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im bored [10 Dec 2003|07:52pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | toilet boys ]

Clothing Brand: i dont have one

Toothpaste: umm the good kind

Shampoo: herbal essence

Sports: me??do a sport?? hhahahaha funny

~Have you ever~

Been in love: sure

Hurt someone you loved: yea :(

Told a lie that hurt someone: yes

Hit someone: hahahaha yes

Spanked someone: 24/7

Been hit by someone: hmmm i guess i really dont think so

Been in an accident: whoa yea scarey shit

Been pulled over: yes i just drive so damn fast, lmao mandy my sister thought that was "cute" when the police was next to us and your like oink oink

Been arrested: only for stealing your heart.. o god did i just fukin say that, im lame

Been caught stealing: NO

Baby-sat: all the time ..its hell

Been kissed: yesssssssssssss mmmmmm

Had oral sex: No

Had sex: nope

Wished you were someone else: ummm not really

Hated someone: of course

~Miscealaneous Questions~

Do you think you're hot: HAHAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHA.. NO!!!

If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be: EVERYTHING!!

What actor/actress do you wish you could be, just for one day: no one..they all suck..

What was the last movie you saw: in the movie thearter it was the cat in the hat, and at home its pat

Who'd you watch it with: in the theater: both with mandy pooh, but there was a ghost in my room watching american history x with us

When's the last time you cried: ...

What is the worst injury you've ever had: a bruise this big |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| on my boob ERIC I HATE YOU, LEARN TO FUKIN THROW A BALL

Had any broken bones: zero

Stitches: zero

Been hospitalized: no unlike you all, im safe and healthy

Has a friend ever lied to you: of course, and you fukers use me too, its ok.. YOU WILL ALL PAY MUAHAHHA

What is your most valued pocession: my friends, my hair, my walls lol

Got any autographs form celebrities: fuukkkk yea

Ever met/seen a celebrity in person: dpends who you concider a celeberty

What's your favorite magazine: i dunno you tell me

When was your first kiss (french kiss): closet, when i was five :)

Were you two a couple: hahahaha no i met him that summer and then the luv of my life left me to start kindergarten

How did it feel: LOL the kiss or that he left?? cuz i dont remember either

Have you ever had sex: i think this was already asked.. but no

Were you two a couple: a couple of losers

How did it feel: like nothing lol

Have you ever had homosexual feelings: LMAO LMAO no

Would you kiss someone of the opposite sex for $100,000: of the opposite sex?? hell id do it for free

Ever been to camp: NO sdfgsdhlfkhgd

Ever had thoughts of suicide: umm yea

Known anyone who died: about 5 people :(

Been to a funeral: yes i hate them but at my aunts funeral i met a REALLY awesum guy, i felt bad cuz i was having a blast while everyone was crying

Been to a wedding: 3 and i was in both my sisters and my brothers wedding

What's the hardest thing you've ever had to deal with so far in your life: 1st family problems, 2nd BOYS

Ever felt like you had no way out: yea

Ever disappointed someone: my whole life ive dissapointed my family hahaha its cuz im not perfect , but they arent so who cares

What do you tell yourself when times get hard: sleep..sleep.. its the only way out

How do you deal with anger: i scream or break things like my door :(

Saddness: umm sleep sleep lol i dunno lots of things

Do you keep your emotions bottled up inside you: i have b 4 but now i snap at everyone and everything

these questions make me sound so depressed lol im not!!

