05:05pm 22/12/2003
mood: discontent
music: trance wheewhee
omg my computer just moved. oh well, survey me found. I think I've already taken it tho. lolol

huh? DERF. LOL

1 Name: I are Steff
2 Nicknames: Spade, Kittie, Retard
3 School: OBHS
4 Age: 14
5 Sex: mmmm....O_o..... feeeeemmmmmmmaaaaleelelele
6 Height: 5"1
7 Birthday: October 26
8 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
9 Eye color: Hazel-ish..they change color
10 Hair color: Brown
11 <~~~~~the question for this would be....? MONKEYS!!!!
12 Pets: My sister!
13 Siblings: My sister!
14 School: DIE RAAHH
15 Hobbies: Drawing, Sleeping, DDR, that stuff.
16 Pets: dude i don't know, but i think you went repeat-y

17 Color: Purple! LOL yay!
19 Food: Instant Food/ramen from midori \m/
20 Drink: Soda and....yeah. iced tea.
21 Restraunt: take-out yay!
22 Football Team: no, you = stupid
23 Sport: FENCING!!!! YEAH! and karate.
24 Music band: I can't remember v_v
25 Boy band: ah, no.
26 Female Singer: erm. person from arch enemy, can't remember name.
27 Male Singer: monkeys
28 Actor: ben stiller! YAY!
29 Actress: uh, idk! YAY
30 Movie: O_O ZOOLANDER!!
31 Quote from movie: "There has to be more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good-looking."
32 Place to go on vacation? NO! lol
33 Mall? Roosevelt Field. yay
35 Store? erm hot topic. and i love this little vintage store in massachusetts. =P
36 Season? erm.....idk
37 Cartoon? O_O idk, Ed Edd and Eddy!
39 Teacher? my art teacher, shes awesome
40 Subject? ART
41 Flower? dying black roses
42 TV show? anything on Adult Swim/cartoon network
43 Animal? tiger! raaaa!
44 Quote? "Fuck off you little product of a broken condom!" -Me
45 Holiday? Halloween
46 Board Game? twister, but i dun really know if thats a board game
47 Disney Movie? erm, idk
48 Radio Station? K-Rock
49 TV Channel? Fuse and teh metal channel
50 Emotion? ....nothing
51 Magazine? porn

52 Is the most important person in your life? eh, uh, people
53 Is your best friend? idk
54 Have you known the longest of your friends? Steph and Chris
55 Do you cry to? me
56 Do you get the most surveys from? this website.
57 Do you go to for advice? idk O_o
58 Is your worst enemy? i dont really know.
59 Do you look up to? no one
60 Knows you best? Jeremy..probably..i dunno o_o
61 Do you like to hang out with? Alex/Emy and her friends/Kyle/Jeremy/Steph, chris, all of them/Meg
62 Is the craziest person you know? idk me maybe
63 Is the funniest person you know? MEG!!! omg i love you LOL
64 Do you like? yourrr motherr
65 Do you want to marry? haha you probably know so meow.
66 Has the nicest hair? O_o...idk
67 Do you want to be like? i wanna be SAILOR MOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

68 Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? ha. uh, no.
69 What is their name? just, no
70 Do you like your parents? sometimes
71 Do you like your siblings? yesh, but my sister can get annoying
72 Are you wearing your pajamas? maybe....
73 Are you talking to someone online? Kyle and alfred
74 Are you happy? uh, no. only when, yeah.
75 If your sad, why? uh, im always sad.
76 Would you die for a friend? depends

Do you believe in...
77 God? whats that?
78 Love at first sight? no..
79 Superstitions? nope
80 Heaven/Hell? nope
81 The closet monster? yes!
82 A perfect girl/guy? sure

83 What one wish would you wish for? ....im not saying.
84 Do you believe wishes come true? not really
85 Do you wish you could be someone else? nope.
86 Have you ever wished upon a star? O_o yeah, im a dork

Which one...
87 (Girls) Freddie Prinze Jr. or Ryan Phillippe? what the fuck!? NOOO
88 (Guys) Michelle Geller or Jennifer Love Hewitt?
89 Lust or Love? Love
90 Having a night alone with your man/woman, or out at a party? alone
91 Church or school? ::hiss:: neither!!
92 Messy or Clean? Messy
93 Computer or DVD? computer.
94 Cds or DVDs? both are good
95 Flowers or Chocolates? O-o....flowers?
96 Bush or Gore (for president)? neither. government = dumb
97 Clinton or Gore (for president)? your mother
98 Guy or girl: both! ^_^
99 Kiss Or Hug: both
100 Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
101 Children or no children: O_o. NO!!
102 Blonde hair or brown hair on a guy/girl: your mom
103 Blue eyes or brown eyes: your mom
104 Slow dance or fast dance: RAVING
105 Wife beaters or no shirt: O_o...
106 Sunscreen or sun tan lotion: ::hiss::
107 Ring or Bracelet: both
108 hot bath or hot shower: bath
109 Herbal Essents or Suave: neither raa
110 crayon or marker: crayons, you can eat them =P
111 Pen or pencil: Pencil
112 Movie or tv: both
113 Phone or chat online: chat
114 Day or night: Night
115 Dark Or Light: Dark
116 Shoes on or off: Both
117 Long Or Short hair: Long
118 Burger Kind OR MC DONALDS: BK....lol good memories
121 Coke or Pepsi: yuck
122 AOL or Telephone: neither.
123 Hanging out with a couple of close friends or hanging out with a big group: couple close friends
124 E-mail or Snail mail: e-mail O_o

When was the last time you:
125 Said thank you? pfft idk
126 Read a book? idk
127 Read the Bible? HAHAH WHAT
128 Prayed? whats that
129 Did something nice? HAHA no.
130 Helped a friend? no
131 Took a shower? idk lolol
132 (girls) shaved your legs? O_o 3 nights ago idkkk......
133 Got mad? today
134 Talked on the phone? today
135. Did your own laundry? ha. no.
136. Spent Money? idk.
137. Who did you spend it on? idk stfu
138. Went shopping? nope.

139 Do you want to live? wherever
140 Is the most fun place to go? uhh idk
141 Do you want to meet your husband/wife? sure why not?
142 Do you want to go Heaven or Hell? theyre not real. stfu
143 Do you want to get married? sure

144 Do you like to do? draw, go on teh computer
145 Was the most fun retreat/trip you ever went on? St.John
146 Friend is always there? ....i dunno
147 Relative sends you the most money for Christmas? ...none of them.
148 Do you like about your church or school clique? wtf O_o
149 Do you want to be when you grow up? Artist.
150 Do you want your husbands/wifes name to be? whatever.
151 Is your favorite sport? fencing/karate
152 Is your favorite piece of clothing? FOAMY SHIRT

Have you, in the last 24 hrs...
153 Cried? O_o nope
154 Gotten in major trouble? no
155 Cut your hair? no
156 Ate a meal? yeah
157 Hugged someone? yeah
158 Kissed someone? no
159 Made a new friend? yes.
160 Lost something? no
161 Done something new? yep
162 Got online? yeah O_o.
163 Checked your e-mail? yeah
164 Talked on the phone? yes
165 Exercised? i will tonight O_o.....
166 Slept? yeah, sorta
167 Got in a fight? no
168 Got dressed in something other than your pj’s? yeah
169 Went bowling? nope.

Have you ever...
170 Been so drunk you passed out? O_o
171 Gone out in public in your pajamas? yeah
172 Had an imaginary friend? lol yes.
173 Cried during a chick flick? NO! HA!
174 Owned a New Kids on the Block CD? uhh no, wtf.
175 Gotten in a car accident? nope.
176 Liked someone so much you cried? yeah.
177 Cussed when your parents were around? yep
178 Told your sister/brother he/she was a bitch? all the time! hahaha
179 Sung in front of the mirror? yes..
180 Made faces in the mirror? yeah!
181 Spent more than one hour on your hair? haha never
182 Sleep- walked: i sleep talk
183 Talked in your sleep? YES!!!!! LOL, last night i was mumbling stop drop and roll in my sleep
184 Watched a scary movie and couldn’t sleep all night? lol no
185 Gone Caroling? haha i dont think so.

