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Theres a place inside in my mind, yeah a place you'll never find.. [08 Feb 2003|08:00pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Needles=-=System of a Down ]

!!!!!!! I HATE MY BASKETBALL TEAM!!!! But, I don't hate my shoes, though. Man, tough day for me. I almost cried when we lost. And I decided to get fouled out for the purpose that we WEREN'T GONNA WIN!!!Well, short update. I'll report everything tomarrow in kick nut detail, for I am going to the tournament dance to get my women.

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I have to find you..I have to meet you.. [30 Jan 2003|04:36pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Our Diabolikal Rapture-=-His Infernal Majesty ]

Today I really was bored as a mo in school..I had gym for the second day and it really pisses me off that I have to change 3 times a day..Thats very pitiful. So, I went through all my classes, yata yata yata..and bam! Biology time. We had Caitlin sitting in front of me and E-Man, and its very unresistble to pull her thong up. And like the idiot I am..I did. And nothing happened, I just let her give me a titty twister. Not that bad. And then theres Quiet Keith..Jesus Christ was this kid a very perverted junkie. Caitlin gave him a titty twister, and BOOM! He gave her one back. And were just sitting there with our mouths open. We could not believe our eyes. Thats a feat only he went..and we don't expect him to come to school on Monday. Hehe. Kazaa is working VERY slow these past couple of days, and I'm downloading at roughly 2 kb per second, which is HORRIBLE. So, I got home and I slouched on my bed and began playing Smackdown Shut Your Mouth, and it BORE me to death. And I came down to my living room to stare at my computer and look for a survery to post up..So heres a survey that other people are s'posed to take..BUT I'M TAKING IT FOR MY SELF! Nyah!

1. My name George
2. My age 15
3. My height 5'11
4. My weight 174
5. My hair & eye color Brown/Brown
6. My birthday June 13
7. Do I have any siblings Yianni..
8. The funniest thing I've said/done With random people..I'm gonna make the list..
Bill: "..Are you naked?"-Me and Bill chatting with a stripper.
Joenie: "Ya know..one time I applied for IND!"-In the car coming home from exams.
Yianni and Kons: "Dude..are we like downloading KKK shit? Because I want to!"- Y/K's house.
Tree: "HI, I'M BRAK!"-Super Bowl Party
9. The worst thing I've said/done:"The horsey bit me."-2 years ago, talking about chess.
10. My favorite drink: Pepsssiii.
11. My favorite song & artist: System of a Down, Disturbed, blink-182,
12. My favorite movie: Jackass the Movie
13. My favorite saying: "Aww my luff..please don't cry.."
14. My favorite color: Black and punk pink. Don't ask.
15. My favorite number 13.
16. My best quality: My untalented bass skills matched with my vocals.
17. My worst quality: My bad drawing skills.
18. My favorite material thing: My friends.
19. What do I value: My friends and my family and my bass and my Bam Margera board.. I love that thing..
20. What do i enjoy: Skateboarding
21. What do i not enjoy: Chicks that are fat.
22. What am i proud of: My heritage.
23. Not proud of: Being in America.
24. What am i scared of : Nothing. Maybe Bob.
25. What pisses me off a lot : Posers.
26. What do i regret: Alot of things..no details.
27. If u could change one thing about you, what would that be: It would be my lack of grades.
28. If u could take one of your friends qualities, which would it be: Photi's able-ness to get chicks.
29. What do u think of yourself: I'm sooo sexy. Lol.
30. If u could give me one piece of advice, what would it be: Death is sitting right next to you everyday watching football with ya. And he's hungry.

