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Alright I lied [08 Sep 2003|07:58am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Crazy in Love-Beyonce ]

I'm still updating obviously. Blurty is one shitty journal. It keeps fucking up. Anyways we went to the car show...I got kissed again so obviously this must mean something....did I talk about the first time we kissed? I think so, anyways, I spent an hour on the phone with Katey, Trish cooked....cooked lemon peppered chicken, I cooked the rice.

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[07 Sep 2003|12:08am]
I am taking Pop_icons off of my list; too much crap plus when you post in there, no one comments so it's a waste of time if you ask me. Plus I am SICK of Britney/Madonna crap JESUS A. Crist, just shut up about it PULEASE!

Anyways, last night me, Trish and Mike ate at Old Chicagos last night. That place is crowded; I don't like driving down town. We staed there for 2 or three hours just talking because it was 1AM when were heading home. Mike hung out at our place but he had to leave so I said, Let me walk you out to your car. Good thing I did that because we stood out there just talking away. He told me that he wanted to take me out on a date, just us, he liked my shirt (it makes you feel naked but you look elegant), and the car show. Then he was telling me that he wanted to ask me something but he was like nevermind. I said, "Just say it!" He wanted to kiss me. Kiss me.^^ I was so happy and I so called it on Thursday that I would get a kiss.

We didn't go to the car show today; we drove around downtown then went to Hot Topic and bought some more bondage pants. I love them! Mike called me like he said he would (unlike some people). He called me this morning, this afternoon and right before he went to work.

I just want to get to the car show!!!!!

We went and watched S.W.A.T (again for me) and I still love it!

Okay....tomorrow...please hurry and come!
Isn't he lovely?

[06 Sep 2003|10:09am]
Oh God....this new Livejournal setting is WEIRD! It's pretty but it's weird....anyways.....
Me, Katey and Lora aka Gwen, went out to an Italian resteraunt, then Borders (to buy Bunnicula) then had coffee. I was telling Katey about the plans for this weekend and all and asked if it was weird that I told Mike to bring his car to my parents' place. She was like No. So then, we got home and Mike calls. I had to run in heels to get to him (the phone). God I was excited. He sounded happy too. I knew Katey talked to him and told him that I couldn't sleep after he calls. I can't. I can't sleep right now, I'm all excited over him. Isn't that bad? I won't sleep till 1AM! We were talking about Gwen getting her license, our plans for this weekend, the italian dinner. He told me sweet dreams and good night....he was playing volley ball is thursday, volley ball day. He's nice, cute and waaaaaaaay opposite from Ruben. Totally different. Anybody could have Mike's car....even Ruben....but I say to hell with them....if it's not Mike, then it means nothing. If I were to end up with Mike, his car would be spoiled because it deserves to don't understand, this is an old 1967 camaro, shiney, black, and muscle...a beauty that's well taken care of and maintained. I'm serious.

Isn't he lovely?

[27 Aug 2003|07:50am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I'm not going to be posting any more journal entries (it's not as if I do it now anyways). There's too many ups and downs and it's just pointless writing it down just to go back and look at it. It's annoying.

Now Some Serious Posting [11 Aug 2003|11:49am]
Yesterday was my Birthday; I turned 25! I still look like I'm 15 though. Wow....better check to see if my insurance is going down.

Next, my little dog, a pomeranian named Jack, is going to learn how to use a litter box. That little bugger isn't as bright as the pitbull.

Lora has gotten me into watching CSI now and I love that show. Just like NYPD Blues, except...I don't know...more drama? Anyways, now I'm curious about Forensic Science and there's like one college here that offers it so far!

My brother wants to know if I want to work at Appaloosa as a bartender....barmaid...whatever. I'm all over that because I want the extra money!

I have to start getting use to Emily again....I pity that little idiot sometimes because she's like this big ass kid that's soooooooooo clueless to the world because she lives out in the boonies amoungst cows, horses, dogs, prairie dogs, rabbits and God knows what else.

I look forward to coming to work, to laugh at people, laugh with people, and go on the hunt for "Silky" (how does he keep his hair looking that damn good?), and on the look out for Trey and his muscular side kick...ugh...haven't given him a nickname.

Justin Timberlake is slowly turning into a let down. I saw the Senorita video like a month ago and all I have to say is let's just go for a more ghetto look with a little more nakedness on Justin's part shall we? I didn't like it; it looked like shit. Jeeeeezus! Then to top things off, he's dating Cameron Diaz who looks as old as dirt. Her face has VISIBLE wrinkles...signs that say, "Look, I'm almost 40! So much for high cheek bones! Tee Hee." I'm sorry but she's old and even looked haggard in Charlies Angels II.

