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    Friday, December 26th, 2003
    9:20 am
    ~* HeY *~
    hey every1 wut upp? nuttin here jus chyllin FUKIN' BORED AS HELLLL!
    well my day reeli hasnt started yet cuz its 9:21...am... im supposed to go 2 the movies wit Krys today 2 see lotr. . maybe itll be good :-) im not usually into those kind of movies but maybe i will be wen i see it !
    im also supposed to chill wit the-->BLACK JESUS 2 day--->lol Krystin---> but i dont think thats guna work out.... ;-) ;-).. rite now im juss chillin listenin to my nucckaa fifty...yea hes mad hott I LOVE HIM !! lol
    ...aightttttttttttt im guna go my niqqaz n Ho0cHiEzz * PEaCe * oUt ** KaRa mAdd LoViN

    Current Mood: hot
    Current Music: -50 Cent - Paitiently Waiting
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