Best vacation ever: umm palm springs 2 years ago

1 minute ago: i was doing that survey
1 day ago: i hung out with my brother :)
1 week ago: i had tons of money
1 year ago: i was going out with kyle
5 minutes ago: i sent mandy her pictures
5 days ago: i saw grease at the civic theartre
5 weeks ago: umm i dont kno
5 months ago: i ditched my sisters road trip for sum stupid shit
5 years ago: my nephew was born and we were unaware
I hurt: ..nothing..
I love: SLURPEES, Et, SKOOL, and your mom
I hate: 98% of everyone at west hills
I fear: umm nothing, wait i fear being alone
I hope: my parents let me live with my brother
I feel alone: always
I break: ..idk
I listen: to music
I hide: ..why would i hide??
I breathe: air.. lol
I play: with your emotions
I miss: but i learn to move on slowly
I learn: life is deffinatley not perfect
I feel: cold
I know: more then you think i do
I say: 98% of the people who kno me dont kno shit about me
I dream: dreams are for people who want sumthing but are to fukin lazy to do n e thing about it
I want: a kitty, and to be HAPPY :)
I wait: .. i dont
I need: money
last song you heard: sum VERY STUPID CLASH SONG sdfglkhfhlkhd
last time you smiled: in geography lol so i think
last time you laughed:i juist did at my stupidness
last person you hugged: tay tay lol keeping me warm this morning lol
last person you kissed: hmmmm
last thing you said: i dont remember

so bored..nothing to very cold..

Sealed With a Kiss

[10 Dec 2003|07:24pm]
today was B O R I N G i did absolutely nothing.. and everyone was being sooo fukin annoying and doing stupid things and i HATE EMO PEOPLE (lol except for hair) sdfkgjnskdfngsdf dont make other people sad by depressing the whole fukin world go buy a damn puppy or stfu. LOL the high light of my day was when becca mandy and i asked kyle to uh... hahahaha i better not say, but n e ways he was about to wip out his...yea.. lmao it was sooo SICK. i have a weird feeling that Et wont ever cum back :( he better mandy glad but she has her mr.bro lol ,and i dunno why im so weird in geography i get so hyper OOOO YEA LMAO you had to be there to get the joke but i <333 tay tay hmmm when i go home im gonna eat cookies..hmmm when i go home im gonna scratch my elbow <33333 hey my mom said it was A O EFFIN KAY for you to spend the night :) n e ways i came home and slept and did home work and im bored so call me

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[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | stupid stuff thats making me mad but im too lazy to get up ]

i was pissed off this morning cuz my dad took me to skool late, AND IM NEVER LATE TO SKOOL. but my first class was fun cuz i feel smart in that class :) and in english we wrote a poem about sum dead person..quite fun. and break was boring he wasnt here today either :( and AVID was the best cuz we talked about sex and stuff and being so emo that you kill yourself. and blagh blaghblagh lunch came around and we did nothing and i was talking to mandy and becca and elisa and i told them i had no point in cuming to skool so i should just stay home and moan LOL i swear i ment to say mourn and i kept getting mad cuz the sun was killing me, thats the only advantage of being short.. you get to hide under the tall people.

i came home and did a shit load of sewing cuz i had t fix that one shirt :) and then my brother came over .. and hollllyyy shit hes into counrty lmao hes getting ready to move out there... and he wants a dirt bike and i told hm about mandys quad and hes like I'LL BUY THEM lol but then he left :( and i finally got money to buy the ticket yey well my day is boring and i think im gonna go sleep or take a shower


December 26 Soma Defiance
Lower Class Brats
Cheap Sex
The Voids
Career Soldiers
all ages
7:00 PM

if you dont plan on going..santa will hate you and he will think you are an EVIL PERSON and depending on your sex he will cuz your balls off or if your a gurl he will RAPE you :) nuff said GO

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naked old men NO naked old men NO naked naked naked men men MEN [08 Dec 2003|08:34pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | 7 seconds-the kids are united ]

umm this morning = fukin great. in my first class i got an A+ on a pop quiz hahahaha whos smart?? me thats who! but in second period we wrote a page long about totalitarianism (whoa) its pretty damn fucked i was getting angery just writing about it .. but hey wut ever scratches your itch. and at break i discovered that my love wasnt there :( that brought me down a little BUT I DONT NEED A MAN TO MAKE ME HAPPY!! ive got slurpees and cats and other things like naked old men!! LMAO o tay tay how i luv theee. umm my other periods were quite boring indeed. umm lunch was lunch and Ty was gonna make me cry cuz he fukin ripped my dollar.. but his loaded ass bought me a soda :). and i was VERY ANGRY that sum pussy wont do certain things grrr. then skool ended thee end.

