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    Friday, June 27th, 2003
    11:46 pm
    *Traci was over today. and her mom had a hair appointment at the mall..so she came and picked us up and we went and chilled there..Kristin and Hollie were there. and we talked about Ricky. She said he did cheat on me..and she showed me the marks on her arm from a hickey? I was so upset. I came home..cried..Ricky was online..we were talking and i was shaking and crying..i wasnt sure what to do..at exactly 10:27 I think..I broke up with Ricky. Why did I do it you*re wondering..I felt like we werent working out..I thought he never wanted to see me..after all..he was always with otehr people..He was upset..and crying..and yelling at me..I didnt know what to do..I*ve had boys do it to me before..but I never thought he would..Im sorry Ricky..for everything..I still like you and all..I just dont know what i want..I told u maybe we will try in high school..that is if you find *any girl who wont hurt you*..you hurt me too Ricky..you may not know how..but you did..I never thought this would happen to us..We got closer and closer..but i felt like we were growing apart..Im sorry.. i hope one day you will forgive me and we can try again..*

    *Why do the ones you love the most..Hurt you the most?*

    *I loved u alot and i thought nothing mattered most to me then u loved me and i never lied to u i always told the truth but i guess that wasn't what u wanted from me*

    Current Mood: guilty
    Current Music: *Im in Love wit Chu*
    12:23 pm
    *\/\/ħàŧ Ťó Đò*
    Im sitting here with Traci..Thinking of what I should do. Ricky sent me 2 messages..about how much he loved me. I*ve been hearing so much stuff..I dont know what to do. I talked to Russell on the phone last night. It was a nice conversation!! I like Ricky a lot..but im not sure what i want anymore..This is going to be a short one..cuz i have a lot of thinking to do..might write later..*sara*

    Current Mood: frustrated
    Current Music: *None*
    Thursday, June 26th, 2003
    12:48 pm
    *Rµmðr§ årêñ† †rµê*ßµ† §ðmêhðw êvêr¥ðñê ßêlïêvê§ †hêm?*
    *This week..hasnt been the greatest..Me and Ricky have fought soo much..and it is so stupid..there have been rumors going around he is cheating on me? Should I believe it..or should I not? He tells me it isnt true..I want to believe it..I really do..just something tells me he is lying..A best friend of mine..you know who u are! told me he has dont a few little things with girls..when we first started going out..he denies it..*Chicks before Dicks* i know right..why would she lie? I like Ricky soo much! and i dont wanna break up over another girl who broke up with him..and just hadda slap in the face of reality..yea u know who u are..I have cried so much this week..i dont want to cry anymore..i dont want to get hurt or be hurt all the time..But you know..I have some of the greatest friends ever..they have helped me soo much in life..with all my problems and just asking if i was ok..its great to have friends i know i can count on..you should know who you are..i love u all! I just hope..ricky and i dont break up..I like him..love him a lot..and if he loved me..he wouldnt *play around* with other girls..Some people know what im talking about..well I gotta go now..I*ve said enuff!!* *Sara Reann*

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: Rap
    12:36 pm
    *Danielle Shallenburg was my best friend for 3 to 4 years..we were so close..see her dad was the pastor at our church..so we were together a lot..and one day everything went down..everyone was against everyone..even Danielle and I were..so her damily thought it was best that they left..they packed up and we gone..outta my life until the next time i saw them..well i hadnt talked to her since february..and one day si gotta message from her..we started talking and havent stopped..we have gotten so close..again..so i talked to my parents and i asked her if she would like to come and stay with me for a week or two..of course she wanted to...she asked her parents..they said no..i couldnt believe it..i cried and cried..they loved me? did i do something wrong? do they not like me anymore..I havent gotten over it yet..i want to cry..but i cant..its sad..its ok we can talk on here..it will be fine..Danielle- i just want to say im sorry..for everything that happened between us..none of it was ur fault..i wish u could come back..i just want to know was it my fault? are u still mad at me? was it me who did wrong? im not mad at you..we dont know why this happened..prolly never will..i miss u a lot girl..u will always be one of my close friends..luv ya..

    *i gotta go..sad*write to you tomar..love..sara!*

    Current Mood: sad
    Current Music: Rap
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