Aubyn Claire's Journal

Saturday, November 6, 2004


(1) Your gender: Female
(2) Straight/gay/bi?: Bi
(3) Single?: No
(4) want to be?: usually
(5) Your birth day: April 22
(6) Age you act: sometimes
(7) Age you wish you were: 21
(8) Your height: 5'4"
(9) The color of your eyes: green
(10) Happy with it?: yup
(11) The color of your hair: red
(12) Happy with it? sure.. i want to add some black to it though
(13) Left/right/ambidextrous? Right
(14) Your living arrangement?: Mom, Dad, 2 Sisters, Brother
(27) Your family: like...extended?
(29) What's your job: student
(30) Piercings?: ears, eyebrow, lip, nipples
(31) Tattoos?: on my back
(32) Obsessions?: music, photography
(35) Do you speak another language?: some german! Hallo! Wie gehts?
(36) Have a favorite quote?: "that's really really really cute and makes me smile"-ashley
(37) Do you have a webpage?: no

DEEP THOUGHTS about life and you in it
(38) Do you live in the moment?: sometimes
(39) Do you consider yourself tolerant of others?: not really
(40) Do you have any secrets?: lots
(41) Do you hate yourself?: yeah
(42) Do you like your handwriting?: sure
(43) Do you have any bad habits?: bitting my nails
(44) What is the compliment you get most from people? original style
(45) If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called?: The struggle to the end
(46) What's your biggest fear?: ghosts, spirits haunting me
(47) Can you sing: I try
(48) Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool?: never
(49) Are you a loner?: sometimes
(51) If you were another person, would you be friends with you?: sure
(52) Are you a daredevil?: usually
(53) Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself?: my self confidence
(54) Are you passive or aggressive?: alternates
(55) Have you got arrested ?: Nope
(56) What is your greatest strength and weakness?: strength = short term memory weakness = not believing in myself
(57) If you could change one thing about yourself?: i would have fuller lips
(58) There are three wells- love, beauty and creativity, which one do you choose?: Love
(59) How do you vent?: write poetry/lyrics.. listen to music
(60) Do you think you are emotionally strong?: usually
(61) Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life?: yeah a couple of things
(62) Do you think life has been good so far?: it's had its ups and downs
(63) What is the most important lesson you've learned from life?: love is blind, don't be so gullible
(64) What do you like the most about your body?: my stomach
(65) And least?: my thighs
(66) Do you think you are good looking?: depends
(67) Are you confident?: nope
(68) What is the fictional character you're most like?: uhhh chun sue
69) Do people know how you feel?: some
(70) Are you perceived wrongly?: at times

(71) Smoke?: ocassionally
(72) Do drugs?: yeah, but not as much as I use to
(73) Read the newspaper?: when we get it
(74) Pray?: no
(75) Go to church? no
(76) Talk to strangers who IM you?: at times
(77) Sleep with stuffed animals?: Yeah, just one
(78) Take walks in the rain?: not often but I would like to
(79) Talk to people even though you hate them?: depends
(80) Drive?: yeah
(81) Like to drive fast?: yeah

(82) Liked your voice?: no
(83) Hurt yourself?: yeah
(84) Been out of the country?: I wish
(85) Eaten something that made other people sick?: yeah
(86) Burped?: yeah
(87) Been unfaithful?: nope
(88) Been in love?: yeah or so I thought
(89) Done drugs?: yeah
(90) Gone skinny dipping?: nope
(92) Had a surgery?: no
(93) Ran away from home?: no
(94) Played strip poker?: nope
(95) Gotten beaten up?: nope
(97) Been picked on?: yeah
(98) Been on stage?: yeah
(99) Been so drunk that you know you're supposed to go out on a date with someone, but you can't remember with who or when and that you faint when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, not to mention your breath?: can't say that.. that has happened before
(100) Slept outdoors?: yeah
(101) Thought about suicide?: yeah
(102) Pulled an all-nighter?: yup
(103) If yes, what is your record?: a little over two days
(104) Gone one day without food?: yeah.. I've gone 5 before
(105) Talked on the phone all night?: not all night.. but for awhile
(106) Slept together with the opposite sex without actually having sex?: yeah.. and cuddle .. I love that
(107) Slept all day? no but slept until 2:00pm
(108) Killed someone?: no
(109) Made out with a stranger?: no
(110) Had sex with a stranger?: no
(111) Thought you're going crazy?: yeah
(112) Kissed the same sex?: no
(113) Done anything sexual with the same sex?: no
(114) Been betrayed?: yeah
(115) Had a dream that came true?: no
(116) Broken the law?: yeah
(117) Met a famous person?: yeah
(118) Have you ever killed an animal by accident?: no
(146) Stolen anything?: no
(147) Been on radio/TV.?: yeah
(148) Been in a mosh-pit?: ohhh yeah
(149) Had a nervous breakdown? no
(150) Considered religious vocation?: no
(151) Been criticized about your sexual performance?: No
(152) Bungee jumped?: not yet, but I want to
(153) Had a dream that kept coming back?: not really

CLOTHES and other fashion
(154) Shoe brand?: Candies, Soda
(155) Brand of clothing?: anything... vintage. cheap.
(156) Cologne/perfume?: Cucumber Melon Spray
(157) What are you normally wearing to school/work?: work = Kakhis and blue polo shirt
(159) Wear hats?: yeah
(160) Judge other people by their clothing?: at times, if they are wearing something different and creative then I know they are unique and like to have their own style... which I love.
(161) Wear make-up?: yeah
(162) Favorite place to shop?: thrift stores, name brand clothing, hobby lobby, walmart, mall
(163) Favorite article of clothing?: shirts
(164) Are you trendy?: at times
(165) Would you rather wear a uniform to school?: no

(166) Believe in life on other planets?: it could be possible
(167) Miracles?: yeah
(168) Astrology?: yeah
(169) Magic?: yeah
(170) God? : undecided
(171) Satan?: no
(172) Santa?: no
(173) Ghosts?: yeah
(174) Luck?: yeah
(175) Love at first sight?: no
(176) Yin and Yang?: yeah
(177) Witches?: no
(178) Easter bunny?: no
(179) Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: yeah
(180) Believe there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?: i wish
(181) Do you wish on stars?: not anymore

LOVE, and all that
(182) Did you get frightened or uncomfortable seeing that as a section title?: no i figured it was coming eventually
(183) Do you remember your first love?: yeah
(184) Still love him/her?: at times I think I do, because the feelings can't go away that fast... but I am sure I will meet someone else who will be 10 times better and that I will truely love.. and think back to my "love" for this ex as not even love anymore once I experience true love... or so I hope
(185) Do you consider love a mistake?: no
(186) What do you find romantic?: cuddling, letters, calling for no reason, trust
(187) Turn-on?: cute smile, funny, creative, doesn't care what others think, can be himself in front of me, doesn't change infron of his guy friends... is still the same, honest, faithful
(188) Turn-off?: liars, cheaters
(189) Do you base your judgement on looks alone: no
(200) If someone you had no interest in dating expressed interest in dating you, how would you feel?: flattered
(201) Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them or going "blind"?: I would rather know them
(202) Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for a girl to ask a guy out?: no
(203) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive?: yeah
(204) Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking?: I don't know
(205) What is best about the opposite sex?: Smile
(206) What is the worst thing about the opposite sex?: being liars,
(207) What's the last present someone gave you?: mushroom salt and pepper shakers to match my kitchen set. =)
(208) Are you in love?: no
(209) Do you consider your significant other hot?: do not have a significate other
(210) What would you do if you were walking down the street and saw some hot guy/girl standing on the sidewalk?: walk past and glance at them

