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baby was a shooting star; she crawled into my heart [09 Jan 2005|05:47pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Bring It Low - Juliana Theory ]

giving up emo: I have to get ready for band practice

hebrewxzebra: what a surprise!

giving up emo: I know.

hebrewxzebra: haha. oh gosh!

giving up emo: I want to quit.

giving up emo: really bad

giving up emo: just because they make crappy lyrics

giving up emo: that only twelve-year old saps who love Yellowcard would listen to.

hebrewxzebra: like what?

giving up emo: like the ones I sent you??

giving up emo: whatever.

giving up emo: BRB

hebrewxzebra: ..uhm, sorry I don't remember every stupid shitty song your band members come up with. but yeah, PMS at me. you know, I'm just about ready to stop talking to you, asshole.
giving up emo: what the eff???

giving up emo: I wasn't being mean

hebrewxzebra: yeah you were.

giving up emo: then I give up because you think I'm always being mean to you

hebrewxzebra: bcuz you fucking are.

giving up emo: no I'm not.

hebrewxzebra: you're like OH MY GOD! I can't believe she didn't remember my bands fucking horrible songs. you treat me like shit.

giving up emo: I just said "the ones that I sent you"

hebrewxzebra: whatever.

giving up emo: and then I said "whatever, meaning, don't worry about it, no problem"

hebrewxzebra: dude, whatever doesn't mean that. whatever means OH MY GOD!

giving up emo: no it doesn't.

hebrewxzebra: it does to me.

giving up emo: so now I have to stop using the word "whatever" around you?

hebrewxzebra: no. God, you're so fucking annoying.

hebrewxzebra: you are so fucking annoying. oh my god. I can't stand you. I sent that to like 5 people and they all thought you were being mean to me. so its not just me.

giving up emo: you know, I can never make one person happy.

Auto response from hebrewxzebra:

being huge. haha

hebrewxzebra: maybe bcuz you're so damn emo and everyone thinks your fucking attacking them?

Auto response from giving up emo: I love how when other people complain, I put up with them and try to help them, yet, everytime I complain, everybody keeps telling me that I'm being annoying. If nobody'll be nice to me, then seriously shut the fuck up.

hebrewxzebra: its your fucking fault. you're not even complaining. and you act like I've never listened to you. I only got mad bcuz I thought you were like yelling at me.

giving up emo: even though I wasn't.

hebrewxzebra: and I shudn't even be apologizing to you bcuz you fucking ruined my outview on love. so, screw you. and I don't care if you were or not bcuz I think you hate me no matter what you do.

giving up emo: the fact that you think I hate you is my fault?

giving up emo: even though it isn't true

giving up emo: by the way.

hebrewxzebra: uhm yes. bcuz you fucking made me feel like shit so many god damn times. you're a fucking asshole. I don't even understand why I talk to you.

hebrewxzebra: you are a fucking asshole Keith Jordan Trice, ASSHOLE! do you not realized? I shudn't fucking talk to you. you're PATHETIC! you have no friends. I try and be nice to you and then you get mad at me about MY PROBLEMS. you don't get mad at me, you're supposed to try and help. you suck at life and everything, and you're an asshole!

giving up emo: why are you saying all of this just because I said "whatever"?

giving up emo: I mean, what the Hell ... I wasn't being mean at all.

giving up emo: and this is not fair to me.

hebrewxzebra: you are always mean to me.

giving up emo: no I'm not.

hebrewxzebra: yes you are.

giving up emo: just because I'm not happy all the time doesn't mean I'm being mean to you.

hebrewxzebra: you havn't been nice to me since I stopped talking to Nickyy.

hebrewxzebra: tell me, does that make sense?

hebrewxzebra: I did something you asked and since then you've been an asshole to me.

hebrewxzebra: that doesn't make sense

hebrewxzebra: you won't fucking talk to me, at all.

hebrewxzebra: and when you do you're like mad at me.

giving up emo: all of this stuff isn't even true, Jaime.