186 What is the funniest movie you ever saw? Zoolander
187 What is the stupidest movie? O_o idk
188 Which movie could you watch over and over? Zoolander! OMG I LOVE THAT MOVIE
189 What was the last movie you saw? Joe Dirt
190 Who do you go to the movies with? Pheonix, Dragon, Ally
191 What movie made you cry the most? I have no idea. Movies don't make me cry really
192 Did you like Titanic? NO! i didnt see it! lol

If you were stranded on an island...
193 Who would you take? erm...alex, kyle, jeremy
194 Who would you take if you only had three people you could bring? same people
195 What three things would you bring? lotsa stuff
196 What island would you want to be stranded on? idk
197 What animal would you kill for food? piggy piggy WEEEEWEEE
198 Would you write on the sand “HELP!” nope lol i'd sleep, prolly looking dead in teh sand LOL
199 Would you panic or relax? relax

Would you ever...
200 Jump out of a plane? yeah!!
201 Kiss your best guy friend (or if you’re a guy, girl friend)? yep.
202 Go bungy jumping? yep!
203 Stay in your room for a whole day? yeah, i have
204 Go in the snow without clothes? yea, prolly
205 Skinny dip? nope
206 Drink salt water? its gross, ok
207 Touch road kill? yep xDDD
208 Take a job even if it meant you’d be away from your guy or girl? no.
209 Smile at your worst enemy? yep
210 Play 8,000 bowling games in one night? uhhh no
211 Go to Reno to get married? no wtf
212 Gamble? no
213 Bring shorts to Minnesota? sure.
214 Have a make-out party? no, thats retarded
215 Throw a party without your parents? prolly
216 Go to a foreign country? yehhh
217 Fly a plane? sure

Love Life...
221 B/f Or G/f?: nope.
222 NaMe: nope.
223 HoW lOnG hAvE yOu BeEn DaTiNg: nope.
224 CrUsH: nope.
225 HoW lOnG hAvE yOu LiKeD tHiS pErSoN?: nope.
226 WhAt Do YoU lIkE aBoUt ThIs PeRsOn?: nope.
227 If YoU cOuLd Go OuT w/ AnYoNe In ThE wOrLd, WhO wOuLd It Be?: not telling you, stfu.
228 WhEn YoU 1sT mEeT a GuY/gIrL, wHaT dO yOu NoTiCe?: ass! LOL
229 WoUlD yOu RaThEr Be In A lOnG-tErM rElAtIoNsHiP w/ OnE pErSoN oR dAtE mAnY pEoPlE?: Long-term
230 WoUlD yOu EvEr Be In A lOnG dIsTaNcE rElAtIoNsHiP?: nope. it happened to me, it sucked
231 Do YoU bElIeVe In LoVe At FiRsT sIgHt?: sure
232 WhO oF tHe OpPoSiTe SeX dO yOu LoVe MoSt? nope.
233 IdEaL gUy/GiRl: sure
234 IdEa Of A pErFeCt DaTe: whatever

235 JOE: Dirt
236 JENNIFER: annoying bitch!!
237 JOHN: tall
238 SALLY: cheeks LOL
239 JORDAN: black guy
240 SARAH: my friend. yay
241 JESSICA: annoying cousin....>_>
242 LAUREN: cool.
243 MARK: i win
244 RAY: RAY!!!!! LOL
245 RACHEL: mouse
246 JANET: secretary lol
247 CHRIS: my bwoy! yay!

248 Do you have a best friend: alot
249 If so, who is it: people
250 Name your friends: no! lol
251 Nicest: Alex, Pheonix, Steph, Meg
252 Funniest: Jeremy, Kyle, Alex, Will
253 Most caring: idk
254 Smartest: me yay! lol idk
255 wtf
256 Prettiest: emy
257 Hottest: meg and alex and pheonix, damn they are sexy
258 There for you the most: Jeremy and Steff
259 Friend that lives the farthest away: monkeys
260 All around best friend: ....uh....probably Chris/Steph
261 Best eyes? your mother
262 Best Hair? idk
263 How long did this take you? like half hour i guess.
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11:08am 13/12/2003
mood: bored
music: Arch Enemy
Steff = Survey Whore

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.

01. I own several CDs that I am very ashamed of
02. I just can't get enough music
03. I hate 80s hair
04. I dislike hip-hop music
06. I don't speak any foreign languages (fluently)

07. I have a feep love for art
08. i DONT want to move
09. I don't have any pets
10. I get mad easily
11. I hate football
12. I have an laid back personality
13. I couldn't care less if men shaved their armpits or not.
14. Chest hair or no chest hair. it doesnt matter to me.
15. Facial hair, on certain men, should not
16. I love sleeping
17. Not many people in real life understand me
18. I'm not blond
19. I feel older than I am
20. Most of the people I admire are over 20 years of age
21. I can't stand dishonest people
22. I type faster than anyone I know
23. I know HTML

24. I love wearing unique clothes no one would ever think of wearing
25. I love karate
26. I like taking walks
27. I love hearing new kinds of (good) music.
28. I don't care what others think of me
29. I am a nice girl
30. I wish I could sing well
31. I love cats
32. I have two siblings
33. Things confuse me
34. I eat lots of bread
35. I love fantasy

36. Meat tastes funny to me
37. I love sushi
38. I'm a very determined person
39. I don't like being told that I "can't" do something because of who I am
40. I love anime
41. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing. Still, I'll like almost anything just because the person took the time to pick it out.
42. I can appear fearless but be scared shitless
43. I can listen to the same song over and over again.
44. I'm a little lost sometimes

45. I can be a big failure
46. I'm a virgin
47. I've played The Sims before, and I love it
48. I'm a procrastinator
49. I dislike Eminem

50. I live in a nightmare sometimes
51. Starbucks is great coffee, but its mad expensive
52. I hate coffee that isn't from starbucks =P
53. Some people just annoy the shit out of me
54. I am not weight-obsessed

55. I can be a really heavy sleeper when I want to be
56. I wish some of my poetry has been published
57. I rarely lose my temper
58. But I often cry at little things
59. I'm a cat lover
60. Some Local music is great.
61. I dont spend money online.
62. i don't have credit cards

63. I get period pains every freaking month
64. I can usually read people really well
65. And it scares me when people can read me
66. I love silver jewelry
67. I have to have at least a sheet covering me at night, even if it's really hot.
68. i don't like gold

69. I space out waay too much
70. I hate reality TV shows
71. I have a little sister
72. I like being alone sometimes.
73. I'm online a lot.

74. I want to travel less.
75. I hate mosquitoes
76. The Trista/Ryan thing is really getting on my nerves
77. I love learning about planets

78. I can't trust anyone with my life
79. I only really miss my sister when i'm away or when they're away
80. Some people think I'm dumb - but I'm not
81. Great Cd: Tragic Kingdom
82. I love making stuff with photoshop
83. I can be funny when I want to be
84. i don't have a university degree
85. I don't like people who are narrow-minded
86. I can listen to my friends for hours if they need me

87. I think guys with long hair are hot
88. Black and silver makeup <3
89. I love quoting movies
90. I have small boobs
91. But that's okay
92. I can't stand homophobic people
93. i love gay men
94. I don't understand SOME straight men
95. I love photography
96. i hate lies

97. I used to want to be an artist....I still do.
98. People find my hobbies strange
99. I have too much time on my hands
100. I love lyrics

Steph's sweet sixteen is tonight. IM SO EXCITED! =)
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09:19pm 05/12/2003
music: Spiderwebs - No Doubt
OMG.....great night....except my buddah wasn't there to play in the snow with us v_v poopoo.

haha...i love you snow people! =P

SNOW PENIS!!! hahahaha

"ok...lets all take off our clothes, make a tent out of it, and then have sex inside the tent!"

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03:26pm 30/11/2003
  Ugh life is weird lately......I'm so confused....like always. poo.

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11:04pm 21/11/2003
mood: bored

What Anime Type Are You?

yep, thats me alright.

<_< <3="<3" hentai="hentai">_>
its funny....im sorry but i like it lol
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My names!   
10:25pm 20/11/2003
mood: bored
music: The Perfect Drug - NIN
S You are very broad-minded.
T You have an attitude, a big one.
E You are a very exciting person.
F Everyone loves you.
F Everyone loves you.


S You are very broad-minded.
P You are very friendly and understanding.
A You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
D You have trouble trusting people.
E You are a very exciting person.