when i got home i didnt nothing and my brother came AND WE ARE ON SPEAKING TERMS AGAIN im so fucking happy o anf guess wut!! he quite his job.. those dickz are screwed now they are NOTHING w/o my brother SERIOUSLY. and i dont understand wut to do.

a) spend as much time with my brother and miss him like crazy when hes gone and cry for days and days and becum so emo that i hate myself and die
b) stay as far away from him and PRETEND like nothing matters, and then relize my stupid mistake when its too

either way im screwed right?? umm youth group was FUKIN AWESUM i had a blast!! veronica almost made me pee during the church thing lmao and she kept making me talk to this one guy and she says he thinks i like him JKSDBFLKSFKB I FUKIN DO NOT and then her and her sister were fighting and creating a huge scene as always.. o and the guy was talking how things are perfect them sumthing happens that makes everything go wrong.. i guess i should have been listening cuz i always bich about that but wuts the use right?? it wont help.. i dont even think i believe all the stuff i was taught to believe.. lol ok i'll stop there.. n e ways MY BROTHER HAS THE CUUTEST DOG ITS A MINITURE PINCHER O GAWD I WANT IT!! oo yea and wut the fuck kyle called me b 4 i went to youth group and SUM FUKIN ONE told him soooooo many lies about me and that SUM ONE better fukin tell me why they said that.. (its about the SO CALLED PERSON I LIKE WICH I DONT!) AND I KNO THAT SUM ONE WAS READING THIS CUZ THAT HOW THEY KNO!! and if you dont kno me OR I DONT TELL YOU STUFF ABOUT ME DONT FUKIN TALK ABOUT ME YOU UNEDJUCATED JACKASS. ive got it all out.. OOO MANDY judy wants to get together with me and you to print the cards out!! im been so mad lately idk why i used to be so happy o yea wutz her face invited me to her party on friday mandy was gonna force me to go n e ways i REALLY dont think i want to go cuz i hate all the millions of people who will most likely be there.. and im goning with becca to the show on the 26 :) n e ways good night to all


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sum pics [08 Dec 2003|03:59pm]
here are sum of the really old pics that i just got back today.. 6 of the pictures came out black and im sure those were the good ones o well i'll make sure to take me..sum time soon and then there are sum REALLY sick ones wich i refuse to post, and sum weird ones of you guys lol and i dont want to embaress n e one so have fuunnnn!

umm heres mandy and her exBROfriend (hahahaha) derek


heres there cute wittle hands


heres mandy and becca if you cant see it well SUCK IT


uh a cake.. I MADE ;)


and heres dear joe.. i must say i <3 his NEW hair

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dgtdfgn YEYEYEYEY SDLJKFSKJDHFS [07 Dec 2003|02:10pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | CHEAP SEX ]

go me and fukin fake eyez!! now lets go over this again children.. who gets blue/green contacts?? ME hahahaha i feel so fukin evil!! i <333 my mommy this is awesum!! its gonna be weird pokin my eyes tho.. o well yeyyeyeyeyeye no more shit color brown, i get nice pretty TERQUOISE!! gawd i luv my fakeness. i cant fukin wait!!

nydz!!sdfjbgkndkfjngjkdnf sdkfjgkjsdfhkjgh sjkn

ops judy is a dork when shes drunk..nuff said.. shes weird.. i can be like her its sooo fukin funny shes too predictable and when i make fun of her to her face she ALWAYS says NYYYYDIA but i have to be nice to her cuz shes always loaded, and she just got promoted and its a big fukin raise and i kno shes taking me and mandy to see hair spray she just has to!! im so mean to her.. i guess i should be nice.. NA santa will still <3 me im a good gurl

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yesterday i relized how much i hate cold eggs [07 Dec 2003|12:28pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]
[ music | antidote........... oooo baby ooooo ]

its really scarey that mandy knows all my passwords :\ !!!! n e ways yesterday was fucking weird.. we went to see my sister do her weird performance and like a shit load of little kids were dancing and shit.. so mandy and i got bored so we went to fudruckers and ate and we played chess on the table with pennies and cups gawd it was fun. and it turns out we misse my sisters performence so i got yelled at yey.. then my family was hungry so they went to umm im not sure i think mary calendars so mandy and i just shared a yummy chocolate swirl FUKIN YUM . then we got way bored in there and we did stuff HAHAHAH that was fun.