(211) That haunted you?: gracie
(212) You wanted to kill?: melissa
(213) That you laughed at?: steve
(214) That laughed at you?: yana
(215) That turned you on?: foster
(216) You went shopping with?: nick
(217) That broke your heart?: ulando
(218) To disappoint you?: hailey
(219) To ask you out?: paul
(220) To make you cry?:becca
(221) To brighten up your day?: xavier
(222) That you thought about?: jack
(223) You saw a movie with?: rachel
(224) You talked to on the phone?: don
(225) You talked to through IM?: olivia
(226) You saw?: Mom
(227) You lost?: Great Grandpa
(229) You thought was completely insane?: courtney
(230) You wanted to be?: tucker's gf
(231) You told off?: vicki
(232) You trusted?: liz
(233) You turned down?: kenny

(234) Smiled?: last night
(235) Laughed?: this morning
(236) Cried?: two nights ago
(237) Bought something?: yesterday... polo jeans and a airplane tee from salvation army
(238) Danced?: awhile ago
(239) Were sarcastic?: all the time
(240) hugged someone: last night
(241) Talked to an ex?: june 16th
(242) Watched your fave movie?: a couple nights ago.... oldschool
(243) Had a nightmare?: couple nights ago
(245) Talked on the phone?: this morning
(246) Listened to the radio?: will in a few mins
(247) Watched TV?: this morning
(248) Went out?: weeks ago
(249) Helped someone?: yesterday
(250) Were mean?: last night
(251) Sang?: today
(252) Saw a movie in a theater?: couple months ago... Big Fish
(253) Said "I love you"?: today
(254) Missed someone?: today
(255) Fought with a family member?: couple nights ago
(256) Fought with a friend?: long time
(257) Had a serious conversation?: couple nights ago
(258) Got drunk?: awhile ago
(259) Had sex?: 8months ago

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Monday, August 11, 2003


Woah I haven't updated in so freakin long. I gotta quiz for ya'll:

1. Name: Aubyn
2. Birthday: March 10
3. Age: 17
4. Nicknames: Aubie, Aubie Red, Ruby, Goal City, Bitty, Spirit
5. Zodiac sign: Aries
6. Sex: Female

7. Your best friends: Jessica, Babsyana, Emily, Alex, Grace, Amelia, Kelley, Vivian, Elise, and Evan
8. Craziest: Michelle
9. Loudest: Claire
10. Cutest: awww Kelsey
11. Friend with the best hair: Rebekah or Franny Corry
12. Friend you trust with all your secrets: Bailey...or Emily
13. most understanding: Gina or Amelia
14. Last friend you went to the movies with: i went with Angela, Bryn, Claire, Lisa, and Kirstyn
15. Happiest: haa Lynn
16. Funniest: Alexia ha and Allison
17. Weirdest: uhh Nicole
18. Scariest: ah stephanie
19. Most outgoing: amy
20. Least outgoing: Amanda
21. Spends the night at your house the most: either Bobbi or Ryann
22. Has the cutest brother/sister: Shelley
23. Friend you would most likely die for: All of my Bffs
24. Do you have any tattoos? If so, what of?: one of a scorpian
25. What's the last thing you bought?: bathing suit
26. Do you have a job? If so, where?: yeah at pac sun
27. What was your most embarrassing moment?: Too many
28. Last 4 digits of the last phone # you dialed: 8773
29. What is in your pockets right now?: nothing
30. What was the happiest moment in your life?: at the beach with tarra, taylore, and jessica
31. Have you ever egged a house?: i egged maya's house and hellen's
32. Whose?: i told you: maya and hellen
33. Who is your role model?: noelle montgomerry
34. Whats your favorite holiday?: Christmas
35. When is the last time you stayed up all night? two days ago with lily and amy
36. What is your favorite book?: where the wild things are
37. Who is your favorite author?: laurie halse anderson
38. Where did you have your last birthday party?: a sleepover
39. Who came?: tara ashley, marissa, amelia, tufarelli, carly, emily, erica, madeline, melissa, and danielle
40. Who is your most recent ex?: mark
41. Do the two of you get along?: He moved somewhere and I dont really talk to him ne more
42. Who has changed your life the most for the better?: zoe or dr. j.j.
43. What's your favorite song?: bring me to life
44. What's your favorite cd?: evanescene
45. What are your favorite pizza toppings?: cheese?
46. Where do you order pizza from the most?: Pizza Hut
47. Have you ever been in the hospital for more than a day?: Yeah
48. How many days is your record for time spent in a hospital? Couple days
49. Why did you have to go to the hospital?: tonsils removed
50. How long has it been since you went to the mall? : looong time
51. What's the last movie you saw in a theater?: Anger Management
52. What's the last movie you rented?: Nightmear on Elm Street
53. Do you like to write poetry?: Nope
54. Do you like to read poetry?: Nope
55. Have you ever written a song?: Yes
56. After you read it to yourself did it sound stupid?: sometimes
57. What's your favorite band?: bright eyes, dead kennedys, and the beatles
58. Who is your favorite solo singer?: eminem
59. If you suffocate a smurf, what color does he turn?: red lmao
60. Do you believe in ghosts?: Nope
61. Have you ever seen a ghost?: Nope
62. What is your favorite ride at the fair?: carousel haha
63. What is your favorite inside joke you have with a friend?: sneakers is such a rascal lol jane and emma morgan
64. Name the people who know and understand that inside joke: jane and emma morgan...and i think we told roxanne but not sure
65. Have you ever thrown a party in which complete strangers have attended?: nah
66. Was there a guy named True there?: haha...yes jkjk
67. Would you ever name your kid True?: never
68. Would you make fun of some1 if you knew their name was True?: haha YEAH
69. Do you look more like your mom or your dad?: dad
70. Are you an only child?: nope
71. Do you have any brothers or sisters?: yeah
72. Their names: sisters: jennifer katlyn and nicole mallory, brother: adam jacob
73. Their ages: jen: 14, nicole: 9, adam: 16
74. What color is your computer?: black?
75. What is your favorite color of ink to write in?: blue
76. Would you rather write in pen or pencil?: pencil
77. How tall are you? 5'5"
78. What's your name again?: uhh aubyn
79. Do you believe in God?: yes
80. Do you pray often?: Nope
81. What's your biggest fear?: giraffes (no joke)
82. Do you believe in love at first sight?: yes
83. Have you ever been in a car accident?: no
84. Who was driving?: --
85. Did anybody not survive?: --
86. What is your lucky number?: 10
87. Do you still believe in the tooth fairy?: No
88. Does the tooth fairy still give you money?: No
89. Did someone knock out your teeth?: No
90. Who is your favorite family member?: aunt elizabeth
91. What is your favorite breed of dog?: Rotwiller
92. What is your favorite name for a dog?: my dog: st. patrick
93. What is your favorite name for a cat?: my cat: meredith
94. Have you ever been drunk?: Yeah
95. Have you ever gotten high?: Yeah
96. Have you ever been on the radio?: Nope
97. Have you ever been on TV?: Yeah
97. Have you ever been in a movie?: Nope
98. Who is your favorite actress?: christina ricci
99.Who is your favorite actor?: elijah wood
100. Do you have a cellphone?: yes
101. Do you have a pager?: no
102. What's the worst/stupidest thing you've ever done?: Too many things
103. Why are all the fun things illegal?: I dont know, its true tho.
104. What's your favorite quote?: 'Everythings different, but nothings changed'
106. Who is your favorite person to talk to offline?: uhh Haley
107. Who is your favorite person to talk to online?: Jill, Shelly, or Rebecca
108. Who do you wish you were talking to right now?: AW BETH OR CHELSEA
109. Do you have any nicknames that you liked that your friends no longer use? uh no
110. Who is your hero?: i think i already said that
111. What do you think of racism?: I dont
112. Are you racist?: Not at all
113. What is your favorite day of the week?: Friday, but it doesnt matter cuz its summer
114. What is your least favorite day of the week?: Monday but " "
115. Do you like rain?: Hell yeah
116. Do you think lightning is awesome?: yessss
117. What is your favorite word?: Giggle
118. If you could visit any continent, were would you go?: antarctica
119. How long would you want to stay?: a week
120. Who would you want to take with you?: alicia, morgan, rosanna, and kim
121. How old do you act?: Depends on who im with
122. How old is your best friend?: my age
124. When you were young what did you want to be when you grew up?: i wanted to be a farmer hahahaha
125. What do you want to be now?: a writer
126. Do you think you were an adorable little kid?: Sure
127. What were the names of your imaginary friends?: OMG LAUREN BARNEY!!! SAKLKJ:DHOIEH
128. Do you have any pennies sitting on your computer desk?: uh no
129. What is the most unique thing about your bedroom?: i have one?
130. Do you have a black light?: No
131. Do you have a strobe light?: Haha no
132. Do you have glow-in-the-dark stars?: i did once
133. Do you have anything that glows in the dark?: The remote kinda does? lol
134. What color is your pillow case?: Its lepord print, only purple ;)
135. What is your favorite thing to wear to bed?: Pj pants, shirt
136. Do you like Pepsi or Coke better?: Coke
137. Can you tell a difference?: Yeah
138. What are you thinking about right now?: Kara
139. What is your favorite song to listen to when you are mad : bring me to life
140. What is the last song you listened to?: bring me to life lol
141. What is your favorite movie?: Drop Dead Fred!!!!!
142. What is your dream car?: i dunno
143. How many times have you had the chicken pox?: Once
144. When was the last time you brushed your teeth?: This morning
145. What is your middle name?: Claire
146. Do you have a girl/boyfriend?: Nope
147. What is his/her name?: --
148. How long have you been together?: --
149. Do you love him/her?: --
150. Are you in love with him/her?: --
151. Are you sad and alone? : Kinda
152. do you like being alone?: at times
153. How many people have you dated?: i dated sam, eddie, mark, shawn, and james...i think that's it
154. Can you still name them all?: i just did
155. When was the last time you went on a date?: with mark
156. How long was your longest crush?: a year
157. What was their name?: Mark
158. Who do you have a crush on now?: haha Frankie
159. How old were you when you had your first crush?: 2nd grade
160. Do you regret dating anyone?: yeah: shawn
161. Who do regret dating?: shawn!
162. How old were you?: 16
163. Did you get used or did you use any one of your boyfriends/girlfriends?: no

