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Thursday, July 7th, 2005

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    Wow I HAd So Much Fun today first i over slept and missed a 20 minute run for field hockey then i got home n i help mi dad work on mi pool but was told i had to push mi party back two more week i was thinking wow mi life sucks the lauren was talking to me and was like katie wanna come over and i was like yea so i went ove her house at laurens we chilled with jamie leesa and tina then later that nyte we chill ed with chris and frank i adore chris with a purning passion wow i love him so much but i dont think he loves me then hen chris went inside me and lauren went back to her house and watched tv we watched made and the rreal world wow it was fun i would so like to do that again exspecially he hanin gout with chris part is was fun he is so kewl i love him with every piece of mi fuck ing heart tommorws gonna be fun i have ffield hockey theni might go over jsmies n chill with leesa lauren and tina the maybe chris and frank then i have a softball game at 8:00 in sayerville lol we better get first in this tortament last tortanemt we came home with 2nd we lost 2-5 it was a bad da ylol i love mi team exspesially our pitcher sara wow i love you sar your the best best friend forever<3 Well im tierd so im gonna go I LOVE YO CHRIS i hope maybe one day you can lov eme too..

    Current Mood: hyper
    Current Music: We Belong Together By: Mariah Carey

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