hebrewxzebra: it is, bcuz its what you're doing.

hebrewxzebra: its what I think, so its true.

giving up emo: well then excuse me, I'm sorry (once again) for being so caught up in my crappy week that I've been having.

hebrewxzebra: and if you are so pathetic that you will let me yell and scream at you. what's the point? you don't like me Keith, you just know that no one will deal with you this long. that's sad.

giving up emo: what?

giving up emo: I'm not letting you yell and scream at me, I'm trying to grasp the point in why you're doing it.

hebrewxzebra: okae, sure. try and make yourself sound good.

giving up emo: well if you think I'm so pathetic, then just leave.

hebrewxzebra: you know, you act like I mean so much to you. you treat me like shit and never once tried to talk to me before I talked to you. you obviously don't care very much.

giving up emo: the fact that I don't care is a big fucking lie.

hebrewxzebra: you don't.

giving up emo: don't even argue with me.

hebrewxzebra: you havn't since the 8th grd. you think you do, but you don't/

hebrewxzebra: you fucking ruined everything.

giving up emo: you're the one that fucking hates me.

hebrewxzebra: why shudn't I?

hebrewxzebra: give me one reason?

hebrewxzebra: do you even have one!

hebrewxzebra: NO! why? bcuz I shudn't like you. I shud fucking hate you.

hebrewxzebra: so who's the fucking mean one now?

hebrewxzebra: YOU!

giving up emo: well if your intentions were to make me feel like the world's biggest asshole and the most unimportant person in the world, then, well, you did it.

giving up emo: go ahead and hate me. there's really nothng I can do about it.

hebrewxzebra: tell me, Keith, how am I supposed to like you? when you act so pathetic. you give me nothing to like. not even anything to feel sorry for, bcuz you're just so wrapped up in yourself. you're like the only person you care about. honestly, then you get mad at me about not talking to you when my friends over? we're not even anything so I shudn't even have to talk to you on the phone. you know, maybe a long time ago I thought I shud like you. you keep giving me more reasons to hate you. I'm sorry you're like this. I don't know why you act the way you do. but I can see why no one likes you, you give them nothing to like.

hebrewxzebra: you know I'm completely and utterly honest, and this is what happens. I tell people exactly how I feel. so, I'm sorry, but that's just the way I am now. I don't want to sugar coat your life and make you feel better, because its not like it will help you.

hebrewxzebra: you know, I honestly tried to be your friend and be nice you. but you kept get mad at me. and you wud fight with me when I wud get upset. so, I just don't want to be upset over this anymore.

giving up emo: Jaime, the only reason I would fight with you is because you'd always argue over the fact that I cared.

giving up emo: and you won't believe me no matter how carefully I try and explain.

hebrewxzebra: you don't care. you can't care and hurt me like you did. its just not possible. I mean, it still hurts. so, how can I accept that you care? if you've hurt me so bad that two years later I'm not over it.

hebrewxzebra: no one has ever hurt me as much as you have.

hebrewxzebra: not Nickyy, not anyone. not anyone I have ever known. and I am not very much liked and have been made fun of and yelled at and got in fights many times and no one has ever hurt me as much as you.

hebrewxzebra: I am honestly sorry, I don't want to have to tell you this. but its true. I'm not making fun of you, or trying to make you sound worse, I'm telling it exactly how I feel and exactly how I think it is.

giving up emo: there

giving up emo: ssdf;aklsf

giving up emo: there's nothing I can do or say to make you think I care, so what's even the point anymore.

hebrewxzebra: that's not my fault. I'm a very, I dno, empty person. I don't think anyone cares about really. esspecially if they hurt me. and I hate almost everyone.

hebrewxzebra: well, maybe not hate but can't stand

hebrewxzebra: its really gonna take a while. you know, I started to care about you and believe you. and then you acted like an asshole to me and made me feel like shit on the phone. and I realized that, you don't care.. you think you do. but you don't understand how to treat me. I don't care if it was a mistake, bcuz everything was "just a mistake" and "people just do things". well, people just don't like other people too.