Other Stuff
164. What is your favorite emotion?: hapiness?
165. What is your favorite TV show?: Friends, Jackass
166. What was the stupidest thing u ever heard someone say?: Eh, I cant remember
167. How many cds do you own?: many many many
168. When you go to the movies do you throw stuff at people?: HAHA I SHOULD
169. When you go to the movies do you throw stuff at the movie screen?: Nah
170. How many times have you been kicked out of the movies?: once lol
171. Have you ever been kicked out of a grocery store?: never
172. What annoys you the most?: birthdays
173. Who annoys you the most?: Melissa, Abby, Stephanie, Dana, Faith, and Kaitlyn
174. Do you know any fake people?: YEAH
175. What are their names?: Maggie, Emily, Stephanie, Bernice, Alexa, Sara, Jordan..more
176. Where did you meet them?: school
177. How long have you known them?: maggie, em, and bernice: 2 years, steph and jordan: 1 year, alexa: 3, sara: a lot
178. Did you ever want to smack them?: only bernice and sara
179. Did you ever smack them?: Nah
180. What's your favorite season?: fall
181. What's your favorite subject in school?: music
182. What's your least favorite subject in school?: cooking!
183. Who is your all-time favorite teacher?: mrs. teddy
184. What school do you go to?: DHS
185. What is the mascot at your school? A dumb dog
189. What song reminds you of yourself?: Dont know
190. What is your best friend's birthday?: I have many
191. What is your favorite flavor of skittles?: Grape
192. Would you rather have friendship or love?: Friendship
193. What makes you nervous? Rollar coasters
194. Describe yourself in 1 word : wonderful! lol
195. If you knew the truth was gonna hurt you would you still wanna hear it?: Yeah
196. Do long distance relationships work?: Yeah, if you really want em to.
197. Would you change yourself to make someone else happy?: No
198. What one thing makes you happy?: My friends, <3
199. What phrase or saying do you use the most?: I use many
200. What's your favorite scary movie?: Nightmear (sp) on Elm Street
201. What would you do with a million dollars?: Shop
202. If your house was burning down and you could only take one thing with you, what would you take?: pictures
203. Were you shocked when you heard Princess Diana died?: No
204. Who is the biggest flirt you know?: either katie, claire, jamilah, or carly
205. Do they ever flirt with your crush?: UH YEAH
206. Do you ever want to hurt them?: YES
207. Do they know you like that person?: No
208. Are you glad this survey is over?: Sure

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Monday, July 21, 2003


Name: Aubyn
BIRTHDAY: December 21
SIBLINGS: 3 sisters (gah): Allie, Alexiz, and Abby (can you guess my parents theme??)
FLIRTY: Usually...
HAIR COLOR: red (yay!!)
Eye Color: green

FIRST CRUSH: oh gosh: Nate
HOBBIES: doin stuff...hah
WHAT'S YOUR SIGN: Sagittarius

HAT OR NO HAT: either or
COULD YOU GO OUT WITH SOMEONE "UGLY": sure, i'm not into labels

MUD OR Jell-O WRESTLING: jello yeah!
WITH OR W/OUT ICE CUBES: with ice cubes

DRESSED OR UNDRESSED: Undressed (fiesty)
GUM OR HARD CANDY: hard candy
WWF OR WCW: Neither...

