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[30 Apr 2003|03:33pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

i got another hug from kayla today *lil happy dance* lol anywayz i guess today was iight but it was so0o0o boring. i kinda wanan go to bt but i cant i hope i can go friday. lmao kai i went out with a wall lmao don*inside joke*^_^

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This time I wont give up, I wont dare hurt you. [29 Apr 2003|03:20pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Heeyy! i havent wrote much in this lately but this vk was great. at bt me n stacey tickled each other she knos it makes me laugh. lmao n we played ddr. GrRrRr i failed on maniac doing japan. but i passed b4 so i'll keep trying.I been hyper for a few days ^_^ lol i dont think its a good thing buut o0o0o0o well. hehe. today was pretty good inguess except i was mad at lunch but i cooled off. crys said she was going to bt after skewl. DaM u!I'll be alright later on.^_^ buuuuuuuh byez

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I fell for you again and i can't help it. [24 Apr 2003|05:57pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

i went to big top!!! alicia tina mel axl britt kenny bryan kenny's bro was there. bryan u give the best hugs!!!!
i was so happy to c bryan i jumped up n screamed bryan!!!! lol i havent cn him for a while so yeah. he is my banana buddy whoo hoo!lmao im hyper. mel it took u a few months but u found it. u kno wut i mean.mel was teasing me she took my phone n hid it on me!! i callled to c if it wud ring but i dun think it did. DAM U MEL! lol i got mad cuz my mom was gonna call n i cudnt find it.crys didnt come =( ohh n jaime came too.


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[23 Apr 2003|09:15pm]
[ mood | happy ]

YEA I GOT KYLE N KIM TOGETHER!!!!! WHO HOOO! AWESOME DAY TODAY!! lol ill be alright it took me a while to get kyle to ask but he did! now i get to see them happy! atticus asked me n kyle asked kim. KIM WE GOT ASKED OUT ON THE SAME DAY!! WE GOT THE SAME ANIVERSARY!!

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i wanan relive today [23 Apr 2003|07:04pm]
[ mood | happy ]

today was a great day. me melissa n axl had to much fun. they came over my house for 3 hours n we played ddr. i unlocked someon songs i had b4 cuz my thing corrupted.axl u cant play well on the "soft pad" lmao. axl was so scared sitting in the car wit my mom driving.he sat in to front while me n melissa were in the back. n atticus asked me out so im happy about that lol. u can tell i like him. well i gotta go bye bye

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im tryin out love once again [23 Apr 2003|12:11pm]
[ mood | happy ]

im going out with atticus!!!!! yay lol. im happy about that. today me axl n melissa are going to fantasyland. lmao thats the shyyyyyt. i wonder if they have ddr that wud be so kewl. i cant wait til fri so i can see atticus. ^_^
. crystal is mean when she goes to diman next year she is gonna torment him!!!!!!! i have a feeling we r gonna last a long time.^_^ im happy with him n thats all that matters. well im gonna go now buh bye

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Dance Dance Revolution [22 Apr 2003|07:30pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i went to the mall with jess n saw anger management. its funny but stupid. then we went to the mall to play ddr. i saw axl brady and um someone else. then after the movie i went back n i saw courtney rego sum gurl kayla amanda morin n josh. i played ddr so many times. i can do histeria and japan on maniac go me go me! lol i'll be alright.christina is pissed at me n she wont tell me why. she is ignoring me. grr w.e man i dun need that shyt.anywayz at the mall trying to teach amanda how to play ddr was hard lol.me n jess were like stepping on 2 steps n like she wud do 2. then we ran to burger kind( yes we ran in the rain ) yay andrew is on! lol.that kids mad funny. him n jaime always make me happy. im wicked tired from doign all songs on maniac. i not hyper no more =( lets see if anyone can make me hyper again.........

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its been too long [22 Apr 2003|12:56pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

i slept over jess's house. it was mad funny. we stood up til like 4 . we did ghost stories n i freaked her out wicked bad. we had ice cream at 12. lmao went online at like 1:30 2. i was talking to bryan n i was fightign with chaz n like chaz kept swearing at me so i got bryan to im him ^_^ i dissed him so bad lmao he is such a fuckin gayass. he hates me now!! who ho! me n bryan were so freakin hyper lmao jess thought we were nuts.pplaying basketball we finally beat her bro n her cuz!!! yay go us go us. lol im wicked hyper as u can tell. we might go n play th4e sims soon and set the house on fire. were innocent. CRYS I FUCKED ------- SO HE WUD COME BACK FOR MOREEEEEEEE!!!!!!! i might go out with atticus hope u dun get mad OR SAD! hehe. lmao well im gonna go buh bye.


