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x...Update from Brit's...x [19 Oct 2003|03:27am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | x Story of The Year -Untill The Day I Die- x ]

-x-->holy shit its 3:16 am and im accually online!..well that cuz im at brit r's house sleepin over cuz #1 its her b*day and #2 long stry y...so neways heres how our day/night went.....--> at around 12:15 i biked over to Linz's cuz we had to meet bitt and her mom at her house...so we were waitin then they came....we left and headed down to get brandy...then went to the mall....holy shit we had to stay there from like 12:45 till like 6!!! thats 6 fuckin hours!!..oh man we had fun thou...so the frst thing we did was head down to Hot Topic and stores like that...i culdnt belive it when Brit and BaMs told me and linz that Hot Topic was taken over by the Gap!!!:-0...i was so surprised!!!...so neways...we walked around a hell of a lot untill Bams and Linz start to stalk sum guys....oh man they r pathedic...but neways...me and brit were following them around...it was annoying at frst then we got used to it...so then we went to Kb Toys...this lady had the new game "Bulls Eye Ball" so of course we started playin it....lol...so what ever u r score was u culd tell the lady and she wuld give u a sticker..it was kool...me and brandy got addicted so fast it was funny....after that we went to like all stores like 5o million times...we saw Amanda B. and kept runnin into her.....so long stry short we went back to Kb Toys the last hour and a half we had left there...so me and brandy started playin it again..oh man it was kool!!...we wanted to buy one but no one had the $$...im gunna ask my mom if she culd take me to buy one tmrow scence i got my $$Paycheck$$ 2day so u no....after the mall we came back herr and ate dinner and chilled out for a while tryin to find out wat movies were playin and which one to go see...so...after all that we went to the theater where "Texas Chainsaw..." was playin and we culdnt see it...:-(....but neways...so we went to Tommy K's and rented -The Excorsist- and -Frality-.....then we went to Linz's to go get movies...-Detroit Rock City-Night At The Roxbury-& Pet Cemetary-....then we headed bak to brit's to watch movies....we watched -The Excorsist-...omfg it was awsum!!..i liked it a lot...it wasnt as scary as i thought it wuld be...but neways...then after that we went online for a while then we watched -Frality- and BaMs fell alseep....so me Linz and Britt went back online after the movies cuz theres nuttin better to do....now its 3:4o am and im online typin this and Linz,Brit and BaMs r layin down talkin...im really fuckin tired so i better go upstairs and piss and come back down and go talk with them...ill write tmrow night to tell what me and linz did at her house.....
x Linz + Laur = Bffl x Happy belated b*day Brit!

x...My weekend...x [05 Oct 2003|10:37pm]
[ mood | thankful ]
[ music | x Law-n-Order:CI x ]

-x-->Saturday- It was a longgg day on Sat....so herres how it went......At around 7 i got up, get dressed ..and got ready to go to Laurel Gardens to volenteer....at around 8:3o we went and got manda then got Sam.....my mom was nice enough to let us stop at Dukin Doughnuts to get a drink or abagel or suttin...i got my usual bagel..manda got a water and i bought sam a hot chocolate...so after that we headed down to Laurel Gardens to help set-up the Ocktober Fest....we waited around for about 20 min for the activites director to come.....when she finally came that first thing we did was put up signs for where to park...omg we were havin so much fun witht that!...Lol....then Karen,the activites director had us clean sum small pumpkins so the kids culd paint them...and she taught us how to blow up balloons....next we set up the Face Paint and Pumpkin Painting table...then while Amanda and Sam were workin on the apple tree and the apple dunking me and my mom were workin on the reservation tables....that took us like a hour and a half!! ugh....but neways...while i was helpin Sam and Amanda all of a sudden Krystal yelled HI!!! from the balcany and her friend Tj was dressed as a clown...sam looked up and got scared cuz she saw Tj..omg she screamed in my ear!! it was so funny thou...so after that we all were hanging out...talkin ect...then it was lunch time...so we all went inside and got inline for the "buffett" table...there were hot dogs and such.....we got our food and headed outside to sit and eat....after we ate madd more people came!!...we were outside then me Sam and Manda started to hand out balloons inside....omg i saw this really really cute kid in the buffett line!!!....i wispered to sam "sam look over to the left in line...omg cuteness!!"...she was like "ooohhhhh...cuteee!!"...and amanda did 2.....after we went backoutside to join Krystal and Tj...Michelle,the director of the whole place, came with her daughter and her friend ...me and sam were madd cuz they had to help us with the face painting/pumpkin painting....rghh....but neways....then the little kids started crowing around us wanting their faces painted....me and sam painted like 2o faces and then Karen had the kids go find pumpkins so they culd paint them....so0o0o0o...after all the Karen had the little parade around the outside and the inside dining room...me and Tj (aka Krusty lol sam) took the back of the line and Manda and Sam took the sides while Krystal took the front....we paraded around....and we saw the kid again!! :-P...(omg he was so cute!!)....then after the parade thinggy people sat down for a little while longer then me and sam started the apple dunking...she was helpin the little kids while me and Jen's friend ashley were watchin...after all the little kids left the place where we were manda tried to get an apple.....then ashley was signaling me that she was gunna push amanda's head in a little bit....i was lip saysin "do it!!!"...then she did it...omg it was so funny!!!.....after that me and Sam decide to just hand out the candy bags we made 4 ppl who didnt win nething...all of the enjoyed it....me and sam (somehow) got the balls to go up to the cuteeee kid and ask him and the ppl at his table if they wanted sum candy....then it started to rain. :0(....so Karen had us take in chairs and tables...omg it was so tiring and painful!!...me and sam had major back aces after that!!....then it was time to go..:0(...me and amanda were walkin twards the elevator w*sam and my mom...but then we went bac to the hallway where we culd see the kid again b4 we left LoL.....he was to cute!!....so we headed outside to leave...then he was walkin out past our car!!! of course amanda had to say sumthin...she yelled "bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" to him..and he turned around....so then me and sam stuck out heads out the door and screamed "hey your cute!!!!!!!!" and he just kept walkin..on the way out of the driveway sam was like..marilyn beep!..and then i leaned over and beeped the horn...he waved to us...me and amanda were like...o m g!! lol....volenteering wasnt as bad as i thought it wuld be..........