A You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
B You are always cautious when it comes to meeting new people.
C You definitely have a partier side in you, dont be shy to show it.
D You have trouble trusting people.
E You are a very exciting person.
F Everyone loves you.
G You have excellent ways of viewing people.
H You are not judgemental.
I You are always smiling & making others smile.
J Jealousy.
K You like to try new things.
L Love is something you deeply believe in.
M Success comes easily to you.
N You like to work, but you always want a break.
O You are very open-minded.
P You are very friendly and understanding.
Q You are a hypocrite.
R You are a social butterfly.
S You are very broad-minded.
T You have an attitude, a big one.
U You feel like you have to equal up to people's standards.
V You have a very good physical and looks.
W You like your privacy.
X You never let people tell you what to do.
Y You cause a lot of trouble.
Z You're always fighting with someone.

the spade thing is more true than steff one.....lol
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survey.......im bored   
11:03pm 16/11/2003
mood: depressed
music: Static-X - Destroy All
## Series One - The usual
.....name: Steff
.....Birthdate: 10.26
.....Birthplace: erm Long Island
.....Current Location: Long Island
.....Eye Color: green / blue
.....Hair Color: brown
.....Righty or Lefty: lefty
.....Zodiac Sign: scorpio
.....Innie or Outtie: innie

## Series Two - Describe
.....Your heritage: erm...polish, german, english, russian {{weird mix, eh?}}
.....The shoes you wore today: pink hi tops
.....Your hair: down, like always
.....Your weakness? relationships.....
.....Your fears: rejection...and thats it
.....Your perfect pizza: normal pizza
.....One thing you'd like to achieve: getting into boces no matter what my mom says

## Series Three - What is:
.....Your most overused phrase: im confused
.....Your thoughts first waking up: oh....what?
.....The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: eyes O_o...and their personality
.....Your best physical feature: my eyes
.....Your bedtime: whenever
.....Your greatest accomplishment: selling my artwork
.....Your most missed memory: this summer and being truly happy

## Series Four - You prefer:
.....Pepsi or Coke: erm....neither
.....McDonald's or Burger King: bk...O_o
.....Single or group dates: single
.....Adidas or nike: neither
.....Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: nestea
.....Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
.....Cappuccino or coffee: eww
.....Boxers or briefs: Boxers

## Series Five - Do you:
.....Smoke: no!
.....Cuss: pfft all the motherfucking time bitch
.....Sing well: HAH YEAH RIGHT
.....Take a shower everyday: no, i shower when i need to
.....Have a crush(es): yes.
.....Who are they: im not telling you
.....Do you think you've been in love: i think i might be
.....Want to go to college: art schooooool.....cant wait......
.....Like high school: yeah! i actually have friends!
.....Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: pfft fuck no
.....Believe in yourself: never
.....Get motion sickness: on boats
.....Think you're attractive: sorta
.....Think you're a health freak: not really
.....Get along with your parents: yeah
.....Like thunderstorms: HELL YES!!
.....Play an instrument: flute, and bass guitar lol

## Series Six - In the past month, did/have you:
.....Drank alcohol: no
.....Smoke(d): nuh uh...i dont wanna kill my healthy self
.....Done a drug: well..no
.....Have Sex: i wish
.....Made Out: yes......i regret that
.....Go on a date: no
.....Go to the mall?: yeah
.....Eaten an entire box of Oreos: eww no
.....Eaten sushi: yeahh
.....Been on stage: nuh uh
.....Been dumped: i dumped someone
.....Gone skating: ha no
.....Made homemade cookies: erm i dont like making food
.....Been in love: yeah....but...yeah.... v_v
.....Gone skinny dipping: no.
.....Dyed your hair: no, i wish
.....Stolen anything: haha i dont think i have

## Series Seven - Have you ever:
.....Played a game that required removal of clothing?: nah, sounds fun tho
.....If so, was it mixed company: that sounds fun too
.....Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: nah.
.....Been caught "doing something": O_o nope hehe
.....Been called a tease: lol uh no
.....Gotten beaten up: well, yeah i get emotionally beat up almost everyday.
.....Shoplifted: think so
.....If so, did you get caught: nope
.....Changed who you were to fit in: hell NO!

## Series Eight - The future:
.....Age you hope to be married: 20 somethin
.....Numbers and Names of Children: i want one kid, and then me simone and tina's kids will be a gang of freak chlidren! yay!
.....Describe your Dream Wedding: I don't know!
.....How do you want to die: if anything i will probably go insane and kill myself.
.....Where you want to go to college: i was thinking about FIT or pratt university....
.....What do you want to be when you grow up: i either wanna do album covers and comic books...or i might even wanna do tattoo art
.....What country would you most like to visit: Japan

## Series Nine - Opposite sex:
.....Best eye color?: i have no idea
.....Best hair color?: brown / black
.....Short or long hair?: long
.....Best height: a little taller than me
.....Best weight: hrm....like idk 105-150?
.....Best articles of clothing: weird stuff
.....Best first date location: dates bore me
.....Best first kiss location: outside somewhere

## Series Ten - Number of:
.....Number of people I could trust with my life: none
.....Number of CDs that I own: like 30
.....Number of piercings: none v_v
.....Number of tattoos: none
.....Number of times my name has appeared in the
newspaper?: haha....about 5
.....Number of scars on my body: hmm.....i dunno....got one on my leg and one on my toe....can remember any others at teh moment
.....Number of things in my past that I regret: Many many things....i won't even get into it, but one of the major things....is how i used to trust people pretty easily....now I trust no one.
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07:42pm 09/11/2003
mood: cold
music: Lipstick and Bruises - Lit
:x: name = Steff
:x: piercings = none....im supposed to get my ear done soon....but yeah
:x: tattoos = none. ::tear::
:x: height = 5'1
x: shoe size = 7
:x: hair color = brown
:x: length = erm past my shoulders
:x: siblings = Maddy, the psycho bitch! =O

:x: movie you rented = nightmare before christmas
:x: movie you bought = some anime thing
:x: song you listened to = Hey ya by outkast >_> <_< want="want" you="you" drunk="uh" my="my" equals="equals" print="print" fun="fun" operas="they" carry="carry" watched="uh" wish="wish" snl="SNL" your="your" and="and" of="of" fuck="fuck" all="all" think="think" stuck="stuck" definatley="definatley" it="it" microwave="microwave" online="online" food="food" donor="donor" talk="talk" dont="dont" were="were" picture::="picture::" favorite...="FAVORITE..." driving="driving" a="a" no="no" attractive="yeah" like="like" period.="period." drugs="pfft" ^_^="^_^" in="in" write="write" head="something" nin="NIN" by="by" card="wtf" do...="DO..." believe="believe" haha="haha" {{orgy}}="{{orgy}}" cursive="cursive" relationships="they" cool="cool" cult="Cult" thinking="thinking" person="person" tv="tv" piercings="ii" choice="choice" make="make" gay/lesbian="gay/lesbian" cd="cd" juice="juice" situation="situation" sex="yeah," ::shake="::shake" wtf="wtf" thing="thing" polaroid="polaroid" distance="distance" others="others" that="that" on="on" pants="pants" teenage="teenage" bought="Death" movies="porn" its="its" out="out" course.="course." piercings.="piercings." anime="anime" dating="w.e" people="people" with="with" you've="you've" relationship="hey," gay!="gay!" do="be" find="find" someone="against" to="to" good="good" stupid="stupid" listened="listened" really="really" called="called" smoke="of" sports="sports" orgy="orgy" transmission="Transmission" work="work" using="using" armageddon="Armageddon" roller="roller" live="live" more="more" coasters="yea" the="the" friends="friends" smoking="eh," against...="AGAINST..." or="OR" clothes="my" could="could" new="new" about="how" drink="orange" show="show" song="Reptile" for="for" else="sometimes" im="im" :x:=":x:" killing="killing" soap="soap" are="are" suicide="no" long="long" that's="that's" lol="lol" was="was" cleaning="pfft" premarital="premarital" somewhere="somewhere" />_>
:x: band/singer = NIN rah rah rah
:x: holiday = halloween
:x: ever cried over a guy = yeah
:x: ever lied to someone = uh probably lol
:x: ever been in a fist fight = nah
:x: ever been arrested = no. haha

:x: of times I have been in love? = uh two....well one.
:x: of times I have had my heart broken? = uh..once....kinda
:x: of hearts I have broken? = idk
:x: of girls I have kissed? = O_o none. lol
:x: of boys I have kissed? = uh like....three
:x: of drugs taken illegally? = tons and tons mannn
:x: of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? = hrm idk
:x: of people I consider my enemies? = idk
:x: of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = like once lol
:x: of scars on my body? = uhh like 3-4
:x: of things in my past that I regret? = oh theres plenty of stuff

:x: disney movie = spirited away was a disney movie....i think >_>
:x: scent = erm vanilla?
:x: word = monkeys
:x: nickname = spade
:x: guy name = trent!!!!!
:x: girl name = cassandra
:x: eye color = hazel-ish
:x: hair color = brown
:x: flower = rose
::x: actor = idk
:x: actress= alex!!