giving up emo: Jaime, I try so hard, but there's nothing I can do.

giving up emo: that's why I'm so depressed.

hebrewxzebra: Keith, you try and then you mess it up. and I know you try, but then when you mess up it just makes me think that you're only conning yourself. like you're use to it. and you don't know anything other than liking me. like how you liked Meg. I mean, if you honestly liked me, you wudn't even concidered liking her. its things like that. like, I liked Nickyy bcuz I knew that I just cudn't like you. and I didn't feel bad about it bcuz I was like, he's useless and he doesn't care about me back. Nickyy didn't care either but.. I thought he did. I let him, and he hurt me much less than you. I havn't even let you go. But I shud. I didn't before and it just hurt you so much more. just holding on, when I didn't like you back.. I only cried bcuz I felt bad about hurting. I shudn't have, you hurt me much more. I care too much about people I shudn't. and too little about people I shud. I'm messed up llike that. I'm sorry if I'm hurting you, but I honestly shudn't even care at all.

giving up emo: if you shouldn't care, then don't.

giving up emo: you're right.

hebrewxzebra: about what? [sorry just trying to clairify]

giving up emo: about me.

hebrewxzebra: I'm sorry if I'm hurting you. but, I can't help it. I don't want to lie. and pretend that I like you, bcuz I don't.. and I don't want to hurt you.

giving up emo: it's even more hurtful that you stay around just because you don't want to hurt me

giving up emo: so just go.

So I went… yep. Now, I am completely alone. I will stay completely alone. Why? Well, because I have found that no one cares. I’ve never had anyone else. So, I am now alone. It’s kind of scary. I don’t know. It’s okae.

giving up emo: I didn't mean to say that ^^

he doesn't give up. but I have. so, he has to deal with the what he said, I listened to him. he did mean, he just doesn't know that yet. there's just some people you have to let go of.

spideyundies: okay i think i just think that people who were each others' first loves are meant for each other
hebrewxzebra: but he wasn't my 1st love.
hebrewxzebra: bcuz I didn't love him.
hebrewxzebra: and he didn't love me.

[different note] new photobucket. blackroses_run. new pictures.

pOp me.<33

you got me down on my knees and I proclaim "All hail the Heartbreaker!" [07 Jan 2005|10:35pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | All Hail The Heartbreaker x TSC ]

hebrewxzebra: thanks man. today my friend said, do you want a cookie? and actually gave me one. I was very excited

^^in Dalia's profile at the moment. we have bonded tonight. yay for caring about people!<33

I saw that Life Auqatic movie with Dad today at Lorring Hall. The movie was poo, but the theatre is really kewl. We brought in lots of candy. I need a new bag. Hmm, Dad is kewl. I need to OCD style clean my room tonight/tomorrow. Briana is in GA, I miss her!<33 I had dance last night. it was good. I have pictures of Nicole, Chelsea and Lauren. Whoo! What else? Today was pretty good. I ate wayy too much thou. Hmm, I think that's pretty good.

P.S. less updates in here bcuz no one is reading this anymore. Briana moved to lj so, eff you guys! haha

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[ mood | cold ]
[ music | nothing? ]

so.. I just thought I wud quickly let you all in on some 1sts of my year.

[got out of the way the 1st day]
1st mall trip
1st hanging out with Llama
1st hanging out with Jess
1st crying
1st fight with Shea
1st stealing stuff[.. of the year. yeah. bad kid?]
1st realization of how much my best friends rawk
1st time having a cute asian check me out [evarr]
1st time having Chinese food
1st sleep over with Briana
oh and of course 1st shower =]

..I'm mad kewl yo!

lately.. not much has been going on. we had a snow day today and I plan on doing my beloved 1&2 sec of History hw after watching a movie. I slept until 10, only bcuz Dad made me wake up. I have vanilla coke! hmm, I like shiney head things. Esspecially how I iron them with my straightener. well, I dno what to say? The Spill Canvas is definately wicked awesome. you shud def listen to them. I dno what else to say. I shoveled today. I don't like shoveling. oh and I had dance last night. we cracked down on me learning my private, but I'm still soo confused. its so horrible I don't know it yet. BLAST! I hope next week people arn't sick because I want to take pictures. hmm and in other news, I have a saturday denetion on the 22nd of January for being tardy 15times. joyous! well, I'm pretty sure that's good. oh, H&M and shirts with no writing are my new love! did I mention Rocky Road cookies are super? hmm, I wonder if anyone will read this anyway..