-x-->Sunday-Today was pretty boring untill the afternoon....in the morn my mom went on a cleaning spree and we were up in my room cleaning for about 3 hrs...then at like 1:3o we went out to go to this kick ass band store called Old Glory...they had so much stuff!!!....it had all different band shirts..hoodies...blankets...necklaces...wallets...chains...braclets...patches...keychains...and everything else u culd think of!!! i got a Rage Against The Machine shirt and poster....after that we went apple picking....thne went to Stop&Shop to get dinner....then we headed home....today was an not bad day at all....
~x Brad+Laur=B.f.a.a. x~Linz + Laur = B.f.f.l.~x

x...This Week...x [03 Oct 2003|06:34pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | x Ludacris -Stand Up- & The Police -Every Breath You Take- x ]

-x-->This week wasnt to fun at all...it was the same old boring as hell snoozfest skool...every day dragged on...on wed. thou me and sam were sooo pissed off after skool...we stayed after for West Whims to see what it was all about...so0o0o it turns out Mr O. wants only juniors and seniors to make the mag. its not fair!!!....he sayd that the freshman culd be involved but they wuld have to, basically, kiss some ass to get to be an editor....me and sam were like oh hell no!..we aint doin that shit!!!...LoL...it was funny....but me and sam got sum kick ass pixx to draw from the old issues of West Whims mags.....so the rest of the week i get madd homework,...and i missed the computer like fuck..ugh...but neways now im on it and im happy...:-D...lol....gunna go draww.....
~x Brad+Laur=Bfaa x Linz+Laur=BffL x Max+Laur+Jen+Maddy=Tnf4L x~

x...A Fun Night With Sam...x [28 Sep 2003|10:12am]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | x Ludacris -Stand Up- & The Police -Every Breath You Take- x ]

-x--->Yesterday was a fun day expically when Sam came over!...so in the morning i woke up and hung around the house untill about 11:3o then i headed over to the store to help my mom...we brought over lunch and were madd busy!....we got sum rolls,soda, and chips for our lunch..i had chicken :-P...so neways at around 2-2:1o me and mom closed up...we headed home...then we went out to the store....Sam called and wanted to no what we were doin...soo0o0o0o...we decided to fuck the movies and the mall and go mini golfing!..(we Tiger Woods Jr's!! LoL Sam!)....I hate dinner and Sam ate then she came over at about 7:3o.....we headed to the golf corse and the fun started!!!...we got our "blocks"(lol sam)and clubs and started....oh man we were havin funn!!...me and sam didnt play the right way or nething...it was great...on each hole i signed the wood lol...it was funny...no one was around so we pretended to be Tiger Woods and were screamin -FOUR!!!!- oh man it was so funny.....then these fuckin kids came in behind us...o m f g we wanted to kill them!!!!!!...they kept goin to beinning of our hole then hittin the ball when we were still on the green!!..and their fuckin parents didnt even stop them!!!!...o m g...rghh...lol....so we wound up skippin about 4 holes cuz of them!!....me and sam were like fuck the score card lets play for fun!!!!!!!! :-P....and sure as hell we did!! we were bowling the golfballs down the green ogm it was fun..me and sam thought the kid workin the place was really cute so we stuck aound for a while...at around 7:45-8:15 we went to Friendly's to get sum ice cream..omg the guy was to funny...he kept pokein the register like he was makin music..omg it was funny!....then he kept callin me doll and sam hun....lol....so sam ordered a soft serve ch0c0late ice cream cone..he gave her a vanilla..sam was like "umm can i get ch0c0late?" he was like "omg u sayd chocolate? im srry"..she was like it iight...so he gave her her cone and he made me my black rasberry fribble..omg those kick the shit...then me and sam headed back to the golf corse to chill on the curb and so we culd see the guy..lol..we were sittin on the curb chillen, talkin about everything it was great...i felt like i was drinkin beer or sumthin it was funny...then at about 9:15 my parents came to get us...we were drivin down the street past the movie theater then all of a sudden sam was like "OMG FIREWORKS!!!" it was so funny...my dad pulled in the gas station then the movie theater parking lot...like 2 cars were there already watchin them then about 14 more came!!...oh man that was so much fun..me and sam wanted to sit on top of the car but my dad sayd no..:-(...so we were talkin and watchin the fireworks for about 2o min.. that was totally the highlight of our night....me my mom,dad and sam were all like that totally made up for our Waste Haven sucky fireworks...the grand finale was kick ass!!!!....after our adventure with that we headed home....my mom let sam stay untill 1o:3o...we were lookin at my drawings..and then we went downstairs to see if there was a movie on or sumthin..but the frst thing sam sayd when we got down there was "OMG i wanna play playstation!!" i was like alrighty...so we played SimpSons RoaD RagE...she was havin to much fun with that...then we played Simpsons Sk8...@ 1o:4o we brought Sam home and we heard her song on the way to her house..omg it was funny...she was dancin and singin in the back seat...omg it was to funny....damn i had a good time tonite....
~x Sam + Laur = Bffl x~Moosey & Ducky~xMilkshake!! lol samx~

x...A So-So Weekend...x [21 Sep 2003|08:01pm]
[ mood | jealous ]
[ music | x. Music that describes my feelings.x ]

This weekend was o.k. mostly boring but sumdays it was funn!-->

Friday-> After skool i walked the dogs with hef and amanda and kaitlyn decided to join us then they ditched us to go talk to sum guy.(go figure)...but then i walked home alone and dropped the dogs off..only to find my $32 check!! woot-woot!! LoL....so i got heather and we headed outside sk8in with out amanda and kaitlyn. We got max and hung out for a while...we all went around sk8in and then we met up with maddy again...she was nice...i still dont trust her thou...neways...she left and me hef and max started to hang out....heather invited me over for pizza then we were gunna go get Max and head down to my house cuz Max wanted a cd....omg we had so much funn!!! :-D...while we were makin a cd max was bein his funny ass self...oh man he sayd sumthin and me and heather were dyin!!...she was sittin on the edge of the coutch and she fel backwards...and i was sittin on the ground and i layed down and iwas laughin my ass off rollin on the groundd!!!!....it was to funny...then at like 7:3o spongebob came on and it was the Krusty Krab training episode...and max started mocking it..o m g it was wicked funny!!!! me and heather were absolutely rolling on the floor laughing!!!..it was so funny....we had so much fun...

Saturday-> i hung out in the morning and then i got heather then we ate lunch and went to go get max....we were hangin out then max went to ask if he culd still go to Smiles, but he culdnt..so me and hef went....we got madd tixx!!!...it was fun....we wished max was with us thou...:-(....

x Brad + Laur = Bfaa x Linz + Laur = Bffl x

x...Chillen days & stuff...x [12 Sep 2003|06:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | x BoB MarLeY-Legend The Best Of Bob Marley and The Whalers x ]

-x--> Im back! i havent written in a while cuz i got my new computer on tuesday for my b*day (:-D) and my dad culdnt get the internet on it..so i culdnt sneak on or nething...so herres whats been goin on-->

My B*day-->School...School and more School....but in the morning i got a card from my lovely parents (ya rite) wit $40! :-) Then school...during the day thou everyone was sayin Happy B*day Laur!! i was like thanxx but it did get annoying..neways....after school i came home to a new computer!!!!!!!!!!! i was so happy!!! but the only thing is that i didnt have dsl on it...:-(.....

