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    Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004
    5:55 pm
    i should be studying but i'm not...i hate this. i procrastinate way too easily. this really blows.

    redoing the room...going to be living in there now, or somefink.

    why do i still write in this...i never get responses. >

    Current Mood: tired
    Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
    5:34 pm
    Spring coming.

    I realised just how boring this journal must be. Considering that it's neither a Xanga nor a LiveJournal, it officially blows monkey, it would seem. So grargh.

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: ÄÅÓÐÏÉÍÁ ÂÁÍÄÇ - ÃÅÉÁ
    Thursday, February 12th, 2004
    8:40 pm
    Was going to put up another survey, but let's hear it for substance. I should be writing my essay on the topic of choice- does primitive religion exist? i say ja. but I don't think I'm using the right characteristics. i'm going to scream. >< my eyes are so tired, and all I want to do is read "boy meets boy." lovely book. buy it NOW.

    molly and i went rock climbing with rachel, and we made sex remarks the entire time, and timed ourselves up a wall that looked like a ladder. molly and i got 35 seconds- rachel got 22. the wall was 30 feet high. curse her. ><

    afterwards we went to rachel's to do "homework" and read her comics, listen to pop music and find the hot gay man action in her copies of "Fake" and "Gravitation." good comics. the art is gorgeous...i suggest them. i also flipped through a book called "gaydar."

    rachel has a fetish for gay men. she ships harry and draco.

    my hands are so callused. i scaled about four walls proud of myself. go kate. w00t. It still hurts to bend my fingers, but it's so satisfying. I love that feeling when you're searching for a hold and your body shakes, your muscles burn, and you can barely see, let alone grip the rock from the sweat dripping from your palms. you have to worm your way into small crevasses and cracks, and hold yourself up by sometimes pinning your body against the wall and bracing.

    it's fun. "go climb a rock." *saw it on a Philmont shirt*

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
    Saturday, February 7th, 2004
    2:46 pm
    Grorgh and a half
    I hate math. it makes no fucking sense. and pat got angry at me earlier for my new buddy icon *it's jake gyllenhaal making a funny face*. my mom said that i didn't have to go out to dinner tonight, but it's my brother's birthday dinner. she made me pick the restaurant, even though it's his birthday and should be his choice. my mom also got mad at me about how i don't wear any colour.

    it's just one of those days where you say 'i want to go home,' but you already are. it's that sort of mood.

    Current Mood: crappy
    Current Music: ÄÅÓÐÏÉÍÁ ÂÁÍÄÇ - ÃÅÉÁ (it's greek, I think)
    Friday, January 23rd, 2004
    8:51 pm
    d00d. Invasion of the earrings.
    Went to Oakbrook Mall with Rachael and Molly...bought two tank toppies, and...nine pairs of earrings. But one pair is justified!! I had these gorgey earrings in Salem, Massachusetts, when my family and I went on this crazy road trip consisting of...
    +Chicago---->Connecticut---->Vermont---->...that state next to Vermont---->Canada---->back home.

    It really sort of sucked. But I was all PMS-ey, and didn't have the little rubber backings on my earrings, and the posts are all curvy and fucked up. So, we poked around this damn boat for like twenty minutes, and after we got off and twenty minutes after the fact, I realised that I only had one earring in. I was so pissed off.

    But I found them in Claire's!! I thought I would never see them again, because I originally bought them in Connecticut, but there they were!!! I was thrilled! ^__^ And I got eight other was the SHIT!

    ...I'm such a dork. >

    Current Mood: pissy
    Current Music: Moulin Rouge Soundtrack - Your Song (Ewan McGregor)
    Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
    7:52 pm
    Finally updated, but it doesn't really matter considering that no one reads this, and if they do, doesn't leave a comment. I am so loved. *grrr*

    I was waiting for my ride home earlier with Pat, and I suddenly got really depressed and was the weirdest thing. Anne and I also told off this kid Bryan in our gym class...he just bugs us for no reason, hitting us and startling us. He also won't readily accept Anne's music nor point of view (he's pretty much hardcore Christian, Anne wears Marilyn Manson shirts), and he's just very annoying in general. We felt guilty, but we're not apologising because we meant what we said, and that's all there is to it. He's a dick. Nuff said.