YOU'VE DREAMT ABOUT: i dreamt about sonya last night
SMARTEST: sieglinde

COLOR: blue
MOVIE: Jackass
SONG: nofx-anything
SPORT TO PLAY: football
DRINK- Coca-Cola

1.)DO YOU LIKE SCHOOL?- hell no!
7.)HAVE YOU EVER GONE SKINNING DIPPING?- oh yeah with kirsten, sarah, chris, and luke
14.)DO YOU HAVE ANY PIERCING?- oh yeah many
16.) WHERE WOULD IT WOULD BE?- on my back
20.)CAN YOU SWIM?- Yes.
21.)DO YOU LIKE TO SWIM?- somewhat
22.)SING IN THE SHOWER?- ohyeah
23.)DO YOU THINK CHEERLEADING IS A SPORT?- Yea right... *rolls eyes*
24) WHO DO YOU WANT RIGHT NOW (AS A B/F G/F)?: i love mark!!!

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Monday, June 30, 2003


The 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% probability you'll get it wrong.
-- Andy Rooney

My mother buried three husbands, and two of them were just napping.
--Rita Rudner

The fact that no one understands you doesn't make you an artist.

I was so poor growing up ... if I wasn't a boy ...I'd have nothing to play with.
--Rodney Dangerfield

I just thought of something funny...your mother.
--Cheech Marin

Love is grand; divorce is a hundred grand.

Honest criticism is hard to take, particularly from a relative, a friend, an acquaintance, or a stranger
--Franklin P. Jones

Whenever I see an old lady slip and fall on a wet sidewalk, my first instinct is to laugh. But then I think, what if I was an ant, and she fell on me. Then it wouldn't seem quite so funny.
--Jack Handey Deep Thoughts

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Saturday, June 14, 2003


current desktop picture] my rearview mirror, adorned with almost 40 strands of mardi gras beads
[current favorite group] AFI
[current cds in stereo] Bad Religion
[current color of toenails] bright pink
[current worry] if Lonnie's okay
[current hate] lonnie not calling
[current love] Danny :)

Basics : .
[ .001. ] first name: Aubyn
[ .002. ] middle name: Claire
[ .003. ] last name: *not disclosing this for fear of psychotic maniacs obtaining my info*
[ .004. ] nickname(s): Auby, Aubyn Claire, Auby Claire, Claires, Ruby, Fonzie
[ .005. ] gender: 100% female
[ .006. ] age: 17
[ .007. ] birthday: 8-19
[ .008. ] height: 5'10"
[ .009. ] hair color: red
[ .010. ] eye color: green (blech)
[ .011. ] race: caucasion
[ .012. ] do you wear glasses or contacts: neither
[ .013. ] do you have braces: not anymore! *w00t!*
[ .014. ] is your hair long or short: a little past my shoulders, in layers
[ .015. ] where were you born: Ft. Worth, TX
[ .016. ] current location: Beeville, TX
[ .017. ] zodiac sign: Leo
[ .018. ] how many languages do you know: 2 *English and Spanish*
[ .019. ] nationality: American
[ .020. ] bad habits: giving too much to those who don't deserve it, and not enough to those who do, procrastination, nail-biting, lip-chewing, playing with my tonguering, drumming on table/desk/counter tops, staying up WAY too late
[ .021. ] piercings you have: many...
[ .022. ] piercings you want: more
[ .023. ] tattoos you have: none
[ .024. ] tattoos you want: MAYBE on my foot or ankle. Something SMALL!
[ .025. ] today's date: 6-14-03
[ .026. ] the time: 8:25
[ .027. ] ready for a bunch more questions: *cracks knuckles* bring it

. : Family : .
[ .028. ] mother's name: Kelly
[ .029. ] father's name: Aaron
[ .030. ] step-parent's names, if any: N/A
[ .031. ] brother(s)'s name(s): bros: Jacob, Evan
[ .032. ] sister(s)'s name(s): Melanie, Jenny
[ .033. ] favorite aunt: Kathrine
[ .034. ] favorite uncle: Daniel
[ .035. ] favorite grandparent: my gramps on my mom's side
[ .036. ] worst relative: Uh, my hypochondriac aunt Joyce
[ .037. ] best relative: I love em all. Well, MOST of em.
[ .038. ] do you get along with your parents: Yeah, pretty much.
[ .039. ]does anyone in your family understand you?: Not really. *lol*

. : Pets : .
[ .040. ] do you have any pets: Yes

. : School : .
[ .043. ] are you still in school: Yeah
[ .044. ] did you drop out: no
[ .045. ] current gpa, or last gpa you got: 3.1
[ .046. ] favorite grade: Freshman or Sophomore yr.
[ .047. ] least favorite grade: 11th
[ .048. ] favorite teacher: Mr. Kemple
[ .049. ] least favorite teacher: Ms. Lucio
[ .050. ] favorite subject: Acting 1
[ .051. ] least favorite subject: Anything that has to do with MATH!
[ .052. ] do/did you buy lunch or bring it: in HS, I bought pizza and sandwiches.
[ .053. ] play any sports on the school's team: me? run? no
[ .054. ] do/did you do any extracurricular ativities: stage crew :)
[ .055. ] are/were you popular: nope
[ .056. ] favorite dance: mine
[ .057. ] favorite memory: Too many to choose from.
[ .058. ] least favorite dance: "to the left, take it back now ya'll, one hop this time"
[ .059. ] least favorite memory: Eh, there are a few of these...
[ .060. ] most humiliating moment: I tend to laugh at myself, so I don't get humiliated too much