-x-->School days & after..-->school was the normal boring as ever but after was funn.....after school i always went outside wit amanda and sk8ed...and got my buddy Max!..we all hung out and made funn of shaun and maddy...maddy had the nerve to tell me that she was srry about her dad yelling at us the whole time..i was like no he meant that and u told him shyt that wasnt tru...idc....on Thursday i got my job!!..im walkin my neighbors dogs everyday after skool at around 3-3:3o..and omfg!!!!!i went over her house on thursday to see what she wants me to do every week..so she was like....every friday ill be paying you $30..i was thinkin to myself..WhOa IM GUNNA BE RICH!!!! :-D then she sayd scence Lindsay didnt raise her price in a while so ill bring it up to $40 a week. i was like HELL FUCK YEA!!!! IM GUNNA BE MAKIN SUM DOLLAZZ!!! i was so happy thinkin to myself!!

-x-Today-->Today was another boring as hell skool day...after skool me and manda chilled alone then we went to walk the dogs...when i got in a found a check for $16 :-)....we walked the dogs then went outside sk8in..we met up with Maddy and the little dick...i got my sk8s on and me and amanda went around the block and met up with maddy again...when we were goin around we then met up with Max. I was encluding amanda so she didnt feel left out...so then amanda headed home to get a hoodie and go online...i went to go see where she was and she went home and went online....i decided to go home to...

~*x Bfaa-Brad x Tbf4l-Linz Ashlee Ashley Melissa Sam Judy Veronica Lyndz x*~

x...Cape Cod...x (& the frst 2 days of W.h.h.S) [01 Sep 2003|01:07pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | ...Mix Sum More... ]

-x->This weekend we took a family trip to Cape Cod..it was ok...but not as fun as i thought it wuld be..i had no one to hang out with but my damn parents..but neways...on saturday we went around shopping and lookin at different sites around the Cape..At about 4:3o-5:o0 we went to my great aunts house cuz she invited us out to dinner to sum irish pub..oh man i didnt wanna go...so when we got there, we stayed outside talkin then we headed out at about 2o 2 6...the restruant was like a normal 1 but it had a dance floor in the middle of it..so we ate...i had the grossest chicken ever!! they served it with ranch dressing..eww..it tasted way to irish for me..im likein the ItAiLaN shyt..(\m/ Itailans kick the shit!)...so i got madd bored and the music was pissin me off so my mom let me go outside and call Hef..i was on the phone with her for a while..we were havin a normal weird convo...lol...(not like that...eww)...after that i went inside and my mom told me that we culd leave....i didnt wanna stay ne longer cuz the music was pissin me off...we headed back to the hotel.....
-x->Sunday Aug. 31st- Today was a busy day..in the morning we went around looking at more sites then at around 2 we went to my great aunts for dinner...my 2nd cuzins were there...idlt very much...stupid 10-12 yr olds! lmao...so we were all in the kitchen talking for about a hr then dinner was ready..she had all the food i hate...turkey..roast beef...veg's...and all thanksgiving type shyt...i ate so little...we headed back to the hotel @ around 7 cuz we were gunna go mini golfing....me and my mom wound up playin at the mini golf place next to our hotel cuz Pirates Cove was jam packed..so we played and omg there were madd hot guys there!!! i saw them everywhere!! it was koo! :-)....after mini golf i got my sk8s on and sk8ed around the parking lot while my mom got ice cream....i was havin way to much fun! but then we went to bed cuz we had a long day tmrow....

-x->Aug 28th..The frst day of skool was ok..but i didnt get lost! i was so proud of my self!! we had a freshman orentation 2nd per...so i met up with Ashlee and Kaeley..we sat 2gether...we got basically the same damn speech all though out the day in each class..it got annoying....but the only good part about it is that i have ppl i no in all my classes..but spanish cuz i didnt go there yet...after skool Sam came home with us and we were supposed to go visit Bailey but it was to late..so we went outside sk8in and Sam rode my bike....we saw Louie Jamie Chandler and Lou's brother ride by on their bikes..they went to the other side of south street and they called Sam over...Sam came back and sayd they wanted Kaitlyn's #...so we went though this whole thing about gettin kaitlyn's #...after that Kaitlyn went home and Amanda went home about a hr l8er..then Sam went home....

-x->2nd Day..Today was a little bit better cuz i remembered where most of my classes were...it was the frst day of lunch and i bought...o m f g they have like 20 choices for lunch!!it was awsum!..me and Sam got a wrap...while Melissa and Ash got pizza..like we wanted but neways...i found out my friend Alicia from PacSun is in my spanish class! :-) ..shes awsum..when i was goin out skool shoppin she had me try on sum clothes and thats how i met her...and i found out that the grl from Hot Topic goes to W.h.h.s....After skool Sam was supposed to come to Bailey with me and Amanda but she went over Melysa's...so me and Amanda got dropped off at Bailey..we went inside and met Taylor and she toldus that we cant go around untill 2:15..i didnt get to meet up wit Max! :-(...but we went to see Mrs Bartley and Nurse JoAnn..they both were happy to see me..after we visited with them fo a few we went & saw Hewdorfer!! (LoL) then we headed to Mrs Edmonds,Mrs Pucillo,Mrs Ciampi and Elwood,Mrs Penna,Mrs Mitchell,Mr Hardy,and evryone else we culd see..me and Amanda r gunna help Mrs Edmonds out with the 6th grade Cosmic..(oh man it gunna be kool esp if Max joins! :-P)..we asked her if she had Max and Shelly..she do..and i told her that Max was a good kid and she'll really like him....and then she goes off and tells us to tell him all the badd storys about her..oh man it was funny! and she was tellin mrs Fuc about our 6th grade Cosmic and Class ti was so funny...After Bailey we walked home and were sooooooooo hot!!! oh man...l8er Amanda invited Kaitlyn up cuz she had the day off...so it was just me and Hef...I left cuz i was gettin bored......

~*x 8 days till my b*day!!! :-) x*~

:-( x...Last Day Of Summer...x :-( [27 Aug 2003|07:59pm]
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | ...Ev3 6 "Think Twice"... ]

-x-Today was a pretty normal day...except it was the last day of summer!! :-(...i got up and at around 11 Amanda called....we decied to go to Smiles for sumthin to do on the last day of summer...:-(...so neways...we had pizza at her house then at around 1:3o-2:o0 my dad came to pick us up and drop uss off at Smiles....We got there and got 117+ tokens!! we each got 5o-6o!!...So we headed downstairs to the bigger kid games...i started played a shit load of different games then I played this one game called AfterShoCk..and i kept winning!! it was awsum!!...I wound up gettin 1008 tiXx!!! i was so proud of myself...after Smiles we went home and went directly in the pool! it was sooooo cold...but we didnt care...After that we all went home cuz we had shyt to do to get ready for tmrow...:-( its crazy we r startin high skool! damn....but neways...herre r my highlights of the summer and the people who made this summer not boring-->

~x Those who made the summer as good as possible x~
~Pete ~Chris ~Andrew ~Linz ~Brad ~Lyndz ~Ashlee ~Judy ~Veronica ~Sam ~Kaeley (*My Rockin Little People & Nf4L->*)~Max~Jen~Shelly & Kaitlyn~Amanda~Hef~ & All my other friends who i cant wait to see!!!