    Arr...finals. I'm going to shoot someone in the head, then maybe myself. I hate studying...I can't concentrate. I'm actually in the middle of "studying" for bio...finished geometry, thank Claude, but now I have to deal with mitosis and meiosis. I'm not going to be a rocket scientist, so what's the fucking point? I'm just mad for some reason right now, and my mom was bitching at me earlier because I was online whilst studying...still am, for that matter.

    God. People are fucktards. *rampage*

    Current Mood: grumpy
    Current Music: ROCKY- Eye of the Tiger
    7:25 pm
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    Monday, January 12th, 2004
    8:51 pm
    Owa Tana Siam...more online quizzes, when I should be doing Geometry.
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    5:30 pm
    Got blood drawn today...arrgh. >< The anxiety and the waiting beforehand was worse than the actual needle. They're using the blood for a RAST test, which will determine just how allergic to peanuts I am. Whopee. Now I have a little blood mark on my arm.

    You're Chicago!

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    Yay! I'm Chicago!...I live near there! w00t! ^____^

    Current Mood: silly (slap-happy, moreso)
    Current Music: Lord Of The Rings - The Steward Of Gondor
    Sunday, January 11th, 2004
    9:47 pm
    Moulin Rouge!
    Watching Moulin Rouge on Vh1...typing during last commercial break. Love this movie!!!

    So sad...gonna cry now. *tear*

    This girl flirted with my wasn't his fault. But I'm pissed at her. arrrgh.

    Current Mood: grumpy
    Current Music: Come What May in my head
    Saturday, January 3rd, 2004
    3:21 pm
    Bandies Survey
    Gotten from my best friend Rachel, who is also in marching band ^__^.

    *Hi what's your name?: Kate

    *That's nice, I don't really care: Bastard.

    *Okay let's start with this, do you consider yourself to be a band dork?: Yeah...though not as dorky as some in our band...><

    *Are you proud of it?: Yep ^^

    *Do you like your uniform?: I hate the marching uniforms!! They're a pain in the ass to wear, they're ugly, and have huge shoulder pads.

    *Does it fit?: Yea for the most part

    *What does it look like?: A tux shirt, a black skirt with a slit, and a black bow tie. I like the collar...reminds me of the Beatles collars...^_^

    *Do you roll your feet outside of band?: Of course! We did that at Cedar Point in a line! It was so funny! And I do it in the halls at school, too! I love doing that! It scares people ^^

    *Has anyone ever said anything to you about it?: Sometimes, with Rachel.

    *What's your band director's name?: Moore and Noworyta

    *What do non-band people think about him/her?: Dunno. Mr. Moore has bad humour, though, and a lot of people think Nowortya is ghey.

    *What is their original instrument?: Trumpet, clarinet

    *What do you play?: Piano outside of band, vibraphone in marching band, french horn in concert band

    *Do you enjoy it?: I'm quitting concert band. I'd hate it if my friends weren't in it.

    *If you HAD to switch, what would you play?: Something stringed...><

    *Have you ever dated another band dork?: Dating him now. He's no dork!

    *What did he or she play?: Trombone.

    *How long did you last?: We've been dating for about three and a half months.

    *Do you still talk to them?: Of course. I hung with him yesterday.

    *Did your break up affect your band life?: Uh...that's depressing...

    *What is/are your drum major(s) like?: Sean can be a dork, but he's cool. Erin is great, too.

    *Have you ever wanted them to die?: No

    *Have you ever plotted out their death?: No

    *Have you ever went through with your plan?: No

    *Do you get along with your section?: Yep ^^ They're my buddies.

    *Are you section leader?: No. I don't want to be.

    *Do you prefer marching band or concert band?: Marching band, by far. I hate concert band. ((Ok, I hate it. There.))

