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[17 Dec 2003|03:30pm]
My LiveJournal 12 Days
My True Love gave to me...
12 bendandnotbreaks a-snorting.
11 h0rror_sh0ws a-squeezing.
10 foreverlonely66s a-raving.
9 i_sing_sorrows a-calling.
8 xcrueltybridexs a-commenting.
7 yourxdefects a-hopping.
6 etpunkettes a-staring.
5 light yellow xsxaintxs.
4 munching psykolosers.
3 Sicilian illrawkyerworlds.
2 monkey boingboing_nets.
And a officialgaiman in a cucumber tree.
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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.
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to show how bored i am... [17 Dec 2003|01:50pm]
200 Questions
1. What brand of toothpaste? crest?
2. Shampoo and conditioner in one or separate? Separate
3. What brands? uh.. i think suave and lorel?
4. What flavor dental floss? mint
5. Do you roll your socks or pull them up? I put them on. o.O
6. Toilet paper: wad or fold? ROFL XD
7. Do you know Donald Ducks middle name? Bob.
8. Favorite color? BlackRedPinkBlueGray o_o"
9. Summer footwear: sandals or nothing? Nothing..plus I dun go outside. Sun = evil.
10. Apples, oranges, or bananas? Strawberries.. mawahaha
11. Lefty or righty? Righty biaaatch.
12. Glass is half-empty or half-full? half empty
13. Bleh or blah? Neither. It's BAH you tard.
14. What do you like about yourself? nothing..at all
15. Would you ever wear Taz boxers? Buy them for me and I will.
16. Do you sing in the shower? Yep.
17. Do you talk to your pet? Of course I do.
18. Do you talk to yourself? All the time.
19. Do you have a secret crush on your dentist? ewww.. no
20. Do you know your mailman's name? sargent pepper
21. Do you give your mailman/woman a gift on Christmas? No.
22. Do you have 11 toes? no 12.. lol jk
23. What is the lamest pick up line you've ever used? i never used one
24. Would you ever buy/use a pink pen? Ha. Ha. Ha.. FUCK YEA. >.>
25. Would you ever buy ANYTHING pink? yuh
26. Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny? Pluto. Just cause he's a dog you leave him out, eh? EH?! I see how it is..
27. Do you think Daffy Duck is hot? Pluto is. ;)
28. Would you ever recite poetry to a girl? O____o;;; no...
29. What color nail polish/lipstick would you wear? I wear black. =D!
30. Do you bite your lip when you're nervous? Sometimes
31. Would you skip school if you had a huge zit between your eyes on picture day? Lmfao. no if i did i would say im hindo
32. Do tight jeans make guys look gay? yah
33. How do you take mascara off? i rub it off in the shower?
34. Would a girl wearing blue/green mascara turn you on? no, but a guy.. woah.. hot shyt
35. Do you know HOW to figure out bra size? no
36. Would you ever wear lip gloss? yes i am right now
37. What's better: gummi sweettarts or sweettart gum? both mixed together :-P
38. M&MS or Skittles? SKITTLES BITCH!!!
39. Do you go to public places with your mom, and actually TALK to her? Yep, what is it un-cool? uhh..sorry? -.-;;;
40. What is 1+1? 2
41. What is your favorite holiday? Halloween,xmas
42. Pick one: RuPaul or Dennis Rodman: rupaul is awesome, i met him.. err.. her
43. How old are you? 15
44. How old do you WANT to be? Legal lol
45. Where do you want to live? England,Japan
46. Where do you want to go? ..England..japan..
47. Who do you want to meet?english ppl with that sexi accent
48. Do you like Kool-Aid? Fuck yea!!
49. Does pine-sol smell good? no -,-
50. What are your favorite pizza toppings? Pepperoni and mushrooms.
51. Do you like toast? yes with strawberry jelly
52. Do you still carve pumpkins? Nah
53. Do you still leave cookies & milk out for Santa? Santa's dead. I killed him.
54. Have you lost all your (baby) teeth? uh hu
55. Have your wisdom teeth seen light yet? Not quite.
56. Clear or colored? huh?
57. When your dentist asked, what flavor fluoride did you pick? strawberry!!
58. Where is your hand right now? on the keyborad...
59. What is better: your right ear or left pinky? Left ear and right pinky. So HA!
60. Okay or O'tay?either biach
61. French poodle or french kiss? French kiss! ;-p
62. Are 2 x 4s really 2 inches by 4 inches? Fuck if I know.
64. Do you have a 2 x 4 or a 1 x 2? Cha. I ono.
65. Do you know your parents' birthdays/ages? Yep.
66. Do you know your siblings birthdays/ages? i dont have one
67. Does your grandma tell you she is 29? no she tells me that shes an old hag XD
68. Have you ever used colored white-out? One time. Haha..it was green WHITE-out
69. What do you think of Smurfette? shes a hoe
70. What is your favorite book? Too many to name.
71. How does a cabin far, far away, with a fire, candles, and the one you love sound? : ] Very, VERY nice.
72. Salmon or Cod? Rainbow trout. I like my fish queer? XD
73. Crab or Lobster? Lobster
74. What sounds better: up or down? Is this a trick question?
75. What sounds better: sideways or sidewards? Refer to 74
76. Ok, NOW where is your hand? straching my forhead
77. Describe the best day of your life. when i move outa here
78. Broom or mop? sweeper
79. What is your favorite word? twat,cunt,fucker,joe mama
80. Free! Don't have to answer this since there is no question. ASSHOLE! o.o
81. What is your full name? ---.---.... tara marica joan penick .. HAPPY?!
82. What do you wish your name was? i derrnoo.. lucky? lmao..
83. Describe your kinkiest fantasy. the one that ur not in XD
84. What is the weirdest middle name you've ever heard? Romannocalono [my cousin in brazils middle name]
85. Are your feet the same size? Yes.
86. Cassettes or CDs? CDs
87. Is watching "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" a tradition in your home? Yep-sir-daisy
88. What are your Christmas traditions? that all the crazy fucking brazilians come to my house
89. How do you open your envelopes: tear or cut? tear
90. 10 more to go, are you bored? I'm doing this to get RID of bordem.
