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I really need a life... [12 May 2003|10:29am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Man Overboard-Blink 182 ]

i really need to stop getting new journals. i have to many. i think i may as well keep this as my permanent one because i like it. ok, so i stayed home from school. but i did get my music project and everything done like i was supposed to. but i can hardly even talk. so anyways, i'll introduce myself, my name is sarah. i have many other jounals which you have most likely come across. -lists-:

blah there's more, i can't remember them all. so anyways, on with my retarded life.
i will fill you in if you haven't read my old journals...
well, last night i freaked at nathan(my boyfriend) because everyone was telling me that the night he asked me out, he was 'fucking' around with brooke. and christine. and brooke said nathan asked her out, but she said i dont know, and nathan then asked me out. but then nathan and all of his friends who were with him at the time when he supposedly did stuff with brooke, said he didn't. and he swore to me he didn't. and i don't knowww. but whatever. im really sick of people trying to ruin my happiness. you can all suck the dick i don't posses.

i also freaked at christine last night. because she keeps lying and changing her stories. and everyones trying to stop me from knowing the truth because they don't want me to get hurt. and i havent told christine anything in like the past 5 months, so i think she was shocked. because i was all, you all think i'm getting better from my depression but you don't see i'm worse. and she was like, but you're always smiling. i was like yeah, paint a smile and pretend. she'll probably get everyone to lay off of me. Which I hope she does.

Alright... welp. I'm gonna go now.

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