    *Have you ever been ridiculed for being in band?: No.

    *If so, how did you respond?: Haven't been.

    *Have you and your band friends ever made and laughed at inside jokes in front of non-band people?: Of course.

    *Did they look at you funny?: People always do. I even got odd looks at the church in my sister's town...><

    *Did you explain the joke to them?: Not really. I'd start laughing halfway through.

    *Do you feel bad about laughing at those inside jokes in front of non-band people?: Not really.

    *What do you think about bus rides?: I like them.

    *In the dark?: I sleep.

    *With that special someone? He has his CD player on.

    *Have you ever made out on the band bus?: Kiss, yes. Made out, no.

    *In the band room?: no.

    *Does your band get along with the football team?: I have friends in the football team...I dunno.

    *The cheerleaders?: friend Kim and I made the cheerleader's hit list...we're on top...

    +the pep band
    +the marching band
    +that bitch who stole my boyfriend.

    *Football fans?: I don't know, nor do I care.

    *Do you constantly have the fight song stuck in your head?: No...I've hummed the show occasionally, but not the fight song.

    *The cadence?: It's cool, but never hummed it.

    *The giggle?: Pardon?

    *Does your section have a mascot?: Sort of...Chris Lee's head is like a chia pet, so I think that's it...

    *Is your section known for doing something?: The bows on the vibraphones...make a cool noise. Yay!

    *Are you a good marcher?: Pit doesn't march

    *Are you a good fellow band member?: I try...

    *Do you consider the band your second family?: In some senses.

    *Does your band room smell funny?: It can be really cold, but that's about it. Or really warm...oooo. Yay!

    *Do you believe in the power of duct tape?: Of course. My friend Paul made a pair of shorts out of duct tape.

    *Have you ever tried to convince people that duct tape is magical?: Nope.

    *Is your band director a tape artist?: My junior high one...

    *Is your band ghetto?: Our uniforms are...they're cheapo.

    *Has your band director ever filled the basses and snares with foam lining and packing peanuts for indoor season because the line is large?: Nope.

    *Is your band instructor hot?: Hell no.

    *Have you ever been harassed by a drummer?: No.

    *Have you ever been to a band geek party?: We've had pit parties...

    *Are your woodwinds annoying?: Some of them are...grr. But I love them all.

    *Are your brass annoying?: Some...but I still love them.

    *Is the battery annoying?: ((Yes Rachel, the battery is percussion.)) Sometimes. But, again, I love them.

    *Is the pit annoying?: A few people are absolute dicks (and very annoying), but otherwise I love the pit. I'm in it.

    *Is the guard annoying?: Some people used to hit on Pat...arrgh.

    *Who is by far the most annoying?: Two people in the pit, and a few in guard.

    *Does your band have any rituals?: Section cheers, the chant we say before we're dismissed...that's about it.

    *What's your favorite bus ride food?: Uhm...I've stolen Pringles from a friend...I like those. ^__^

    *Have you ever woken up after a bus ride to find your sandal missing and a nacho stuck in between your toes?: No.

    *Have you ever played truth or dare on the bus?: No.

    *Have you ever been dared to go up to someone in their sleep and lick a body part?: No.

    *Have you ever used the Bathroom of Doom?: At one point, this kid who is so thickheaded did, and we yelled at him. He tried to do it again, and we basically barricaded him from going in, and my friend Jo yelled at him.

    *Have you ever sang the whole show along with the rest of the bus until the bus driver threatened to make everyone sit in complete silence all the way home?: No.

    *Have you ever pissed off another band by playing your cadence while they are trying to concentrate on their cadence? No.

    *Does your band have any parodies to stands music?: No.

    *Do people in the band like to steal stuff?: No.

    *What's the craziest thing they've stolen?: Dude...look up.

    *What makes your band room 'unique' from others?: We have practise rooms thast are addressed as gas chambers...and props are always lying around.

    *Do you like those 'You Know You've Been In Band Too Long' lists?: Not really.