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YYAYYY!! [01 Jan 2005|08:13pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


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a raspberyy berret and if was warm she wouldn't wear much more [30 Dec 2004|01:55am]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | Raspberry Berret x Prince ]

I hope you enjoyed my hideous Christmas morning pictures! [for the ones of Lis and I.. coldshush on photobucket] Well, I'm rather upset.. I wish that PEOPLE and I mean one person and if you read this you know its you. I care too much, but God, you honestly make me feel like I do nothing to help you at all. I would honestly fucking die for your well being, but whatever. That's why I'm upset. Creepy dream last night. Informed Llama of it this morning. Her and hawtt Kayla came over last night. It was a party! Lots of pictures, they'll be up soon. Once, I'm not busy. Then today Llama, Kayla and I went to the mall and saw the Darkness. I bought a green shirt and a green bead braclet [I wish I stole, way over priced.. 2.50, yeah so I'm cheap]. KAi* did gank a lot from Claire's today.. jealous. Oh, this morning I beamed my head off the fridge, still kind of hurts. Hmm.. last night Llama and I were acting out Dane Cook for KAi*, it was awesome. Today I hugged Dennis, I was let down.. he's a great hugger and he didn't hug very well. Hmm, what else can I tell you? I went to the Cotter's on monday. Caite, Dad, Shawn and I watched Napoleon but Marie didn't find it funny and went to bed. I love that movie. We're gonna buy it! They have a display for that stuff at Hot Topic. Hmm, my head is very blank. Alas! We all bought heart antenna things and worn them. It was very cute! Even if Dennis said it looked dumb. Then we drove KAi* home and got food.. a lot of food. Fries, chicken fingers and pizza. Oh and my face is gross I dno why but my acne is disgusting lately. I have to work on it a lot and have it get better again. I think I've been slacking. I HATE MY SKIN! But so, I'm going to talk to my luvahhh now. Adios

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sparks fly, hit the ground runnin' [28 Dec 2004|12:26pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Hey Driver x LBC ]


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last year I gave you my heart [24 Dec 2004|12:05am]
[ mood | happy ]

I just wanted to say I love all my friends and all my presents! You are the best ever! THANKYOU SO MUCH! I love you all soo much!

pOp me.<33

I sing and drink and sleep on floor [22 Dec 2004|04:24pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | YouAreTheRootsThatSleepBeneathMyFeetAndHoldTheEarthInPlace ]

uhmm, so yeah. school today was like blahh. Geometry was wicked good. chorus we just sat and stuff, having pizza tomorrow. a party in Spanish next period. but today we watched The Mask Of Zorro again. then I didn't get home until 3:14 bcuz we had to pick up Gen. Dad was being mean and called me chubby and said I suck the fun out of christmas. I was sad! then he was telling me to eat food and saying all this fatty food, but not in a mean way.. he was serious. he's so dumb haha. I wrote my dumb fables, they suck soo much! I have to type them soon. Dance tonight! I have to bring my presents in tomorrow. ahh, oh man. well.. yeah.. bleeeh!

