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Hey babes! [10 Aug 2003|12:47pm]
[ mood | hot ]
[ music | stacy's mom...fountains of wayne ]

wassup dudes...
im not doing anything cept trying to fix mah blurty and i hope it will look good lol! someone fucked with my other one and im pissed about it too! jezuz ppl have some respect. im not doing nuthin cept sitting in my PJ's but later im going shopping for a dress(i never thought this day would come)!! haha just messin i actually think it'll be fun! lol! i got the MEST cd its super good. haha. anywayz i dont have anything else to say except this..look::
kiss my ass2
congratulations. you are the kiss my ass happy
bunny. You don't care about anyone or anything.
You must be so proud

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