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<0o ice cream [28 Aug 2003|10:11am]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | barney song.... ]

new backround....i look so gay...but i think thats the point lol. so i give evryon permission to make fun of me. ok omg its so early but i had to get up cuz painters are here and i needed to babysit my sister and then go to an ortho appt. urg i hate those!! uggh im so tired i dont wanna move. l8er toda muh sk8ers(jen sharon and liz) are prolly coming ovr to watch the VMA'd s and hang out and swim and stuff! so call me sk8ers! lol you know muh number! <0o =ice cream < <111< = carrot and saris gay version of <222... <222 =love <3333= love
<444 =some other shit. lol ok well 831 everybody
<222 always~


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