*The Last Day of Bailey
*Visiting Brad and everyone else in Block Island
*My annual New Hampshire trip
*My week long visit to New Hampshire!! (*!!! FUNNN FUNN!!<33 Pete,Chris,Andrew!*)
*All the neighborhood hang-out days with Max,Jen and Shelly
*Makin fun of Maddy and Shaun
*Meetin Emily at Kaitlyn's b*day party
*Sk8ing around the neighborhood..
*My kick ass friends whove helped me through ruff times and stuck by me
& more but i cant think rite now...

~*13 days till my b*day....and tmrows W.h.h.s. :-(*~

x...2nd to last day of freedom...x [26 Aug 2003|08:29pm]
[ mood | ...A mIxtuRe of ThiNgs :)... ]
[ music | ..My WinMx MixX.. ]

-x-Today was a pretty normal day...i woke up at around 1o:3o and went online untill about 12:15-12:3o...i showered then called Amanda and heather...me and my mom had to finish up the skool shoppin and i was gettin sum new jewelry..scence i culdnt wear most of what i have...so we had our EaZy MaC and then waited for my mom to come home..my mom got home and we left....the frst place we went to was JcPenny to look at the skool clothes "essentials" lol...we were there for a while...i got hyper and i was like "mommy look at all the whoo-whoos!!" i was high..it was so funny...after JcPenny we went to Claires so i culd get sum new jewlery...i got a braclet and a charm that says Rock with a star..then we went to Hot Topic and i got a mood necklace and sum new braclets...they r sparkly and neon colors...after the mall we went home and me,Amanda,and Heather went out rollerblading...Bailey kids got their schledules 2day...not really it just told them their team and hr...hef's on team 4....we went out and we saw Colin but not maddy...so we asked colin what team shes on..and shes on team 3...me and hef were like "yah!"...so then we headed up to Max's to see what team him and Shelly were on..turns out that they r on team 5 and they have the same hr...me and amanda were like...none of our little kid friends have the team that we were on!....neways..we hung out wit Max and Shelly till they had to go eat...then we sk8ed around for a little while longer till we both had to eat...so i went home and about 15-2o min l8er Amanda and Heather came down to see if i wanted to go out...we went out again and caught up with Max and Shelly...we asked Shelly wat team Jen was on....and turns out shes on team 1!!! we were like :-O damn!!..so a little while l8er Max came back and he told us that Shelly was pissed @ him cuz he wuldnt let her come to Wayde's with him...so Max went to Shelly's to get his stuff and he went home to put his bike away..then he got his sk8s on and came rollerblading with us for a while...we were havin fun...i wish it was like that everyday...i always have the funest time wit Max...hes my best little kid friend ever....lol....i hope we can hang out b4 skool starts...
~*14 dayz till my b*day 2 Days till W.h.h.s- My Rockin little ppl~.-Max-.Jen.Shelly.*~

x...W.h.h.s. FreShiE ORentaTioN...x [25 Aug 2003|10:43am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | ...MiX of StufF... ]

-x-Today was the crazyiest day ever...but it was funn to! herrs wat happened-->This morn I had to wake up at about 7 cuz the W.h.h.s. Orenatation started at about 8, well i had to go get my new scheldule between 8-9 but then the speaker had to start the presentation...b4 it started my mom asked one of the Senior Peer Advacate if she culd takes us to where my classes were..Her name was Gina..at frst i thought she was one of those snotty preps then she turned out to be madd nice...When I found out where all my classes were a felt a whole lot better about the first day...when everyone was gettin their locker combos and shyt..i saw EVERYONE!!!-->Steph C,Cati,Antone(hes back!and not movin!),Ellis,Linz,Lindsay,Alison,Mandy,Jon,Kaeley,(ewww DIE DIE-->)Nicole H & Shaw,Naner-Head,Naty,Sam,Lena,Yvena,Ashlee,Judy,Rob A,Edia,Jessica K & L,Jill,Sarah K & G,Leiman, and madd more!! OMG it was soo good to see everyone again and to know that they all r goin to W.h.h.s!! When I saw Kk i was like Kaeley!!! and i gave her a hug..omg it was funny...I was kinda madd thou..cuz my enemy was there...N_ _ ole H....i just wanted to punch her and knock sum scence into her...i pray to god that i dont have ne classes with her!!....but neways getting back to the positive side of the day....during the presentation me,Kk,and Amanda wuldnt stop talkin..it was funnny...and Kk's sister was tellin us about the high skool and the diff ppl who were speakin....all of a sudden me and Amanda see from behind us, bryant get up and leave..i was like ewww...lea wuld of been happy! lmao...but neways...then like 10 min later all of a sudden I see Jon and his mom walk down the isle to find a seat...omg...Amanda started crackin up!! then Kk..then me..we were dyin!! but quietly..hes soooooooo ugly!!!..but neways...Eventually,FINALLY the guy shut up and we all left...outside I saw Antone and Naner-Head..I asked Antone what happened...and he was like "I just decided to just stay in Wh and go to Whh cuz all my friends r herr ya heard?" I was like "yup, thanc god we get rid of mrs tyska and Will this year!" he was laughin and then was like "Well see ya l8er.." i was like "iight thursday".....So we left and I saw nicole and naner-head walkin down to the track to see sumthin...i noticed nicole had her flag and i realized that she had classes during the summer..neways...when we got home I had to get ready cuz we were headin out to Lack Compounce....then as soon as my mom got back from the bank Patty called and told us that they're closed! we were dissapointed...So Amanda went out with Kaitlyn to get her new sk8s and i waited for them...We were outside sk8in for a while then we saw Max and Shelly looking at sumthing near Fred's shed...they told us that Maddy and Shaun were lighting fires back there...me and max started talkin for a little then I met up with Amanda and Kaitlyn....She headed home at around 4 cuz she had dance...Me and Amanda decided to go to the Conzenza's to swim cuz we were really bored...after that we came home to get changed...they were goin out to eat and i culdnt go...but neways...mom let me get chinese fo0od!! :-D...After dinner I just hung out the rest of the nite online...it was sooo good to see everyone today! :-).....
~*14 Days Till my B*Day!! :-D...3 Days Till Skool :-(*~

x...Party After Party...x [24 Aug 2003|11:26am]
[ mood | thankful ]
[ music | ...Mix Of Music... ]

