hellO there kidds!   
07:23pm 01/03/2004
mood: cheerful
music: i deleted my music =[
my head hurts mucho..i had like a hard practice today. it was rough. but i didn't have that much homework so it was good. and my mommy made good broccoli today for dinner. it was yummy. i was excited. and i still have mucho chocolate chip ice cream cookie dough ice cream left and that makes me happy. and my new issue of Teen People came today and that makes me happy too. Tonight i'll watch 7th heaven and Everwood and that also makes me happy. jeeze..everything makes me happy. i like it that way. i like always being happy. but then when im not as happy as i usually am everyone thinks im all like suicidal..okay well not suicidal but really upset..haha it was funny today cuz i wouldnt give my friend alex a sip of my drink and he was like you suck! and i was like yeah and i swallow too! but i was jus kidding and he was like i can't believe sarah lynch just said that! he was rollllin. it was greattt!

my friend jus imed me as i was about to im him! it was crazy! haha jus thought i'd tell you!

so i think i've decided to apply to Tufts, CU Boulder and thats it for now. okay yeah granted i'm only a sophomore its never to late to start thinkin about it! lol yeahhh um my head hurts so i think im gunna go cuddle with my ice cream read my magazine and wait for 7th heaven to come on! niterss