when we got home my dad told us to call kyle to spend the night, and we did BUT THE JACKASS had a friend over so he couldnt fucker. so it was just me and mandy and we rented its pat and american history x, andwhile we were watching its pat we were making macaroni braclets hahaha it was awesum. o and the movie was so funny, eww kinda sick too. then we watched american history x and i kept getting so fucking scared cuz it would just turn off by itself, but we fixed it until the end.. but shhh mandy its a secret!! and she was doing my make up all weird and we stayed up til like 1 talking abot the usual lol.

and then we woke up this morning and we sang and took even more pictures, and i <3333333 my eye shadow its fucking hawtness!! and my bangs are all screwed up like ... haha i wont even say her name... but n e ways mandy has to write an essay and i have to type sum shit up, then we are gonna go hit the mall cuz we are gonna go do santa :) and we need to do sum christmas shopping.. but i think im only getting presents for about 5 people cuz everyone else suckz, and they are stupid. n e ways im in a great modd right now so happy sunday


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fuck me fuck me [07 Dec 2003|11:12am]
this is mandy. nydia and i had hot wild butt sex last night. kyle, you shoulda joined in. lmao im justt kidding about the butt sex. we mande macaroni bracelets (the macaroni stars) theyre awesome. we did each others make-up at like midnight and i fucked her face up. on purpose of course. anyways yeah nydia is gonna upload the pics of our macaroni bracelets


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i have discovered sumthing so amazing but i will post in in my next entry [05 Dec 2003|04:05pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | anti-nowhere league -lets break the law ]

yesterday was pretty awesum the high light of the skool day was sherry and alyssas fight lol.."fight" theres sum weird crap they they cant punch eachother or they will be sent to grossmont.. in they case why even fight?? i wanted to see arms being ripped off, and blood everywhere but all we got was YOU FUCKING PUSSY lol awww at my dear ET was making it dramatic and adding sound effects to everything they did :)

.. o but then later on that night i went to go see grease and i luvvved it. but then it was really late a night when we got out and i had to o home with judy so i had to wake up at 4 in the fucking morning and they brought me home to get ready. i was in such a shitty mood all morning so at break i called my mom and told her to pick me up, and her "friend" came to pick me up from skool at 12. and when i came home i slept until now.

and guess sick again :( hopefully i'll get better by tomorrow night cuz tay tay is stayign the night, and i still need to ask mandy and kyle to stay the night... and its also going to be my parents 28 anniversary .. i dunno how they put up with each other for so damn long.. i dont even see myself living past 28.. im fucking sure im gonna die young, i just kno i am. n e ways i really need to get those pics back..:( i really need money!! fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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yey today is kyles b day :) [03 Dec 2003|03:49pm]
[ mood | rushed ]
[ music | the kids.. they will be gone soon!! :) ]

