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Friday, February 13th, 2004
2:37 pm
Today was pretty boring. So I'll talk about yesterday...since i didn't write yesterday. First for the fights at school daily update these two seventh grade girls slapped the shit out of each other. Pretty amusing. Not much else happened until guitar. my teacher, Jamie just got his wisdon teeth pulled so he was a little doped up on painkillers. He froze. Right in the middle of class and stayed frozen for about 10 minutes staring at nothing. Then when he finally snaps out of it he's like "oh sorry" and continues on with the lesson like nothing happened. THEN as I was leaving i saw him staring out the window and he said "I can't believe he's here!!" and this kid walks in. Jamie starts freaking out at the kid and screaming so i leave. My guitar teacher scares me 0.0...and thats about it. Now for today not much happened. I was supossed to meet Greg after school....but i had to take the bus...blah I hate the bus. Tonight I might go to the movies to see 50 first dates. I dunno if I'm going yet.
Thats all folks!

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Wednesday, February 11th, 2004
5:38 pm - quizzes
The boredom has finally taken over so i took some quizzes....here are my results!

bare feet
Barefoot- free, rebellious, and wild, you hate
boundries and rules. You tend to be on the
crazy side and often sweep people up along with
you. You are most likely the leader of your
group of friends. [please vote! thank you! :)]

What Kind of Shoe Are You?
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your fuck.

What swear word are you?
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Fight Club!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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3:49 pm - boring boring boring
School was pretty boring.....the usual stuff. Two boys got suspended for fighting. Not that that's unusual since we have around 5 people being suspended everyday. I've heard different versions of how the fight started but it seems like one of the boys was telling the other one that he was going to kill his family........in response the other boy beat the shit out of him. =) It was fun to watch since i hate that kid. Annie was absent today AGAIN. She's dying. She's always sick.... I only have one bottle of jolt left....yesterday I had four but i drank two and I sold one to John. Oh and sorry about the "friggin christmas" look of the blurty. My computer is colorblind so I'll have Annie fix it today. I'll probably write more later since I have nothing better to do.

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Tuesday, February 10th, 2004
6:58 pm - helloooo
Sorry about my last entry. It was just a test. heh. anyways moving on.....I've had online journals before but I usually forget about them. I'll tell you a little about myself for those of you who are too lazy to check my info. My name is Kerri and I'm 14. I live in a pathetic town in Massachusetts. I play guitar (very sucky) and music is my life! hmmm.......I have very dark brown (bordering on black) hair and greenish eyes. I'm single ^.^. well ill write more tomorrow when I actually have something to write....oh and if anyone wants my sn aim: xfreakfantasticx!

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6:43 pm - testing testing
muaaaaaahahahahaahhahahahahaha rfgsdndisugndiofjgdjfkg

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