AM I...?
1. Ugly/Pretty
2. Ghetto/Preppy
3. Funny/Too serious
4. Crazy/Calm
5. Loud/Quiet
6. Stuck-up/Down to earth
7. Immature/Mature
8. Good style/No taste
9. Nice/Rude
10. Bitch/Sweetie
11. Smart/Stupid
12. Cool/Dorky
13. Selfish/Considerate
14. Hater/Appreciater
15. Good friend/Aquaintance
16. Real/fake
17. Good girl/Wild
18. Angel/Freak
19. Compulsive/Relaxed
20. Holy/Atheist
21. Wierdo/Normal
22. Perfectionist/Or not
23. Snobby/Modest
24. Scared/Fearless

1. Pepsi/Coke-Pepsi
2. Greek Music/American Music-Greek Music
3. Movies/DVDs-DVD's
4. Parties/Clubs -Clubs
5. Friends/Lovers -Friends.
6. PC/Laptop-PC!
7. Comedy/Romance-Neither. Horror.
8. Rap/R & B-Noooooooooooooooooooooooo...PUNK.
10. B2K/112 - 182. Blink 182.
11. Summer/Winter-Summer..so take off all yo' clothes!
12. Basketball/Soccer-Soccer and Basketball. I BLEED RED AND WHITE, YO!
13. MTV/BET-MuchMusic.
14. Cake/Pie-Pie...
15. Oreos/Reese-I don't eat neither.
16. Ice cream/Yogurt-Ice Cream
17. Pen/Pencil-Pen.
18. Lipstick/Lipgloss
19. Tape/Glue- TAPE!
20. Guy friends/Girl friends -Girl friends. Guy friends don't watch Space Ghost.
21. J. Lo/Missy Eliot -Fuck them...No, not literally.
22. Vin Diesel/Ryan Phillipe -I hate actors.
23. Real World/Road Rules-Puck!!!
24. Gum/Candy-Gum.
25. Sun/Moon
26. Walking/Running

Yeah, so whatever. I just came back from basketball, and I am like sweaty as a mo. I feel like pulling the bass out and just ripping some chords on it. But, anywhos. My bicep is really hurting me..

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Whoo..Go Joenie! [28 Jan 2003|03:11pm]
Yep, I, Goerge(XFallFromGrace), made Joenie's journal for her. I mean, it wasn't hard. This is the first layout I've made, except for my self. Enjoy Joenie's journal, everyone.
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Life=Complete. [28 Jan 2003|12:15am]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | None..completion. ]

I know, I know. I found the Zorak wallpaper, but my life is NOW complete. Yesterday, at the graceful time of 2:46..I attempted to run up a table..The table was horizontal placed, and I had set one foot on it..and fell right through..making it twice now that I have fallen through a table. Sad, but true. Comment on my layout and things of the sort. Rawr, kiddies. I'm

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Awww my luff..please don't cry.. [27 Jan 2003|03:23pm]
If I see another banner flashing the words "YOU ARE A WINNER", I'll kill this kitten..
A kitten.

And then theres the Black Jesus..
A kitten.
What is keeping him up..?
So, I am freezing my bawls off.

Grandpa Ghostal: How ya doin', Blip? I need to start you out with some chin-ups.

Zorak: Stay away from me, old fool.

Grandpa Ghostal: Who's that red-headed fellow over there?

Space Ghost: That's Moltar, my director.

Grandpa Ghostal: Moltar, from "The Ovens of Moltor." I met your father once in a steel cage match. I wish you could've seen your old man! Weepin' like a woman after my patented piledriver! Yeah, your dad remembers me. Ooooh yeah! (monitor shows text:)


Moltar: But he whupped up on you pretty good in the Texas death match. (Monitor shows text:)


Grandpa Ghostal: Huh! 'Cause he snuck up behind me with a foreign object. He shoulda been disqualified!

Moltar: Hey, if the ref didn't see it, it didn't happen! (monitor shows text)
Zorak: You're shooting blanks, Grandpa!

Grandpa Ghostal: Shut your pie hole, Blip! Why, twenty years ago I woulda put your head in a half nelson, twisted it around, saying each letter of the alphabet on every turn, and then when I reached the first letter of my true love's name, it would be the lovely Elizabeth, I would yank your head clean off and roll it down the pike like a bowling ball!
Grandpa Ghostal: (shouting) Have you met any famous people on the TV?