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[20 Apr 2003|11:56am]
[ mood | kinda happy kinda pissed ]
[ music | Kelly Rowland-Stole ]

im bored n all dun mind me

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love is just another word for pain [20 Apr 2003|09:24am]
[ mood | hyper ]

im still tired over last night at lazer gate. me n jen played ddr so many freakin times. then i played with 2 guys who worked there.my buddy pants was working last night! ^_^ then out side to cool of me n jen ran n the took water n put it on our heads.lol.when chloe n her firends were in a game we took chloes hoodie n went outside.then when they came outside at like 9:30 me n jen were having a water fight. chloe came an inch close to getting hit. then i gave jen a bouncy ball n like it went under the game so she acted like she was crying.i thought i saw bry bry there but i guess it wasnt him.OMG I CAN DO KICK THE CAN ON MANIAC!!!!! i can also do one two lil bitch on maniac and there was suttin else..... forgot wut it was. but jen on the other hand is happy she got a b on bumble bee lmao.

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*-*-on my own*-*- [19 Apr 2003|09:50am]
[ mood | lonely ]

I hate when i get picked on
i hate it when u choose them over me
i get the feeling you dont want me around
even thou you say you love me
deep down inside its a lie
i keep going back and i end
up getting hurt again
this time im gonna stay away
this time im gonna make it on my own

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Quizzes *taken from crys thanks!* [14 Apr 2003|04:04pm]

Emotional Wreck. You are extremely emotional. You
feel contentment moreso than happiness and your
emotional lows are to the extreme. You need to
cheer up and start enjoying your life. Where
there is rain there is a rainbow and you need
to see it more than others. Do something that
makes you happy.

How Emotional Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

... i think i kinda figured that out a lil while ago


What's YOUR sexual fetish?
brought to you by Quizilla

Thug Bear
Thug Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


Brown Eyes

What Color Eyes Should You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

im actually not cute at all...........

ehh.. sorta fucked.

what fucked version of hello kittie are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

thats a nice one ....
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hit hit hit! [09 Apr 2003|02:53pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

wow guy in lang kai hit sara in the face! when she was yelling at sara i was like she aint gonna hit her then fuckin wack i was like oh shyt!it was mad funny! i heard it from like 15 feet away.but the problem is she has oss for 3 days and she has to go to courtn. brady has to go too cuz she was yelling at her. i feel bad, cuz sara has done so much shyt and she lied about it since her dad is a cop he came in and since sara said she didnt do shyt*which that was a lie right there* he said ur a liar right to her face. u shudda cn how pissed she was.and this mornin tyler pushed crys on the ground lmao he is gonna get his assed kicked. dam today has had a lot of violence. crys wanted em to go the the mall but i cant. everyone is gonna go c a movie on friday.grrr if alicia n christina r going to play ddr. i can do heavy on japan now so im all happy lol. dude im suposed to get paid 20 dollars a onth cuz my bro n his phone bill my mom pays 20 for him n gives me 20 and she gave me 25 yay! lol me out buh bye

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[08 Apr 2003|11:06am]
[ mood | sick ]

ahhhhhhhh!1 Im sick and i cant go to the mall after skelw. i didnt even kno they were going so yeah cant see anyone. i get to miss the placement test which the teacher is gonna kill me for! grr i aint supposed to be online but i snuck on hehe. well i guess im gonna go buh bye.

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im in heaven [06 Apr 2003|01:55pm]
[ mood | happy ]

my mom bought chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.. yummmm im in heaven lol. ill be alright im jus so happy cuz its my fav ice cream and i havent had it for the loongest time!!

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life sux [05 Apr 2003|10:31pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

grr my parents are fighting...grr i hope i die. to my friends thanks for being there. and mostly bryan thanks so much for listening i dont have many pppl who listen and help me out. i apreciate that. and ill always be there for u if u need to talk to me or w.e. grrr b4 and violence gets out of hand and if they look at the screen im gonna x this thing out.