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I wish I could just freeze time and lay like this forever [21 Dec 2004|02:46pm]
[ music | The Nick Conway Experience x Ethnic Mismatch ]

I love my forty dollar pants. its amazing! w00t. [originall sixty, if it makes you feel any better]

I hate homework and how we have to be in school. Genna didn't know flowers were scene, doubleyou tee eff is that? haha. people really liked my clothes today. I want the mirror in front of the office back, I feel funny not looking at myself every 1/2hr. Chorus is hideous, eww. Concert tonight, yepp, blows. I've found fitted clothes are what cause people to feel fat. I'm skinny and felt so like, huge today. Even though I was wearing a small and size 2. Damn fashion designers! I'M NOT FAT!! You can't make me! hahaha! Anyway, I'm gonna wrap more. w00t!!

I'm listening to The Nick Conway Experience. jealous?

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is he everything, everything I'm not? [19 Dec 2004|07:45pm]
[ music | If I Die x SoCo ]

I can't go home.
Cuz you're my home.

Briana is my wonder wall.<33!! LYKE WHOAA!! =]

This weekend was.. informative. Briana is a good kid. She fished tailed my hair. Kayla is a good kid too, she's like crazy kewl. I feel kind of, mall rat. Briana and I went to a mall everyday since Friday haha. Sometimes two malls. Crazy! Oh and the Khols place, SO NICE! Well, xTDPx rawks your sox off like madd crazy style!

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I <33 SoCo [19 Dec 2004|01:03pm]

According to the Which Something Corporate Song Are You? Test...

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leaving it all behind [10 Dec 2004|04:49pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | Mae x Summertime ]

its really cold. its kind of annoyingly cold. I'm going to take a shower soon and then gel my hair forward and get emo! haha. so fun. school was good today and chorus was good again. didn't have to sing. I have to make my me in a box soon. I don't know nothing really exciting has been happening. boys have been making me all sorts of pissed off lately. Exbf figure, yes yes.. you love me so much. go fucking die in a hole and stop guilt tripping Mr. I want to finger bang said Meg girl. you're an assholeee! I wud be so glad if I cud just kill you. said crazychild is annoying. he only acts nice to try and impress me. he's not honestly like that and if he is then he acts really weird around everyone else. he shouldn't because he's beautiful around me. and Jeff Delori is spazzy but he's a kewl kid so go you for not annoying me and having a penis! Gold Star!! hmm, thats enough. K-Elly is making a "RAF brings the mosh" poster. I love her for that!

pOp me.<33

I wasted more time dreaming than living [09 Dec 2004|06:29pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Daphne Loves Derby x Come Winter ]

soo good!!

Battle Of The Bands tomorrow. school was fine today. Boston something with Briana sat morning and Jess's thinger.

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no matter what I say I'm never right [08 Dec 2004|03:14pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | Every Night's Another Story x E11 ]

Tuesday.. I don't know. Did things involving stuff?

Wednesday. Had school. It was just super! Went to dance, it was wonderous. Made Aaren and Kim laugh a lot. I'm so funny.

Thursday went out with Padre. Saw National Treasure. I liked that song! Its like the Goonies! My Dad and I rawk. Picked up Shea went out to eat. Then went to dance. Talked Katie and got my measurements. Picked out costume.

Friday chilled at home and then looked hawtt. Went to Dad's party. Briana and KAi* came. We were chilling and eating. It was pretty good. KAi* and I danced it was good. B* and I got a seltzer water and it exploded on me. Nancy was there, I love her! We came home and chilled until we fell asleep.

Saturday..*I did this a few days ago and the computer froze the box so this time its gonna be* Awoke. Ate food and showered. Woke Briana at one. Then just chilled and what not. Went to parade and was in that, super. Briana and KAi* picked me up and we went to B*s and she got ready. Then to Will's, got Will. Shawn's, got Shawn and Jeff. Came to my house and were in the extra room and Dad's room, I dno why.. Shawn wanders in there and we're like why not..?, and then we ate pizza. Then went bowling and Shawn and Jeff invited Mike Sheehan and he had two friends, I believe Ryan and Ethan, and we bowled. I was pissed at Mike bcuz he was being annoying. I Spider Stopped with KAi* and Will. Then we went to Mike Sheehans garage. It was strange and KAi* forgot her purse so went with Will to get it. Then we were all just like hanging out and Jeff was flipping out.. and Mike kept making me flinch. Oh and KAi* and Will came back and Will got all dirty and it was gross. Jeff had to drive home Shawn and it was when he was talking to me and Will and so I pretended when he said he didn't want to go it was because of me. After a while Mike decided that if I were to have a super power it wud be flinching and a big explosion wud happen causing everyone to die. We left a little after that. Dropped off Will, KAi* got picked up and Briana and I watched Degrassi and then slept.