Zorak: Stop yelling, she can hear you.

Raven Symone: I've met Whitney Houston, I've met Michael Jackson, I've met...

Grandpa Ghostal: Have you met Haystack Calhoun? He was a mountain of a man! I sent him home to Mommy with a rollin' DDT! How about Gorgeous George? Keith "Wild Moon" McDaniel? Leaping Lanny? Wildfire Tommy Ritz? They all fell victim to my credit! Purple, nurple, Jerry Belly, oh yeah! (Zorak sips coffee and Moltar reads a book during this monolog)

Raven Symone: (stares back in silence)

Grandpa Ghostal: You still with me?
Space Ghost: (invisos in) (stares at Zorak)

Zorak: What?!

Space Ghost: You know what, mister. I found my toothbrush marinating in the toilet this morning.

Zorak: Yeah, I rinsed it.

Space Ghost: I'm not runnin' a flophouse for degenerate bugs.

Zorak: Never judge a bug by its shell.

Space Ghost: What you see is what you get.

Zorak: Act in haste, repent in leisure.

Space Ghost: He who hesitates is lost.

Zorak: Help me, Obi-wan, you're my only hope.

Space Ghost: A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.

Zorak: Ih... I don't know...

Space Ghost: What did I say, now, wait a minute...

Zorak: Moltar?

Moltar: (looking at a book) Uhhh, sorry, Space Ghost, no good.

Zorak: Ka-ching! I am the quote-master!

Space Ghost: I'm the quotemaster!

Zorak: I am!

Space Ghost: I am!

Zorak: Eggs and ham!

Space Ghost: Waffle!

Moltar: (as Space Ghost and Zorak argue in the background) Stand by, McKean, roommate quarrel.

Michael McKean: Oh, okay.

Moltar: Yeah, I had a roommate once. Until I boiled him in his own juices. It's a side of me nobody understands.

Zorak: Grits!

Space Ghost: Bacon and grits!

Zorak: Cheese toast!

Space Ghost: Fortified milk!

Zorak: Donkey Kong!

Space Ghost: Nope, I win.

Moltar: (looking at book again) Wait a minute...
If you don't like Space Ghost...I hate you/
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The Purest forms of light..our days are never coming back.. [25 Jan 2003|08:36pm]
[ music | Oh my luff..please don't cry.. ]

My Hot List!
Space Ghost
Katherine Heigl
Brittany Murphey
Nadja Paulston(I think that's her name..)
Winnie the Pooh
Sailor Venus
Sailor Moon
Oh mah luff....

Please don't cry...

I'll wash mah bloody hands...

And we'll start a new life...

I don't know much at all...

I dun know wrong from right..

All I know is that I luff youuuuu tonight..

No More Wars!!!! Well, considering that the Genocide of Armenia is one of my favorite subjects, I should'n tlike war! Go System of a Down! Eep..

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Life..so..Unnecessary! [25 Jan 2003|04:14pm]
[ music | Bloody Valentine-=-Good Charlotte ]


Dude, isn't he hot wearing a robe?


Space Ghost: (invisos in) (stares at Zorak)

Zorak: What?!

Space Ghost: You know what, mister. I found my toothbrush marinating in the toilet this morning.

Zorak: Yeah, I rinsed it.

God, do I love that show.

I seriously think that this HAS happened to me before..

Whoo, Me, Christina, and Ashley(My newfound friend) are Zorak, Space Ghost, and Moltar.

Moltar and Zorak
Moltar and Zorak

Space Ghost
God, we are too cool. Too cool.