. : Favorites : .
[ .061. ] number: 911
[ .062. ] clothing brand: cheap?
[ .063. ] shoes: flip flops
[ .064. ] saying: bite me?
[ .065. ] tv show: snl
[ .066. ] sport: volleyball
[ .067. ] vegetable: french cut green beans
[ .068. ] fruit: strawberries
[ .069. ] movie: *The Emporer's New Groove*
[ .070. ] magazine: None
[ .071. ] actor: Ashton Kutcher
[ .072. ] actress: Sandra Bullock
[ .073. ] candy: lollipops
[ .074. ] gum: extra *the bright green kind* and/or bubbleyum *original*
[ .075. ] scent: vanilla
[ .076. ] candy bar: twix
[ .077. ] ice cream flavor: ben & jerry's cookie dough
[ .078. ] color: bright pink
[ .079. ] season: winter
[ .080. ] holiday: christmas
[ .081. ] band: AFI
[ .082. ] singer: billie joe armstrong
[ .083. ] group: AFI
[ .084. ] rapper: 2 pac
[ .085. ] type of music: rock/punk
[ .086. ] thing in your room: computer
[ .087. ] place to be: anywhere with friends
[ .088. ] radio station: i hate radio
[ .089. ] tv channel: VH1? i dunno
[ .090. ] junk food: Pizza
[ .091. ] overall food: Pickles
[ .092. ] store: thrift shops
[ .093. ] shoe brand: keds?
[ .094. ] fast food: Sonic or Mickey D's
[ .095. ] restaurant: Joe Cotten's BBQ!
[ .096. ] shape: checkers
[ .097. ] time of day: evening
[ .098. ] country: US of A!
[ .099. ] state: Texas/Florida
[ .100. ] boys name: David
[ .101. ] girls name: Jamie
[ .102. ] mall: North Star
[ .103. ] video game: that nazi game Cia has
[ .104. ] shampoo: Bed Head
[ .105. ] board game: SPLAT! haha Michael
[ .106. ] computer game: Don't really play em.
[ .107. ] car: H2!!!
[ .108. ] music video: ewe
[ .109. ] swear word: Fuckin'
[ .110. ] word: Too many to choose from!
[ .111. ] month: June *the VERY beginning of summer*
[ .112. ] cartoon character: Kronk from *TENG*
[ .113. ] scary movie: *The Ring*
[ .114. ] team: Dallas Stars *hockey*
[ .115. ] possession: my bracelets

. : What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear : .
[ .116. ] eminem: gross
[ .117. ] dog: arf
[ .118. ] hot: sun
[ .119. ] britney spears: plastic
[ .120. ] nsync: justin
[ .121. ] real world: colin
[ .122. ] orange: juice
[ .123. ] choice: time
[ .124. ] fuck: you
[ .125. ] bisexual: tatu
[ .126. ] black: white
[ .127. ] icq: old
[ .128. ] insane clown posse: make-up
[ .129. ] linkin park: chester
[ .130. ] jack: jill
[ .131. ] rainbow: sherbet
[ .132. ] cherry: stems
[ .133. ] cucumber: green
[ .134. ] shark: jaws
[ .135. ] lifehouse: music
[ .136. ] bat: man
[ .137. ] leather: crack
[ .138. ] whip: cream
[ .139. ] america: land
[ .140. ] water: swimming
[ .141. ] volcano: lava

. : This or that : .
[ .142. ] rock or rap: rock
[ .143. ] rock or pop: rock
[ .144. ] rock or r&b: rock
[ .145. ] rock or metal: rock
[ .146. ] rap or pop: rap
[ .147. ] rap or r&b: r&b
[ .148. ] rap or metal: metal
[ .149. ] pop or r&b: r&b
[ .150. ] pop or metal: metal
[ .151. ] r&b or metal: metal
[ .152. ] linkin park or limp bizkit: linkin park
[ .153. ] tool or korn: korn
[ .154. ] selena or jennifer lopez: selena
[ .155. ] hot or cold: hot
[ .156. ] winter or summer: winter
[ .157. ] spring or fall: spring
[ .158. ] shakira or britney: shakira
[ .159. ] icp or eminem: em
[ .160. ] marilyn manson or rob zombie: rob zombie
[ .161. ] kittie or garbage: kittie
[ .162. ] mtv or vh1: vh1
[ .163. ] buffy or angel: buffy
[ .164. ] dawson's creek or gilmore girls: gilmore girls
[ .165. ] football or basketball: football
[ .166. ] summer olympics or winter olympics: summer
[ .167. ] skiing or snowboarding: snowboarding
[ .168. ] rollarblading or skateboarding: skateboarding
[ .169. ] black or white: black
[ .170. ] orange or red: red
[ .171. ] yellow or green: green
[ .172. ] purple or pink: pink
[ .173. ] slipknot or mudvayne: slipknot
[ .174. ] hot topic or pac sun: hot topic
[ .175. ] inside or outside: inside
[ .176. ] weed or alcohol: alcohol
[ .177. ] cell phone or pager: cell
[ .178. ] pen or pencil: pen
[ .179. ] powerpuff girls or charlie's angels: powerpuff
[ .180. ] scooby doo or dino: scooby
[ .181. ] dragon ball z or pokemon: neither. *gags*
[ .182. ] star wars or star trek: ew! neither, plz.
[ .183. ] tattoos or piercings: piercings
[ .184. ] prep or punk: punk
[ .185. ] slut or whore: uhm. no?

. : Private life : .
[ .186. ] do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: no
[ .187. ] do you have a crush: yes
[ .188. ] do you love anyone right now: no
[ .189. ] have you ever been in love: yeah
[ .190. ] how many people have you kissed: a few
[ .191. ] who was your first kiss: jordon
[ .192. ] how many hearts of have you broken: one, that i know of.
[ .193. ] how many people broke your heart: just one.
[ .194. ] best quote to sum up love: "it's funny how he can mean everything to me while i mean nothing to him"
[ .195. ] so what is your bf/gf/crush like: he's sweet, incredibly goofy, does anything and everything to make me laugh, intelligent, adorable, childlike @ times, talented.... he's my best friend.
[ .196. ] do you have a picture of him/her: yeah
[ .197. ] please post it if you do: it's in my yahoo! album
[ .198. ] do you have a picture of yourself: yeah
[ .199. ] please post it if you do: see #197
[ .200. ] do you go by looks or personality: A little of both.
[ .201. ] ever kiss a friend: Yeah
[ .202. ] are you still friends: yeah
[ .203. ] so moving you smoke: not often
[ .204. ] do you smoke weed: not often
[ .205. ] ever trip on acid: yeah
[ .206. ] how about a little x : uh-huh
[ .207. ] crack, heroin, anything else: nope
[ .208. ] beer good or beer bad: eh, it's ok.
[ .209. ] are you the sissy who drinks wine coolers: not anymore.
[ .210. ] do you like smirnoff ice: yeh, it's alright.
[ .211. ] prefer beer or liquor: liquor
[ .212. ] what kind of cigarettes do you smoke: *when i DO smoke* marlboro reds
[ .213. ] are you a virgin: nope
[ .214. ] if no, when was the last time you got some: like... 4-25, i think. *?*

. : Would you ever : .
[ .215. ] bungee jump: yess
[ .216. ] sky dive: yess
[ .217. ] swim with dolphins: i have
[ .218. ] scuba dive: yes
[ .219. ] go rock climbing: yes
[ .220. ] eat shit for $1,000,000: probably
[ .221. ] turn your back on your friends for personal gain: not my true friends. never.
[ .222. ] steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: nope. most of my friends don't have the same taste as i do.
[ .223. ] cross-dress: no
[ .224. ] lie to the police: yeah
[ .225. ] run from the police: nope
[ .226. ] lie to your parents: yeah
[ .227. ] walk up to a stranger and kiss them: i probably would
[ .228. ] be an exotic dancer: nope
[ .229. ] walk out of a restaurant without paying: *lmao* yeah!
[ .230. ] streak: Nope

