hello homiessss   
08:19am 30/04/2004
  no school today! because of VICA...i did VICA last year and i made it to states and its really fun to like go to a hotel for a couple days and compete for your shop and stuff but i dunno i was really busy this year and my classes were really hard so i was just like ehhh forget about it..lol but a lot oif my friends went and they had to have part of the competition at minuteman so theres no school! =] but i wanna go to the beach but i have practice at 2:30 but only till 4:30 and yes i can practice again!!!! i was so madddd a couple days ago at my very first at-bat of the season i was so pissed first pitch i t tipped it foul and then she proceeded to walk me...and then at my next at bat i hit a line drive to first and then finally at my 3rd at bat i hit a nice fly ball to deep left center and could have made three but the girl in front of me only ran 2...fuckerrr im jus kiddin i love her =]

ummm lets see...whats been going on in my life...umm...yesterday me and kimmy snuck away to go to dunkins after school because shes not supposed to be driving anyone so if her boyfriend knew he'd be pissed...and i went on a feild trip yesterday and we walked around to all these booths and we got tons of free stuff it was awsumm lol and then we ate china food =] and then we got back to school at like 2:10 and then school was done at 2:30 and then we went to dunkins and then the bus to the IMAX left at like 4:30ish and we didnt get back from there till like 9:30ish it was fun though..ya so thats what i did yesterday...=] and i had a blister on my foot that opened up and its right on the bottom of my foot and it killlllllls...fuckerrrr ughhh oh well i think i hafta pee and then go back to bed..later