-x-Aug. 23-->Today was a hangout day for a while then at around 12:3o i had to go get my hair cut and my eyebrows done...I was really nervous cuz it was my first time gettin my eyebrows waxed..so u kno..I got to Debbie's and sat down and waited..then her assistant Patty called me over to the sink so she culd wash my hair...after she was done i went to Debbie and she cut my hair and i got a blow dry..it looked really pretty..but then it was time...i went over to patty and she started puttin wax on my eyebrows...i was so nervous....but after all it didnt hurt..it did the slightest bit but not very much..so after that we headed home so i culd get my gift and go to kaitlyn's party...just b4 i left Amanda,Kaitlyn,Lea and Kaitlyn's cuzzin Kilee showed up..so me and Amanda compared scheludles and we dont have ne classes together..but neways...we headed down to kaitlyn's and just hung out for a while..then Kaitlyn found her cuzzin Emily..Shes really cool..When i frst saw her i was like, whoa..kaitlyn accually has a cuzzin thats not a prep! :-O Me and Emily had sooooo much in common!! It was kool...when we were in kaitlyn's room i found out that Emily knows Brad! I was like omg thats so freaky! My friends cuzzin is friends with my best friend!! damn that weird...but neways...we all were chillen in Kaitlyn's ro0m for a while then we all grabbed sumthin to eat....then headed to kaitlyns room...we just chilled inside for the reat of the day then I had to go....Me,my mom and dad headed to Linz's for a while...Me and Linz just hung out downstairs by ourselves...i started to play ThPs4...then we headed home...

-x-Aug.24-->Today was a cleaning day cuz my mom was havin the neighbors over for a little get2gether...so I was helpin cleanin for a while then Heather came down..then Amanda, to see if i wanted to go rollerblading..so me and Amanda went off and sk8ed for a while.....we went down Milton then all of a sudden we heard (in a strange voice) "Lauren!Lauren!" i new it was Max so I just sk8ed by and waved...then we went back up the street and there was Max again hes like "Lauren!!" and I was like "where r u?" i saw him and he was like" ill b out in a min"...so he came out and hung out with me and Amanda fo a while..he was gettin ready to go to his girlyfriend's house but he sayd that he culd hang for a little...we went down to my house and i showed Max this funny as hell bsb song that makes fun of them...it was really funny...but then me and Max went up the street and he left to Gina's,..so i found Amanda,Kaitlyn,Kilee,and Lea and hung out wit them for a while...Then at 3 me,Heather and Amanda went inside to get sumthin to eat and hang out..we hung out and had sum motz sticks and went online to make sum dollz..a little while l8er Kaitlyn called and sayd that Lea and Kilee were leavin so she wuld be up when they leave....Kaitlyn came up and we went online and made sum dollz...me and Kaitlyn had a hot dog and sum other food when my mom put it out on the table...then we all made sum more dollz then Max came back..i was so happy cuz i wanted to hang out with him cuz i havent in a while...but neways..Max came in and he watched us make sum dollz then he wanted to make sum...o m f g he was bein way to funny!! he was buildin stuff without savin them! It was maddd funny!..but after that Kaitlyn and Amanda went home and Hef came back to hang out with me and Max...We were hanging outside just talking then Heather gave us a tru friend test...Max wanted me to read it to him so i did....the questions were about me and him..and he answered all yes'..i was like damn! he does likeme as a friend!..well me and hef think he looks up to me..neways...I answered the same thing..So a little while l8er Max had to go, but he sayd he wuld be back...so me and Heather went in and went online for a little more...then everyone started leaving..heather left at about 6-6:3o cuz she was gunna go set-up her telescope...It was chilly so i put on pants and my hoodie and headed up to heather's..her mom sayd that she was downstairs with her dad..I went down and her dad was fixing sumthin while she was just looking threw stuff and talking...then we started to look through her dads old cd collection..he was like "gimme nething u wanna listen to" so heather gave him like a stack full of cds..it was funny..we were just skippin though cd's and listen' to like a min of the song then changin it...Heather's dad asked us wat our top 5 movies were without thinking...it was funny....automatically i sayd *Rush Hour 2*Bad Boys 2*Blue Streak*The Whole Nine Yards*and Space Jam* Heather sayd the gayest movies but it was funny...her dad was bein really funny and nice! i was like .whOa....a little while l8er we went outside to see if we culd see nething..turns out that we saw a little bit but not much...then me and my mom went home cuz we needed sleep for the .W.h.h.s. Freshie Orentation tmrow!..oh man i dont wanna see nicole!!!! rgh....i cant wait to see everyone else but her....
~*Happy B*day Kaitlyn..15 Days till my B*day!!!..4 days till skool :-(*~

x...The Last Few Days...x [20 Aug 2003|03:18pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | Y.e.l.l.o.w.c.a.r.d"Wear Away" and ThRicE "All Thats Left" ]

-x- The last couple of days have been really tough..but Ive gotten through it..so herres whats been goin on...

Saturday Aug.16th-->All day I just hung around then Amanda and Heather came down...A little while later we got Kaitlyn and went rollerblading....we were outside for a while then we went inside...We were rollerblading in the basement and just hanging out...Then Saturday afternoon Amanda left to go get her new rollerblades and Kaitlyn had to go out with her mom..So I was home alone for a while...When Amanda got back we imeadetly went outside so she culd test her new sk8s.....After that we all went home and I went online till 10 then went to bed...

Sunday Aug.17th-->Nothing really happened today...just went rollerblading again in the house and outside...At around 4-5:o0 Kaitlyn had to go home so we all walked her down...on the way we saw The Little Lovers and Colin+Laura...Maddy had the nerve to say to me "Lauren I wanna be your friend!" I was like, "Yeah..riiigghhttt"...I culdnt belive her!!!!!!! She had the fuckin nerve to say that!!! ugh..lol...well idc nemore..i dont wanna be friends with her and nether do Amanda,Hef and Kaitlyn..but neways...At around 7:30 we all went down to the beach for a walk..after the beach my dad took us to adams to get sum ice cream....while we waited for him we sk8ed around the parking-lot...it was funn....

Monday Aug.19th-->All i basically did was chill out today and hung out with Amanda Hef and Kaitlyn....Heather got her new rollerblades and we cant wait to teach her tmrow........

Today-->All I did was hang out inside and out with Amanda, and Hef..we sk8ed outside and in....Heather wanted to try her new rollerblades so we were sk8in for a while...
~*Pete x Chris x Andrew <33 I miss u guys!!! See u soon!*~

x...Po0l Day...x [15 Aug 2003|11:25am]
[ mood | refreshed ]
[ music | Ev3 6 "Think Twice"~and~Trapt "Still Frame" ]