:x: pretty = idk
:x: funny = alex thinks im funny
:x: hot = probably idk why tho lol
:x: friendly = uh no lol
:x: amusing = sure why not
:x: ugly = no lol
:x: loveable = yeah hahaahaha
:x: pessimistic = yep
:x: optimistic = haha yeah right
:x: caring = yeah
:x: sweet = erm idk
:x: dorky = hellz yeah O_O

:x: Spell your first name back wards = ffets lmao
:x: The story behind your user name = uh its from a song thing yeah that sure why not
:x: Are you straight? = sure why not....not when alex is around tho ^_- lmao
:x: 4 words that sum you up = weird, klutsy, lovable, steff

:x: Wallet = uh..huh
:x: Hairbrush = purpley
:x: Toothbrush = blue-y
:x: Jewelery worn daily = my rings and my necklaces
:x: Pillow cover = uh....its plain lol
:x: Blanket = my big puffy comforter thing YAY
:x: Shoes = hi-tops
:x: Handbag = i dont have one lol {{so girly haha pfft right}}
:x: Favorite top = the one I'm wearing
:x: CD in stereo right now = Orgy
:x: What you are wearing now = my new sexy pants and my hot tshirt
:x: Hair = down

WHO or WHAT (was/is/are) -
:x: In my mouth = O_O
:x: In my head = nothing lol
:x: Wishing = idk
:x: After this = i like monkeys
:x: Talking to = your mother
:x: Eating = your mother ^_^
:x: Fetishes = ass! =O
:x: If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason? = i have a list of people ^_^
:x: Person you wish you could see right now = uhh kyle lol
:x: Is next to you = alex
:x: Something you're looking forward to in this up coming month = concert =O yay
:x: Something that you are deathly afraid of?= nothing really
:x: Do you like candles = yeah man
:x: Do you like hot wax = oh baby! ^_-
:x: Do you like incense = yep
:x: Do you like the taste of blood = yes, very much so
:x: Do you believe in love = yeah
:x: Do you believe in soul mates = idk
:x: Do you believe in love at first sight = not really
:x: Do you believe in forgiveness = yes
:x: Do you believe in God = pfft what is god?
:x: What do you want done with your body when you die = i want to be buried in a garden of roses O_O
:x: Who is your worst enemy? = idk lol
:x: If you could have any animal for a pet = a kitty ^_-
:x: What is the latest you've ever stayed up = idk
:x: Ever been to Belgium? = no.
:x: Can you eat with chopsticks = hell yeah haha
:x: What cities you wouldn't mind relocating to? = erm NYC...or somewhere in CA
:x: Whats something that you wish people would understand? = idk
:x: What's something you wish you could understand better? = me
:x: Anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time? = erm...idk
:x: Something you want to make happen for tomorrow? = well....on tuesday i wanna be like mad mall crashage

wow its cold outside. lol
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O_o birthday presents are cool   
04:44pm 27/10/2003
mood: giggly
music: Someday - Sugar Ray
wooh survey thing-y O_o

The thing is, you can only answer this with song titles from a band/singer.

1. Are you male or female? I'm Just A Girl (No Doubt)
2. Describe yourself. Crash Crash (Murderdolls)
3. How do some people feel about you? Love to Hate (Slayer)
4. Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest. The Perfect Drug (NIN)
5. How do you feel about yourself? Crash Crash (Murderdolls)
6. Where would you rather be? Shadow Zone (Static-X)
7. What do you want to be doing? Running (No Doubt)
8. How do you live? Motherfucker I Don't Care (Murderdolls)
9. How do you love? First Date (Blink 182)
10. Quote some words of wisdom. "hate heals- you should try it sometime"

In The Last 48 Hours, Have You:
01. Cried: yes
02. Bought something: movie tickets
03. Gotten sick: no
04. Sang: yes
05. Eaten: yes
06. Been kissed: nope
07. Felt stupid: yeah
08. Wanted to tell someone you loved them, but didn't: nope.
09. Met someone new: O_o no.
10. Moved on: sorta kinda
11. Talk to an ex: yup
12. Missed an ex: nuh uh
13. Talked to someone you have a crush on: indeed ^_^
14. Had a serious talk: O_o nope
15. Missed someone: yeah...
16. Hugged someone: yeah!
17. Fought with your parents: kinda
18. Dreamed about someone you can't be with: well, i can be with him now. hooray!

Social Life
01. Best girl friend: idk.
02. Best boy friend: chris/will/jeremy....yeah
03. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Mike =D
04. If no, current dating partner: O_o Mike, you fucker.
05. Hobbies: drawing, going online, sleeping, playing DDR
06. Pager: no O_o
07. Are you center of attention or the wallflower: I is a nice pretty wallflower. hehe
08. What type automobile do you want to drive: HUMMER O_O AHHH
10. Would you rather be with friends or on a date: friends.
11. Where is the best hangout: O_o uh, my house? idk.
12. Do you have a job: well, yeah because I'm an artist and I sell my artwork...O_O
13. Do you attend church: what is church?
14. Do you like being around people: I dont like big groups of people.

01. Have you known the longest: Chris and Steph
02. Do you argue the most with: uh Alex O_o
03. Do you always get along with: Chris, Pheonix
04. Is the most trustworthy: chris, steph
05. Makes you laugh the most: uh...idk
06. Has been there through all the hard times: chris
07. Has the coolest parents: i like my parents lol
08. Has the scariest siblings: O_o me and steph
09. Is the most blunt: idk
10. Is the smartest: uh idk

01. Who is your role model: Jhonen O_o
02. What are some of your pet peeves: uh i dont really know.
03. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: yeh
04. Have you ever cried over the opposite sex: yes
05. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: nope.
06. Have you ever lied to your best friend(s): nope
07. Ever wanted to get revenge on someone because they hurt you: yea
08. Would you rather be dumper or dumped? both suck.
09. Rather have a relationship or a "hookup": relationship
10. Want someone you don't have right now: nope
11. Ever liked your best guy/girl friend: O_o yeah i think
12. Do you want to get married: not really. O_o
13. Do you want kids: uh....
14. Do you believe in psychics: indeed
15. What is your favorite part of your physical appearance: eyes...hair...O_o idk

Mike asked me out today....O_o I said yes. Hooray! I'm happy now. I love him.
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09:02pm 08/10/2003
mood: happy!!!!!

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Friends only   
09:44am 04/10/2003
mood: apathetic
music: Sin - NIN
From this day forth, my blurty is:

I don't want people I don't know or like reading shit that I put in here.

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My Opinion of the class of 2007   
05:22pm 02/10/2003
mood: pissed
music: Love to Hate - Slayer
Well I just have to say I am fucking ashamed to be a freshman. Never in my life have I seen a bunch of MORONS screw up so fucking badly. First off, the volleyball game. Oh really, so you think fucking twirling your hair and just standing there and moving if the ball comes near you is playing volleyball? If you do think that...please run to the nearest gun and shoot yourself. Next, the lip sync. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! People were telling me that it took a fucking long time to choreograph. Are you fucking serious, if you gave me a day I could put something together 5 thousand times better than what I saw today. I can dance better than any of you fucking egotistical whores. And last off, the tug of war. Okay, the only people who were actually TRYING to win were Dani and Paula...all the other girls just wanted to look good. And by the way, all you freshmen guys, please go fuck yourself. You are all weak and ugly bastards who deserve to get the shit beaten out of you by me. I hope reality fucking slaps all of you swollen-ego fucks in the face. Fuck that, you probably wouldn't even realize. Never in my life have I seen people as slutty and as stupid as you will ever be. I hope senior year I become valid victorian, so i can express my devoted hatred to my fellow classmates.