. : Your friends : .
[ .231. ] best friend: linda, erick, ari, jamie, cameron, and mike
[ .232. ] known longest: gabrielle
[ .233. ] wish you talked to more: andrey
[ .234. ] wish you saw more: anush
[ .235. ] how many friends do you think you have: *TRUE* friends- maybe 5
[ .236. ] who drives you insane after a while: aaron
[ .237. ] who can you stay around forever and never get sick of: jack
[ .238. ] ever lose a good friend because you took it to the 'next level': Nope
[ .239. ] craziest: robert
[ .240. ] loudest: michael
[ .241. ] shyest: kevin
[ .242. ] best hair: anita
[ .243. ] can always make you laugh: samaka
[ .244. ] best eyes: andrew
[ .245. ] best body: chad
[ .246. ] most athletic: emily
[ .247. ] sex symbol: alex haha
[ .248. ] hot tempered: ah elyse
[ .249. ] most impatient: nickey
[ .250. ] shortest: haha hannah
[ .251. ] tallest: wooo todd
[ .252. ] talented: Lea and Greg
[ .253. ] best singer: hmm Jasen
[ .254. ] skinniest: tracie...she looks sick
[ .255. ] nicest: Julie, Fiona, or Natalie
[ .256. ] best personality: Alex, Nathan, or Jiwoonsha
[ .257. ] biggest drug user: Erin

. : Have you ever : .
[ .258. ] flashed someone: MANY times
[ .259. ] told the person you liked how you felt: yeah
[ .260. ] been to michigan: nope
[ .261. ] gotten really REALLY wasted: yes
[ .262. ] gone to jail or juvi: nope
[ .263. ] skateboarded: yes
[ .264. ] skinny dipped: yes
[ .265. ] stolen anything: yes
[ .266. ] wanted to kick my ass for making this so long: naw
[ .267. ] kicked someone's ass: no?
[ .268. ] pegged someone in the head with a snowball: sure have
[ .269. ] broke a beer bottle: yes
[ .270. ] gotten into a bar, under-aged: yeah
[ .271. ] kissed someone of the same sex: yup
[ .273. ] gone on a road trip: yeah!
[ .274. ] gone on vacation without adult supervision: yep
[ .275. ] been to a concert: yes
[ .276. ] been to another country: mexico and the bahamas
[ .277. ] talked back to an adult: oh yeah
[ .278. ] got pulled over: yep
[ .279. ] got in a car accident: small ones
[ .280. ] broke a law: yeah
[ .281. ] given money to a homeless person: yes
[ .282. ] tried to kill yourself: :o\
[ .283. ] cried to get out of trouble: oHhHhH yeah
[ .284. ] kissed a friend's brother or sister: yeah
[ .285. ] kissed a brother or sister's friend: nope
[ .286. ] dropped something on the floor that you were cooking and let someone eat it: *lmao!* yes yes yes

. : Opinions : .
[ .287. ] what do you think...about pop music: gross
[ .288. ] about boy bands: mega gross
[ .289. ] about flag burning: it's terrible and dissrespectful
[ .290. ] of the war on terrorists: bad
[ .291. ] about suicide: It's sad.
[ .292. ] about people who try to force their opinions on you: I feel sorry for them, because I don't FUCKIN LISTEN! *lol*
[ .293. ] about abortion: :o\
[ .294. ] about rock/metal music: Most of it is really good.
[ .295. ] where do you think you'll be in 10 years: Living in a huge house with a cushy job, two great kids and a kick-ass hottie of a husband.
[ .296. ] who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: aaron, sean, and alexandra

. : What did you do : .
[ .297. ] last birthday: took some friends in a limo to Chuck E. Cheese's! *lmao*
[ .298. ] yesterday: went to the drama banquet, hung out with kyle, jamie, steph, and alexa.
[ .299. ] last weekend: hung out with naomi, had a party, went to the beach with alan and amanda and went out to eat w/ my family and adam.
[ .300. ] christmas: Slept hella late and was lazy.
[ .301. ] thanksgiving: Ate ham. :o)
[ .302. ] new year's eve: I honestly can't remember. *lol*
[ .303. ] halloween: Can't remember.
[ .304. ] easter: Went to my dad's church and played inside with my sister, since it was raining.
[ .305. ] valentine's day: Can't remember.

. : the last : .
[ .306. ] thing you ate: tater tots
[ .307. ] thing you drank: a cake shake
[ .308. ] thing you wore: striped fleece pants and a tshirt
[ .309. ] place you went: sonic
[ .310. ] thing you got pierced/tattooed: tongue *pierced*
[ .311. ] person you saw: the carhop @ sonic
[ .312. ] person you kissed: joey
[ .313. ] person you fucked: jay
[ .314. ] person you talked to: nicole
[ .315. ] song you heard: *in this diary*- the ataris

. : Now : .
[ .316. ] what are you eating: nothing
[ .317. ] what are you drinking: nothing
[ .318. ] what are you wearing: striped shirt, green vest, jeans
[ .319. ] any shoes on: nope
[ .320. ] hair: down and messy
[ .321. ] listening to: goldfinger
[ .322. ] talking to anyone: nope
[ .323. ] are you pissed i made this so long: yeah, sorta *lol*

. : Yes or no : .
[ .324. ] are you a vegetarian: no
[ .325. ] do you like cows: i dunno? *lol*
[ .326. ] are you a bitch: when i wanna be.
[ .327. ] are you artistic: yeah, i write a lot.
[ .328. ] do you write poetry: look up.
[ .329. ] are you a fast runner: i don't run too often.
[ .330. ] can you ski: not well.
[ .331. ] are you british: nope.
[ .332. ] do you want to spear britney: yeah, but i dunno what good it would do... she's mostly plastic anyway. but hell... maybe the spear would deflate her. :o)
[ .333. ] do the voices talk to you: no
[ .334. ] did you ever give barbie a haircut: Yes *devil face*
[ .335. ] would you eat mac &cheese with hot dogs in it: i did when i was little.
[ .336. ] do you think disney creators were on acid when they made alice in wonderland: probably so.
[ .337. ] are you straight: yeah
[ .338. ] are you ?stupid, ?insane, and another ?physically handicapped: no.

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Sunday, June 8, 2003


I hate updating everyday about my life.

So you know what this blurty is gonna be full of?

Quizzes, pictures, and lyrics.

Today, I will post some of both.


run, desire, run
a sexual being
run him like a blade
to and through the hollow conscience
one motive: cater to the hollow

screaming feed me here
fill me up again
temporarily pacify this hunger that's so cruel

libido throw
dominoes of indiscretions down
falling all around in cycles, in circles
constantly consuming, conquering, devour.

