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31st December 2003

1:01pm: hmm.. today is qoinq to be borinq! =( i`m not doinq anythinq b`kuz Jake and Mallory are qoinq out.. this sux soo bad! i was suppose to hanq out with Bill today =( but my mom said no b`kuz of Jake and Mallory.. that`sz soo frickin mess`d up.. but whatever.. ii`m jusz chill`n right now.. i jusz qot outtah the shower.. i`m really bored right now... i think my parents are going out tonight but i dunno.. that means im here all by myself! uugh.. whatever... anyway`sz i didnt go to sleep last night until lyke 5 in the morning.. it was light out =O * hm my mom jusz asked me if i wanted to go to MaRkEt BaSkEt With her.. woo thats an awesome hang out place.. jeeze.. lol... i might go though.. cuz we are gonna get WeNdY`sZ that place is yuummmyy lol.. anywaysz.. hmm... nothing really happened today.. i woke up at 11 ish... and then i took a shower not to long ago..and yah.. sounds funn yah good great lyke it... im really bored - ii`m jusz talking to Bill right now.. woo hes an awesome guy.. well anywaysz im gonna go ! peAcE out - Janelle`Nicole «--oX
Current Mood: bored
Current Music: Eminem- My Dad`sz qone Craziie
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