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just cut urself and fuck ur sanity!!! [15 Aug 2003|05:30pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

brandon came over for a bit yesterday and had fun

today me and brandon are going to chuckie cheese to my little cousins birthday....we may go to see freddy vs. jason tonight but most likely tomorrow since we have to go there...

i didnt do much today, i woke up at 9 and had to watch buffy and then brandon finally woke up at 3 and i talked to him for a bit...

now im just waiting for my parents to come finally not having to watch that irratating dog!! oh well its cute and its my responsibility but it just gets on my damn nerves sometimes...

i LOVE brandon cause i can trust him and we spend almost everyday together
i LOVE amber cause shes my best friend and we have been through alot and surprisinly after 11 years we are still best friends
i LOVE ansley cause she is also one of my best friends and im sad cause she moved and i dont get to see her

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hey vanity [13 Aug 2003|06:54pm]
[ mood | content ]

i got a tiny puppy dog, its a chiwauaua and its name is Buffy and its black....i have to fuckin wake up everyday at 6am and take care of it till my parents come home...tomorrow brandon is coming over and friday he wants me to go with him to see freddy vs. birthday is in almost a week yay
oh yeah brandon gave me a ring... awww hes so sweet
i love him..

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[07 Aug 2003|05:32pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

finally i got my damn license!!! i have to wait 2 weeks til i can drive by myself but thats not very real happy though...
yesterday brandon came over and we hung out for a while
then we had a good talk and i told him to never cheat on my cause that would really hurt me
and he said that he would never ever and that he wasnt that guy anymore and for me not to cheat on him and that he trusts me now
and i trust him so im happy i finally have someone i can trust again
i really love him now
well im going to ambers today to hang out with her

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awww im so stressed [06 Aug 2003|01:54pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

in like a hour im going to go take my drivers test!!!! wow im kinda nervous...
i just got back from being with my nanny and cousin misty..we went and ate western sizzlin and me and misty got caught back up with some gossip...i found out that my cousin samuel which is 16 drove here from panama to pick up mistys friend erica which is 13 and they did everything but fuck...WHAT THE HELL SAMUEL?!?! U SICK ASS BITCH!! SHES LIKE JAILBAIT FOR UR ASS!! HAHA anyway....brandons coming over hopefully today..i hope he does i miss his bitch ass haha anyways im gonna go later

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spitting is good [05 Aug 2003|09:06pm]
[ mood | high ]
[ music | kittie-spit ]

yesterday brandon came over and we smoked and damn we were both tweaked so bad haha i had no damn clue where i was...all we did was lay on my bed for 2 hours and stared at the tv haha i went to the mall with my mom and tomorrow i gotta go eat lunch with my nanny and cousin then go take my driving test and then brandons coming over...WOW

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cut it and it feels better.... [02 Aug 2003|11:25pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

yesterday brandon came over and we got caught in the storm and my parents were pissed cause i wasnt answering my phone..oops and then went and hung out in my i went with my parents to the mall blah and got some new shoes finally and brandon went to marks and got some green which he swears he is sharing with me!! tomorrow i want him to come over but i dunno if that is possible maybe monday? i dunno i just miss him even though we are texting each other right now haha i dont feel like typing a shit load so later
i love brandon!! YAY

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YYYAAAYYYY [31 Jul 2003|09:58pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i got text messaging on my phone today!!! so me and brandon have been talking on that today...and tomorrow i get to see brandon!! well hopefully if my parents let me see him..ok well bye

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blame it all on god again!!! [31 Jul 2003|04:31pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | none ]

yesterday Brandon came over and we hung out as usual.....he comes over every other day..alot of people dont know something about me that im not anymore...only 2 people know and thats drew and brandon...i dunno if i can trust anyone....its hard to trust people these days...

anyways brandon has text messeging and he texted me like 5 times
the last time said:
Good night brittney i love you!!!

i thought that was really sweet..he usual isnt like that but he has changed alot over the past month..
we say i love you to each other alot now and exactly its in i love Brandon

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blame it all on god!! [29 Jul 2003|09:32pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | none ]

man staying home is a bitch!!! im trying to think of what all i have done in the last few days....uhh...sunday brandon came over again and he is so nice...i was all say something nice to me and he was like "ur nice and ur really nice and i love u alot" and yesterday i hung out with drew, brandon, and amber and we went to brians house and then to hastings and drank nasty coffee and read wheres waldo books...tomorrow brandon is coming over YAY im happy...i love it when he comes over

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I RAPED GOD!!! [27 Jul 2003|04:39pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]
[ music | marilyn manson-the golden age of grotesque ]

wednesday brandon came over
friday i went with drew, brandon, and amber....we got drunk and then amber left and it was just and drew and brandon went back to brandons and yeah thats about it

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[22 Jul 2003|05:50pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | none ]

yesterday i met up with brandon and amber came too and we hung out all day
then amber left and me and brandon hung out...he may come over tomorrow....i hope he does....
anyways i think today im gonna stay home and go rent some movies..

