05:25pm 06/02/2004
mood: relaxed
music: SiLenCe
I have the flu AGAIN, so i went to the DR also found out i have another kidney infection i fuckin live with those! Anyway my mom got some Vicoprofen (vicodin & ibuprofen mixed) as you know im a bit addicted to pain killers something im not proud of but they tend to give me a few hours of happiness. That all started about 3 years ago, Because I have very very painful periods nothing will help but vicodin ...so i became addicted sad to say but shit happens!
Emily (My little cousin she is 9) is really sick she has something wrong with her kidneys so she will probably be put in the hospital tonight :-( well i guess thats all for now!!
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07:25pm 03/02/2004
mood: high
music: Britney Spears ~ Toxic
Well this entry is all about me, My name is Kirshena im 19 years old and from a small farm town in Indiana i live on a little farm with horses (im also an animal freak) lots of barn cats and a dog ..chickens!
I dont have a job (ive never had one) But ive been looking they are hard to come by especially in this small ass town, I want to enter college but i need a job for that stuff...s0o yea.
I dont really have a boyfriend, Ive been talking this guy he is an older guy (36) and is in an unhappy marriage we are not fucking or anything just talking, But i dont really know where that is going hopefully not another heartache thats the last thing i want. Im also talking to my ex he was just in an accident being trampled by cows and was really hurt, Feb makes a year we have been broken up but we have been through a lot of shit together and i do Love him he loves me to so0o i dont know about that stuff.
I have a sister which im really close with she is my best friend, Here lately ive been really close to my Aunt Shawn she is currently going through a seperation kind of she tends to change her mind A LOT, and it drives me KRAZY!!! I just want whats best for her because i know she deserves the best and nothing less!
Well i guess this is enough for now but if you have any advice or wanna post a comment feel free!
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03:27pm 02/02/2004
mood: amused
music: FeFe Dobs0n ~ EvEryThinG
Hello this is my first entry just seeing how this works ....w0o-h0o