Sunday Awoke. Had dunkies. Briana kept saying she was going to leave and didn't until like 2. We listened to "Quit Your Life" It was good. Then she left and I did homework and shit like that. It was pretty boring.

Monday awoke. went to gym with Dad. made his car explode. blew the radiator hose. was blind, sucked. got my contacts and went to school. came home and did nothing. was really tired. showered. sleep.

Tuesday stayed home and watched Good Will Hunting and slept. then talked to Nickyy, as seen above! hmm, yeah.. and then Briana and I went to the mall. We talked to Jeff and we bought my secret santa. Also got Fribbles. Saw Will and Carl. Got hit on by a skeevy gangster, creepy. then came home and watched Gilmore Girls and then Dad wudn't let me get KAi* with B*. so I talked to people and stuff. MICHELLEY WAS ON! =] I love her! <33 Uhh yeah and slept.

Wednesday awoke. went to school. crap. it was okae. Brian Raf is a turdmuncher. I'm so tired. Jess is having a party thing on Saturday I'm attending. whoo! at 3.

xcherrichikkaxo may actually be a spider-human hybrid


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with friends like you who needs subtext [27 Nov 2004|02:14pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | .44 Calilber Love Letter x Alexisonfire ]

EarlyNovemberNJ: JAi*!!!!
EarlyNovemberNJ is away at 1:20:49 PM.
EarlyNovemberNJ returned at 1:20:49 PM.
EarlyNovemberNJ is away at 1:20:49 PM.
EarlyNovemberNJ returned at 1:20:49 PM.
EarlyNovemberNJ: COME BACK!!!
EarlyNovemberNJ signed off at 1:20:49 PM.
awh, he's so cute sometimes haha.

Thanksgiving! It was super. Lots of pictures. Yepp, Lis and I abanded family togetherness to be hawtt and sexy and emo all day. Soon I'm gonna put them all up. Its gonna be hawtt fire! Anyway, then we watched Zim forever and it is the best show ever. We love it! Then I talked to Joanne and Dod about how boys are dumb while Lis fought with Shven. That was a buttload of fun. Anywho! I went online a while and talked to people and then we watched me talk to people and listened to music. She went to sleep and soon I did too.

Friday! So we woke up and ate food. Then we talked and stuff. Watched some music videos and I left. Then once home I cleaned and got out Christmas stuff. Took a shower and waited for Briana to get me. Went to the bank and BK Lounge. Then got Shawn and went to Wollaston to go on the Train. Then went DOWNTOWN! haha. Then got bored of that bcuz we were like lost. Oh but we took an ASIAN check!!! So hawtt! Then went on T to Newbury St. Went to stores and felt all kewl. Saw millions of scene kids on bikes. Fighting against cars bcuz they're icky? That was odd. I bought my Dad two CDs and me one and half a shirt. F.O.I.L.! Keepin Algebra Fresh! Then after going into a few stores and such Briana's broha called her and so we had to leave. But we freaked out on the train! Oh, so scene. Then we went to the car and listened to music and Chris came and we left. We to Briana's and Shawn was like hanging out with Chris. It was strange. Then we ate and stuff. Went to Will's, KAi* came for like to seconds. Then we stayed for a while. Went to Shawn's and then got kicked out, ha pretty much. Came home and did stuff with Briana until she wanted to sleep. Then fought with Keith and made him feel bad and went to sleep.

