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11:39am 22/02/2004
mood: bouncy
music: Selena- Dreaming of You
okay so what if i haven't updated in like 5 months...its all gravy..right? lol yeeah my comp got all messed up with viruses and ishh so i didn't come on here...and then i was really busy with cheerin n stuff so i wasn't able to do like anything but i'm back in action! haha

okay so heres a little update...aj and me broke up..i dumped him...and yeah well i kind of thought me and steve had a "thing" but i guess we dont...and so then...yeah i went out a couple nights ago and hooked up with a kid...and yeah we don't really need to go into details mmkay...thats my update..

it was vacation and today is the last day of...i go back to school in shop so i dont really care bout goin to back to school...i didnt really do anything this vacation...went out to mikes house with nikki...went to shoot pool with nikki erika erika and mike and matt...then friday went out to the last hockey game with chris, juli, and ashley and then we got austin after the game and then went to this kid mikes house...and then steve and kevin came..and yeah we left and i hooked up with one of those kids...and yeah it was kinda weird and i wasn't in the mood to do shit because chris had just told me he wasn't gunna be able to drive me home so i was like gunna be stranded in arlington but then ashbash said i could sleep at her then steve and kevin got dropped off then me ash n juli went to ash's house and then juli went home and me and ash snuck out round like 1:30 to go meet kev at arlington center so it was like 2:30 and these guys walk up to us and they were so lost and so drunk and it was madd funny...but i was afraid kevin was gunna get raped on the way home because the guy started walkin to same way he had to walk..but he didn' after that we went back to ashleys house and then watched tv and went to sleep...woke up at like 11...ate chinese food and then my mom picked me up and took me to practice...

Orlando died last week...he was a really nice kid and even though i didn't know him that well i think i'll still miss him because it was garunteed when you walked past retail (his shop) he would smile at you and it was one of those smiles that made your whole day..a lot of my friends were really close with him and it was really sad..he died in a car accident because the driver was drunk...*please dont drive drunk =[* RIP...

