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bert's party [28 Sep 2003|04:40pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | no current music ]

heyy. well i was over with brittany to her aunts to sleepover with dana, katilyn, and ashley. it was fun. we watched the ring and carrie twice. and we had pizza and got freaked out. of course i went to bed first but they were getting on my nerves so i didnt get a lot of sleep. today was the party at the bowling alley. it was fun but it went by really quick. we played 2 games.. (i beat jonathan both times!!!) lol. then at 3:30 we ate and crap and she opened presents. i got her the best!! oh yes. nerds, fun dip, a shirt, and juices. then at 4 my mom came.. darn. lol. well the party ended at 4 anyways. lol. then i came home, did somethin for my aunt, and then got on here. done!

with love__ Jade Nicole.

(1) bert * ernie

melissa's here !! [27 Sep 2003|10:10am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | allister - somewhere down on fullerton ]

heyy. yey! melissa's here.. we're just sittin here listenin to music. she came over last night and we went to the mall to get bert a birthday present! woo! but i cant tell.. cause she'll try to look! she'll love it.. i can say that!! anyways.. then she just decided to spend the night cause.. yea. so we went back to her house, got clothes, then came here. then we got online and surfed the web. heh. hmmm. we woke up about an hour ago. we had to cause there's somebody here lookin at the house. then at around 11:30, she's gotta go home and then my mom is getting her nails done. and then at 2-2:30 im goin to bert's to sleepover at her aunts!! oh yea. then at 2 tomorrow, we're goin to her partAY at the bowling alley!! well thats pretty much it..

with love__ Jade Nicole.

(1) bert * ernie

today was hmm.. ok [26 Sep 2003|03:00pm]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | no current music ]

hey.. well today was ok. nothin really happened at all. but i'll explain the day anyway so nothing gets confused.. and im just bored so why not?

office - it was the usual. i did the flag sallute. we got the attendance cards all done, so yeah.

math - we went over the homework and started a new lesson. then we got our homework.

shop - i still didnt use the saw cause im scared. lol. i dont wanna be missin a finger afterwards, ya know? so i just got on the computers with crystal and played a few games.

science - we went over the crossword puzzle and took a quiz and handed in our labs. hmm i think thats it for science.

english - we did the dla, went over some stuff in the book, then finished most of that activity thing from yesterday.

study hall - i took my reading book report quiz. i gotta 70%.. dammit. i think im gonna try to read two books to erase the 70%. then i went to homeroom and did math, science, and english.

lunch - hmm.. we ate most of joe's fries as usual. then talked and stuff. then lester came over and put his arm around me and michelle. he just about squooshed us and his afro was all over the place. lol. but besides that, nothing unusual happened.

reading - he gave us two minutes to study, then we took our spelling test and got a riddle. then we went over the review sheet. he told the class about my 70% as an example about making it up. i really didnt want him to, but i gave him permission anyway. but thats pretty much it..

social studies - we handed in our crappy drawings and got back a drawing of a ship that i got a 96 on. oh yea. skill. hmm, then we did a review sheet and a word search.

after school i got to walk with jonathan again!! woo! and of course michelle. lol. the bus was okay. just talked to melissa and josh... and spoke a word or two to justin. then i came home, dipped myself some cookies -n- cream ice cream, and then got on here. mmm.. thats it..

bert * ernie

headache as usual [25 Sep 2003|06:40pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | no current music ]

heyy. well i really dont feel like explaining my day, so i'll just give a brief review. the office was normal, so was math. actually, math was different. it was easy. trust me, its a change. in gym we ran the mile. i didnt make the time needed and im not gonna waste my time by doing it again cause there's no point. in science we finished up the lab and graphed it and got homework. in english we did the DLA, went over the homework, did some stuff together, then did some activity with being our own thesaurus which is really hard. hmm, in study hall i was mad for most of the time. in the beginning, i tried to go to mr. taylor and take my book report test. so we went into the library, but my book wasnt in the computer. so mrs. johnson has to put a disc into the computers so that i can take my test. well, after study hall was lunch. ehh.. usual school store day. in reading we did some stuff with the story and did some of the review. in social studies we went over some stuff in the book and then had to do some questions. then we got assigned this gay drawing. i mean, its not art class, why do we gotta draw so god damn much?? oh well. after school i got to walk with jonathan!! yey! and michelle of course. on the bus, it was pretty normal.. then i came home, did some junk. didnt start my homework til just now, and thats pretty much it..

bert * ernie

subject goes here.. [24 Sep 2003|03:10pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | nothin at this time ]

heyy. well today has been ok.. besides a few things of course. and since im on a roll, how bout explaining the day.. shall we?

office - well, it was pretty busy at first. but nothing happened that causes need to place it in here. i did the flag sallute.. woopie.

math - when i got back, they had gotten their tests back, but were still watching channel one. god dammit, i gotta 72! it pissed me off.. yeah. oh well. then we took notes and got homework. its actually easy cause everything is done on a calculator.

music - we sang of course. went over how auditions for the play have been so far. she said everybodys so good that its gonna be hard to choose. which obviously changed in study hall when we tried out, but ill get to that later. and we talked about south jersey chorus which is pointless for me..

science - we did a lab with a graduate cylinder. so ehh, it was ok. i had to do it by myself cause theres an uneven amount of people in my class. and the way we did it, i was left alone. but thats ok. i think i got more work done cause i did do it alone.

english - we did the DLA, then went over some things on the test. then we did some things in the book and she gave us our homework, then we had to leave.

study hall - heh, i had try-outs for the part of tallulah. i sucked, but so did everybody else. well, we didnt all suck, but we all screwed up at least once. michelle said i sang the best, but i didnt dance or anything. thats just not my thing, so if i dont get it, im ok. the acting was easy. but overall, i think i did okay.

lunch - i was waitin for that the whole day.. spaghetti! it wasnt too bad, but it wasnt the same as usual. but i obviously didnt care, cause i whaled out on that crap. especially the garlic bread. then everybody was beggin me for mints. but otherwise, the lunch time was normal.

reading - umm.. we talked about some stuff on the short story. then he gave everybody time to read but me, michelle k, and andy were finished our books. so he told us to go to the library to take the test. heh. yea. pretty much none of them were working. but then he wouldnt let us change computers to the ones that did work. andy got to take his test, but me and michelle gotta wait til tomorrow.

social studies - we just read some crap, she talked, we did work. isnt that how it is in every class? i mean.. seriously. but oh well, i dont really care anyways.

after school, jonathan had soccer, so he gave me a note and i walked with michelle to my bus. the ride home was the same as always. i just talked to melissa and josh most of the time. i got home, got on here, called my mom, took messages, and ate some food..

with love__ Jade Nicole.

bert * ernie

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