    *Do you like this survey?: Yeah. Being in band is nothing to trumpet about, though.

    *If you don't you might be glad to hear that it's over: Yay!

    Crazy?: Sometimes.

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: E! Television
    Friday, January 2nd, 2004
    10:26 am
    Something terribly sucky happened kinda started out as such...

    Me- *on the phone with Pat* "I'm going to see a movie tonight."
    Him- "What movie?"
    "Return of the King."
    Him- "...we were going to see that Saturday."

    I felt like such an ass. Then later, after the movie...

    Me- *coming out of bathroon, reaching into pocket to put rings back on after washing hands* "...I don't have the ring Pat gave me."

    We spent about forty five minutes looking for it...I think I've lost it. I was crying like a dork in the middle of the bathroom at the AMC 30, while a few of the girls and I were lying on the ground, looking under the benches. I felt horrible...I still do...I broke down in the middle of "The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys" as I watched it after I got home. I doubt I'm going to get it's stupid to cry over something material, but I loved that ring...if I hadn't described it before, it was gold, with an oval-shaped sapphire in the middle...two false diamonds on either side. I left my name, number, and description with the front desk at the theatre...

    I still need to tell Pat. I feel horrid.

    Current Mood: crushed
    Current Music: Tenacious D- Tribute
    Sunday, December 28th, 2003
    5:56 pm
    Went to my sister's place near WIU for Christmas.I got The Two Towers...again. So, yeah. PMSing...will shoot someone. *kills*

    More online quizzes...there are gonna be a lot of those...hahaha. Eat THAT.

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    I had no idea that I had so many on my compie...geez. O.o That's pretty sad.
    Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003
    8:02 pm
    Quizzies! And Chicago! Yay!
    Went to Chicago today..yay! Only about a day until Christmas! Double yay!!

    Snuggled with Pat on the ride back. He's so cute...^__^

    Took many, many online quizzes. Here's a few...many, many quizzes. Suck it up.

    A pirates life for me...
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    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: Lacuna Coil- Heaven's A Lie
    Monday, December 22nd, 2003
    9:48 pm

    My friend Ethan, who was buying the tickets for the LBC concert, IMed me earlier...the gist of the conversation was how TicketMaster sold him sold-out tickets, i.e. tickets that never existed. So we're not going. I am so angry!! I was all pumped for the concert, and it's ruined because of some douches that can't count how many tickets they have for a concert.


    "Feminist Roundtable is hosting a bakesale."

    Current Mood: pissed off
    Current Music: E! Entertainment Network
    Saturday, December 20th, 2003
    9:48 am
    I don't know why I wrote about that girl in such detail. It was just so weird, I guess. I mean, for those of you who have read Paradise prolly get what I mean. Odd outfits, and she looked like Miwako. *falls over*

    Anyways. Only a few more days until Christmas/LBC!! w00t!!
    Friday, December 19th, 2003
    7:28 pm
    It's Winter Break now. This morning, Pat and I exchanged gifts. He gave me a new thing of lip balm (lol), one of those oranges you smack against a hard surface and the slices appear, and an incredible ring. It's golden, has two tiny faux diamonds, and a sapphire in the centre. It's gorgeous! I'm so pleased!

    We went out tonight...Subway, then gaming store, then Barnes and Noble. He had gone to make a call from the payphone, and I was sitting reading "Paradise Kiss". Suddenly, this girl appeared, dressed in full Goth was girly-goth, though. Red ruffled skirt, a black sash, black corset, knee socks with little pearlette strings, black clunky shoes, headband that looked like it belonged to a flower was odd, but she was entrancing. She knelt on a chair, and stared out the window. She barely moved, and was kneeling in such a pose that it was incredible. She looked like she appeared right from the comic, considering that Paradise Kiss has some pretty awesome outfits.