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I wanna be just like you! [19 Jan 2003|08:35pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Good Charlotte-=-The Anthem ]

Eeee..what a freaking cool song. Well, Bill was over and were talking all about Yu-Gi-Oh cards. I finnally got an Imperial Order! Muahahahaa!!! I want a Jinzo though. And my brother is acting like he's high. And he doesn't smoke weed. Well, the Royal Rumble was going on now, and we went over Photi's house to watch it at like 9 mi I beat Bill twice with my Uber Deck. Well, my newfound peices Exodia and Toon Summoned, were traded to Mr.Vasili for a Graverobber(SEXY!), Messenger of Peace, Imperial Order(XD!!), and my SORL for his Mirror Force. Omg, what a Rumble that was. I was expecting the Undertaker to return as the Deadman, and he comes back as that Hillbilly-Motorcycle Riding-Last Riding-Peace of monkey shit that he is. And Lesnar won the rumble, what a freakin' surprise..HBK get's thrown out first, and that pissed me off. HHH vs BPP was the worst match, but Angle vs Benoit gets a match of the year nominee. Well, i'm going now so I can go see Just Married with the Kliq..

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Sore throat..SAVE IT FOR THE RUMBLE!!!! [14 Jan 2003|02:59pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Disturbed-=-The Game ]

Harkness keeps emailing me, damnit. School is so freaking gay, I haven't got my jersey for basketball yet, my throat hurts, and I'm bored here in 3:00..Umm. Tired..Oh yes. Rumble at Spanky's house..!
#1:Lost Soul(Me)
#4:Lil' Yianni

Look for Spanky winning the rumble, and getting a shot at my Ultra Violent Title at Winter War. An Titan 3 is facing Vance whos facing Deadmarsh for the title shot against Sniper or Shawn Anderson. I also hurt my riba yesterday hitting a 5-Star off the top onto a flaming table..and like my stomach hair is gone...

Enough with the wrestling, onto nothing. Whoo. Save it for ther damn rumble, Nik. Variety Show in 4!!!

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Sleeeppppyyyyyyy... [04 Jan 2003|11:33pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | Current Video: One Hit Kill-=-Yu-Gu-Oh Episode 97 ]

Yeah man. Sleep owns. Well, the day of Saturday is coming to an end in 17 minutes, and what am I doing? Updating my damn journal. Sexy ass wallpaper I have up. Yami Malik is the man. I wanna be a Yami..Yami George, weilder of the Millenium Sandwich and the Millenium Mustard Pack, with the power of meat removal and seducing young women with my very evvviiillllll look. Now, if only Jess' teleportation device would ACTUALLY work..-hint hint.- Went to white marsh today, and saw mad people from St Clems. I didn't wanna talk to them, so I walked by, gave them a cold ass glare and walked on. Thats for throwing bengay while I was changing, dammit. I hated those people. But, then I went to the avenue and saw Nay. I have never been hugged that hard in my entire life before. And then I ran into Sam..-shutter.-

Yami Malik.
Yami Malik.

So, me and Jess were discussing about how much of a loser I am, and I turned her into an Otaku. Her charrie is now Anzu Mazaki(Tea Gardner), while I am the amazing, deadly, f'n evil, Malik/Yami Malik. A match made in heaven. My father is snooring away..MALIK FOR LIFE! I have a slight obsession over Malik..and no, not a gay one. He's sooo...freaking awesome. I even tributed a spot on my s.n list to him. Yami no Malikuu. That's sad as hell. My neck itches..really retardly. And now, to close off my update of the day, here is a quote from Shane's charrie, Yami-Ryou Bakura. Scared the shittos out of me the first time I heard it..:"I may have lost, but I will definately be back, and I will kill you. This is because I AM the darkness." I'd so own Shane if his Bakura didn't have the Millenium Tauk, Ring and Eye. I get stuck with the rod..A long one. ^_^

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I am yawning soo hard right now.. [01 Jan 2003|09:08pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | System of a Down-=-Bubbles ]

Yeah. Our break thingy is over. How about that. My shoulder is continuously hurting, and I think I'm gonna go get it checked out. Lol, I was talking to Underground right now, and he had this to say. Quite freaky, but anyways:

TheOnlyGrkPunk: Anyways..
WOTD Author: "A census taker once tried to quanitfy me, I ate his liver with some flava beans and a big Anaroda," ~Hannibal Lector
TheOnlyGrkPunk: lol.
WOTD Author: thats the line that made Anthony Hopkins famous lol
WOTD Author: that and the lip-smacking sound he did after he said it
TheOnlyGrkPunk: Scurry.

