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"i guess it doesn't matter anymore."
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[Saturday April 24th 2004|11.05pm]
I'm so bored with everything.
It's just like the same thing over and over.
Deja vous everyday.
Someone take me away from here,
show me something different.
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:( [Sunday March 14th 2004|11.40pm]
I'm sad that I've abandoned you.
But you aren't the only one I've done this to.

I'll start updating more again eventually.
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[Monday February 23rd 2004|10.37pm]
Lately my life has consisted of sleeping or being busy.
I haven't really had time to update or anything, so I apologize.
And I don't really have time right now either.
But I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still alive and stuff.
Drill tryouts are over now though so I shall be available to update.
And I don't feel good right now, so good night loves.
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[Monday February 16th 2004|09.50am]
This week really hasn't been that great, but Valentine's Day made up for it.
I went over Sean's and we just hung out.
I love just sitting there and talking with him, cause it's like he always knows
what I'm saying. And it's so great.
And I made him do a dance, and it was soo funny.
He's so silly. And then like a couple hours later Nick(H.) came over
cause he was sleeping over. And so we played Monopoly (I won!)
and watched this guy doing stand up comedy. Okay he definitely wasn't
funny, but he was making really funny faces, so that made him funny.
He talked too much though.
But yeah I had a really good time. And I'm so glad that me&Sean
are together because he just made it seem like there wasn't anything
going wrong.

Unfortunately I came back to reality after talking to Paul.
But maybe he's just making it worse than it really is,
I think things will be fine sooner or later.
Damn my optimism, it sucks.
Oh well I don't care, cause I'm happy with the here&now
of my life, even though Paul says I don't have much to
be happy about. But I do, I have great friends, a good
boyfriend, and I'm doing okay in school. I love my friends.
Yeah I'm probably going to say that in every entry.
It's only cause I value having them around so much, and
they really don't know that. And I don't think they ever will.
So I'm just gonna keep saying and maybe get it through to them.
I love all of you I really do. And without you guys, life right now
would be pretty bad. Thank you soo much.
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rawr [Monday February 9th 2004|10.57pm]
Okay, so my weekend was pretty goodish.

Friday I went to the movies with Sean&Metal Greg.
We saw Big Fish, it was soo good, I really liked it.
Sean&me are together now! (tehee)

Saturday I went to wrestling match at like 10 in the morning.
Afterwards Michelle&I went back to Matt's(Wolf) house.
We hung out there until like 4:30.
Then we went back to her house, and hung out with this guy Nick.
He used to go to school with us, but yeah I was only there
for a year so I don't remember him at all.

Then at 6ish I went home for my sister's party.
It was fun, my baby Gia was there, and we danced around.
At 8 I went to the movies with Chris&Mitch.
We saw The Perfect Score, I liked it.
The chinese kid was soo funny.
When I came home my sister&her friends were
watching Nightmare on Elm Street, and I came down
here and was like boo and they all jumped lol.

Sunday I watched movies&played video games with
my family. It was fun. I was kicking madd booty.

Today was alright I guess. I was reallyy tired all day.
So now I'm going to bed early (in a half hour) lol.
Night loves.

p.s. new sn:xlem0nadex so add it.
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[Wednesday February 4th 2004|10.28pm]
This week has been okayy.
Friday is my sister's birthday.
And yeah we're gonna get the GUK tickets this weekend I think?
I gotta talk to my mom.
I might do this community service thing in the summer for two weeks.
I'd like go to a camp or somewhere, and build stuff and stuff.
Andd I'm gonna try&get a job at Risoldi's with Rob.
And we had the marines in gym today, ick.
That guy seriously doesn't like me and I don't know why.
What else, what else?
I don't know. But I love my friends I really do.
I was talking to Liz today and I was like yeah I don't really
need you guys to be my friends, it's more like a gift.
That might just be wishful thinking though because I think
that I do need them, because if something ever
happened to one of my friends, I'd be sooo depressed.