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[05 Apr 2003|10:04pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i went to the wedding shower omg the portuguese music i didnt understand nuttin!!!! i did dance a lil bit. but err it was boring vuz i didnt kno many ppl. the woman sitting wit us we foind out was my dad's cuz. uhhhh X_x my dad drank a lot n thank god we came home safely either he wudda crashed cuz when he drinks he cant drive so well.sum gurl had the same blouse as me..... another one had the same one but in another color. -sigh- im a lil tired so im gtg

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im uglyyy [05 Apr 2003|03:54pm]
[ mood | weird ]

i have to wear my skirt again tonight and im gonna look uglier then b4.. no kai im not gonna look like the damn lawyer and match christine. lol. well im wearing a diff shirt for the thing. i hate weddingshowers but since they are my friends ill be nice and ill go see them. i might not be able to go on tonight. GrrRr. eeerrrr i shuddnt be complaining but wut do u expect this is a journal....

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me n bry's convo b4 for Happy ppl united [05 Apr 2003|02:49pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

xFoxRacing325x (12:47:03 PM): hi
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (12:47:10 PM): :-D Hi!!
xFoxRacing325x (12:47:15 PM): its bryan!!!!
xFoxRacing325x (12:47:16 PM): lol
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (12:47:33 PM): YAY!! lol ^_^
xFoxRacing325x (12:47:36 PM): lol
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (12:47:51 PM): lol whats going on chick-a-roo ^_^
xFoxRacing325x (12:47:55 PM): nuttin u
xFoxRacing325x (12:50:53 PM): ummm u there?
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (12:51:25 PM): umm same...sry i was commenting on mels journal lol but yea im done ^_^
xFoxRacing325x (12:52:02 PM): lol its alright
xFoxRacing325x (12:52:10 PM): bright colros r sexi
xFoxRacing325x (12:52:13 PM): colors*
xFoxRacing325x (12:52:19 PM): dun even ask why i said that
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (12:52:39 PM): lol yes yes they are .... lol u said it cuz ur a gooba ^_^
xFoxRacing325x (12:52:45 PM): yes i am thank you
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (12:52:51 PM): :-D
xFoxRacing325x (12:52:54 PM): lol
xFoxRacing325x (12:53:04 PM): wuts the smile 4 are u talking to melissa on the phone or suttin?
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (12:53:23 PM): no :-[ lol
xFoxRacing325x (12:53:27 PM): lol
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (12:53:34 PM): i dunno im just happy
xFoxRacing325x (12:53:45 PM): lol cuz im talking to u and u feel special
xFoxRacing325x (12:53:47 PM): lol
xFoxRacing325x (12:53:56 PM): do not ask wut is wrong i guess im just hyper
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (12:53:57 PM): Yup lol
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (12:56:38 PM): grr im bored =[ entertain me lol
xFoxRacing325x (12:56:43 PM): sureeeee
xFoxRacing325x (12:56:48 PM): letss seeee
xFoxRacing325x (12:57:36 PM): blowsssss a big bubble....
xFoxRacing325x (12:57:38 PM): lol
xFoxRacing325x (12:57:59 PM): then pop goes the weasel
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (12:58:04 PM): lol i think im gonna take a shower cuz i taste like pickles :-P.....*SMASHES BUBBLE*
xFoxRacing325x (12:58:10 PM): lol
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (12:58:12 PM): :-D
xFoxRacing325x (12:58:13 PM): have fun
xFoxRacing325x (12:58:25 PM): bry bry got to smash a bubble
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (12:58:33 PM): WOO HOOO^_^ lol
xFoxRacing325x (12:58:38 PM): lol
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (12:58:41 PM): that made my day lol
xFoxRacing325x (12:58:48 PM): it did then ill let u do it tomorrow
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (12:59:32 PM): lol KiK ass ^_^ lol were the HAPPY PEOPLE UNITED!!!
xFoxRacing325x (12:59:42 PM): lmao yes happy ppl united
xFoxRacing325x (12:59:53 PM): who ho1
xFoxRacing325x (12:59:54 PM): !*
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:00:12 PM): What??? ho1?
xFoxRacing325x (1:00:26 PM): (whooo hooo)
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:00:32 PM): o lol
xFoxRacing325x (1:00:35 PM): lol
xFoxRacing325x (1:00:48 PM): did u think i was calling u a ho?
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:01:12 PM): ^_^ we are the protecters of happyness and throw bananas at all those evil depressed people ^_^....... lol YES
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:01:17 PM): i was insulted lol
xFoxRacing325x (1:01:43 PM): lol nooooooooo i wudnt call u that ur too nice
xFoxRacing325x (1:01:50 PM): bannanas?
xFoxRacing325x (1:02:25 PM): lmao
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:03:16 PM): lol yes yes ^_^ banana goodness lol ^_^ our monkey friends supply us with the bananas and when we throw them the depression goes away....and it makes it better except they hate us afterwoodds cuz we threw bananas at them! lol sry i got 2 into it lmao