    After a few minutes, Pat came back, then went to make the call again. A couple minutes passed, then she stood, said "Eric!" and ran to the side of a guy in a top hat, blue hair, gothic pants, a blazer, and the same sash that the girl wore. They walked off, and Pat came back. We went doen the escalator a few minutes later, and they were gone.

    Pat and I talked about her for a moment, and I said I was going to draw her. People with feelings about them like that just don't appear every day.

    I'll start in a moment. (Pat- I know you're not reading this, but if you are- I love you, and forgive you. You know that. ^^)
    Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
    4:46 pm
    I love Stubhy! He's got such a great voice...nummy. I can't wait for LBC/Swizzle Tree/The Dog and Everything on the 26th!! Party!

    I just realised that my homework isn't as bad as I thought...oh. Put up a new avatary-thingy. *points* It's Death from "Sandman" and the Death comic series', by Neil Gaiman (incredible shit. Read it). As said, my homework isn't bad at all...just speech. Fucking portfolio...*shakes fist*.

    Will prolly write again later...not now. Start portfolio. Get stuff gathered for party tomorrow, including those fucking four-dozen cookies...I will kill someone. Grrr.

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: Orlando Bloom on TV, LBC- Fred Astaire
    Tuesday, December 16th, 2003
    6:28 pm
    Personality quiz, baby
    The Big Five Personality Test
    Extroverted|||||||||||||| 56%
    Introverted |||||||||||| 44%
    Friendly |||||||||||||| 60%
    Aggressive |||||||||| 40%
    Orderly |||||||||||| 44%
    Disorderly |||||||||||||| 56%
    Relaxed |||||||||||| 50%
    Openminded |||||||||||||||||| 78%
    Closeminded |||||| 22%
    Take Free Big 5 Personality Test

    Extroversion results were moderately high which suggests you are talkative, optimistic, sociable and affectionate but possibly not very reflective.

    Friendliness results were moderately high which suggests you are good natured, trusting, and helpful but possibly too much of a follower

    Orderliness results were moderately low which suggests you tend to be unreliable, lazy, careless, and unmotivated.

    Emotional Stability results were medium which suggests you are moderately worrying, insecure, emotional, and nervous.

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    Overall (of the Big 5 factors), you scored highest on Openmindedness and lowest on Orderliness.
    *taken from Car- i love Car! ^^*

    My new cursor is Santa hugging reindeer. So cute, so cute.

    Listening to Queer Eye theme...All Things by WideLife. It's awesomeness.

    +I got hit in the face with a carabeaner (I have no idea how to spell it...the clip that goes onto your belt when you rock-climb, and it's attatched to a belay rope so you don't fall and die), and the metal hit my chin. Pain.
    +I got chalk on my ass, because Bryan hit me with the chalk bag
    +Pat is angry with me about Bryan-chalk-ass thing (he's not angry, just watching Bryan)
    +I have two huge projects- one due tomorrow, one Friday...grorgh.
    +I think my left ear piercing is infected. It's swollen a tiny bit...arrgh.
    +I'm so damn tired.
    +My friend Joe told me about this scary video he saw at a driving school...he said that there was this dude who went in front of a moving train drunk, and was impaled on the train. It looked like he was just slumped over.

    +Queer Eye is on tonight
    +I know I am loved
    +Doing stuff for genetics (I love that part of Biology)
    +...that's it.

    Current Mood: cranky
    Current Music: WideLife- All Things
    4:09 pm
    Dum daa doo
    Return of the King comes out at midnight!! I'm so excited...two of my friends already have tickets for the 12:01 showing. Those lucky bastards...>< Anywayz.

    Watching the cast on TRL...Billy Boyd is so cute. Cute Scottish accent. That's really the only reason I'm watching TRL...otherwise, I hate it. I mean, Kelly Clarkson is on the fucking countdown with some sapfest of a song.

    I love Elijah Wood...he has the nicest eyes! Dear God. Oh baby. Still watching...and I'm hungry. >< All I've eaten so far after school is a Dr. Pepper, and a bagel. Still hungry...and part of a speech to do. And a math project. Kill meh.
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