Much Love!

ps- FUCK OBHS CLASS OF 2007 {{yeah including me}}.....and watch out because I'm fucking doing lip sync next year.....I'm going to make it the coolest fucking thing you will ever see.....and unlike everyone else....I'm going to use GOOD music.
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Go away! I'm in my box!   
01:44pm 28/09/2003
mood: happy-ish
music: some gay emo shit on the radio ::covers ears::
I'm such a survey whore =P

1. Time did you get up this morning?: 8:30am
2. Is the last thing you drank?: erm....i dun remember
3. Does your shirt say?: its has happy noodle boy on it
4. Song are you listening to while answering THIS question?: Amber by 311
5. Time do you get up on weekdays?: erm like between 6:45-7:15
6. Time do you get up on weekends?: usually between 9-10
7. Do you like most about yourself?: nothing really
8. Do you like least about yourself?: ::takes out list:: yeah i think you get the point
9. Is your idea of shangri-la?: wtf
10. Are you thinking right now?: Where is my box friend?!?!
11. Do you like the most?: idk....
12. Is your biggest piss off?: people who are rude and ignorant to their true friends
13. Is your favorite instrument?: bass and guitar
13. Color is the floor in the room your sitting in?: its wooden
14. Do you want out of life?: me wants to be an artist
15. Deoderant are you wearing now?: wtf what a stupid question

Where . . .

16. Do you see yourself in 10 years?: being an artist
17. Was the last place you've driven?: me can't drive x_x
18. Do you like to go most?: outside....during the right....when the stars are out and its raining =P
19. Is the last place you slept?: my couch in my attic
20. Would you rather live, Long Beach or New York, why?: new york kicks ass
21. Are you going friday night?: no where
22. Is the last place you want to go on earth?: erm....up your ass.
23. Are your happiest memories?: ....all around this town x_x
24. Are your saddest memories?: in my house
25. Was your first home?: oyster bay, and im still here.
26. Do you want to be right now?: with my box friend or with my other friends
27. Did you go to elementary school?: roosevelt elementary

General Q and A . . .

28. Do you like reading?: yeah
29. Are you reading any books right now?: erm....Queen of the Damned
30. Do you eat meat?: yes....but i dun really like it
21. Do you drink milk?: eww no
22. Are your parents divorced?: no
23. Do you like music?: sure. haha
24. What's your favorite music genre?: i listen to what i like, and if you have a problem with that, FUCK YOU =D
25. Do you have an opinion on sexist social standards?: i guess so
26. What is your favorite punk band?: ::repeats to self -punk is dead- ::
27. What is your favorite school course?: Studio Art =P
28. What does the gym teacher in your school look like?: O_o theyre ugly
29. Do you like snow?: kinda sorta
30. Did you like snow?: what?
31. Do you agree with fighting?: no not really
32. What's the funniest thing you heard today?: erm idk
33. Do you think it's better to totally understand an art form you create or not understand it at all?: i think if you feel satisfied with your art, that is good enough.
34. If it was the last day of existence what would you do?: erm i would prolly have sex =P
35. Do you watch television? sometimes
36. Are you positive?: nope
37. Are you afraid of dying?: kinda...
38. Do you believe in fate?: yess

Pick one . . .

39. Punk or emo?: neither
40. New wave or indie rock?: dont care
41. Mario kart or tetris?: Tetris biatch!
42. Vinyl or tape?: vinyll
43. Hard toilet seats or soft?: who cares
44. Ying or yang?: ying
45. Black or green?: black
46. George Bush or Adolf Hitler?: neither.
47. Ska or reggae?: ska lol
48. Fire or lightbulbs?: fire! "the answer to everything is burning it" -Ryan
49. Pancakes or toast?: Pancakes!!!!!
50. Life or death?: Life
51. Socialism or totalitarianism?: dont care
52. Xmas or Easter?: both suck
53. Anarchism or libertarian socialism?: stupid

Who . . .

54. Was the last person you called?: Alexxx
55. Is your best friend in the mix?: erm..lets see Alexxx/Chris/Steph/Jeremy/Kyle/Celeste/Pheonix/Megzie/Ryan
56. Taught you to ride a bike?: my dad lol
57. Did you last eat with?: My family
58. Made your last meal?: my dad. he makes kick-ass cheeseburgers =P
59. Washes laundry? my mom
60. Do you admire most?: Jhonen Vasquez and Van Gogh
61. Would you live with if you became involved in a commune situation?: huh
62. Called you last?: Alexxx haha
63. Is your favorite singer?: Dani Filth, Amy Lee, Gwen Stefani {{shes good fu}}, Davey Havok

====Los Basicos====

1.) What’s your name?: what do you think my name is?
2.) AKA?: hrm....Steffy, Sexy Steff, Spade, Kitty, Idiot, Retard
3.) Que is your DOB and place of birth? October 26 on Long Island
4.) What’s your sign, babydoll?: babydoll?! wtf, im a scorpio
5.) Are you like..available?: yeah =P
6.) What colour are your eyeZ? hazel....but sometimes greenish blue-y
7.) Hows about those hairs on your head? brownn
8.) Special talents? I can draw well

=======Chapter Two:= More About You======

10.) Yeah, but what’s your strength? I'm pretty serious, but I'm funny too
11.) Wutz the best thing u can rmebmer? hrm....fun summer memories =P
12.) Your most stunning feature? my hair
13.) Guilty pleasure? erm....i dont know!
14.) If you could fight anyone who would it be? your ass

=======Chapter 3: Le Amor=========

15.) What do you notice first in the preferred sex (c’mon guys, be honest.)?: personality / eyes / hair
16.) Are you a Don Juan/ Courtney Love??: huh? im a steff!
17.) How about it, ever been…in loooove?: yeah =P
18.) Describe in detail, your most erotic fantasy: im not telling you!
19.) When’s the last time you went on a date? erm...idk
20.) Have you ever…you know…DONE IT!: no....haha

=======Chapter FOUR: Shut the Door=====

21.) Favourite Food: hmm...ice cream!
22.) Movie(s): erm idk
23.) Animal: 3 Legged Cat {{lol}}
24.) Super Villain: hmm...most of them are badass
25.) Band: uh...i dont know!
26.) Album: The Downward Spiral
27.) Color: crimson \ black
28.) TV Show: pretty much anything on comedy central

===========Chap. 5: Amigos===========

29.) Which are the worst: people who talk bullshit about me and say they are my friends
31.) Who is your ugliest friend? i dont know
32.) The hottest? all my friends are hot
33.) Most likely to lead a life in the porn industry? hmm...Simone maybe hahahahha
34.) Smokes the most pot? O_o
35.) Best role model? me most likely hahahaha yeah right
36.) Who is the most responsible? uh idk
37.) Nerdiest? haha i got some nerdy friends =P
38.) Who needs to hit the gym the most? hmm...not me.
39.) Biggest closet case? O_o idk
40.) If you had to nominate one of your friends off of Survivor who would it be? haha i dunno...i'd prolly vote myself off
41.) Who are you the most jealous of? no one
42.) Most likely to dropout of high school and sell drugs to sophomores? yeh something like that hahaha
43.) Makes you laugh the most? Jeremy Alexxx Chris Ryan

==========Chapter Seis: The FUTURE=======

44.) What do you want to be when you grow up? artist!!!
45.) What do your parents want you to be when you grow up? my mom secretly wants me to be a scientist...but she says its fine with me becoming an artist...yeah she just wants money from me
46.) Do you plan on going to college or being an angsty bum? college
47.) Dream college? Pratt Institute
48.) Ideally, where would you want to live? NYC
49.) After you get over your current paranoia of mediocrity, Ms. Depressed Teenager, how successful do you see yourself in ten years? wtf are you talking about you piece of shit, and i will be an artist in 10 years. fuck you.