I'm going to work on a degree towards a foreign language...I just have to settle on one...still...after all this time. I love languages. I'll just have degrees all over the place since my company and the military is paying for my education...HAH! THank you uncle sam...

Oh, I'm going to go to some salsa workshops starting this wednesday! Haven't danced in awhile. I hate going to regular clubs, "American Clubs" as Vega dubs them, because they're all about who can look like they're fucking the most, and just a meat market. Now salsa clubs, you HAVE TO DANCE, not grind. You need skills to even get on the dance floor and if you don't have, be prepared to sit on your ass for the rest of the night. That's the way I like it.

Anyways...back to life and reality now.

Zai jian!
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[08 Aug 2003|09:46am]
ONE: We moved into our apartment yesterday! Hooray!

TWO: We got another dog as well, a pomeranian named Capt Jack Sparrow

THREE: *drool* there is this construction worker on our base that is just hot looking! Whew! And he has the most nicest hair I have ever seen! We call him Silky
2*think Jude is sexy/ Isn't he lovely?

[04 Aug 2003|10:12am]
Just 2 more days till we move into our apartment...2!

Ruben called me...I had a feeling he would because we were driving to the mall and I glanced at my clock and was thinking, "Hmmm, it's going off for 6." And what do you know, he called! He told me that he was suppose to be out here this week but it got canx so he's coming in two more weeks. That's good.

I got paid $1700 bucks! I couldn't believe it! I stood there in my mom's kitchen just staring at this check then handed it over to her and said, "Mom, what is thiiiiiiiiiiis?"

So I put in my savings!

I think I want to start dancing again. I still have my card to dance in Vegas, doesn't expire till 2005.

I think I'm going to build another computer as well but this time in a tower casing.

The Toga party that we went to on Saturday sucked ass. We showed up at 8:30...nobody was there except the people hosting. By 9:55, just five more people showed up. That included Emily the whore and her ugly fugly ass shower mate Paul. So Lora got up and said Okay, we're leaving. We left and went cruising down the street.

Then this morning, we heard Emily yakking it up about enjoying her single life....SHUT THE FUCK UP! So loud and annoying that you want to stuff a turkey in her mouth! Oh, I didn't tell you, this cow lasted only 1 week with Andy. Because she smuthered him with notes on his car, notes on his bed, folding his laundry, calling him honey, being there 24-7....she didn't follow the article in Cosmo on "How not to panic your new found boyfriend" I pinned this article up on my desk so she can see it and so I can have a good laugh at her. Anyways, he dumped her ass. Now she went back to fugly Paul who she was trying to rid herself of. WHy? Because she's desperate and lonely.
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Whores....Fucking Whores.... [22 Jul 2003|03:55pm]
Whores )
Isn't he lovely?

Mr.Orlando Bloom....please bloom [21 Jul 2003|11:04pm]
Well he is one cutie! He always looks disturbed and concerned and "stressed" as Lora puts it. He looks so boyishly lanky (but that's acceptable) and just so boyish. And with a british accent is awesome.

I'm watching Angelina Jolie on Jay Leno...she sounds sort of british now. She's still awesome no matter what.

I have a feeling that we're going to be okay with getting the apartment we have our eyes set on. I don't have any bad feelings about it like I did about that other jackass ghetto welfare wanna be apartments for the lard ass family that can't afford to fucking live and should be neutered and spayed.
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With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies? [18 Jul 2003|03:42pm]
Okay, this idiot girl in my office who has lived out in the country way too long, obviously, is dating a guy who my friend had a crush on and was in the process of dating. How skanky is that?

This boy (who has a concave chest and nipples to close together) was seeing my friend first. They hung out and everything. Idiot girl was all interested in their progress and what not.

Then....the idiot girl e-mailed him, asking if he liked my friend. And all shit broke loose.

He started e-mailing Idiot and totally dropped my friend. He'd come in the office and he was more focused on idiot. That's when I started to just HATE his ass.

Then one night, we all went to his place to watch movies...well Idiot is laying on the floor with a blanket. Well then he's laying down beside her...then he's rubbing her head. I was about to just turn to my friend Dion and ask him to just drive me home now. I didn't want to watch the Idiot do this infront of my friend like's rude and stupid.

Now all of a sudden, they're dating and I'm like WTF? This dumb ass guy can't even make up his mind on whether he's going to dedicate himself to Idiot or his "friend" Michelle who hangs with him 24/7, that he can't tell Idiot about. What a dumb, primitive, jackass. And a stupid one at that.

