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[07 Apr 2003|11:17pm]
[ music | superdrag - - baby goes to eleven ]

i bought a bookmark with the day that i was born on at the warwick mall today... and it said...

If your birthday fals on the fifth day of any month you are a

5 Day Person

These freedom loving people have a magnetic personality & charming manner. They also dislike being told what to do or how to do it & will avoid clinging or possessive people. Always adaptable & receptive to new & better idas, the five's ability to think laterally coupled with their motovation & enthusiasm is a huge advantage in any career. fun to be with, these sociable people are known for their versatile minds. travel will satisfy the five's need for change & excitement & many are happy to have a career which involves travel.
those born on the fifth generally love nature and the outdoors and benefit from active sport. in relationships, the five needs space and does well to seek a partner who will allow a certain amount of independence.
life with a five will be a fun filled, exciting whirl of activity and change!

hahaha, EVERYONE who i have showed that to says that it is most DEFINITELY me!

anyway, i must be going now... i have to finish studying for MORE exams... woohoo!!


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good everning, children [07 Apr 2003|11:15pm]
[ music | sloan - - if it feels good, do it ]

long time, no talk.

last night, i got home from worcester, massachusetts, where i had been since last wednesday. i had a good time! it was nice to be able to see my cousins, and spend time with them... seeing as though i don't get the chance to with those cousins, too often.

ack, i am excited that i am leaving for california next wednesday... it is about time!! i am going to l.a. first... and then have to catch a bus up to san francisco. i will be there for two days, then am going back to la. on the 26th, i am going to indio, ca... where i will be until the 28th... for coachella... then it is back to l.a... until i leave to go back home.

while i am out there... i am out there, i will be looking at apartments... and if i find one that works... i shall look into it... and will probably end up moving out there in june or july.

anyway... it snowed like MAD again today... we are still getting 2 inches an hour. this is bloody ridiculous... it is usually WARM at this time of year, and, actually, it was HOT last week... but, then, of course... the weather has to go and be 'tarded!



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well well well... [31 Mar 2003|12:10pm]
i have had this journal since the 15th of february, and have yet to post an entry, so this shall be my first!

my name is sarah, and i both live in, and attend college in rhode island [yes, the ocean state SO small that if you blink while driving through, you will already be in the next state]

i live with both my mother and father, i go back and fourth basically whenever i please. my parents were together for 35 years, and married for 30... then something went wrong. it's odd, i think... how can you be madly in love with someone for 35 years, and then just fall out of love one day? well, whatever, i am over it.

anyway, my mother [nancy], my beta fish [rooney] and i live in a small beach town in rhode island called narragansett. but, our house is in the process of being renovated, so while that is happening... we are living at my grandparent's house [which is also in narragansett]. this is a CRAZY situation... my mother and i are living on the first floor, my grandparents live on the second floor, and my aunt [doreen], uncle [jeff], and 6-year-old cousin [shelby] are on the third floor. there is absolutely NO privacy here... i wake up in the morning to mycousin in my face saying "are you up yet"... and it seems whenever i just want to be alone, i can't.

then, there is my father's house, which is in the itallian/maffia capitol of america [johnston, ri]. in that house, i live with my father [ogden], his girlfriend [titi], her cousin [damari], my sister [amanda], my brother [philip], my cat [bebe], my puppy [sebastian bach], and my leopard gecko's [donald and donna]. this is a better place to go when i want to relax. though everyone in this house, [animals included / / second hand] is a stoner. so, that can get to be annoying at times...

my life is and always has revolved around music. this is probably because of my father's influance. in fact, i was almost born in his recording studio... and most definitely grew up there. i enjoy all aspects of music. singing it, performing it, writing it, listening to it, and watching it live [CONCERTS!!!!] concerts are a huge part of who am. i have traveled coast to coast to see many shows... and even left the country for a concert last month!

some of my favorites... music wise...

bands: the beatles, phantom planet, rooney, okgo, pink floyd, rilo kiley, the beach boys, superdrag, sloan, led zeppelin... and i could continue for DAYS

singers: jimmi hendrix, janis joplin [my idol... musically], ben kweller

albums: abbey road, are you experienced, rubber soul, essential janis, pet sounds, the wall, the guest, submodalities, navy blues...etc

guitarist: jimmi hendrix [though jacques brautbar plays some mean guitar, and scott moffatt makes the guitar the most sexual instrument ever... taylor locke is also good]

bassist: sam farrar... just amazing... period

drummer: dave grohl... kicks anyone's ass, any day [ned brower's style is quite similar to his]

blah, anyway, sarah is done for now... that is me... and if you don't like me... tough... see if i care... don't add me to your friend's list or whatever it is on here.

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