Thats some scary stuff, man. This was a boring day, other than the fact that Yianni and Kons and Spanky came over. But, I'm off to go to sleep, and get ready for the gay school. Peace!

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scratch off!!! [31 Dec 2002|03:16pm]
[ mood | geeky ]
[ music | System of a Down-=-Streamline ]

I'm The Anthem!  What GC song are you?
Which Good Charlotte song are you?

Dude, Anthem is a good song. But, since I am from Maryland, and so is good ol Good Charlotte. Ooh, this is for Kate. I met Benji at Ocean City and I was like "HOLY BEJESUS, IT'S BENJI!!!" That was too funnay. Damn them scratch off's man, my bro got 2 bucks and I got none.
Labyrinth of Chaos.

Dude, Feb 12. Labyrinth of Chaos comes out. Today I got packs of Pharaoah Servants, and I got a Gearfried the Iron Knight and Chain of Destruction. My mom didn't know, so I used the excuse that I would give them to Yianni. Little did I know that he wouldnt give them back..

-reaches into a bag, and grabs a card.-Ooh, card of the day is..Goblin Attack Force.
Card of the Day

Goblin Attack Force
Level 4
When this card attacks, it is changed to Defense Position at the end of the Battle Phase. This position cannot be changed during your next turn.

For this CoTD, I'll refer this card as GAF for short. ~_^

This card is currently the HIGHEST attack level 4 or lower Monster (not counting Muka Muka =/). 2300 is amazingly high but the card of course has a pretty bad drawback.. We usually don't care about the defenses of certain cards that were meant to attack anyway. However, because of the card's drawback, the defense becomes really important. Let's look at the DEF... 0... ugh. This means that once it has attacked, even a Magician of Faith can kill it. Although that is true, there are a couple of ways to benefit from it.

1. You can always use Swords of Revealing Light so that your GAF can be safe from 2 attack phases until he can attack again.
2. If your opponent uses Change of Heart on it after it has attacked last turn, he cannot change the card to attack mode!
3. You can Tribute it after you attack...

If you play beatdown, you should definitely play around 1-2 GAFs. I'm not really sure about 3 GAFs though... If you put Fairy's Meteor Crush on it, your opponent would be taking a lot of damage, even if it's only for a turn. At worse, you can keep it out as a 2300 ATK Wall and just attack when you think you can benefit the most from it. Don't overlook this card because of its drawback. Instead, learn how to use it well.

Rating: 4/5
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Slightly bruised and broken.. [31 Dec 2002|12:00pm]
[ music | New Found Glory=-=Head on Collision ]

For my first post, it's a poll. Merry Christmas, everyone. If you guys have any ideas for names of songs, IM me and tell me. And now, for my daily lyricism.

"The Game"-Disturbed

tell me exactly what am i supposed to do
now that i have allowed you to beat me
do you think that we could play another game?
maybe i could win this time
i kind of like the misery you put me through
darling you can trust me completely
if you even try to look the other way
i think that i could kill this time

it doesn't really seem i'm getting through to you
though i see you weeping so sweetly
i think that you might have to take another taste
a little bit of hell this time

lie to me
lie to me

is she not right?
is she insane?
will she now
run for life in the battle that ends this day
is she not right?
is she insane?
will she now
run for her life now that she lied to me

you always wanted people to remember you
to leave your mark on society
well don't you know your wish is coming true today
another victim dies tonight

lie to me
lie to me

is she really
telling lies again
doesn't she realize
she's in danger

the little bitch she went and she told a lie
and now she will never tell another, a lie
the little bitch she went and she told a lie
never lie to me

Name: Goerge
Birthplace: Baltimore
Current Location:Look up.
Eye Color: Brown.
Hair Color: Brown
Righty or Lefty: Right.
Zodiac Sign:Gemini
innie or Outtie:Innie..and I hate it. Too much lint...