-x- Today was a pretty fun day but it was really really really hot! In the morning Amanda and Kaitlyn came over to get me to go outside rollerblading with them. Even thou it was really hot. So0 we went rollerblading for a while then we caught up with Max,Jen,Shelly and Shaun. They were walkin up Lindwood from the beach...We hung out with them for a little while. Me,Kaitlyn and Amanda showed Max what we wrote on Dave's van..omg it was so funny! We well Amanda wrote *Maddy+Shaun* and Kaitlyn wrote (heart) 4 Life..oh man it was so funny. Shaun was bein a little bitch like always..and he had to get conforted from his girlfriend (lol dont ask inside joke between us neighborhood ppl,*Lea-the dolls LoL)....So we were up on Max's street when he sayd that when his dad got home we all culd go swimming including me,Amanda and Kaitlyn...We went to Amanda's so she culd get changed.....which took like 20 min so Kaitlyn sk8ed back up to Max's to tell him that we were comin swimming...By the time she got back Amanda was ready..We headed to my house so i culd get changed...After that we headed to Kaitlyn's....On the way down we saw the 2 loverbirds in Maddy's grandmas driveway..She had the fuckin nerve to give the 3 of us a dirty look...I was like Wtf we r the ones who shuld be givin u the fuckin finger and bustin u r a$s...LoL....so neways after Kaitlyn's we headed up to Max's by goin the shortcut...We got there and they all were in the pool already...Kaitlyn and Amanda were bein themselves and sayin that the pool was cold..But me, Im a different stry. I just jumped right in and went under...We had a lot of fun with Max like we always do...Me and Max were playin with the jellyfish I gave him...We named it Jeffery..(LoL Dont ask) We hid it in Max's budweiser tube thinggy...it was really funny...we were all havin a great time in the pool....Jenny's b*f (:-0) was supposed to come over but he didnt...Max was like "if he comes over im gunna ask all gay" it was so funny...It was really good to see Max todAy..we havent hung out in like over 5 weeks! I missed hangin with him and Jen..They both always cheer me up in some way...but After Max's we went to my house and swam for about 20-25 min cuz we were sick of po0ls...I went inside, showered and then ate dinner....today was a relief from the weather and great to be around diff ppl...
~*Nf4L- . Laur . Max . Jen . Shelly . Manda . Kaitlyn .*~*Maddy+Shaun= 4Life!!!*~

x...Day 6-Going Home...x [10 Aug 2003|08:52pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | LiNkin Park *Hybrid Theroy and Meteora* ]

-x- Today was long and rainy. This morning we woke up and waited untill around 9 to go to Nanna and Pappas. Chris was the only one up so mom made him come with us. We got to their house and Nana was in her pj's while pappa was reading the paper. Me and Chris sat down to read the sunday comics. Soon enough, Nanna called us over to have sum doughnuts. Me and Chris and mom sat down with Nana and had sum glazes doughnuts with sum orange juice. The doughnuts were O.k but not even close to KrYspY Kr3me or even Dunkin Doughnuts. So we sat down, talked and ate. About 2o min later we headed home. Me and Chris were a head of mom so we were talkin about different stuff. He was bein funny again! When we got back mom made me pack up the car so we culd ge goin...:*-(....We gave our hugs and kiSseS goodbye then left. We dropped off sum games at Nanas fo the guys b4 we headed on the highway. Long stry short we got backed up about a hour at the house so we were behind on goin home. The ride home was the usual boring..All I did was listen to my cdplayer and stopped to go to the bathroom...We got Wendy's again for lunch. But mom did tell me sumthing really cool. she sayd-->
*Mom-"You know that u mean the world to them right?"
*Mom-"yeah. They know that being a only child can be you no, so they try to make u feel like your wanted & loved when u see them. They want to treat u like a sister. To them u r more than a cuzin."
*Me-"Wow I always thought that I was the only one who sayd that they were like brothers to me. And that I treat them more than cuzins"
*Mom-"Nope. You 4 are so close that u can treat eachother that way"
-x-I was thinkin in my head, wow they really do love me..We got home at around 3-3:3o and saw dad. I did and I didnt wanna be home cuz I was having such a kick ass time that I didnt wanna go home!!!! This week RRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~*C4L x Pete x Chris x Andrew x Lauren x*~*x I <33 you guys like brothers!!x *~

:-( x...Day 5 In New Hampshire...x :-( [09 Aug 2003|08:27pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | Linkin Park *Hybrid Theroy and Meteora* ]

-x- Today was our last day herre!! :-( x10,000...I dont wanna go home!!...But neways, I woke up and Andrew was playin NbA Street while mom was cookin tauntins. I decided to finish my drawings that I started yesterday. I drew for a while then mom finished cookin breakfast. They r madd good but fatening as hell. A little while later mom got in her excersise mood so she asked me and Andrew if we wanted to bike with her. We sayd yes and off we went. We rode to Havrill Street and back to the house then we met up with mom and gave her water and rode to down to the Town of Hampton border line and rode back to the house. Me and Andrew went inside and the guys still werent up yet! It was amazing! Well they werent up yet untill about 1o:3o. After they got up Pete wanted to go surfing AGAIN. At around 11:o0-11:3o he went surfing with Andrew. A little while later we headed down for a couple of hours. At the beach I didnt wanna go swimmin so I stood at the water edge and watched Chris swim. I took a stick and started drawing SponGeboB in the sand. Chris got out and tried to talk me into goin home and gettin my suit on and swimming, but I still sayd no. So mom walked Andrew back to the house to help him clean off his wet-suit and and get ready to go to Nanna and Pappa's for lunch. I headed to shore and layed down and listened to my radio. Sooner or later Mom and Andrew came back and Andrew went to find some friends while me and mom played cards. Chris got out of the water and headed home to see if Pete was still watching his movie or not. Me and Mom still played cards untill she had me to meet Andrew to see if he found anyone. Turns out he found his friend Dave right in the area we were. So Andrew went off with his friend for a while. Chris came back and i asked him if he wanted to pass da foOtball. He sayd yea. So we were throwing it for a while then all of a sudden he threw it and it hit sum lady in the head!!! OMFG i was crackin up!!! Then Chris headed home. Me and Mom stayed untill about 3:45 watin for Andrew. When we got to the house Pete and Chris were playin *Wolfenstein*. We waited untill about 5-5:3o to go Mini-Golfing cuz Pete had to work. Mini-Golf was wayyyyyyy to fun!! There werent that many bugs so it was better. Chris was givin me a hard time again about my score. I culda KILLED him. It was really fun and funny. Andrew was bin a real competitive asswipe. Me and Chris culda KILLED him. On hole 8-9- or 10 Andrew broke his golf club and cut his finger.... Him and Mom went to get him another club and a bandade...While they were doin that me and Chris were practicing. Then it started to rain and me and Chris got drenched. We had fun alone together for that short time thou... We were makin fun of Andrew..I was kinda down in the dumps cuz I was leavin tmrow, and Chris made me feel a hell of a lot better... He put his arm around my shoulders and was talkin to me about Andrew. I was crackin up! He made me feel a hell of a lot better. After Mini-golf we went to KfC 4 Andrew and then went to Sal's pizza for me Chris and Pete even thou he was workin. He wanted us to save him sum pizza cuz he wasnt gunna eat @ work. At home we had our pizza and (go figure) played Ps2. At around 8:o0 we went to Hodgie's Ice Cream. It was crowded but the line moved pretty fast. We got 3 frapps and a chOcOlate ice cream for Chris. Me and Andrew practically chugged our frapps cuz we were so thursty. When we got back we all had out Ice cream and saved sum pizza for Pete. At around 9:o0-9:1o Pete got home from work. He sayd that it was sooo boring and they only had 12 customers in the matter of 5 hours.6 tables of 2. But the only good thing was that he got to cook the whole time. He is a good cook. 3spically Mexican...neways we all watched Dog 3at Dog together then played o07 NightFire. All night me,Pete and Andrew were crackin up at such random things! We were talkin about gay people, and I was just sayin random things adding on to what Pete was sayin. Im so hyper!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! lol......Andrew got the most laughs out of what I was sayin. Andrew went to bed and me and Chris stayed up and watched The Man Show on Comedy Central There was this on segment where Jimmy's partener was sellin B2S shyt. Long stry short he brought out a Chinese kid. He was tellin the viewers about what it does ..then all of a sudden on the t*v it flashed *WARNING-DO NOT USE ON DRIVING TESTS!!* me and Chris were dyin! Neways...Chris went to ned to read while I stayed up and watched Law-n-Order. I stayed up and watched t*v and went to bed @ around 12:15. I dont wanna go home!!! I wanna stay!!!!!
~*C4L-x Pete x Chris x Andrew x Laur x*~*I <33 u guys!!!*~