ok today was soooooooo fucking awesum in sooooooo many fucking ways!! ok so as you guys heard..saw.. i wore my hair down today it was killing me by 2nd period the comlpiments got old. and in the morning i ran up to my dear kyle and said happy b day! i gave him the first hug of the day!! HAHAH LOSERS! i mean we hate eachother sooo much at times but i love him, and last year we were like married so we have a special bond lol. but n e ways in math my teacher was like.. your looks so healthy hahahaha wut a fucking lie.. i dyed it more times then joe touches his penis..and well we all kno thats a lot.
and second was eh. and break was awesum but i was being attacked by the sun.. and i mean seriously more then 50 people said WOW i thought your hair was short LOL see taylor i told you peoepl these days are so predictable. and the rest was kinda boring but in thearter taylor and i snuck out of class and we were listening to her friend play in the hall..WOW MAJOR FUCKING BONER HAHAHAH
<333 then at break i was soooooooo hyper!!! everyone was carrying me LOL awesumness, and eric was trying to carry me by pulling my hair..wut a dumbass, well n e ways to get to the point im pretty sure everyone knows who i like by now LOL DO I HAVE SKILLS OR WUT?? daniel tay tay mandy and kyle were watching me and i wasnt even doing n e thing too bad lol .. but seriously mandy wut the fuck was up with his ET finger LMAO holy shit i kno mandy wanted to crack up. but everyone was watching me talk to him LOL. but i dunno im kinda holding back cuz i dont want to like him, i told a couple people why but i would feel bad if he found out :\
o and then in geography we were taking a test and when she said get out a piece of paper everyone moaned so i got pissed off and i yelled REALLY loud LMAO everyone was like nydia are you high.. tay tay just stared at me LMAO gawd tay tay i luv you you were like OMG wanna see my retainer!! LMAO and its totally fine that you go out with john on friday. :) and at PE kyle almost made me throw up cuz he was spining me i thought i would fall off, and then i was like my turn i'll give you a piggy back ride then the jack ass said no my feet will be draging on the floor ..boy i would beat your ass.. i just relized im supposed to be babysitting but they are sleeping in my room.. OOOO AND IM MAKING COOOOOKIES!! HOW AWESUM IS THAT!! mandy.. cum over so we can burn down my walls!!


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[03 Dec 2003|02:59pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Kids screaming dfkgjdfg ]


Sealed With a Kiss

[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | gang green- another wasted night _ :) ]

today was a roller coaster. in my first class i had fun cuz we were talking about wayz of me dying at disney land niceeeee. and then i got all emo during english cuz we read this weord peom about lonelyness and it made me soo sad. and at break i was ready to kick sum ass cuz jimmy forgot my CD but he swore he would bring it tomorrow then taylor (tay tay) came up to me crying cuz sarah was rushed to the hospital cuz she couldnt breathe, and she was so scared so i felt so sorry for her. and the rest was boring but when we were in theartre i was trying to mke taylor happy i again..i hope it worked cuz i was being too hyper. and at break i was GOING AT IT! hahaha im really getting closer to it..i hope! and jimmy is a weird one he traded me a patch fr my soda and o this bug the shit outa me I HATE STUPID BRAINLESS GUYS they have to have sumthing up there in that brain.. but n e ways then sum drama about sherry and alyssa fighting was going on but i was off.. in my own world.. lol then mandy came to join me ..and the rest of my day sucked but we took stacy home and i've been doing home work all day and im soooo tired..but ruby is so nice lol

rmar74dv: u havent signed my guestbook yet!!
Nid Vicious: boy chill.. i will
rmar74dv: lol
Nid Vicious: wow
Nid Vicious: cow
rmar74dv: bow
Nid Vicious: how
rmar74dv: dow
rmar74dv: fow
rmar74dv: dg
rmar74dv: sdgfew
rmar74dv: grew
rmar74dv: h
Nid Vicious: thats not A WORD!!
rmar74dv: whoa!!!
rmar74dv: i spelt grew and i just hit the keyboard
rmar74dv: that was sick as fuck1!
Nid Vicious: LOL
Nid Vicious: lmao
Nid Vicious: lmao
Nid Vicious: we are entertained

o tomorrow is kyles b day !! yeyeyeyeyeyey mandy dont forget to wear your OTHER back pack i feel all sad now i dont kno why, but n e ways im gonna go sleep or sumthing..


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I FUCKING <3 HEART<3 my shirt!! hehehehe [01 Dec 2003|08:50pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | dead boys sonic reducer ]

i was kinda disapointed today :( i was sure it was gonna happen :(:(:( i just couldnt say it ... but n e ways my classes were REALLY boring o kyle was wearing my jacket it was sooo fucking tight on him he couldnt put down his arms, i got the whole baby gap joke HAHAHAHHA NOT FUNNY and when i showed jimmy that back patch he was going fucking KRAZY aww it was so cute, then chelsea (sp?) and mandy were telling me to tell him dghkfjxhkjhcfjghfgx HAHAHA i would have sooo fucking done it!! n e ways we traded and shit, and then we had to track him down again to give him bobbys # and SUMONE LIKES K C again LOL too fucking cute. n e ways i had to go to lock out cuz i didnt have my PE clothes thats shit MR OWENS doesnt love me n e more..HE FAVORS THAT STUPID BITCH !! SDKJGFUKSDJGFGD I HOPE SHE FUKING DIES!!!