'cause its time to bring the fire down
throttle all this indiscretion
long enough to edify
and permanently fill this hollow

screaming feed me here
fill me up again
temporarily pacifying
feed me here
fill me up again
temporarily pacifying

-A Perfect Circle: The Hollow


Sharing Information
1. What time is it: 1:31

2. Name: Aubyn

3. Name as it appears on birth certificate: Aubyn Claire X

4. Nickname(s): Auby, Aubyn Claire, Aubers, Auby Red, Autumn

5. Number of candles on your last birthday cake: 17

6. Pets: jeanette the cat, fifer the dog, and my 6 fish: louey, ronald, hairmongus, sleepers, bubble gum, and tropicana

7. Hair Color: red

8. Piercing: ears, belly button, eyebrow, nose

9. Color of eyes: green (blech) i want blue eyes

10. How much do you love your job: working at sam goody is the shiznay (esp when I'm on the job with tarrence and evelyn

11. Hometown: Seattle, WA

12. Current Residence: Corpus Christi, TX

13. Favorite Food(s): pistacio almond ice cream

14. Been to Africa? Not yet (but I plan to someday) ~looks hopeful~

15. Been toilet papered? Yes among other things ~smirks~

16. Loved somebody so much it made you cry? yes

17. Been in a car accident? Many... at least 5 that I can think of off the top of my head

18. Croutons or bacon bits? Croutons are you kidding?! Croutons rock!

19. Favorite Day of the Week: Wednesday Night

20. Favorite word or phrase: grrr (?)

21. Tattoos: none (i want one hellofa badly)

22. Favorite Flower: A hybrid rose

23. Favorite Drink: root beer floats mmmmmmmm

24. Favorite sport(s): skateboarding/snowboarding

25. Favorite ice cream: Pistachio Almond (with a small bit of hot fudge mixed in)

26. Disney or Warner Bros.? Warner Bros.

27. Favorite Fast Food Restaurant? Burger King

28. What Color is Your Bedroom Carpet? i have wood floos

29. How many times did you fail your drivers test? Never failed

30. Before this one, whom did you get your last email from? lexia

31. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? sears

32. What do you do most often when you are bored? Surveys ~smirks~

33. Most annoying thing people ask me? Anything they ask me twice (as if I didn't hear them the first time)

34. Who will comment on this the quickest? no one?

35. Who is the person that is least likely to comment? everyone?

36. Favorite TV show(s): punk'd

37. Last person you went out to dinner with? billy and ronny

38. Ford or Chevy? chevy

39. Time you finished this e-mail? 1:41

Current mood: crazy
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Friday, May 16, 2003


:::10 Bands/Groups/People You've Seen Live:::

01. green day
02. blink 182
03. lifer
04. black sabbath
05. slipknot
06. papa roach
07. Linkin Park (x2)
08. Union Underground
09. Black Label Society
10. Hatebreed

:::09 Things You're Looking Forward To:::

01. hanging out with jackson & jared saturday
02. hanging out with alana
03. school almost being over
04. a new cd player
05. going to college
06. getting my film developed
07. being able to wear my new dress
08. finding out Savannah's sn
09. playing tennis against Avery

:::08 Things You Wear Daily:::

01. t-shirt
02. panites
03. bra
04. necklace from kailey
05. hoodie
06. red chucks
07. pants
08. socks

:::07 Things That Annoy You:::

01. mr. chipulsky
02. backstabbers
03. siblings
04. mtv
05. my brother's friends
06. my dad
07. Madeline

:::06 Things You Touch Every Day:::

01. computer mouse
02. bed
03. cd
04. pen
05. myself (not like that pervert)
06. remote control

:::05 Things You Do Every Day:::

01. go online
02. talk to mason
03. watch nick@night
04. look at my mice
05. put clothes on

:::04 People You'd Want to Spend More Time With:::

01. adam
02. jasmine
03. christopher
04. elizabeth

:::03 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:::

01. casablanca
02. grease
03. american graffiti

:::02 Of Your Favorite Songs At This Moment:::
01. "Anarchy For the U.K"-Sex Pistols
02. "Sonic Reducer"-Dead Boys

:::01 Person You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With:::
01. seth :)

Current mood: calm
Current music: I Wanna Be Sedated-The Ramones
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Thursday, May 15, 2003


last cigarette: March 2003 at Madison's party
last car ride: home from school in Ethan's car
last kiss: hmmm...i remember who it was? does that count? it was Bailey (guy)
last good cry: when i saw the hours in theaters
last library book checked out: oh long ago i don't even remember
last movie seen: the hours
last book read: "That Stories Breakin My Heart"
last cuss word uttered: "shit" when i stubbed my toe
last beverage drank: a sprite
last food consumed: hmmm pretzels
last crush: Caleb...that was awhile ago
last phone call: hmmm it was to Hannah
last tv show watched: Nick at Night--the Cosby show
last time showered: last night
last shoes worn: my blue high tops
last cd played: nofx
last downloaded: "sunrise sunset" bright eyes
last annoyance: the mold in my garage that needs to be killed
last disappointment: when i failed my ss quiz...
last soda drank: sprite
last thing written: a note to my cousin Alexis
last key used: my house key
last word spoken: "wow"
last sleep: last night
last im: "haven't done this in awhile Jack"
last sexual fatasy: haha when i looked at aiden in that shirt ahhhh
last weird encounter: seeing Jordan for the first time in years
last time amused: when milk came out of chloe's nose haha
last time wanting to die: everytime i feel like dying...i feel selfish
last time in love: with Jacob so long ago
last time hugged: i hugged Mackenzie after school
last time scolded: by my mom for tracking mud through the house when i walked in
last time resentful: friday morning
last chair sat in: the one I'm in now
last lipstick used: this morning
last underwear worn: the ones I have on... I believe they are Hanes
last bra worn: i'm wearing one now?
last time dancing: i was dancing in science with Taylor
last poster looked at: a Coast Guard poster
last show attended: A dinner theatre production of Cinderella
last webpage visited:

1 MINUTE AGO: doing this survey
1 HOUR AGO: at school
1 DAY AGO: at school
1 WEEK AGO: had my last final
1 YEAR AGO: hmmmm school? haha
I HURT: Emma (forgive me please)
I LOVE: Abigail and Dylan (and Emma)
I FEAR: spiders
I HOPE: this day flies by so I can be with my friends
I FEEL: busy (but it is nice to take a break and do this survey)
I HIDE: at Logan's house
I DRIVE: a honda civic
I MISS: seeing Cameron in Seattle
I LEARNED: how to make Dutch Pancakes
I NEED: to call Riley, Tyler, and Isabella
I THINK: that my bff as of now is Morgan

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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

6:21PM - Sadness Overcomes Me

Things are going so great with Trever. He makes me happy. So happy.

Yesterday, he put roses in my locker. When I asked him why, his response was:

"For no reason really. I just love you so much."


But I GET SO JEALOUS WHEN OTHER GIRLS FLIRT WITH HIM. I don't let it show through though...cuz I know he'd never get involved with anyone but me. But still...I'm so overprotective!


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Thursday, May 1, 2003

4:19PM - Floating on a Cloud...

I am sooooooo happy. Wanna know why? Well....