============Lucky 7=============

50.) What are your biggest pet peeves? i dunno
51.) A/S/L? up yours.
52.) Tell us about the last time you cried: what the hell why do you care
53.) Are you a Beatles person or an Elvis person? neither lol
54.) Do you smoke? nope
55.) Are you a drunk? wtf no im straight edge
56.) Who are your secret crushes? erm....im not telling you, you wanna know, you ask me biatch and maybe I'll tell you.
57.) What are some bad habits of yours? hmmm...im obsessive and paranoid
58.) Are you fit and in shape?: yes actually
59.) Do you have a car? nope
60.) Do you pay for your car/gas? i dont have a car, you sheep fucker
61.) Do you believe in fate? yeah
62.) Do you believe in God? nope

============Section Eight. The Final Chapter========

63.) What animal are you most like? Tiger :rawr:
64.) Can you breathe underwater? erm...no.....
65.) If you had to give up an appendage, which one would it be? hmmm my right hand/arm haha
66.) Have you ever watched pornographic videos? maybe....hahaha

=====THE END=====

::crawls into ryan box:: now, go away before i spew acid in your face ^_^

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11:46pm 27/09/2003
You are StrongBad. You hate everyone, especially
HomeStar. Your e-mails and prank calls are
hilarious. You're my favorite character. You
try to be evil, but sorry, being shirtless with
boxing gloves just isn't scary. Don't worry
what everone else thinks because hey, they are
all "crap for brains".

What HomeStarRunner Character are you? (pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla
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10:20pm 26/09/2003
  hahaha i got a laugh out of this

This is how a fucking gangsta rolls.. by starlitelily
gangsta name
gangsta jobshooter
your fucking problemlost arm in driveby
# of times you ran from the copstoo many to count
your sayingdamn bitch
Created with quill18's MemeGen!
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survey.....this one's long.   
05:43pm 26/09/2003
mood: dead tired
music: The radio
I have no life.

001. What is your name: Steff
002. Spell your name backwards: Ffest
003. Date of birth: 10-26
004. Male or female: Female
005. Astrological sign: Scorpio
006. Nicknames: steffy, spade, kittie
007. Occupation: student/artist/musician
008. Height: like 5"1
wheres question 9? fucking retarded surveyy
010. Hair color: brown
011. Eye color: usually hazel...sometimes green or blue
012. Where were you born: long island
013. Where do you reside now: long island
014. Age: 13
015. Screen names: erm i usually use xladyofc4rnagex
016. E-mail: psychoticone13@hotmail.com
017. What does your screen name stand for: I am the lady of carnage.
018. What is your blurty name: xladyofc4rnagex haha same as my screen name
019. What does your blurty name stand for: same thing
020. Pets: my three legged cat, Jeremy
021. Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake: i dont remember! lol
022. Piercings: none ::tear::
023. Tattoo's: none
024. Shoe size: 7
025. Righty or lefty: lefty
026. Wearing: shirt, ufos, sweatshirt
027. Hearing: some crap on the radio
028. Feeling: dead
029. Eating/drinking: i was drinking sprite

Guys/Love/Kissing/And Other Stuff
061. Have you ever been in love: yeah
062. How many people have you said "I love you" to: well....idk i say it to my friends
063. How many people have you been in love with: 1
064. How many people have you kissed: 1
065. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex: nope
066. How many people have you dated: like...2 or 3
067. What do you look for in a guy/girl: idk, if i love them it doesnt matter
068. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex: personality
069. What type of guy/girl do you usually go for: weird guys
073. Do you have a crush right now: yeah.....
074. If so who is it: excuse me, but I'm not telling you!
075. Do you believe in love at first sight: idk
076. Do you remember your first love: nope
077. Who is the first person you kissed: what does it matter to you
078. Do you believe in fate: yes
079. Do you believe in soul mates: yeh
080. If so do you believe you'll ever find yours: yeah.

Meow. questions 80-104 are missing.

~Family Stuff~
104. How many siblings do you have: a sister and a brother
105. What are your parents names: why do you care
106. What are your siblings names: again, why do you care
107. How many siblings does your mother have: 2
108. How many siblings does your father have: 1
109. Where are your parents from: uh......mom is from brooklyn, dad is from new jersey
110. Is your family close: yeah
111. Does your family get together for holidays: yeah, sadly.
112. Do you have a drunk uncle: prolly
113. Any medical problems run through your family: not that i know of
114. Does someone in your family wear a toupee: not that i know of... O_o
115. Do you have any nieces or nephews: well....my sister in law is pregnant
116. Are your parents divorced: no
117. Do you have step parents: no
118. Has your family ever disowned another member of your family: nope.
120. Did some of your family come to America from another country: i dont think so...

Music Stuff
121. What song do you swear was written about you or your life: idk
122. What's the most embarrasing cd you own: something stupid knowing me
123. What's the best cd you own: NIN and MSI
124. What song do you absolutely hate: St. Anger by Metallica
125. Do you sing in the shower: yeh.........
126. What song reminds you of that special someone: Don't Speak by No Doubt ::tear::

152. Color: black/crimson
153. Food: mexican food/instant food
154. Song: for now...its Amber by 311...the song is calming
155. Show: Reno 911
156. School subject: art
157. Band/singer/artist: uh....too many to list....
158. Animal: Cat
159. Outfit: erm...idk I like all my outfits
160. Radio station: k-rock {{im listening to it right now haha even tho it sucks}}
161. Movie: Akira
162. Pair of shoes: i like my flip flops, my combat boots and my chucks
163. Cartoon: FLCL and Cowboy Bebop
164. Actor: erm...idk i watch anime
165. Actress: ^
166. Potato chip: ick
167. Drink: erm...soda
168: Soda: heh sprite
169. Holiday: holidays suck
170. Perfume/cologne: ewwww ::dies::
171. Pizza topping: cheese
172. Jello flavor: strawberry
173. Lunch meat: dont eat lunch
174. Card Game: erm....w.e
175. Video game: hrm....soul calibur 2 or resident evil zero...even tho i suck at them
176. Website: i dont know!
177. Book: The Vampire Lestat
178. Computer game: THE SIMS
179. Number: 13 / 666
180. Cereal: cheerios lol
181. Comedian: chris rock
182. Dessert: ick
183. Disney character: the evil people
184. Clothing store: erm idk i just get clothes from random places
185. Past time: being with my friends
186. Teacher: my art teacher....shes a psycho xP
187. Childhood toy: hot wheels cars
188. Carnival game/ride: erm....the spinny one
189. Candy bar: icky
190. Magazine: Hit Parader, EGM, Nintendo Power
191. Salad dressing: greek
192. Thing to do on the weekend: hang out go on the computer
193. Hot drink: apple cider mmm yummy.....
194. Season: fall
195. Sport to watch: karate!
196. Person to talk to online: eh i like talking to people face to face better actually

Your Bedroom/Sleeping Habits
197. What color are your sheets: white and red
198. What color are your bedroom walls: white with posters
199. Do you have posters on your wall: yes
200. If so of what: My artwork, weird pictures, an invader zim poster
201. Do you have a tv in your bedroom: nope ::tear:: but i have a computer ^_^
202. How many pillows are on your bed: 2
203. What do you normally sleep in: nothing..... hahaha just kidding. boxers and a shirt
204. Describe your favorite pair of pajamas: my invader zim boxers and a shirt
205. What size bed do you have: queen
206. Do you have a waterbed/bunkbed/daybed: erm a daybed i guess
207. Do you have your own phone line in your bedroom: i have a phone
209. Describe the last nightmare you had: i dont have nightmares just really odd dreams
210. Do you sleep with stuffed animals: yeah i have plenty
211. How many people can comfortably sleep comfortably in your bed: 2....
212. Do you sleep in any unusual positions: no....
213. Do you have to share your bedroom with a sibling: no, i used to when i was little
214. Do you snore: sometimes
215. How about drool: i think i have before
216. Do you have an alarm clock in your room: dont need one
217. What color is the carpet in your room: i have a wooden floor
218. What's under your bed: legos lol