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[20 Jul 2003|09:44pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

i went to wal-mart and got my pictures....alot of them are bad....i also got a sewing thing cause i sewed at duck a few days ago and now i got a ladybug...brandon went to billys house he called to tell me he was leaving...what a nice boy..edlee music sent me a letter cause one nite i was bored and i sent them some of my writings and they sent me something back saying they are "excellent" and they want to do a recording but it cost $199 so i dont think so...well atleast i know that my writings are worth something...maybe i could be a songwriter one day but i think im sticking to pharmachutocals instead....interesting subject.....well i think im about to go watch kangaroo jack...its the only movie i havent seen i probably wont like it but i have nothing else to do right now...

hopefully tomorrow i will get to see brandon... i miss that boy

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uhhhh im brain dead [20 Jul 2003|05:28pm]
[ mood | irritated ]
[ music | none ]

the day before me and brandon went to the mall for like 30 min and then went to my house...well we went to the abandoned house down the was fun....damn we stayed there for like 3 hours haha....yesterday i stayed home and talked to brandon all day and thats what i'll probably do today...tomorrow we are making plans....drew got arrested last night haha he was tripping on coriciden and his friend was driving his car and she doesnt have a license so it was all bad....he has to go to court and bail was $425 DAMN....well i feel ya drew it sucks doesnt it?? i hope u dont get probation or anything..that would suck ass

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i do it for the drugs!!! [16 Jul 2003|05:21pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]
[ music | marilyn manson- this is the new shit ]

erm yesterday and the day before i have been hanging with amber, brandon, and drew....its been fun...we got kinda drunk yesterday and we were high the day before at emmas...haha yesterday amber tryed to kick cassies ass hahaha that was some funny shit...amber would say "did u call me a whore??" and cassie would be like "huh?" haha oh well...ambers crazy haha but u know we all are...i bitched that chick out that calls brandon and the whore hung up on me and i called back and she did it again haha but she hasnt called again....

Anarchy4Dummies1: i feel bad for you kuz your mom is a bitch all the time
Anarchy4Dummies1: i wish i could just like snap my fingers and she would go away

awww i love my brandon

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mean mean mommy!!! [13 Jul 2003|08:44pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | korn ]

::yesterday i went with amber to brads band practice in pocola...the band is pretty good.....i was impressed...the singer is a chick named christie and she is really good...::
::today i sat on my ass and talked to brandon and amber::
::brandon was gonna come over today but my mommy doesnt feel good and so no one could come over::
::tomorrow me and him are gonna do something::
::im supposed to bitch this whore out for him that keeps calling him....haha amber already bitched her out, i guess she is so retarded she doesnt get it, i mean HELLO im his god dam girlfriend does she fucking need me to fucking bash it in her god damn head:: fucking whore::

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::numb me:: [11 Jul 2003|02:55pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | slipknot-myplague ]

well...yesterday was ambers birthday...i went with her to ink spot to get her navel pierced then we went to eat at western sizzlin...then drew came and got me and her then we went to go get brandon...then we went to joshs to get him...then we went looking for some alcohol and this chick got us some and we went to her apartment...then we all went to the park and then we went back to joshs...haha and people wouldnt leave me and brandon alone haha...anyways it was a fun day...
been fighting with my damn ass mom again....she keeps finding pills and shit from me from along time ago and now if i screw up one more time im off to rehab...haha oh fucking well....i cant help it...i cant just quit in like one day damn...i tried quitting after my overdose but no i cant...sorry for being such a disappointment...

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::still waiting:: [09 Jul 2003|02:50pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | none for now ]

yesterday i went to drews house and we were gonna go to gregs but he left with missy so...crissy and some guys were outside and so we talked to them and she said cara wanted to come over but she had no ride and i know cara and havent seen her in forever so me and drew went and got her and her friend tommy come along...then we went back to crissys and then i went home..what a wonderful day
then i called brandon at like 10 and he might get a job today :(....i doubt it.....i know his dumb ass...and he was like i'll call u before i go to sleep and im all yeah ok and he did at like for brandons nice to me but sometimes he doesnt get it....but i love him anyways...
so ambers wanting me and drew to come to her house and eat pizza ?? hmm ok

"You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug, especially when its waving a razor sharp hunting knife in your eye."
thats very true....

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well hey... [08 Jul 2003|03:02pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | korn-shoots and ladders ]

havent updated in a fucking long ass time....uh i thought me and brandon broke up for good but of course no we didnt...we can never stay the hell away from each and amber went to was ok but kinda boring.. haha last nite brandon called me about 11 and i was like ok im gonna ask u something... i was like do u like im bi?? and he goes no cause i havent seen u makeout with any chicks...and i was like well i dunno....and i was like i'll tell u tomorrow and he said probably i dunno...i think im attracted to some girls but who knows i got brandon and im fine with him....brandon only has to go to school for 2 months then hes getting his GED fucking ASS haha...thursday is ambers birthday and shes getting her navel pierced and i get to go month is my birthday and then i get to drive YAY for that too....brandons supposed to come over today he better cause i havent seen him since last week...thats a long ass time for us...anyways im gonna go

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can u cry underwater?? [11 Jun 2003|06:14pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

well today i was gonna go with drew but he went with big amber and big brittany and ashley cause its ambers only day off so hopefully tomorrow i will get to do something with i stayed home and talked to people and watched tv..i fought with my mom...last nite i watched old school...that movie kinda sucked i didnt much like it...tonight im gonna watch panic room or catch me if u can...probably panic so bored but oh well..

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do u think ur stuck in the sky when ur high? [10 Jun 2003|03:06pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | system of a down ]

yesteday amber and drew came and got me and then we went to go get brandon and we went to hastings....then we went to joshs and then we went to outer zone and then we went to the skatepark and then i went home end of story

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