x...Day 4 In New Hampshire...x [08 Aug 2003|12:26pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | *Bad Company* DvD ]

-x-Today was a pretty normal day. I cant belive its Friday already!! Its crazy!! I dont wanna go! So today I was the last one up. When I got up Pete,Chris and Andrew were playin Ps2 *Wolfenstein* Mom had us eat and chill out. We were in the house untill about 2:o0-2:1o. cuz we had to get Pete Jones and then we were goin bowling. At around 2:3o we got to Pete's and got him and headed to Ex3ter Lanes. We got there, got our shoes and headed to our lanes. Pete and Chris had lane 7 and me, Andrew and mom had lane 8. I wasnt bowling to good cuz I had this attitude. But neways Andrew Cratchy (dont ask) wound up winning both games while Chris and Pete kicked all our asses. After bowling we dropped off Pete and headed home. Mom wanted to get dinner. The physco called and wanted Pete to save him from him boredum. He told him to come over for about a 1/2 hr then he had to go cuz we were goin out to eat. So mom had me hide me and Andrew's SunKist,Pete's cokes, the sletzer, and the chOcOlate bars. Alex came over, sat down and watched us play Ps2. At around 6:3o-7:o0 Mom kicked Alex out so we culd order chinese. Mom took me and Andrew to Ceals to get Chris his dinner then we drove to Ocean Wok Chinese Food Restruant to get a menu so me Pete and Andrew culd order. Andrew chose general saus chicken and chicken lo-mein, and me and Pete agreed. We played Wolfenstein for a while then watched *Bad Company*. The movie was soo good. It was almost like *Bad Boys II* but a little less action packed. After the movie we played Wolfenstein for a little bit longer then we all went to bed, but Pete stayed up a little while longer to watch the Simpsons.....
~*C4L x Pete x Chris x Andrew x Lauren x*~*Only 2 Days Left!! :-(*~

x...Day 3 In New Hampshire...x [07 Aug 2003|11:28am]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | *Old School* DvD ]

-x-Today was really the same old day. Me and Andrew got up early to go bring Chris to weight-lifting. So mom got us up at around 6:45-7:o0.Me and Andrew got a glad bag full of Reeses Puffs to take with us and off we went. Chris' weightlifting class was at Ex3ter High. After we dropped Chris off, me mom and Andrew went to the house to go online and get sum codes for Simpsons Sk8brding. and I wanted to check my mail neway. All I got was forwards, which I HATE! Brad didnt even read my card yet! :*-( and his birthday was 3 days ago!! ugh...but neways after we were at the house we went and got Chris and headed home.On the highway me and Andrew started chucking Resses Puffs at Wal*Mart trucks. It was so fun!.lol. So my mom sayd that me and Andrew couldnt have anymore cerceal for the rest of the day. We were fine with that cuz we werent hungry neway. When we got home the frst thing we did was play video games. At around 11 we started to get ready for the beach. We headed down and got in the water about 15 min later. At frst I didnt want to go in but then Chris literally threw me in! The ice water was soooooooooo cold!!! but when went in anyway. So me and Chris swam for a while then got out and headed to shore. Chris layed down to take a nap while me and Mom almost did the same. I went back around 1:3o and almost stayed but I decided to go back to the beach. I brought my radio to listen to while I was chillen. Me and Chris were jut lying there and basically sleeping. It felt so good/refreshing thou!.About a hour later we went back and played video games. At around 5:45 we had to go over to nanna ans Pappas for dinner. :-( When we got there we all sat down and watchd the New Hampshire news. Then me and Chris went on their grandparents computer and went on paint. Andrew came in and sat and talked with me and Chris. Then it was dinner time. For dinner we had (gross,shitty) chicken and stuff like thanxgiving food. Me,Andrew and Chris had tiny scoops of ice cream and chOcOlate syrup. After that me,Andrew,and Pete went down to the beach to go surfing. Pete was the only one who wanted to but me. Andrew came down just to hang out. We brought the shovel and dug a huge hole. Pete caught like a wave but not many cyz the waves werent very good. When we got back to the house mom sayd that she was goin to take us to Blockbuster to get sum videos. We went and got 3 videos and a Ps2 game. We got *Return to the Castle*Wolfenstein* DvD's *Old School*Dark Blue* and Bad Company*. On the way home Andrew started throwing pieces of the blockbuster bag @ Pete and he thought that water was dripping on him!! oh man it was so0o0o0o0o funny!!! When we got back we watched *Old School*. It was me,Pete,Chris and Andrew with my mom in and out of the livingroom. The movie was really good/funny but wicked fast moving. After that everyone went to bed but me and Pete. We watched t*v then played Wolfenstein. After that it was bed.
~*C4L x Pete x Chris x Andrew x Lauren x*~ Only 3 Days Left in New Hampshire :-(*~

x...Day 2 In New Hampshire...x [06 Aug 2003|04:25pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Thps4 & Simpsons Sk8brding Soundtracks ]