This or that
219. loser/wannabe: loser
220. Doughnuts/bagels: bagels
221. Day/night: night
222. Wicked witch of the east/wicked witch of the west: who cares
223. Heaven/hell: neither are real
224. Make love/have sex: both heheh
225. Coffee/tea: neither ew
226. Hamburgers/hotdogs: cheeseburgers
227. Rap/rock: rock
228. Britney/Christina: eww
229. Swiss cheese/american cheese: cheese rocks
230. Real World/Road Rules: neither ew
231. Backstreet Boys/*Nsync: neither.....
232. Silver/gold: silver
233. Nike/Adidas: ADIDAS {{all day i dream about sex}} awh jeah baby
234. McDonalds/Taco Bell: taco bell
235. Sweet/sour: spicy!
236. Punk/emo: both suck
237. Hot/cold: cool lol
238. Winter/summer: erm...i like fall
239. Spring/fall: fall
240. Operas/plays: plays
241. Read/watch tv: read actually tv corrupts your mind. books dont
242. Cd's/tapes: cds
243. Dvd's/vhs: dvds
244. Old/new: old
245. Shorts/skirts: skirts
246. Pink/red: red
247. Colored pictures/black and white photos: black and white
248. Meat/vegetables: ew
249. Mexican food/chinese food: MEXICAN
250. Commercials/infomercials: neither i dont like tv
251. Scary movies/comedies: comedies
252. Bikinis/one piece bathing suits: bikinis....hehe
253. Sandals/tennis shoes: sandals
254. Dogs/cats: cats
255. Unicorns/fairies: neither....DAEMONSSS
256. Water/land: water
257. Sugar/spice: spice
258. Black/white: both
259. ribbons/bows: ribbons
260. Chicken/beef: yucky
261. Colored christmas lights/regular white christmas lights: die
262. Cars/trucks: trucks
263. Austin Powers/James Bond: austin powers is funny, bond is kickass
264. Popcorn/pretzels: neither
265. Hip/hop: wtf?
266. Passionate kiss/peck: passionate
267. WWE wrestling/ real wrestling: WWE
268. Back rub/foot massage: back rub
269. Picture frames/photo albums: picture frame
270. Pens/pencils: pens

Have You Ever....
331. Mooned anyone: erm prolly
332. Been on a diet: well...kinda....
333. Been to a foreign country: yeh
334. Broken a bone: no
335. Swallowed a toothcap/filling: O_o erm no
336. Swear at a teacher: most likely
337. Talked to an blurty member via e-mails or instant messages: erm yeah
338. Got in a fight: yeh.....
339. Dated a teacher: O_O NO
340. Laughed so hard you peed your pants: erm...no
341. Thought about killing your enemy: yep! ^_^
342. Gone skinny dipping: no.....
343. Met another blurty member in the flesh: well....yeah some of them are my friends
344. Told a little white lie: yeh
345. Told a secret you swore not to tell: yeh....like once
346. Stolen anything: yeh
347. Misused a swear word and it sounded absolutely stupid: yup
348. Been on TV: erm...no.
349. Been on the radio: nope
350. Been in a mosh pit: nope
351. Been to a concert: nah {{i have NO life}}
352. Dated one of your best friends: well....yeah...
353. Loved someone so much it makes you cry: well....it just made me reallllllllllyyyyy happy
354. Deceived somebody close to you: yeah
355. Broken the law: eh idk
356. Been to a rodeo: yeah! and my mom bought me a cowboy hat =P
357. Been on a talk show: no
358. Been on a game show: nope
359. Been on an airplane: yes.....i hate them tho
360. Got to ride on a firetruck: once i think lol
361. Came close to dying: nope
362. Cheated on a bf/gf: never.
363. Gave someone a piggy back ride: yeh
364. Terrorized a babysitter: yeah i threw mud at my old babysitter when i was like 8 or 9 lol
365. Made a mud pie: uh....yeah but that was a while ago.....
366. Had a dream that you're falling off a cliff: yeah...someone pushed me off.....
367. Snuck out of the house at night: heh nah im too tired to
368. Been so drunk you don't remember your name: no.
369. Had an eating disorder: i'd rather not talk about it
370. Felt like you didn't belong: yeh...
371. Felt like the 3rd wheel: yep.
372. Smoked: nope
373. Done drugs: nope
374. Been arrested: nahh
375. Had your tonsils removed: no
376. Gone to camp: yeah
377. Won a bet: yeah
378. Written a love letter: yeah
379. Gone out of your way to be with the one you love: yeah
380. Written a love poem: yep
381. Kissed in the rain: yep
382. Slow danced with someone you love: i dont like that kind of dancing >.<
384. Faked an orgasm : erm no
385. Stolen a kiss: wha?
386. Asked a friend for relationship advice: yeh
387. Had a friend steal your bf/gf: no lol
388. Watched the sunset/rise with someone you love: yeh...
389. Gotten a speeding ticket: no, i cant drive.
390. Done jail time: nope
391. Had to wear a uniform to work: wtf i dont work.
392. Won a trophy: no.....im a loser.
393. Thrown up in public: i think i might have once
394. Bowled a perfect game : psh fuck no
395. Failed/got held back: no I'm madd smart
396. Got perfect attendance in grade school: no i was sick alot
397. Roasted pumpkin seeds: erm no
398. Taken ballet lessons: yeah....im taking ballet
399. Attempted suicide: nope.
400. Cut yourself: erm....

Childhood Stuff
401. Did you play with Barbies: no i played with hot wheels man
402. Did you own Treasure Trolls: erm...they were all my sisters
403. Did you watch Beverly Hills 90210: uh no
404. Did you play Simon Says: yeah
405. Did you watch Fraggle Rock: wtf?
406. Did you wet the bed: nope hahaha
407. Did you believe there were monsters in your closet or under your bed: yeah and i wanted to be their friend
408. Did you wear the underwear with the days of the week on them: i think....haha
409. Were you shy: yes
410. Were you spoiled: well..my mom bought me alot of toys, but thats really it, i didnt even like most of the stuff anyways
411. Were you abused: nope, but my sega genesis was thrown against the floor....thats like abuse towards my love.....hahahaha
412. Did you go to the circus: yes, i hated it.
413. Did you go to the zoo: once
414. Were you in a car accident: no
415. Did you build snowmen: no i was like stupid
416. Did you cry when you scraped your knee: no actually i didnt
417. Were your older cousins mean to you: no, im not really close with older people in my family
418. Did you think slinkies were cool: hell yeah
419. Did you think the Ninja Turtles really lived in the sewer: OMG I LOVED THE NINJA TURTLES
420. Were you afraid of the dark: kinda
421. Did you have slumber parties: i slept over peoples houses....and when i fell asleep they would make fun of me ;_;
423. Did you tease your hair out like Tiffany: wtf?
424. Did you believe in the Easter Bunny/Santa Claus/ and the Tooth Fairy: only the tooth fairy bcuz i got money ^_^