Your heritage: Grrreeek.
Your hair: Thiche mohawk. Lol, Jess
Your weakness?: Chicks..
Your fears: Dying.
Your perfect pizza: Peperonis, Angry Peppers, Mushrooms, Olive, Chives..
One thing you'd like to achieve: Good grades combined with good music.

What is....
Your most overused phrase on aim: Hi.
Your thoughts first waking up: "Son of a monkey!!!!!! YOU WOKE ME UP!!!!!"
The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: Hair.
Your best physical feature: I dunno..Someone answer that for me.
Your bedtime: Weekdays: 9. Weekends: 2:00
Your greatest accomplishment: Not eating for 13 hours..

You prefer…
Pepsi or Coke:Pepsi
McDonald's or Burger King:Burger King
Single or group dates:Single. I just wanna spend some time alone with my girl.
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
Cappuccino or coffee: Cappucino..French Vanilla.
Boxers or briefs: Boxers

Do you...
Cuss: Yep..
Sing well: I'm a vocalist..what do you expect.
Take a shower everyday: Oh yes. I don't wash my hair everyday though.
Want to go to college: Yup.
Like high school:I wish I went to another, but yeah.
Want to get married: Yup.
Believe in yourself: Yeah, actually.
Get motion sickness: Nope.
Think you're a health freak: Nope.
Get along with your parents: Yeah, actually.
Like thunderstorms: Yup. I fear nothing..
Play an instrument: Bass.

In the past month, did/have you...
Drank alcohol:Nope
Smoked: Don't smoke.
Done a drug: No.
Have Sex: Nope.
Made Out: Nope.
Gone on a date: Yesterday.
Gone to the mall?: i went on sunday with Jess ^_^
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: Hell yeah!
Eaten sushi: Yeah.
Been on stage: No.
Been dumped: No.
Gone skating: Skate=Life.
Made homemade cookies: Hell no.
Been in love: Yaaahh.
Gone skinny dipping: Shiet...no.
Dyed your hair: Yeah.
Stolen anything: 4 Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

Have you ever...
Played a game that required removal of clothing?: Is taking a bath alright?
If so, was it mixed company: No...I take showers alone. But, if you wanna join..
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Nope.
Been caught "doing something": Nope..
Been called a tease: Nope.
Got beaten up: Hell no. I beat people up.
Changed who you were to fit in: In 4th grade, I was a wigger for about 2 days.

Opposite sex...
Best eye color?: Brown.
Best hair color?:Brown
short or long hair?: It depends..I like your hair Jess!
Best height: Shorter than me.
Best weight: Not fat, not anorexic.
Best articles of clothing: Anything from Hot Topic to Pac Sun to Vans
Best first date location: Hmm. Probably the Movies.
Best first kiss location: Away from my mom and dad.

Number of
Number of girls I have kissed in my life: 2.
Number of boys I have kissed: 0
Number of drugs taken illegally: no.
Number of people I could trust with my life: a million.
Number of CDs that I own: 52.
Number of piercings: None.
What are they: I dont have none.
Number of tattoos: Nopers..but I do want one that says "Screw the Rules". But I won't get it.
What are they?: None.
Number of scars on my body: None...
Number of things in my past that i regret?: A shit load of things..

-Have you ever told someone you hated them but not really meant it? No.
-Have you ever told someone you loved them but not really meant it? No.
-Have you ever lied to your boyfriend/girlfriend? Not really..
-Have you ever cheated on someone you were going out with? No.
–what is your Favorite hard Liquor? Liquor sucks.
-who are/is your best friend? Photi, Bill, Yianni and Kons,Penny, Theresa and Jess!!!
-have u ever lost someone u cared a lot about because of stupid shit you did? Yeah..
-if u could go into any of your friends body for one day who would it be and why? I'd go into Alex's because he skates good...

Holy mother of God, I saw Lord of the Ring:The Two Towers. That is by far..the finest movie. 1 hours worth of people beating the shizzat out of each other!!!!!!!

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