umm i made lunch for my mom and i when i got home :) yey go nit nits special sandwich!! then i fell asleep cuz little me was tired. and then i went to my youth group LMAO LMAO wow veronica and i are so going to hell, and i was being sooo rude to that one dude. but i talked to my yessy!! awww it was fun!! shes liek well nydia..i heard you CHANGED hahaha who?? me?? NO! but now unfortunately im home.. but im gona be happy all weekkkk yey TAYOR I CANT FUCKING WAIT!! and mandys gonna were her hawt b pack for me tomrrow!! woop woop dont my friends just <3 me :D i was so happy that one stupid week when i was way fucking sad and ready to die.. and everyone was making me happy awww i fucking love you guys!! even kyle who was like my enemy was trying to make me happy :) glad to kno sumone loves me thanks guys and dolls... I NEED TO GET THE PICS BACK!! ksjdhfkjhsdkhgfd


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how i miss his sweet smell of vodka ... [30 Nov 2003|06:23pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | uk subs-riot ]

ooooo lordy today was fuking awesum. my morning was pretty damn good too. i woke up around 10:30 and my mom made me breakfast now that hoe can cook sum mighty good pancakes :D. then mandy came on and she told me about her trip and stuff, it was pertty damn interesting. then i too a shower and got ready and my dad picked mandy up to take us to the mall. and as we were driving there was major fucking road rage between my dad and sum weird ass looking bro the whole ride there they we yelling at eachother and flipping eachother off then the guy was like "WUT ARE YOU GONNA SHOOT ME!" LMAO LMAO that must have been the funniest thing i heard.
n e ways then we got dropped off, and we walked around terrorized the old people :) and we showed eachother wut we want for christmas. so we bought stuff and walked around more. then we saw the cat in the hat and holy mother of buhda it was goooooooood!! it was actually funny. and we SMUGGLED mc donalds in there lol it was great fucking fun. and we walked around sum more!! yey. then her mandys mommy took me home.

and judy was here so we decorated our christmas tree and house..IT LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL!! and i put up christmas lights in my room, man o man my room is hawt fucking shit!! all it needs is sumone hawt in my bed.. o yea so im on this mission now..cuz i.. well i wont say n e thing yet but im quite happy!! and hopefully sumone thing will happen tomorrow <3333333 . yea so i have to do sum home work, and sew a shit load soo toodle luz WISH ME LUCK!! i cant wait!!


ps i want mistletoe

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[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | toxic narcotic- ruined im addicted ]

im REALLY bored and im going crazy cuz i want to go out, and i should be out, and i have MONEY that i must spend!! its a fucking great night but i dunno where everyone is at. I NEED A FUCKING CAR!!and im all home alone WITH MONEY lol o and i found that old patch that im selling to jimmy..hehehe SO i'll have more money!! sum one cum save me :( take me out...entertain me!! and im so stealing my dads digital camera its hawt shit. SUM ONE CUM HELP ME PUT UP THE LIGHTS ALL OVER MY ROOM!! they are heavy and i want to do it soon.!! anyways im still bored!! i wanna pierce sum ones ear. or can i dye sumones hair??

how i miss the way you would knock me out after a couple sipps. and the way your sourness would burn my throat as you travled down into my stomach. and how i would smuggle you into my room late at night just so i could feel better, and the way my mom got mad when she found your bottle empty lying on my floor. w/o u i felt like shit, i was so lonely. but i soon as i got my hands on you again i felt complete.. THANK YOU NYQUIL !!

having a bad day?? just be happy your not with them..