I'm so happy--I didn't even care when I had to sit next to Lara in Science. (Gah)

*What's your bf's first name, what's ur bf's first name, what's ur bf's first na-ame, what's ur bf's first name*


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Sunday, April 27, 2003

12:19PM - Help

I just found out one of my best friends gets abused by her father. She told me I was the first person she ever told and she made me promise not to tell anyone. But in my gut feelings...I know I should. I need advice. Or maybe I can convince her to call some hotline or something. I seriously don't know what to do. I don't want her to go through pain. can I betray her trust? I can't that's how. What the fuck am I suppose to do. She showed me the bruises and the cuts...and my heart went out to her. I feel for her. And I hate how I'm just sitting here. Help me.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

4:43PM - Today Sucked Ass

I feel like kicking someone's ass. My whole day was so full of hatred. Everyone was treating me like shit and I therefore felt like shit because of it. God dammit. Ok, here it goes..

Yesterday, I was suppose to start working on my half of this one assignment, but I had a huuuge test the next day so I decided to put it off until today, cuz it's not due for awhile. Yesterday, I did NOTHING but study for this huge ass test. Then, today, I explained it to Belle, my partner, and she goes, "You little fucker don't lie to me. I know you were out with Lilly yesterday." Ok...I WAS NOT OUT WITH LILLY. At all! I can even get her to testify! It really pissed me off...

Then, in 3rd period math, I didn't do so well on this quiz, but "friend" did. AND SHE RUBBED IT IN EVERYONE'S FACE!!! I don't know about you guys...but one thing that really pisses me off is conceited people. So then I was in an even worse mood than before...

Then during lunch...I find out Liza and Marie are bickering...and they try to bring me into the fight. It's hard to have one persons squabble in one ear and the other persons squabble in the I didn't choose sides. I think they're both mad now...

Then, to end my day, prissy missy Hayley comes up to me and goes "Oh my gawsh you are such a stewpid pa-unk." And her jappy friend Aimee goes, "You mean loser. Cuz punks are lewsers!!!" Then they just walk away. It normally wouldn't bother me...but after everything that happend it made me so mad. was your day?

Current mood: aggravated
Current music: fenix fx-surf song
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Sunday, April 6, 2003


Life is crazy. I've got so many great friends who really care. I love them.

~Cori, Melanie, Brandy, Jean, Mary, Sue, Gina, Cameron (I luv ya babe), Michelle, Kelsey, Liza, Marie, Tay, Sarah, Hannah, Mandy, Cari, Sidney, Cass, Dona, Sami, Erin, Amy, Jessica, Gabby, Alex, Kiara, Karla, Elena, April, Amaya, Ruthie, Yasmin, and Georigia...I love you guys more than you will ever know.~

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Tuesday, April 1, 2003

2:22PM - Clubbin

I was out partying and clubbing with Cameron and Cori last night. Cameron and I have gotten so much closer. It makes me happy. I'm buzzed man...

I threw up from the time I got back (3 AM) hour ago. I hate that. But I love drinking. Esp those pretty little margaritas WITH THE CHERRIES. AND UMBRELLAS. YES!

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Sunday, March 30, 2003

6:07PM - Bored and tierd...

The stars will cry
The blackest tears tonight
And this is the moment that I live for
I can smell the ocean air
And here I am
Just a ghost to the world
That's exactly
Exactly what I need
From up here the city lights burn
Light a thousand miles of fire
And I'm here to sing this anthem
Of our dying day
For a second I wish the tide
Would swallow every inch of this city
As you gasp for air tonight
I'd scream this song right in your face
If you were here
I swear I won't miss a bea
Cause I never
Never have before
From up here the city lights burn
Light a thousand miles of fire
And I'm here to sing this anthem
Of our dying day

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Saturday, March 29, 2003

2:23PM - Whoo Whooo

Hey Hey. Hows it goin ya'll? I'm bored and tierd. I haven't been doing much. I'm talking on the phone with Melanie. Bye.

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Saturday, March 15, 2003

3:07PM - TGIF...S...why do i bother

Who could ever get tierd of the weekend? Friday night was fun. I went over to Lena's house with a bunch of people (some I knew, most I didn't). We had a great time. I'm sorry I can't write much...I have people, you know you've officially got no life when you start updating your blurty with friends at your house. Well, Jessica and Sarah send their love. They're crashing over here tonight along with Jasmine, Jean, Mary, and Lisa. They're great people. I love them so much. I was thinking about inviting Cori, Michelle, and Elise...but they wouldn't get along with my other friends. We'll do something tomorrow together.

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Thursday, March 13, 2003

5:35PM - Wow..sorta stuck now...

My boyfriend just asked me to have sex with him. I don't know if I should or not. Yes, I'm in love with him. Yes, we've been dating for a really long time now. And yes, I would make him wear a condom. It's just...I've never really thought about what my first time would be like. Should I go through with it? I don't even know waht I would do. I gotta think about if you have advice...

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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

3:22PM - Ouch...

I got into a fight today with one of my friends. My best friend actually. of them. Cori. Even though I'm incredibly mad at her, she's in one of my handful of friends that I would never want to stop talking to. And so it comes down to this. I hate not talking to her. And yet, I know I should be mad at her. Have you ever felt like that? Or am I just queer? Oh well...I dunno. You see, I found out that she's been saying some really nasty stuff behind my back. Like...lies. And that's even worse. She told people that I'm a whore and she can't stand how I never stop talking about guys. She also said that I'm annoying. It hurt. When I confronted her about it she started crying and telling me how she was in a bad mood that day and being really cruel to everyone. I believe her, but she still shouldn't have done that.

On a stranger of my best friends, Gina, just became a cheerleader!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH! She's like...anticheerleader type girl. She always talks about how stupid cheerleading is and she always critisizes it. It's the strangest thing. I don't know what's gotten into her. I'm kinda creeped out. And she'll have to wear those skimpy cheerleading outfits! UGH! Come on!! How do they do that? I've never seem her wear a skirt in my life. I'll bet she's the first "anti-cheerleader" to become a cheerleader ever. I mean, its cool and all that she's a cheerleader, I don't have anything against cheerleaders in general, it's just...she hates them. And always makes fun of them.


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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

8:54PM - I hate Sluts

Ok, ya know what, after reading my last entry...I realize that I'm not sorry at all about the whole Geanie thing. I mean, I was a first, but she's a fucking slut who deserves to die., she comes in like....the top of a bikini (in the middle of winter!) and the teeniest tiniest skirt I have ever seen. I also heard that she wasn't wearing underwear...but I wouldn't know...cuz I didn't check ya know? OMG and her friend an even bigger slut than her (hard to believe...but true). She is such a fo. I swear. She comes in an even sluttier outfit than Geanie. She had on a bikini top as well...and like...shorts. I mean...its winter. Use your common sense ladies. I hope she gets pnemonia.

OH but at least I got a little pleasure out of the day. I was walking out to get the mail and making eye contact with this really hot guy on the other side of the street...when I slipped on a patch of ice. I found this amusing. I thought you all might too...

I'm out for the night yall. Peace out.

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