surgeon .

Saturday, November 8th, 2003

Subject:good eye sniper!
Time:2:44 pm.
I hearI'm feeling mellow
I hearI'm feelingthe shins!
i will end every sentence in an exclamation point! lest see if it makes a difference!
what a week!
que week!

work! work! school work! tests! bullshit!

yesterday had to be one of the funniest school days ever! i kept saying 'wrassling' instead of wrestling! and my chemistry teacher made fun of the shoe bomber..aha...give him a dollar..aha!and then in english we had the usual fun!with laughter added! it was great! i laughed so much i was weeping!

i saw eric three times and he was standing by my car afterschool and i almost ran him over and i had three people come up to me and talk to me...i felt special and he smiled at me! and i got to wear my cool old grandma glasses which are STUNNING and i rolled down my windows and blasted coheed and cambria and drove out of the parking lot make him want me....cuz im soo mysteriously appealing! i like him :)

i was gonna wink at him...but i chicken out when it comes to stuff like that cuz i always end up lookin even more retarded!

i have nothing to do today, i guess thats a good thing!

the cold weather reminds me of tommy!

i need to get the strokes cd!

im hoping my essay will write itself!

if i cant dance, its not my revolution!

the end!
will someone please call a surgeon .

Sunday, October 19th, 2003

Subject:the cats meow!
Time:5:17 pm.
I hearI'm feeling lethargic
I hearI'm feelingall that jazz- <3 chicago

homecoming dance was and i quote 'off da chain'...ahahhaha thats the ghetto in .6% ghetto...cuz i can get down.

it was so much fun, i honestly didnt think it would be that much fun. mostly all of my friends were there and we danced and laughed and ate and took pics.

man was i looking hott! seriously i was soooo cute! i wore a red dress with a flower and some cute shoes and i cut my hair.....dude! i was smokin!...if only eric had seen me.

haha. it was like 4 hours of non stop dancing....awesome...except no after parties :(

mayday and i will go all out for prom tho. tru that.

hmmmm. i think ill go finish my homework now......i hate international relations and damned precalculus.

i cut my hair....but noone cares.

two times,
will someone please call a surgeon .

Friday, October 17th, 2003

Subject:coming home.
Time:8:16 am.
I hearI'm feeling crushed
I hearI'm feelingthe chicago soundtrack
last nite i went to da ridge's homecoming game......i sat infront of eric.
when im with mayday we act ridiculous togther...i mean people give us looks, and we laugh so hard we pee in our pants. its great fun really, but somethimes it tends to scare people away....and we did eric.

i hate myself for not talking to him or saying hi or smiling or looking at him or saying 'yes i do like you.'

i do like you and i dont know why, you are not my type. your earring and your style of dress is not me, but you are. i dont know what i see in those amazing green eyes of yours. i really want you to want me.

now thats out of the way i have no dress for homecoming which happens to be in about 12 hours. oh no.

all that jazz,
will someone please call a surgeon .

Sunday, October 5th, 2003

Subject:tiny fucked a stump.
Time:1:03 pm.
I hearI'm feeling giddy
I hearI'm feelingdcfc.
bladdy blah.

blisters from walking 7000 miles in search of the perfect homecoming dress. not nice.

yesterday, yes yesterday i walked/drove around all of greater miami 35 times with my mayday and came out fruitless.

+ carwash...
+ starbuxxxx
+ wham!!!
- blisters
- hoeface drivers
- parking.
+ model walk!

ahaha. great times i guess. :)

and i watched house of a 1000 corpses again and actually understood! yay!

on friday i went to a house partay with kat and met up with other psuedo cool friends. yay for drunken firecracker dances! and piggy back rides near keg water!
haha. beer tastes like "kitty pissssss."

drove around the ghetto while blasting the used and singing manly.....oh yes how i love the stares of misunderstanding at stop lights!

today i need to do stuff. college stuff! and maybe school stuff!

tomorrow- community pool greatness!

if you lived here, youd be home by now,
will someone please call a surgeon .

Saturday, September 27th, 2003

Subject:je suis.......ubiquitous.
Time:8:39 pm.
I hearI'm feeling weird
I hearI'm feelingmates of state
wow....its been forever and a day since ive updated.

well lets recap
+ i drive......a lot.
+ i hate pre-cal.
+ i am going to homecoming...
+ i have a crush on a boy....his name is eric..he has the prettiest eyes ever. amen.
+ i saw brand new and dc...they were both good.

- i hate chemistry.
- having low gas.
- carrying around 3 notebooks, 3 textbooks and a book for only 3(!) classes.

hmmm its been great.

i am in love with macbeth. its really good. yum!


oh and just so we know...

i am now again in love with the weakerthans....oh reconsrtuction site how you make 6 in the am and traffic bearable.....
will someone please call a surgeon .

Friday, September 12th, 2003

Time:9:47 pm.
I hearI'm feeling pleased
I hearI'm feelingnew coheed stuff- yummy!
i guess its been forever since ive actually had the time to update......ive been ungh, i little overwhelmed.....too much homework.....i mean 3 hours daily....on a good day. jeez. and i thought senior year would be a breeze....i thought wrong.

on top of all this losing my memory. seriously when im talking to mayday on the phone and i have to tell her something i tottally forget everything and get like this mental sucks.. a lot.

i am seriously in love with my english teacher. uhhh hes sooooo smart and sarcastic and funny, but hes really old and i probably sound really creeppy but ilove that man..i live for my sixth period.

