noOoOo schOoOoOol!   
06:19am 17/03/2004
mood: cheerful
snOw dayy! mmmkayy so heres whats been going on..its weird without rich around and we all signed his desk as a lil memorial in our math class because he was in it..its getting a lil easier to go to school without him though..

cheering is over..we had the wrap up party at my was sooo fun i got MVP! i was psyched i think i mighta already wrote this in my last entry though..but its okay. it was a slumber party and it was soooo much fun! we bonded a lot! lol we played twister and right as everybodys ass was in the air one of the girls farted! it was hilariouss!!! i was dyin!! hahahaha and chris, steve, chico, austin, and nicolioli came by! it was fun..but now its softball season..we had practice monday and then we were supposed to have pitchers(me) and catchers practice yesterday but it got called off because of snow and then today school is canceled soo..oh well..okay well i think i'll go back to bed..niters
snOw rOcks my sOckss   
07:58pm 17/03/2004
  happy st. paddy's day!! okay well today is supposed to be all about the corned beef, cabbage, soda bread, taters, and guiness but its not. i haven't had any irish food. i had pizza and a veggie sub. i guess both of them had bread but not irish soda bread. and all i've drank is capri suns and water..but its okay..i was at nikkis and then my mom called and said i had to come home because she felt funny or something..and so yeah i didn't want her to like die or anything so i came home..and then she thought her blood sugar might be low so i had to go buy her some yeah...uneventful day i guess..i changed my fOnt!! its trebechutMS or something like that..anywho i also just realized how many people i have on my buddy list that i dont know or dont know so weird..but hey its alrite...and so yeah..i'll right more later..i feel dirty and i need to shower..bbL