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what makes us burn every bridge we cross? [13 Sep 2003|12:06am]
[ mood | dirty ]
[ music | Matchbook Romance [14 Balloons] ]

I didnt have to work today. the fuckers decided that they didnt need me cause it was a small party. soooooooooo..I slept until like 7..got up..called Boker.. then we went out wanderin. met some goofey freshmen at the track. talked to them a bit. that was my Friday night.

I asked Bokaluv to take me to see Thrice, Yellowcard, and Matchbook Romance for my burfday. theyre playing at the Electric Factory in Philly on Otc 3rd @ 8 in the pm. she said shell see what she can do. hooray.

mom went food shoppin today.

Nick said there are emo boys in his gym class. I think Ive said this already. well..whatever. hear it again, and like it.. bitch.

I found a million and 20 pictures of Johnny Depp for Jamie.

this past month, Ive only been listening to the sad songs.

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please turn that fucking radio off [13 Sep 2003|04:17pm]
[ mood | dirty ]
[ music | Alkaline Trio [We've Had Enough] ]

its such a beautiful day. its sunny and then there are just random down pours of rain. <3

mom works late tonight. she went in at 1 in the pm and wont be home til 11/12ish. I slept in til like 12. I watched a movie that Jamie's friend let her borrow. good stuff. Kare Kano..one of those anima DVDs. I finished that around 2. its now 4:20 and I still havent done any of my chores.

I want to do something tonight. I want to go somewhere. I want to meet new people. like..I dont want to just wander around Bellmawr.. I want to actually go somewhere. I want to kiss someone.

I havent talked to Jerry in a while. he's been online, but hes not answering me. what the hell, I dont care.

I want to go to a show. I havent been to one in a while. I miss going to local shows and meeting lots of people and seeing all the pretty boys and girls.

someone come over. 30 bucks if you snuggle with me.

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youre a bitch but I love you anyway [13 Sep 2003|08:56pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]
[ music | Bowling for Soup [The Bitch Song] ]


still havent did my chores. I did one load of laundry. thats it.

Im lazy.


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