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Thursday, December 9, 2004

5:36PM - preety girl

Wow today was weird but funny. My b/f was suspose to call yesterday but he didnt and so i acted pissed at him today and he tried to avoid me alll day. It was great! I was bored all day and about at 7th hour i just died. I got the biggest headache too. I dont kno why...probly from being so bored! heh....well ima guna go cuz yeah...i have a life outside of the computer...i swear i do.


Current mood: bored
Current music: Preety Girl -Sugarcult
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Wednesday, December 8, 2004

6:03PM - yeah...

Today was oh so very boring....but my friend is freamen out cuz she is so sick of teachers and skool and stuff..shes really stressed out and i feel bad. I hate skool too though but not as bad as her. My buddy taylor got a new s/n and its really cool lol. Wow it was a boring day though. I swear this kid nathen is such a fag! hes so annoying and i hate him...same with this kid anthony ....ugh he alwyas say "prependictair"!!! its so gay and he was sayen milk today and i was like ANTHONY SHUT UP! JESUS!...i swear some day im gunna punch that kid. bored and i want a digital camra really bad but the one i want is like $149!! way to much...maybe ill get it for x-mas...maybe not?
ok bye!

Current mood: stressed
Current music: The used
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Tuesday, December 7, 2004

5:37PM - hm...

Wow today i was like crazy. In 7th hour i was like a dumb blonde! I mean i almost left the class room with an apron on ( im in cooking) It was funny though. But i was in the bathroom fixen my hair with my friends and this retarded girl came in and like patted me on the shoulder and then was bout to wash her heands but instead she put her finger up her nose and im like "No dont do that!" then she put it in her mouth. omgosh it was great! i was laughen so hard...guess u just had to be there. I guess today was an ok day.

Current mood: crazy
Current music: Sum 41
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