TODAY! Woke up and bought a bunch of donuts. Made cocoa. Talked to Briana and Shea and yeah! Nickyy IMed me as seen atop. He's so silly. Well, I dno what we're doing today. I guess job hunting? Bcuz we're too poor to do something fun.

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we're onto something good here [24 Nov 2004|07:22pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Pressing On x Relient K ]

soo I woke up at like 10. then I did some stuff and my contacts were crap. then I found out after getting rid of them that I didn't have anymore. I wore Shea's, but his perscription isn't as heavy as me. I can only see six inches in front of me. then I showered and did my hair. did laundry and cleaned my room. then Jess called and we talked then picked her up. when she was here we were listening to STD and Atreyu. then we watched "Dragonfly" it was weird. Still good thou. then we went on the computer a bit, it was amusing. we watched "Godsend" it was strange but good. Then we went online it and it was wicked funny. Plus we listened to The Used. Jess was so hyper it was really funny. then we went upstairs and I searched my room for solution and my whole upstairs but cudn't find it. so just threw away Shea's contacts and then went to sleep.

woke up, blind haha. Dad made us breakfast. we were listening to STD until Jess got picked up. then I was doing stuff and Dad made me a new app for my contacts. I went to the gym and drew, whoop! went to my app and I can see now! =] I'm happy. then we were gonna go to the movies but it was really packed so we went to Verizon. Found out our plan is up like I said! YEEHAW NEXTEL! We're getting new phones soon, and we're gonna turn Shea's back on. then Dad said he'd buy me clothes for Thanksgiving. So we went to Papa Gino's first and then to Filene's. Bought a pretty shirt and a tanktop for under. Went to PacSun and Dad talked to Darnell. She's so nice. Then went to Old Navy but saw nothing I liked really, I'm way too picky. Then Dad took me back to PacSun so buy Dickies but we dicided 40 dollars is wicked dumb. So I went to the Limited and got a size 2! I feel thin, yeah budddy!!!!! So we bought that and then came home. Had dinner and watched Fuse and stuff. Now I dno what he's watching but I'm really tired. Mehh.

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you're not making this easy [22 Nov 2004|04:33pm]
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Sunday was super duper. Briana and I drove Kayla to work followed by making breakfast for an hour. during this Shawn and I talked for .5 seconds which gave him enough time to make me feel really mean. ARGH! whatever bcuz I ate food and Briana washed my hair and then I wore her clothes! anyway, that took about an hour and then we ate cookies. they weren't good. Once we had money we went to Shawn's. too bad we spent the whole time talking to his Mom. Who by the by rawks socks! Then we had to go get Kayla, so it was like.. nice talking to you guys. Went and got her and I felt all kewl telling Briana how to get around Weymouth! We went back to Shawn's peed and ate his food and left, pretty much. Whatever, haha. Briana kind of messed up and thought she fucked the back of her car but didn't. Dan saw it and was like what the crap?! then she was like I lost all my CDs at your house. so they fought over if he wud burn her a bunch of CDs. then we left. KAi* and I went home and talked about obv things. Jess and I did too and she was like THIS HAS TO WORK!! I love her. Can't wait for tomorrow! whoo!! yay! did stupid hw shit. Talked to my lovely Po0kerPants! took a showerr and did stupid hair shit. WENT TO SLEEP!!

today was lovely. Found out no school tomorrow. So 6days off. But its sad bcuz people were like happy, so I was really offended. Sutnik is a turdbag. Dee was so funny during study. I love her haha, she's super. Bigsby was awesome to stay after for. I had no homework so just sat and wrote No School and Turkey Day all fancy. came home and was going to go to Joanne's but there's something keeping me from that. Now I'm just waiting for Kelly. I feel wicked bad.. I'm sure she doesn't want to hang around my house bcuz my Dad doesn't like me to be alone, even thou I always am anyway? I'm probably gonna be like.. you know, you don't have to worry about me, I'll be okay. oh well.

I'm listening to Promise... havn't in FOREVER!