And I'll leave ya'll with that. Later loves.
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mufasa [Monday February 2nd 2004|03.10pm]
Okay this will probably be a short update because I don't really feel like typing right now.
Friday was Michelle's party. It was fun.
I danced, ate, laughed, all that good stuff.
Me&Janee kept reminiscing for some odd reason.
Afterwards we went back to her house and watched
American Werewolf in Paris.
But since we were both like asleep when it ended,
I went home.

Saturday I went to Sean's.
I had a good time. We talked alot.
And then we watched Freddy vs. Jason.
Oh god, I was making fun of it so much,
but Sean like got scared on a couple parts,
it was really funny cause he would jump&stuff.
But yeah it wasnt a good movie.

Yesterday I didn't do anything.
I asked Paul if he wanted to go to the movies,
but yeah he had to go over his aunt's house.
So it was a pretty family oriented day for me.
And I had like the best dinner,
mashed potatoes, creamed corn, &roast pork.
It was sooo good. And I watched Life As a House
with my mom&sister. That's a good movie.
But the ending made me mad.
And yeah I was scared the Patriots weren't gonna win
yesterday, but then Vinaterri made the kick, and
it was good and I was soo happy.

So we had a test in geometry today.
I didn't finish the last two problems,
but he should give us time to do em tommorow.
I don't think I'll know how to do them right anyway?
I suck at geometry. Sucks to be me.
But other than that, being in school was okay.
English was hilarious, cause we're reading Inherit the Wind,
and we had to do this sermon part and keep yelling "Amen"
and stuff, and Liz was the preacher. Oh lordy.
And we made mouths on our hands in lunch, if ya know
what I'm saying? Like when you have the mouth on your
thumb and first finger. Okay I'm probably confusing you.
And for not wanting to type this entry was really long.

So laterr loves.
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[Sunday February 1st 2004|10.50pm]

update tommorow.
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la bella y la bestia [Monday January 26th 2004|08.48am]
[ music | bonjour-la bella y la bestia ]

Ahh relief. Today I have my last midterm(History). Yay!
We have a delay today so I don't even have to go in until 11:20, which rocks.
But we don't get out until 1:30, which does not rock.

Anways, on Friday I went over Sean's house.
I brought Jess with me, and Nick&Metal Greg were there.
We watched Dawn of the Dead and some of The Ring.
Greg was telling us his upside-down bike story, and it was soo funny.
I was laughing soo hard like there were tears in my eyes.
And he told us another story but I forget what it was about.
Yeah I had a good time.

On Saturday my parents&my little little sister were out like alll day.
So yeah finally when my sister&me are just like let's order food,
they come home like 10 minutes before it got delivered.
And we still had to pay for it. Suckss.
Then Janee came over, it was fun. I love spending time with her,
she really is like my closest friend. Like maybe you have people
that you've been friends with since elementary school, but who cares.
Me&Janee were like meant to be best friends.
And it's cool because even though we've both changed, we're still
best friends. Cause we're both like the same type of people,
I guess you would say. Like we're both just idiots lol.

Then yesterday Ricky wanted me to go over his house.
But yeah my mom went out again, and I'm scared of his parents.
They hate me for something that happened over the summer lol.

Umm..Yeah I think I'm going to Wendy's with Dustin after the exam.
He offered to like buy me food, and you know me, I can't pass up free food.
God I'm such a moocher, straight up. Everyone has been telling me
that they can't see me getting a job. And I didn't know why, but then
my sister said it's because I seem like someone who's dependent on
other people. Okay? I don't think I am, but whatever.

Later loves.

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whoosh [Wednesday January 21st 2004|06.58pm]
First day of midterms is over.
I took Geometry&Drivers Ed. today.
Geometry was alottt easier than I thought it would be,
but it turns out I made up my own rule for one of the proofs,
and that can't be good.
And I know I got a couple of the mult. choice wrong.

Drivers Ed. I got an 84? I think it was.
But the highest score in the class was 92.
So it'll be curved, and I'll probably end up getting an A.

But tommorow is going to be the hardest day.
Yeah that sucks.
I should be studying but yeah I'll do that in a little bit.

I hope everyone is else is doing okay with em.
If they have em, and you suck,
and are extremely lucky.
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what they said, i guess it doesn't matter anymore.
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[ you're gonna | give em ]