08:11pm 23/04/2004
  :She had sat at the bar at Skye earlier that night, waiting for Fred to arrive. It wasn't so great, the anticipation of seeing her friends again. She yawned as she recounted the night's events. It had gone semi-well.:

I'm just glad I can go back to the office very soon. Just .. very .. glad.
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10:52pm 27/03/2004
  She took a deep unnecessary breathe and started to type.
Okay. I'm good. There are three messages on my phone from Fred and I need to call her back. Fred .. oh man. You guys, we all need to watch our backs now. Specially everyone at Wolfram and Hart, more then just us Fang Gangers. Big evil is coming and it's planning on staying. Not like me and connor and the beast and all that .. it's bigger. WAY bigger. So get ready guys ..
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06:06pm 15/03/2004
mood: drained
-She logged onto her blurty client, and looked anxiously at the clock-
Hmm .. I don't know what to say. I haven't spoken to anyone in a long time, but from what I hear from the bartender at Skye, they seem to be handling things pretty well over there. Skye is a ... a uhm ...
- She suddenly was thrown to the floor, taking down books and papers with her. She lay convulsing on the ground, holding her head in pain as a vision overtook her. She could just watch helplessly as a mini-movie flashed in front of her eyes. As the vision wound down, she grasped blindly for the phone. She shook her head and placed the phone down, rubbing her head.-
I have no one to call. No one ..
-She put her head in her hands and took a deep breath-
I need to go to Wolfram and Hart. They're in trouble. Something's coming ...
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Old friends from Sunnydale + Drinks = My night out ..   
06:04pm 27/02/2004
mood: calm
music: This Love- Maroon 5
-:She logged onto the blurty client and smiled.:- Well. I haven't updated in a while. But .. it's been busy. Or not. Okay okay. So I took Fred's advice and I went out. Except I kinda didn't meet up with Fred. I actually somehow ran into an old friend of mine from Sunnydale. Okay, not exactly friend. She was more like a groupie, always there like a shadow. -:She shook her head:- Kinda miss it. Or not .. anyways. Met up with her at this club, Azure. I don't know I was just dancing, minding the guy who I was dancing with's business, when all of a sudden there's this shrill voice. "Cordeeelia Chase! Is that you!?" -:She shuddered at the memory of her voice:- So, I guess she freaked the guy out and we ended up drinking and catching up. I elaborated on my [not-so] acting career and how I was in a coma [not.] Just made up a fake-y story that she bought way too easily. Somethings never change. Anyways .. I wonder what's up at Hell Inc. I should pop by .. but then again I shouldn't. Yet.
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04:16pm 19/02/2004
mood: blah
music: Perfect- Simple Plan
-She booted up the computer and sat down, cracking her neck. She logged onto the journal console and began typing.- Hmm. Guess whose awake? Yup. It's me, Cordy. And no, the bitch isn't back. At least not that much. Now .. not many people know that I'm back. I think Fred knows, but I'm kinda hoping that she'll keep this under wraps until the right moment. The right moment , kay Fred? Good. Okay, so I know you're probably out there thinking, 'hmm she came back, kissed Angel, then died.' Ha! The Powers That Be (a pain in the ass) like to play games. They really like to screw around with people's minds. So, now I'm back. I'm a real girl! Err .. as real as one can get with the visions, and being part demon and all. At least I think I'm still part demon. But if I grow a horn and tails, I'm suing. -She grinned nervously, then got up to check behind her- Nope nothing there. Anyways, I oughta get out of here. See if I can go find any of the guys and suprise em! -She logged off and turned off the computer-
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09:47pm 12/10/2003
mood: contemplative
music: Headstrong- Trapt
Humbled Cordy - the queen joins her people
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