xFoxRacing325x (1:03:45 PM): lmao its alright its funny
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:04:05 PM): :-D
xFoxRacing325x (1:04:27 PM): i need to im u more often
xFoxRacing325x (1:04:28 PM): lmao
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:04:45 PM): lol yup yup ^_^ i didnt no ur Sn thats why i never imd u b4 lol
xFoxRacing325x (1:05:04 PM): ... i feel loved lol
xFoxRacing325x (1:05:11 PM): i have uhhhh 3
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:05:26 PM): ok lol what one do u go on more?
xFoxRacing325x (1:05:40 PM): this one psycho x tears and antixsocialchild
xFoxRacing325x (1:05:48 PM): im ususaly on this one or psycho tears
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:07:12 PM): ok ...hold on 1 sec
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:08:34 PM): lol ok ^_^ i updated my journal with out happy people convo part lol ^_^ i found it funny and made me smile lmao
xFoxRacing325x (1:08:45 PM): yay i got you to smileeeeeeeeeeeee
xFoxRacing325x (1:08:58 PM): wud u like to be my blurty friend?
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:09:22 PM): :-D Yea! ^_^
xFoxRacing325x (1:09:25 PM): YAY!
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:09:29 PM): lol
xFoxRacing325x (1:09:36 PM): go me go me
xFoxRacing325x (1:10:15 PM): put me unda friends then ill add u cuz of parental controls thingy fucked up
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:10:31 PM): lol ok i had 2 get ur thingy
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:10:47 PM): yay yay ur there ^_^
xFoxRacing325x (1:10:53 PM): yay!
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:11:01 PM): lol
xFoxRacing325x (1:11:07 PM): lol
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:11:20 PM): :-D Your My Buddy!!!
xFoxRacing325x (1:11:41 PM): your my buddy!!!!!!!! ur my mall buddy blurty buddy bubble buddy umm.......
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:11:51 PM): Lmao!!
xFoxRacing325x (1:11:54 PM): happy ppl united buddy........
xFoxRacing325x (1:12:16 PM): dam i ran outta ideas
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:12:31 PM): lol banana buddy!
xFoxRacing325x (1:12:41 PM): banana buddy!
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:12:43 PM): that sounds kinda odd but funky lol
xFoxRacing325x (1:12:51 PM): dude we needed banana;s yesterday for mel
xFoxRacing325x (1:12:55 PM): lmao
xFoxRacing325x (1:12:58 PM): funky
SLiPkNoT FrEeK 1 (1:13:02 PM): yus yes lol
xFoxRacing325x (1:13:15 PM): lol

lmao that was funny bryan

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*poemz* [05 Apr 2003|09:17am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

No matter what you do
or how much u hurt me
i just have to say
I love you
and i dont want to let u go
Lost my mind
I went psycho
cuz i lost it all
I can't hold my insecurities anymore
I went crazy on you
then i pulled the trigger on myself
the thing is,
I did it all becuz of you
Im sick of wondering
of what 'll end up doing
Im sick of the pain
that people put me thru
Im sick of wishing
that u were here with me
Dont stab me in the back
or i'll have to react
in diff horrible way
erase the hate
Let this be a new day
without any pain
As i lay on the floor
and breathing my last breaths
I ended up saying
i did this becuz of my love for you
I took the gun
& shot myself
becuz i thought i lost you
but now i kno i was wrong
and im sorry for leaving you alone

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