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id do anything, for you , dear, anything < [28 Nov 2003|09:33pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | me humming that song ]

soooo thanksgiving was pretty damn boring and i was happy that my aunts and uncles didnt cum over. but judy and victor came to pick me up them we went to pick up mandy pooh, but we had to dress up and crap i felt weird. and we walked around downtown and we checked out sum nice stores and had had fucking BEAUTIFUL dresses yum! well n e ways i was talking in a british accent ALLLLLLL night long cuz i was trying to annoy mandy lol. but then we went to go see the play and my good golly it was fucking AWESUM!! i loved it!! it was oliver and it was amazing!! and then we took mandy home and then they dropped me off. and i was frozen alllll night long!! it was sad :(

today i went to go do my community service, and we packed food for people that have AIDs and dont have enough money to pay for food so it was sad. i felt so amazingly sad cuz there were over 200 bags that we had to fill meaning there are more them 200 people in san diego that have AIDs, i wanted to kiss them ll and make them better. but it was fun i guess. then we went to the corvette diner and man o man wa that boy hot! lol and after that we went all over santee too many places. and then we went to the movies and saw haunted mansion..umm it sucked. and the caracell thing is AWESUM!! and ruby and i are sooo gonna go ride it one of these days..its gonne be our first date!! lol how awesumly fucking awesum is that!!! lol ok back on subject the mall was filled with people i dislike LOL i soooo fucking saw mary!! HAHAHAHAHa damn those are fun memories. so yea now im home. and i kno wut my perfect guy is gonna be like... hes going to be SWEEEET and he will want to stay at home with me all day and watch alll the ernest movies YEY gooo mr perfect guy who i will never have!! no no wait with my luck i'll have him and suddenly, he will get cancer and die, then i will die of a broken heart. wut a happy ending right?? well thats the story of my life. anyways i wanna go out this weekend i have $30 i want to blow. call me


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too mandy cute memories [27 Nov 2003|01:25pm]
[ mood | grateful ]
[ music | my family in the living room ]

yey mandy is going with me tonight to go see oliver at the civic center!! wooop wooop happy thanksgiving you guys!! i just got done cleaning my room, and i was looking through a shit load of old pictures cuz im addicted to taking pics but n e ways i miss our old gang :( its so sad it was me, yesy,rosie, mandy, veronica, raelina, and then we had kyle joel justin eric earl conrad man those were the good old days :( and i miss joel like krazy he was my bestest friend and his mommy was the best she always wanted me to cum over and talk with her <3333 and i miss yesy too :( loser had to go to a different skool :(. everyone lookded so cute and young!!! i have THEE cutest pic of all us gurls together on the last day of skool. then i have a shit load of our last dance!! HAHAHHA remember how EVERYONE thought i was high cuz i was like HYPER BEYOND HYPER!! and i was sinigng to everyine in there DAMN then we were crying a shit load when mandy dedicated that song to yesy :( AWWWW im gonna fucking cry!! and we were all in a big circle!! :( ok... im alllllright!! i need my camera back so i can take more pics of us now!! but n e ways have fun eating your yummy turkeys !


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happy wednesday!! [26 Nov 2003|06:24pm]
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today was pretty damn fun!! half days are fucked tho my brain was screwed up all day, but it was fun cuz i got to walk with taylor to almost all my classes, and geography was quite fun! and believe it or not... i actually played meaning i RAN in PE WO0O0O0O0O0O0O0OW amazing!! i was so good at tackling my god it was effin fun.
and after skool my niece and nephew came over it was hell but they brought their new puppy its a well im not sure mandy knows the name but its a week old and its sooooooo fucking tiny!! it makes me want my kitty kat even more!!
but then mandy called me so i went over. and we walked to wal mart to drop off my film, then we walked to sub way and i bought us lunch lol. and i dunno why but i started rapping in there and the guy turned around and started staring at me. so i told mandy then the guy asked us how old we were and ..i lied about our age LMAO lol umm not by too much. and he was creepy. then we walked back to mandy house so she could put pants on, and we walked over to food for less cuz i NEEDED candy. so we got a HUGE bag of skittles and some weird chocolate, and gum. and we sat out side of that one weird teen center and i swear sum weird DUDE hommie was getting ready to kill us. but it got cold so went went back to mandys and "chilled" and i looked at really cute pics of her trip and of last year AWWW so many memories!! but then my mom picked me up..and now im home and i was kinda cleaning my room but then i got bored cuz judy called and was yellig at me about my sister in law. OOOOO im also going to see a play tomrrow OLIVER!! woop woop and we got da best seats!!! any ways i feel sick i had too many skittles, so happy day b 4 thanksgiving!!