-x- Today was pretty boring up untill this afternoon. Mainly because all we did in the morning was watch t*v then Alex and (Uncle) Rich came over.He worked in his garden for a couple of min while Alex stayed inside and watched t*v with us.Hes a physco...literally...but neways We watched t*v for a while then the moms came home and a little while later Pete got home from work and then hung out with Alex, even thou he hates his guts...Before Pete got home the four of us went to the beach just for sumthing to do. Chris and Andrew wound up goin in the water practically with their clothes on. So we were down at the beach for a while then I left to go to the bathroom and to check if the moms were home yet. Mom and Auntie came home followed by Alex and Pete. They headed out to go to Pete's friend Chad's while me,Chris and Andrew+mom went grocery shopping! Auntie gor picked up at around 3:3o to go to the airport, even thou her flight wasnt untill 7:o0. After my aunt and Uncle left Pete and Alex were still out, while me,mom,Chris and Andrew went to the grocery store. We had fun shopping. The frst thing we did when we got in was go to the candy isle :-P. Me and Andrew got a pound of assorted candy while mom and Chris were picking out veggies and shyt. Basically me,Chris and Andrew did all the shopping for mom. It was crazy cuz we picked out mostly everything. After the grocery store we got home and Pete and Alex were back, but Pete told him to leave. All 4 of us arent very fond of Alex. But neways....Pete and Andrew went surfing while me and Chris stayed home and played Ps2. Mom went down to the beach to get some shots of the guys surfing. When mom got back she started making dinner. Dinner was hard and soft tacos with rice and refried beans. After dinner we all played ThpS4 and hung out untill Pete's friend Scott came over. So Pete left and a little while later mom sayd that she was taking us mini-golfing!! So she had her tea and off we went. The mini-golf place was right accross the street from the guys favorite ice cream place. Chris got a red golfball,Andrew got neon-yellow,I got black, and mom ot green. The frst 3 holes I was kickin ass! I kept gettin 2's and Chris and Andrew and mom got 3's+4's. It was so funny. On each hole (6-18) me and Chris were at it argueing about how many shots I got. We were friendly argueing thou. It was really funny and fun. IN a couple of holes Andrew just took the ball. And he was tryin to tell my mom that he got a hole in one. Me,Chris, and Andrew had a kick ass time together playin mini-golf. At like the 3rd hole Chris got hit with a waterballon fom a random moving car full of guys. It was so funny. The mini-golf game was great cuzin bonding and chillen together. So the standings were 1st-Mom 2nd-Me 3rd-Chris and 4th-Andrew. After the golf game we came home and played Ps2 and watched t*v and then went to bed. Our frst night without Auntie was really fun!
~*C4L-x Pete x Chris x Andrew x Laur x*~*I <33 You Guys!!*~

x...Back To New Hampshire...x [05 Aug 2003|08:38pm]
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-x-This morning me and mom didnt leave untill 12 cuz she had to go to the doctor.So after the doctor we headed to Kryspy Kreme to get sum doughnuts for me and the guys..We got a dozen assorted doughnuts, and I had one fo the cinimunn roll doughnuts...It was really good...So the way up was the same old major boring ride. All I did was listen to my cd playerand stopped with mom to go to the bathroom. Mom got me Wendy's for lunch and got ice cream for a snack. We got to the house at around 3:3o and no one was there, so mom called Ex3ter and they were there with auntie while she packed for her trip. Me and mom waited around and watched t*v for about an hour untill the guys and auntie came home. The frst thing they all did was sit down and watch t*v wit me We watched t.v for a few then Pete and Andrew decide to go surfing. Me and Chris stayed home and watched sum t*v untill the moms got home. When they did get home of course they started dinner. Which was, go figure, pasta with white sause instead of my uncles kick ass red sause. :-( The white "chicken" sause was ok but I still love red better. After dinner we watched t*v and played *Life* for a while then the moms went to the mall. So it was me,Pete,Chris, and Andrew home alone. Me,Chris, n Andrew were playin *Life* for a while. We were havin a lot of fun..oh man Chris' people were successful lez's..it was s0o0o funny!. Then Pete wanted to go surfing with Andrew, so me and Chris decided to tag along. Pete helped Andrew into Chris' wetsuit and left. Then me and Chris grabbed the shovel and bat and headed down.. When we got there Pete and Andrew were already in the water. Me and Chris were just hanging out and watchin Pete and Andrew in the water. Then I got bored so I tossed this sandy shirt @ Chris. Of course he threw it back. We tossed it back and forth for a while. It was fun. Then he started chasing me with the shirt which had sand in it! Then i started drawing circles in the sand with the baseball bat, but of course he had to come and ruin it with the shovel....ugh...Everywhere I went he followed me and runined my circles! Hes so mean!! (haha Chris!) So then me and Chris got bored and headed home. Chris was bein funny by talkin about Andrew. He was bein way to brother-like. but neways....When we got home we just hung around and watched t*v. Then when Andrew+Pete got home the fun started!. Pete headed out with sum friends, while me, Chris and Andrew hung out and watched t*v. All of a sudden Chris started chasing me and Andrew around the house wit his BbGun!! We were havin way to much fun!!I hid in Chris' room for a while. It was funny cuz everytime I opened the door there was Chris with the gun readyt o shoot me. Andrew was lieing tryin to tell me that Chris was sittin down watchin t*v but of course he wasnt. So that went on for a while but we were havin way to much fun in the process. After that we watched t*v sum more and had snacks then Pete got home and chilled with us then the moms got home and went directly went to bed. Auntie yelled @ us around 12 to go to bed. Tonite was only the frst of many FUN AS HELL nites. Im so glad to get away from my hell house and gay friends. (Except Linz) ~*I cant wait till the rest of the week!!!!!!!!*~
~*C4L-x Pete x Chris x Andrew x Laur x*~I <33 u Guys!!~*

x...A Semi-Boring Day...x [04 Aug 2003|07:44pm]
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-x- This morn was the usual same thing, get up, get dressed, run, and then go online, but i didnt get to go online cuz when I woke up I finished my second book! :-) im so proud of myself! Then Amanda called and teased me about that sumthing...but neways...she wanted me to come up to her Aunt's friends house to feed her cat with her..so I got dressed and went up to Amanda's then we went to the lady's house....about half way up we started to get HOTTT-n- sweaty...eww...when we got back i called my mom to ask her if e culd take a earrly swim cuz it was soo hot..Amanda's grandma came down with her so we culd swim, and me and Manda invited Kaitlyn 2...we were in the pool for a while then it started to rain..(lol brad)..we still stayed in cuz it wasnt thundering or nething...so I was tellin them about my weird,kick ass,crazy, i wish it wuld happen dream...then we started doin laps accross the pool....we got to 50 then me and Kaitlyn did 1o0.....After that we played my pearl diving game with the diving pearls and shells....It was funny cuz Manda started to hang on the pool wall and do sit ups..so me and Kaitlyn tried it and was havin fun! lol...then i tried it and i culd hang upside down backwards and touch the floor! It was kool..then around 2:15 i got out and got dressed cuz I had to go to the ortho to get my bracket fixed cuz it came off my tooth again...im so bad!! }:-) i broke my brackets like 10 times....i eat all the wrong things...hah...doesnt everyone with braces?......so after the ortho I came home had sum lunch and came online cuz I remembered that I had to pick out a Happy Birthday email card for Brad....so Ive been from online to workin on packin for New Hampshire TOMMROW!!!!!!! :-) (hahaha Amanda and Kaitlyn!!! lol J*k) ever scence ive been home...Sooo I wont be back till next sunday and ill write about my week then.....
~*Tmrows New Hampshire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*~ (lol ash)
~*x Happy Birthday Brad!! x*~(-Brad+Laur=BfAa-)

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