And HER, what a cow! She's acting as if my friend had never even liked the guy and as if it was okay. I don't even talk to her now or look at her. She's pathetic. And him, he's going to get a cuss out and get called out...he will wish that he had never step foot in our office when I'm through making an ass out of him.

Why am I mad? Because I take friendships seriously, that's what, and I don't like seeing my friends get wronged by guys or so-called "friends" doing some bullshit stuff either, that's what.
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I have a feeling [26 Jun 2003|07:56am]
[ mood | blank ]

that one of my e-mails is BCC-blind courtesy copied......

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OMFG! [26 Jun 2003|07:51am]
[ mood | jubilant ]
[ music | Partridge Family theme song ]

I got what I asked for.

Now isn't that some shit...I got what I asked for!!!!


Isn't he lovely?

Stupid Girl [25 Jun 2003|07:51pm]
[ mood | guilty ]

I feel like an ass! A total ass. Yes this has something to do with Smiley and now I'm crying (like I wasn't before)

While I was crying here worrying that Oh he just used me, never talked to me for two weeks, he might be with some other chick, .......what happens?

He called, he knows i'm upset and I can't utter why? After coaxing....guess what?

He tells me he has been to meetings from 6AM to 10PM. Today he got out early since he didn't get out till late. So now I feel like a dumb ass....a big dumb ass so I just started crying. I shot myself in the foot like an ass. An he's like you couldn't tell me that? How could I? The two weeks he didn't call? He was in New Mexico for another TDY. Then he came on this TDY. Then ontop of that, he asked What do you want from me? I told him a relationship. He said do you think it would work. I said yeah. They only fail because of the guys I was with fucked it up for me and i told him this. And he was like but how do you get to know a person like that? He said are you alright with me visiting every month for one week? Duh, yeah. He doesn't understand, it's the heart for me. Knowing that he's there satisfies me. Calling satisfies me. I don't even have to see you. He likes to see the person, the physical, to "know" a person. I have plenty of people that I haven't met that I talk to and I know them, Trish shoot you have a best friend that you've talked to and IMed and you know her as if you had met her, you know what i'm talking about. I'm happy with knowing he's there, just a little picture hanging in your heart. That's me.

I feel stupid...I don't know if i want to call him back because I feel stupid. I just aggravated him being stupid. I feel like an idiot and I'm going to cry for feeling stupid.

All he has to fucking say is, come back to LA. That's it.

I can't help not being trustful, I've been fucked over a couple of times.

Isn't he lovely?

[24 Jun 2003|08:54pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I feel like Claire Dane's character on "My So-called life" right now. The episode in which she finally asks out Jordan Catalano and tells him that he has to meet her parents first before they go on the date? And he doesn't show up.

That's how I feel.

I just can't wait to cuss somebody out and take out a piece of their ass now.

Now I don't feel like doing anything this weekend anymore except sleeping and sleeping and sleeping.

Now on a lighter note....
Dedicated to that co-worker/friend of mine....

Just Hangin out to Dry (sung to Just hangin on)

Let me be, why don’t you babe
I’m not on-line, what don’t you get?
‘Cause you don’t want to make out
you just hang me out to drrry!

You don’t understand me,
You just hang me out to drrrry!

Why do you keep IMing me,
And chasing me around?
Why don’t you try and understand,
That I’m just sniffing some staaarch?
Let me get me confused, the way
You’re puzzled over mee, yeeeaaah,

Let me be, why don’t you babe
I’m not on-line, what don’t you get?
‘Cause you don’t want to make out
you just hang me out to drrry!

But I think you really want me,
But you hang me out to drrry!

You say although I’m an ass,
You still wanna be my friend,
But how can we still be friends
When seeing you will only break my heart again?

And I’m trying to protect your innocence

Wooo wooo woaaah

Let me be, why don’t you babe
(Wooo wooo woaaah)
I’m not on-line, what don’t you get?
(Wooo wooo woaaah)
Let me be, why don’t you babe
I’m not on-line, what don’t you get?

I say I still care for you
But you assume that I need to be freeee,
Now that I got my freedom,
You wanna assume I’m on weeeeed,
Why do I confuse myself?
And practically everyone else, he he!

I can’t be a man about it, and type on these keys?
Now you don’t care a thing about me,
You’re just assuming things, Go on
That’s it, I’m out of this site,
I need to catch my zzzzzs

‘Cause you don’t want to make out
you just hang me out to drrry!

‘Cause you don’t want to make out
you just hang me out to drrry!

1*think Jude is sexy/ Isn't he lovely?

"The only person not doing his job...." is God! [23 Jun 2003|06:41am]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Poem to a Horse-Shakira ]

A Bruce Almighty week or should I say weeks for me...