I yes, I drove my brother to the movies..ive been driving all aound town for the past month and i am enjoying it.... too much.

tomorrow i have a friends 18th b-day and then on sunday....

dum dum dum dum....

dashboard! and brand new!

yay me.!!

im talking to tommy.....oh jeebus. what am i doing?

emperical formulas will be the death of me.
will someone please call a surgeon .

Saturday, August 30th, 2003

Subject:it's like TV with a microchip.
Time:11:14 pm.
I hearI'm feeling tired
I hearI'm feelingdeath cab......
oh school. bloody school.


lets begin with my class schedule shall we.

1st- art.
2nd- pre-calculus.
3rd- ap chemistry.
4th- international relations.
5th- ap government.
6th- ap english.

hmmm. my teachers for 3,5,6 rock! my eng. teacher mr. kasenow is the coolest. hes soo sarcastic and wants you to fight about everything its the greatest class. my gov. teacher is funny too, having them back to back is great.

i dont have mayday for english which SUCKS! they broke our streak...arrrggg!
i do have her for art but we dont sit close enough to talk...thats the only time i see her too.
i have lunch with kat...and we go out in my cool new car..which just got a cd player...sad thing is no tape player

my love nick dropped no more of him :(

ill deal. i have so much homework already it sucks.

i cant believe im taking 3 aps.

kill me.


pee.esss- senioritis will be deadly.
peee.esss.ess- i finally got the alk3 dvd. greatness!

im madly in love with radio free roscoe.
i love you question mark
2 cracked ribs | will someone please call a surgeon .

Wednesday, August 20th, 2003

Subject:oh the excitement!
Time:12:11 am.
I hearI'm feeling happy
I hearI'm feelingshhhhh- its hillary duff :o)
i rule asscore.

i got my license.

i can drive my happy ass anywhere- not mope- and be ultra hip.

oh the joy!

hanging with mayday the best friend tomorrow.

oh what fun will be had.
you cant even imagine. :)

2 cracked ribs | will someone please call a surgeon .

Sunday, August 10th, 2003

Subject:motion city soundtrack.
Time:6:08 pm.
I hearI'm feeling awake
I hearI'm feelingles savy fav- one to three
soundtrack to my life:

opening credits: devil in jersey city- coheed and cambria
waking-up scene: sleeping in- the postal service
average-day scene: blackouts on thursday- les savy fav
best-friend scene: she bop- cindy lauper
first date scene: obstacle 2- interpol
falling-in-love scene: over you (skips a beat)- the promise ring
love scene: sic transit gloria...glory fades- brand new
fight-with-friend scene: let the poison spill from your throat- the faint
break-up scene: glendora- rilo kiley
get-back-together scene: my apology- the get up kids
"life's okay" scene: might- modest mouse
Heartbreak scene: my sweet fracture- saves the day
mental-breakdown scene: cosmopolitan blood loss- glassJAw
driving scene: we laugh at danger (and break all the rules)- against me!
flashback scene: perfenct lonliness- jets to brazil
party scene: hellbent- kenna
happy dance scene: burn, piano island, burn- the blood brothers
regret scene: stedier footing- death cab for cutie
long-night-alone scene: the first eviction notice- the lawrence arms
closing credits: goodbye forever- alkaline trio

mmmmm took me awhile............i like.

number one at the box office,
will someone please call a surgeon .

Friday, August 8th, 2003

Subject:in reverie.
Time:2:51 pm.
I hearI'm feeling sad
I hearI'm feelingnew saves the day.
reverie means daydreaming.

well for the past year, to this day i have been daydreaming away to thoughts of you. you being near me and caring for me. but to my dismay its just that- daydreaming.
i cant help myself. you have always been in my thoughts, you have always pre-occupied my nurons with the events of that night, exactly one year ago.
365 days. that averages to about 730 thoughts of you. just you. i think about you more than i do anything else and this needs to stop cuz a year waiting on you is too much to handle. too much time has passed that saying this a year from now would cause more burdens than i had ever planned.
i cant think of you anymore for a year is too long.
i know ill end up thinking of you, scribbling your name at the end of my notes, but maybe sooner or later i wont mean it. the deep sense of fullfulment that came with the re-writing of your name may loose appeal and all ill be left writing is your good-bye letter. a letter ill look forward to writing you, so you wont forget who i am.


pee.ess- the new saves the day should burn.
will someone please call a surgeon .

Tuesday, August 5th, 2003

Subject:kiss me im a pirate.
Time:4:31 pm.
I hearI'm feeling chipper
I hearI'm feelingagainst me!


hung out last nite. twas fun. was getting hit on by this lame-o aptly called 'tubby'. ewww times 52.

will do it again - tubby i hope + this hotness that i havent seen in a year.......maybe i'll get lucky :/

got a cell phone. now im cooler than your grandma.

its 4:34 do you know where your kids are?

end transmission.
will someone please call a surgeon .

Sunday, August 3rd, 2003

Subject:im only half way home.
Time:6:39 pm.
I hearI'm feeling bored
I hearI'm feelingles savy fav.....
its me.

bored outta the ass.

ive engulfed 3 packets of pop rocks and a cup of gatorade in a minute thirty. yay me.

to-day i made
+the motion city soundtrack cd
+les savy fav
+a mix
+another mix.
-hoping to make a death cab cd.

oh les savy fav. how good it is to make your acquaintance.

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