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[27 Sep 2003|07:49pm]
im using my dj again...in case u didnt know...

sara g.
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writing for yesterday [22 Sep 2003|03:58pm]
well today was great...
then kaseys
we went on the pc for a bit
wo0p wo0p*
it was great she got a buch of incense...
a ring...
belly button rings...
and a picture with a white tiger...
it was awesome!
well g2g...

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[12 Sep 2003|05:16pm]

im bored...
there is nothing to do...
but sit here...
and wait...
oh no wait...
wait yea...nothing...
no actually i have to wait for it to be 5.45 so i can go to...
the game...
marching band rocks..
i love it...
gregg hates it...
hes gonna be on jv next year...
thats gravi...
i g2g...
getting ready for band...

sara g..
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from one of my favorite books... [10 Sep 2003|06:44pm]
stop pretending... )
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[08 Sep 2003|04:42pm]
church...my favorite place... )
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b-o-r-e-d [06 Sep 2003|07:58pm]
guess what? )
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[06 Sep 2003|06:54pm]
im over gregg and curk and everyone! time to wipe the slate clean and start over again...
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[06 Sep 2003|09:52am]
[ music | we ready ]

well now i know that curk likes sara...and im guessing she likes him back...joy...just what i need...another guy i like likes my friend...thats ok tho...i met a really awesome guy in the astronaut band...he plays the horn. how great. hes so hot! i had like a 15 minute conversation with him...it wouldhave been longer though if we didnt 15 minutes of break! lol...and i was gonna ask him what his name was but we had to leave! it made me SO mad...but my cousin goes to astronaut so ill ask her...80) and my other cousin is on the astronaut high drum line and i didnt even realize it! so he could have been there and me not even now it...lol...

hasta luego...

sara g.

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[03 Sep 2003|05:48pm]
I see the world in Pink
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[01 Sep 2003|10:32am]
guess what time it is?? )
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so... [31 Aug 2003|07:00pm]
well...yesterday was GREAT!
i hung out with kasey, ROLAND, CURTIS, and shaun...curtis' lil bro...i had so much fun! we hung out on the computer and went outside and played volleyball/monkey in the middle and ate chicken noodle soup then went in her room and talk about ol' times...i had a great time...
then i went to church today...
it was gravy...(sry kasey)
i had fun with ryan, kasey, and justin.
we took pics...
maybe ill put them on later...
ryan was molesting justin...
good fun...
well g2g...

sara g.
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[30 Aug 2003|01:40pm]
the best night of...well...yea... )
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[30 Aug 2003|01:28pm]
last night was the BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE...

it was my first marching band thing..

and i think i did great!

i wasnt as nervous as i thought i would be...


my hard work has paid off...

ive never commited to something...


but i finally do...

and it feels GREAT!!

god this is gonna be a great season...
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list of slaves... [25 Aug 2003|04:18pm]
[ music | the ataris-boys of summer ]

These People:

*Ryan S.
*Daniel C.
*Ricky L.
*Jennifer T.
*Victoria D.
*Mikal M.

Are Slaves For:

*Sara G.
*Sara K.
*Justin F.
*Justin B.
*Tina L.
*Kasey H.
*Meghan H.

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uhhh [25 Aug 2003|03:48pm]
ever since i found out how to do the page thingy ive been doing it a lot...i just think its cooli-0...80)

one more time... )
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haha [25 Aug 2003|03:32pm]
go wade...its yo birthday )
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jest testing [25 Aug 2003|11:23am]
what a lovely time... )
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[23 Aug 2003|08:17am]
well i havent been up this early in a long time! i have to watch em...but i get to go to the movies tonight for watching her...well i g2g...my sisters bugging me to get offline...

sara g.


Meet 'Herschel'

my adopted

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wow...who cares... [22 Aug 2003|07:04pm]
[ music | fountains of wayne...stacys mom ]

15 Years Ago, I:

1. was in my maja...

10 Years Ago, I:

1. was 4
2. went to rockledge christian school
3. ??
4. lived on medallion street in front of kennedy
5. ??

5 Years Ago, I:

1. was 9
2. lived in nebraska
3. loved pop music
4. was very active
5. ??

3 Years Ago, I:

1. was 11
2. listened to rap
3. lived in california
4. had a bf named william
5. thought i was tough crap

1 Year Ago, I:

1. was 13
2. went to cocoa beach high
3. still listened to rap
4. liked brad...LoL
5. wanted to surf so bad...

Yesterday, I:

1. went to school
2. went to band practice
3. kinda sorta hung out with...*someone
4. got a tad bit better at my clarinet
5. discovered it was broken...lol

Today, I:

1. went to school
2. had sectionals
3. learned more on my clarinet
4. felt lonely
5. walked...a lot...
6. was loud.

Tomorrow, I:

1. hope to go to teen fest...maybe not...
2. hope to go to the movies with sara
3. will HOPEFULLY sleep in
4. will be me
5. who cares...

5 Games I Like:

1. duck duck goose
2. man hunt
3. umm...
4. racko!
5. the games we play in youth

5 Things I'd Buy With $1000:

1. clothes
2. CD's
3. microwaves
4. hair dye
5. toaster ovens

Top 5 Musicians Lately:

1. the all-american rejects
2. simple plan
3. fountains of wayne
4. the ataris
5. ??

3 Bad Habits I Have

1. i bite my nails
2. im lazy
3. ??

Interests at the moment:

1. umm...
2. lets see
3. the big storm coming?
4. band
5. and...yea

3 TV Shows I Like:

1. boston public
2. road rules
3. that 70's show

4 Places I've Lived:

1. rockledge
2. nebraska
3. california
4. patrick afb

My Top 3 Biggest Worries at the Moment:

1. the game on friday
2. gregg not liking me
3. losing gregg as a friend

My Top 5 Biggest Joys at the Moment:

1. band
2. friends
3. gregg
4. yea...
5. hmmm...

so now that youve skimmed through all that...


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kennedy sucks now... [14 Aug 2003|03:35pm]
[ music | iron man...lol sara ]

wafflexcubes: hey...
lilStarWarsbabe: howdy
wafflexcubes: is it true that kennedys all strict now?
wafflexcubes: like you cant go in the commons in the morning
lilStarWarsbabe: yup
lilStarWarsbabe: yup
wafflexcubes: and u cant go in the commons at lunch
lilStarWarsbabe: and you have to sit in the cafeteria
lilStarWarsbabe: yup
wafflexcubes: that really sucks...
lilStarWarsbabe: and you HAVE to follow the one way hallway thing
lilStarWarsbabe: yup
wafflexcubes: well yea we did last year to...
lilStarWarsbabe: i c
wafflexcubes: i remeber last year when we werent allowed to stay in the lunch room if we werent eating...we had to go in the commons...
lilStarWarsbabe: lol....not the case this year

that really sucks...im glad i passed...unlike grant...80(...i miss him...

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