425. Do you believe in aliens: yeh
426. Name three things that are next to your computer: random crap, soda bottle, empty food bags
427. Do you have any hidden talents: i dont think i do
428. Do you wish MTV would play music videos: i dont like MTV
429. If you were to star in a movie, what kind of movie would it be: i wouldnt be in a movie
430. What would your movie star name be: I DONT WANNA BE A MOVIE STAR FUCK YOU
431. Do you play any sports: i do dance and karate....those arent really sports lol
432. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen: scary movies make me laugh =P
433. What is the best movie you've seen in the theater or rented recently: ermm....i watched akira like a week ago
434. What is the dumbest movie you've ever seen: hmm i dont watch movies much
435. Do you drive: no i wish i could
436. What is your dream car: erm idk something cool
437. Do you think your good looking: i dont really think im that pretty
438. Do others think you are good looking: im known as sexy steff
439. Would you ever sky dive: fuck yes
440. Do you believe in Bigfoot: idk
441. How many rooms do you have in your house: erm like 13 or 14
442. Are you afraid of roller coasters: i was but im not anymore
443. Do you believe in God: NO NO NO NO NOOOOOO
444. Do you believe in Satan: nope.
445. Do you believe there is a heaven: no
446. Do you believe there is a hell: no
447. Do you own a pooltable: i have a mini pool table! lol
448. Do you have a pool: yeah
449. Do you have a dishwasher in your kitchen: yeah
450. Do you like chocolate: nope
451. Who/what is on your 2003 calendar: wtf
452. How many U.S. states have you been to: erm....like 6
453. Ever wished on a shooting star: a few times
454. Best Halloween costume you ever wore: GRIM REAPER awh jeah
455. Do you carry any weapons on you: haha my hands and feet
456. What is your weakness: im too serious sometimes
457. Name something you can't get enough of: making fun of people
458. Describe yourself in 3 adjectives: erm....idk sweet, funny, serious
459. How many kids do you want to have: either none or like 1-2
460. Future daughters names: Cassandra / Isis
461. Future sons names: Trent / Osiris
462. What is your ideal way to die: dying of old age
463. How do you release stress: listen to music and draw
464. Do you consider yourself a trendy person: kinda sorta
465. Are you an artisitic person: YESSS
466. Are you a realistic person?: yeh
467. Do you un-tie your shoes every time you take them off: erm nah
468. Are you a strong person: yeh
469. Are you a strong willed person: yep
470. Who is the last person to e-mail you: erm idk
471. Who is the last person to IM you: Chriss
472. Do you hate chain e-mails: i never get them ^_^
473. Are you a deep sleeper: not really
474. Are you a good story teller: nope
475. What do you believe is your best quality: being a good friend....?
476. What is your greatest accomplishment: uh i dunno
477. Do you like to burn candles or incense: inscense
478. Do you do yoga: no...
479. Do you have your own credit card: nope
480. Let's say you win the lotto. That'd be cool
481. Do you have a check book: nope
482. Do you like your drivers licence: i dont have one haha
483. Do you tan easily: yes.....i hate it!
484. What color is your hair naturally: brown
485. How many fillings do you have: 1
486. How many cavities did you have at your last dentist visit: 1
487. Worst feeling in the world? lonliness
488. Best feeling in the world: happy, loved
489. Is the glass half empty or half full: half empty.
490. Last thing you downloaded: Amber by 311
491. Do you catch yourself using online terms in your real life?: sometimes lol
492. What do you think people think of you: cool.....idk why tho.
493. Are you a likeable person: kinda
494. Do you need therapy: i think i might
495. Do you take medication for a chemical imbalance: no....haha
496. What the best way to be proposed to: i dont know.
497. If Fed Ex and UPS were to merge would they call it FED UP: thats retarded wtf
499. When are you moving: when i finish high skool
500. What's your favorite phrase: i'm so fucking confused
501. How long did this thing take you? like 45 minutes hahaha
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04:47pm 26/09/2003
  Season = Autumn
You're Most Like The Season Autumn ...

You're warm, and the most approachable. You have
that gentle prescence about you. People can
relate to you, and find you easy company.
However it's likely you've been hurt in the
past and it has left you scarred so things can
become rather chilly with you at times. Being
the third Season in, you're mature, trustworthy
and loyal to your friends but prone to
depression and negative thinking.

Well done... You're the shy and sensitive season :)

?? Which Season Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

:) heh....
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ahhh BALLET!   
10:07pm 24/09/2003
mood: content
music: nothing
OMG YAY! I started ballet/pointe class tonight. It was so much fun. i love dancing...i'm such a dork. But I love pointe even more than ballet. its fun, but really painful. My toes were bleeding. lol Yeah.....I don't like my class though. They're all like showoffs. Except for like me and my sister. Bcuz we're both retarded. hahahaha. yeah, go steff.

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survey....bcuz im bored.   
07:04pm 23/09/2003
mood: dead
music: nothing
Nervous Habits: twitching, biting my nails
Are you double jointed?: no
Can you roll your tongue?: no
Can you raise one eyebrow at a time?: no
Can you blow spit bubbles?: of course i can
Can you cross your eyes?: no im stupid
Tattoos?: no
Piercings and where?: no..but i want a lip piercing
Do you make your bed daily?: fuck no

Which shoe goes on first?: who cares
Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone?: i've gotten a shoe thrown at my face before
On the average, how much money do you carry in your purse/wallet?: like nothing im poor haha
What jewelry do you wear 24/7?: my watch
Favorite Piece of Clothing: t shirt
Pajamas: pants/boxers and a shirt

-- FOOD --

Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?: twirl...who the fuck cuts their spaghetti
Have you ever eaten Spam?: no..i want to tho
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: vanilla....but i dont really like ice cream
How many cereals in your cabinet?: like 2
What's your favorite beverage?: orange soda....NEPHILIM'S DESPAIR SODA oh yeah
What's your favorite restaurant?: uh....ihop i guess
Do you cook?: microvave...yes. and i can make breakfast

How often do you brush your teeth?: 2x a day
How often do you shower/bathe?: about every 2-3 days idk
How long does your shower last?: like 10 minutes
Hair drying method: let it air out
Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair?: nope
Do you paint your nails?: yeah heh

Do you swear?: fuck yes
Do you ever spit?: yes

Animal: cat/tiger
Food: chef boyardee. woot.
Month: October
Day: friday
Cartoon: sailor moon!!!! \m/ yeahh haha
Shoe Brand: whatever fits i like
Subject in school: ART {{der what else}}
Color: crimson
Sport: karate....yeah its a sport...its better than like fucking football
Tv show: uh...Reno 911
Best Looking Male Celebs: idk
Vacationing Spot: St. John
Thing to do in Spring: sit around and be lazy
Thing To Do In The Summer: take walks
Thing To Do In Autumn: play in the leaves lol
Thing To Do In The Winter: be cold....
Game: ETERNAL CHAMIONS!! hahaha i suck at it.

The CD Player: AFI {{yes...i know theyre gay jeremy}}
Person you talk most on the phone with: Alex
Ever taken a cab?: yeah
Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows and mirrors?: no i dont care what i look like
What color is your bedroom?: white
Do you use an alarm clock?: nope
Window seat or aisle?: window

-- LA LA LAND --
What's your sleeping position? i move around alot when i sleep lolol
Even in hot weather do you use a blanket?: no...its to steamy when mariel is over
Do you snore?: sometimes lolol
Do you sleepwalk?: no
Do you talk in your sleep?: yeah.....hahaha
Do you sleep with a stuffed animals?: yeah...I've got Zim and Ein and all my sailor moon dolls and my care bear....yeah okay.....
How about with the light on?: nope
Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on?: sometimes

Coke or Pepsi?: neither
Oranges or apples?: oranges
One pillow or two?: two
Deaf or blind?: deaf
Pools or hot tubs?: hot tubs
Blondes or brunettes?: brunettes
Tall or short?: short
TV or radio?: neither
Beach or pool?: pool
Tic-Tacs or Certs?: tic tac. theyre yummy
Snooze button or jump out of bed?: snooze button...or ignore completly
Sunrise or Sunset?: sunset....its more romantic
Hamburger or Cheeseburger?: cheeseburger cheeseburger
Morning or night?: night!!!!!!
Sports or news?: news
Indoors or outdoors?: indoors!!
Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?: christmas day...fuck christmas eve...no presents....
Cake or ice cream?: ice cream!!!! with caramel!!!
Spearmint or Peppermint?: spearmint
Bath or shower?: showers.....
Book or Movie?: depends
Green or Red apples?: green
Rain or Snow?: always rain

Took a shower?: yesterday
Cried?: uh...like 15 mins ago
Talked on the phone?: dont remember
Read a book?: last weekend
Punched someone?: uh...last week in karate...we did sparring....

Where do you see yourself in ten years? being an artist
Who are you going to be married to?: some guy i love
How many kids?: 1-2
Your profession: ARTIST WHAT ELSE!?!
Future School: huh?
Car of Your Dreams?: whatever works...i prolly wont need one since i wanna live in the city

wow i have no life.
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05:14pm 22/09/2003
mood: really pissed
music: Motherfucker, I don't care - Murderdolls
I really really hate what I'm surrounded by. I get happy, someone/something ruins it. I get sad, someone/something makes it WORSE. Almost all the people in my school are MORONS. People do stupid pointless things that piss me off. "Friends" talk shit about me behind my back. Things I wish happen that are possible, never do. I never win. I want to go to art school but I have a feeling I'm going to have to go to some fucking Ivy League school because MY MOM SAID SO. AND MY MOM FORCES ME TO BE SMART AND GET GOOD GRADES AND I'M PROBABLY NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO GO TO BOCES WHEN I CAN BECAUSE I HAVE TO TAKE ALL MY FUCKING AP CLASSES BECAUSE IM SOOOO SMART AND ID RATHER BE DOING MATH AND SCIENCE PROBLEMS AND WRITING 500 PAGE LONG ESSAYS INSTEAD OF PAINTING AND DRAWING!!!!!

I want something I can never have


P.S.- I hate suicide. And I hope it banishes from the Earth.
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