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its all my fault.. [21 Nov 2004|01:05am]
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hmm soo Friday. whoo.
I went to school, it was pretty good. yay for school. got out 15minutes early
after school I fell asleep.then woke up and got all pretty. got food and people and went to the show. we pretty much didn't talk. it's nothing. its never. its me. Briana was kinda blargh soo we chilled with her and we were late too. when we were in their thou it was pretty good. Dennis was being nice to me, it was weird. then we got yelled at by an old lady, came home, ate food and then ended up falling asleep.

but uhm today, or Saturday. woke up and got all ready to go to the Olive Garden with Tim and Dennis. yeah we went, it was in like New Bedford. we were there for a long time.. I didn't know it wud be that long. we got Needle's present. Missed her party bcuz we fucked up driving a million times. we went to get Will and he wasn't there. So we got Shawn and Jeff and then we went to Needle's. she told me about the party I gave her my present and told her I was sorry. I feel like a poop. then we went to my house and soon after went to get Will. played some DDR. it was good. KAi* came and then we upstairs and stuff. Got food at Stop&Shop. uhm, I dno. came home and was hanging out with Jeff and Shawn and then Briana too. then me and Jeff were like talking. we had to take them home and I felt bad bcuz Jeff walked from Shawn's to his house in the rain. came home and did some quiz thing and yeah. then after a while KAi* randomly tells me about how he was like oh she's nice and cute. and I'm like argh! useless! and she's like his last gf was 15. idc! he doesn't like me, he's too nice, he's too cute, he's a good singer, he's a good guitarist.. he's too much of anything I wud want so I can't have it. they went upstairs so I'm going to. I love how I figure to just go for it once and then I feel the need to be held back by something I really wud love to have but am to underconfident to believe in. I suck at life.

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DON'T TOUCH THAT STICK! [18 Nov 2004|08:26am]
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I [heart] making my school weeks shorter!<33

Shea forgot me or something. Whatever, no big deal. It's a half day, or 3/4 day more like it, and idc anyway. If my Dad comes home any time around 11 or 12 I'll tell him half day. So whoop. But I don't think he's coming home until later anyway. I was just talking to Jess, she's going to school soon. I love her. We're having a sleep over next tuesday! Whoohoo! We havn't hung out since we watched movies and ate Halloween candy.

::more and more info::
It's just going to be a.. whatever. I hope it works out for the better. Not saying anything will happen but atleast a friend. So, I am happy because I don't have to be too impressive. I'm just going to act normal, but normal to me isn't very normal, haha. Oh well, we'll see how this goes. I'm glad its not a huge deal.

.and no one really knows why this is happening, but its happening.

I miss Cheley.<33

[I love how my subject doesn't have to do with anything]

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I'll be the boy you can't resist [17 Nov 2004|03:23pm]
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Yupp so From First To Last definately rawks. whoo!

Today was good. Went to school. Stetson was most amusing when he was being emo and we found out why Zach wears girl pants, "I have a nice ass and they're comfy". So maybe it was too much info? I thought I lost my agenda. But Mariana took it by mistake. Still don't have it back thou. Anyway, then we got report cards at the end of the day. I got Jess hers. We both did well. She did better than me thou.Then I got to walk home bcuz Shea forgot me. I hope he doesn't forget about dance. Hmm..

A Chorus Excellent behavior and effort
B LitForms Good behavior and effort
B US History Excellent behavior and effort
B+ Spanish II Honors Good behavior and effort
D Geometry Excellent behavior and effort
B Gym Excellent behavior Good effort
C- Bio Excellent behavior and effort

::these kids they confuse me::
Kayla tells me he was stilling asking about me. I told her to stop giving me hope bcuz nothing will happen. She told me to look hawtt and be kewl Friday. I'm like, yes.. that's two things I excel at. Ha! I really just want to stop thinking about it. It's odd bcuz she's never liked me liking her friends so what's with the new change? I feel like I'm being set up. I hate how I think.


you'll be the tenth girl on my list.<33
..yepp, that's me!

Time to do some mega fun homework!

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