I swear, as the weeks roll along, things just get worse and worse. I can't on the little piss ass base without an emissions test and all I need is a new sticker to replace the one that someone scratched the fuck off. Then, I haven't heard from smiley in two weeks...two weeks! He's suppose to be here tonight. Since I haven't heard from him in two weeks, I'm not that bothered by it, strangly enough like I thought I would be. Hmmm...maybe it might be that e-mail I sent him about the stick figure just wanting to bang, bang, bang!

Then people are starting to be a pain in my ass. Like one co-worker comes to me and Trish on Friday saying "Oh, there's a problem that involves you two, I don't care who did it but somebody didn't log an accountable. I like to keep things in house but I don't want to have to go to Nan about it. I know you guys have plans for Friday and all but if you guys can't concentrate, it's going to be a problem."
I'm like Shut the fuck up and get a life, you're not our boss and having something to do on fridays has nothing to do with us working. We can't even get off early. Some people have some nerve.

Another person that just pisses me off is Drew. He's denying that he doesn't like Em but what the fuck? Friday night we went back to his place to watch movies. Well me and Trish are in the couch while Em is on the floor and so is he. Well they went out to the jacuzzi and he was all asking, "Come on you guys." What the fuck ever. So they come back in and low and behold, Em puts on one of his sweatshirts...and do I recall that she was in it when she drove us home??? She's laying on the floor and he's right beside her. So then he goes and get a blanket to share. Me and trish just look at each other like What the fuck??? So the next thing I know, he's all rubbing her head. All I could think about was I should've brought my car so we could just roll the fuck out. It was tiring. And if Em didn't wake up, I was going to surely ask Dion for a ride home or call a cab. No way I was staying there. I'm sorry but Drew just pisses me off, and I don't look forward to hanging out with him. Such a little punk! When he realizes that Trish has no interest in him or that he's flirting with Em is when he goes to Trish and says "Come sit on the floor with us." Man I would've stepped on his hand!

Another person just starting to piss me off but you really can't get mad at her is Em. If you know someone had/has whatever, a thing for someone, then please tell me why the fuck are you going to flirt/whatever with that person? WHY??? WHYYYY???? That's WRONG!! I don't care if Trish said, "Oh, I don't like him that much" it's still WRONG! Do you catch my drift? You don't sleep together in a blanket! You DON'T have him rubbing your damn scalp because "Oh, I like it when my head is rubbed." You DON'T wear his sweatshirt. Why? Because it's WRONG!

Oh and this weekend is Charlie's Angels. Dion's gf Jessica asked us if we wanted to go. The Guy in the Greenbay packers shirt thinks Trish is cute. And surprisingly enough, the e-mail wasn't sent to Drew (thank GOD something worked!!!) So I'm going to make sure that he doesn't go or find out. We don't need his trifling ass there!!!!

Okay, I'm done.

Isn't he lovely?

[18 Jun 2003|07:46am]
[ mood | angry ]

Why do I feel that my friday the 13th started on fucking saturday and is just continuing on? This week started out bad and is still going bad, for god damn sake.

This is just pissing me off and I can't wait for this week to come to a fucking end.

Isn't he lovely?

Things you'd love to say at work [09 Jun 2003|08:20am]
Things you'd love to say at work but can't because you'll get *BEEPED* out... )
1*think Jude is sexy/ Isn't he lovely?

Things you'd love to say at work [09 Jun 2003|08:19am]
Isn't he lovely?

[06 Jun 2003|03:34pm]
Please let my period come tomorrow so I can get it out of the way. I feel the cramps, but there's nothing. I've been PMSing this entire week like crazy, that I finally yelled at the old bitch this morning and my mom for not listening to me.

I will be looking for an apartment between now and the next month or so. I want out, they drive me nuts.

Or move back to LA, but that means finding a new job, an apartment and what not.

I think I'll try calling R-, whoops almost said his name, Smiley first this weekend, or I should say sunday. We e-mailed each other back and forth this week and he kept on asking "What are you getting me from Denver?" I told him a thong, then he said, "For you to wear" LOL. I don't know what to get him really. I'll just look and see.

I think I'm skipping the timberlake concert. Smiley comes in that day.

I have this Bratz doll on my desk from McDonalds and it has like some white stuff, glue I guess on it's face. Well my co-workers looked at it then one says, "Gen should wash her face when she does those things" (the doll looks like me. I was laughing.

My lips are soft because I've been using this neutrogena lip balm thing.
Isn't he lovely?

[03 Jun 2003|03:31pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I had a dream about Smiley last night.

I never have dreams about the guys that I really like, never.

This is a first.

And it wasn't bad either.

Isn't he lovely?

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