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boo ya homes [01 May 2003|01:28pm]
[ mood | amused ]

ok so i couldnt update cuz these cunt rag librarians kicked me out of the writing center cuz i forgot my internet use card. today cait is picking me up @ liek 3 and im sleeping there. im going to school with her and candice 2morro. candice is coming with her to pick her up. shes gunna do my hair in dreads tonight. tomorro night were going to this thing called the punk rock prom liek u need to go with a date so me cait candice and nikki are all goin together. 2morro cait has an inschool so im gunna have to sit there with her all day.

ya so im going to change my layout soon cuz im sick of this happy shit.

imma make like a chinc and overpopulate the country.. love peace and crabs - mare

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