okay well on that note i'll be bizouncen...i'll prolly update later after my CCD retreat..wOohoO! lol *sarcasm* hehe
this one cOuld take a while..brace yOurself   
07:34pm 22/02/2004
mood: thirsty
music: nada
001) What time are you starting this?: 7:37
002) Name?: sarah
003) Date of birth?: nov 7
004) Sex?: girly
005) Height?: 5'10
006) Eye color?: green with a stripe of brown in my right eyee <-how unique!
007) Weight?: =X
008) Location?: medfordd
009) Where were you born?: bOston
010) Have you ever failed a grade?: nope
011) If you have, what grade did you fail?:
012) Do you have crush on someone?: gOodness..whO dOesn'tt?
013) Do you have a bf/gf?: nada
014) If so, what is their name:
015) How long have you been together?:
016) What are you wearing right now?: jeans and a sweatshirt
017) Would you have sex before marriage?: yeahh
018) Have you ever had a crush on any of your teachers? umm..cant say that i have
019) Are you a virgin?: yes'm
020) Do you smoke?: no
021) Do you drink?: if i feel like it
022) Are you ghetto?: hell yeah baby.
023) Are you a player?: dOubt it
024) What are your favorite colors?: purple, blue, yellow
025) What is your favorite animal(s)?: definitley a cow
026) Do you have any birthmarks?: yaa
027) Have you ever gotten your ass kicked?: nope
028) Who is your best friend?: nikki, kim, erika
029) Have you ever beat someone up?: no
030) Who do you talk to most on the phone?: umm nO1 really..maybe kim..
031) Have you ever been slapped?: cant say that i have
032) Do you get online a lot?: im an Online junkiee
033) Are you shy or outgoing?: outgoing
034) Do you shower?: when the time arises
035) Do you hate school?: nOpe
036) Do you have a social life?: yesm
037) How easily do you trust people?: veryyy
038) Have you ever lied to your best friends?: yeah =[
039) Do you have a secret people would be surprised knowing?: nOt really..
040) Would you ever sky dive?: nOpee
hh041) Do you like to dance?: sOmetimes..
068) Have you ever been out of state?: yarr
069) Do you like to travel?: yeah
070) Have you ever been expelled from school?: nO way
071) Have you ever been suspended from school?: nO way
071) Do you want to get out of your hometown?: i kinda wanna mOve to a lil tOwn in wyoming...but i love medfaa
072) ARE YOU SPOILED?: not really
073) Are you a brat?: nope
074) Have you ever been dumped?: yes i have.
075) Have you ever gotten high?: maybee
076) What's your favorite drink?: flavored soda waterr
077) Do you like Snapple?: yess OmG kiwi-teawi is like drinkgasmic
078) Do you drink a lot of water?: usually
079) What toothpaste do you use?: whatevers in the bathroom at the timee
080) Do you have a cell phone or pager?: im rOckin the cOrdless =]
081) Do you have a curfew?: umm if im Out with chris nOpe..and actually nOt really any Other time either..
082) Who do you look up to?: my daddy
083) Are you a role model?: i hOpe sO
086) What kind of jewelry do you wear?: i gOt my cladder sarah ring.. tOns of gOld earrings...and hOping that i'll sOon have a diamond heart pendant! hehe -> only rOckin the gOld haha
087) What do you have pierced?: 3 hOles in my ears and my tracus..
088) What do you want pierced?: my nipple =-o
089) Do you like taking pictures?: sOmetimess
090) Do you like getting your picture taken?: sOmetimess
091) Do you have a tan? umm my legs are tan thanx tO tan in a can
092) Do you get annoyed easily?: nOt at all
093) Have you ever started a rumor?: i dn maybee ->sorry if i did! =[
094) Do you have your own phone/phone line?: gOt my cellular
095) Do you have your own pool?: yes
096) Do you have any siblings?: brO and sis ->im the baybbb
097) Do you prefer boxers or briefs?: well on guys i prefer boxers..
098) Have you ever been played?: mOst likely
099) Have you ever played anyone?: haha..=]
100) Do you get along with your parents?: only my daddy
102) How do you vent your anger?: i dOnt..well nOt usually
103) Have you ever run away?: when i was like fOur i tried tO but nikki tOld her daddy and he came and gOt mee
104) Have you ever been fired from a job?: nO sirr
105) Do you even have a job?: nO mam
106) Do you daydream a lot?: alllll the timee
107) Do you have a lot of exes?: umm i guess so..
108) Do you run your mouth?: nOpee
109) What do you want a tattoo of?: i'm not sure...but i want in a place where only a few selected people will see it..haha yOu knO..
110) What do you have a tattoo of?: nada
111) What are your favorite flowers?: red rOses and yellOw rOses
112) What does your ex bf/gf look like?: tOo many...the mOst recent->6' blonde blue eyes..
113) What does your most recent crush look like?: umm like my height...blondish redish hair...and eyes that change color ;-)
114) Have you ever been bitched out?: nOpe
115) When was the last time you bitched someone out?: dr. fOrm freshman yr.. haha
116) Are you rude?: nOpe
117) What was the last compliment you received?: that umm i fOrget..i think sOmeOne said they liked my hair..
118) Do you like getting dirty?: umm..
119) Is your bellybutton an innie or outie?: innie =]
120) Are you flexible?: yess
121) What is your heritage?: irish and canoodian =]
122) What is your lucky number?: 13 bayyyb =]
123) What does your hair look like right now?: right now its curly and in a pOny tail..
124) Could you ever be a vegetarian?: dOubt itt
125) When was your last real heartbreak?: Oh gOodness .. i'm heartbroken everytime i look at him =(
126) Describe your looks?: umm tall...light brOwn hair ->NOT BLONDE<- haha umm green eyes...i dn..?
127) If you had to completely dye your hair it'd be what color?: umm a medium brown..with red highlights
128) Would you ever date someone younger than you?: prOlly nOt..maybe by like a few mOnths..
129) Would you ever date someone older than you?: yes indeed =]
130) When was the last time you were drunk?: gOod greiff
131) When was the last time you went on a date?: umm i dOnt go on dates .. persay..
132) Would you rather give or receive oral sex?: gOod grief these questions are randOm..
133) Have you ever given?: =X
134) Have you ever received?: =X
135) Have you ever had an eating disorder?: ha..eating disOrder-me? i dOubt itt
136) Do you have one now?: nopee
137) How many rings until you answer the phone?: 1 or 2
138) Have you ever gone skinnydipping?: hehe =]
139) If yes, when was the last time?: hehe
140) Do you look more like your mother or father?: daddy dukess
141) Do you cry a lot?: nOpe
142) Do you ever cry to get your way?: only in chemistry =]
143) If you had to amputate one limb, what would it be?: i dOnt wanna discriminate
144) What phrase do you use most when on the phone?: "mmkayy i think im gunna gO watch tv now"
145) Are you the romantic type?: ehh..
146) Have you ever been chased by cops?: nahh i jus let em catch mee
147) What do you like most about your body?: lips =]
148) What do you like least about your body?: my tummmmy
150) When was the last time you threw up?: my sister gave me this medicine crapOla last week and i puked it was really grOss..and didn't even help..but then again it wasn't in my system lOng enOugh so i dont know if it cOuld have helped..
151) In the opposite sex, do you prefer blondes or brunettes?: hmmm i dunnO im nOt picky
152) What do the shoes you last wore look like?: blue and white
153) Do you ever wear shirts to show your belly?: nope
154) What about cleavage?: Ooh yahh
155) Is your best friend a virgin?: yes..well some of them
156) Have you ever fucked someone up?: nope
157) Have you ever been fucked up?: nope
158) What color are your underwear right now?: pink=]
159) What theme does your room have?: very purplee =]
160) What size shoe do you wear?: 8 1/2 -9ishh
161) What jewelry are you wearing now?: my 2 rings and 7 earrings
162) What is your screen name on AIM?: lynchieeeeee
163) Would you pick a wedgie in public?: only in my cheerin unifOrm .. but dOnt worry im slick
164) How are you feeling right now?: cramps...blOating...fatigue..
165) When was the last time you were at a party: hmm..lil while ago..=]
166) Have you ever given a lapdance?: yessereee
168) Has there ever been a rumor spread about you?: i dunnO mOst likely
169) What is one of your bad qualities?: i dunno..
170) What is one of your good qualities?: im always happy!
171) Would you marry for money?: umm i dunnO..
172) What do you drive?: nothing yett..
173) Have you ever given or received roadhead?: hehe =]
174) Are you more of a mama or daddy's child?: ->daddys girl mOs deff
175) What does your Blurty username mean?: well i cheer...
177) When was the last time you cried in school?: beginning of this year actually..but noone saw..=]
178) Do you wear Chucks?: heh?
179) For two million dollars, would you pose for Playboy?: yup
180) What time are you finishing this?: 8:24 it only took so long because i made soup. and then ate it. =]