nydz yeyyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey

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[25 Nov 2003|08:11pm]
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it was pretty good but i woke up with a HUGE headache and i couldnt take n e thing cuz i couldnt find any thing. so i was in pain all day and i kept asking around and no one had any until i remembered garry was sick so i asked him and i was alllll better the rest of the day :) and i went to my youth group thing and i guess it was pretty fun.. not really, but it wasnt bad.

was great, and i finished my college essay in math YEY i was so happy i was afraid i wasnt gonna finish it. and in english my "say chow" said my work is getting a lot better :D go me!! but he said i distrat my tay tay!! and the rest was boring,but i told kyle about the book i just read about da vinci and how religion is a scam but how they cover up everything to make things look better, but the book said sum weird stuff that i didnt understand yOU SHOULD ALL READ IT!! ITS SOOOO FUCKING GOOD!! AND I HATE BOOKS BUT ITS GOOOOOOOD and at lunch i had to walk jen and stacy all over the place wich sucked cuz i missed out on all the good stuff that happened :( you guys didnt even tell me!! but then mandy and i hung out with jimmy and talked about weird stuff. and i found out sum gurl with green hair wants to go out with me.. and i REFUSE to say yes. wut kind of short person would i be?? n e ways the rest of my day was ok. and when i got home i was really tired so i slept all day!! YUM!!i just woke up 10 mins ago... i had weird dreams tho.. kinda good :) so i'm thinking about going in the shower now OO tomorrow is a half day!!! yey !!! lol and im taking mandy out to lunch..if things go as planned!!


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my letters so fuck off if they arent about you go choke or sumthin [23 Nov 2003|07:11pm]
dear mandy,
we need money ASAP so we can buy all those wicked evil stuff ;-} then we need to get together and plan stuff out and get your ass drunk lol then you need to wear your red lipstick cuz its hawt ..the end

dear ruby,
stop being so funny, your making me hurt cuz im sick, and we both kno u are my long lost brother cuz we have too much in common and at times its scarey but funny.

dear heart,
stop breaking, soon there will be no one with glue to put you back together

dear daniel,

dear bed,
dont be so tall and loud

dear bottom half of my hair,
please stop fading you used to be maroon, and now your ugly orange ..WUT HAPPEND?? u used to love me you look like shit now

dear becca,
why are you so perfect at everything you make?? really its amazing your creativity and out goingness is WOWifying lol

dear mom,
YOU BETTER LET ME GO WITH MANDY ON SATURDAY OR THERE WILL BE A RIOT, and either way you kno i'll get my way so why fight with me when you can just let me go? and my F isnt really that bad, other people are way stupider then me lol

dear english teacher,
STOP MAKING ME READ, i dont like reading so why are you making this so difficult?? i dont diserve an F my essays are great and i should not have to stay at home just becuz of a stupid F in your class

dear simon from the real world,
why do you have to be so old?? why do you have to be gay?? why cant you live with me?? your so hawt i want your body but your hair must go no fakies, cum back

dear cherry slurpee,
you made my throat hurt more, but you taste so good, i want you look so fine in that plastic bottle and green straw, how about giving me a free life time supply of yourself?

dear davey havoc or wutever it is i dont care,
you suck i hate you and your stupidness, but you make a lot of people i kno happy so go bug them, not me

dear brother,
dont leave me again, you left me all my life and when you finally came back you decided to leave again..but it wont be until summer right? i hope its later and i hope you just never leave, everything i love leaves in the end, and i couldnt stand to loose you, you are my idol and the person who understands me the most, and i see that you hate your life and all the mistakes you have made you help me learn right from wrong and i kno you will still love me when i mess up and that you support me on everything that i enjoy and i try to make you laugh but if it makes you happier to be far away from home and your family then i hope you cum and visit me cuz ill miss you a lot
Sealed With a Kiss

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