91. Do you like onions? Ew. Hell no.
92. What would you name your band, if you had one? ur cutcha smells
93. Have you ever worn a dress? see i do, i own 5?
94. Did you know that if you talk into a vent, someone in a nearby room will hear you? I did that in brazil
95. Frogs or toads? Tadpoles.
96. Do you believe in making a wish at 11:11? I gave that up years ago.
97. 8 or 3? 83!! ;p
98. How long can you hula-hoop for? A long, long time.
100. You made it. Do you love me now? Only a 100 more to go. I'll never love you.
101. Did you ever eat crayons when you were little? Prolly.
102. On your last birthday, what did you wish for? I didn't have anything to wish on
103. Do you know all the words to the National Anthem? Yep.
104. Is watching the Superbowl a party in your house? American football sucks the cock.
105. Are you going to name your son Elvis? No
106. If not, what? I ono yet.
107. What about your daughter? Dunno
108. Describe your most embarrassing moment. I dun think I've ever really been embarrassed o.O
109. Do you read tabloids? yes.. did u saddum and rat boy have a baby?!
110. Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played? Haha maybe XD
111. Do you like cotton candy?yes
112. Do you suffer from cramps? Yes. Fuck you.
113. Do you have that not-so-fresh feeling? ROFL! Nooooo XD!!
114. Favorite food? Sushi.
115. What would be the first thing you would do if you won the lottery? Pack my bags and move to England. The next day. o_o
116. Ribbed or plain? Ahahaha. I wouldn't know but I guess ribbed? Sure.
117. "Lala" or "Skittle de bop du wop"? Beep.
118. Apple pie or cherry pie? Ew pie. Narsty.
119. Pepsi or Coke? Coke!
120. Strawberry or Vanilla? strawberry
121. Favorite movie? Amelie
122. Favorite Actor? jonny depp, savy?
123. Favorite Actress? Christina Ricci
124. Cheerios or corn flakes? Corn Flakes + Warm milk + Sugar =D!!
125. Panty hose or thigh-highs? Both.
126. Do you shave your legs? Mhmm.
127. Midnight or mid-day? Midnight. ^.^
128. Hope or Billy? Hope is a nice name.
129. Cottonball or Q-tip? Cottonballs..they remind me of bunnies! =D
130. Dry or lubricated? Ahahaha lubricated! XD
131. Fast or slow? Mix it up biatch! ;)!
132. Hard or soft? See above.
133. Yogurt or ice-cream? Ice cream
134. Spoon or fork? SPORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
135. Are you crying right now? I was when I started this
136. Fling or flick? Flinck!!
137. Look at your middle finger, on your right hand, what do you see? I nice lil cut.
138. Look to your left, what do you see? A window with the blinds down. As usual.
139. Look to your right, what do you see? My compy.
140. Who is at your house right now? My mum and my brother.
141. Are your legs crossed right now? I'm sitting cross-legged on my chair. o.o
142. Do a few twirls, are you dizzy now? That involves moving. Fuck you.
143. Favorite song? WAAY too many.
144. Boxers or briefs? Girl boxers =D
145. Tootsie pops or blowpops? Neither
146. Big Red, Juicy Fruit, or Doublemint? Juicy Fruit
147. Do you like to fish? If I'm in the mood, sure why not.
148. Is your grandpa cool? Couldn't care less.
149. Does your grandpa bore you with long stories? Nope
150. Do you snore? No.
151. Describe how your breath smells right now. Like ice cream? o.O
152. If you were a girl, would you rather be "Matilda" or "Alexis." Alexis
153. Does it taste good? Does what taste good?
154. Do you lick your envelopes or use a sponge? I don't send mail.
155. Do you chew on pens/pencils? Yep
156. What is your favorite comic (like in the paper!) The one with that lil girl named Zoe.
157. Acting class or class act? Huh?
158. Upside-down or downside-up? Both. At the same time.
159. What's up? Ceiling. Tard.
160. What does "GROWL TIGER" make you think of? None of your business. >.>
161. What does this -> .dm,'fglkserhngjkqb; make you think of? Frustration? Yea that.
162. Blondes or brunettes? Black hair.
163. Push or pull? Both.
164. If a door says pull, do you automatically push? I don't read sign on doors.
165. Do you even read those door things? HA! Noo.
166. Do spiders scare you? Yes -.-
167. What does? Lots of things. Too many.
168. Did you know I was scared of FROGS when I was a baby? French people? Or actual frogs? O.o
169. What was your first word? I wish it was FUCKYOU or something.
170. What was your first phrase? Cha. I ono.
171. What can you not pronounce? Addmissions unless I can see the word.
172. Did you know my phone just rang? Wow you're special.
173. Is your phone ringing? No.
174. What's your phone number? 911.
175. Do you eat your toe-nails? Wtf? No.
176. Are you in drag right now? no lmao
177. WalMart or Kmart? WalMart! XD
178. Jim Carrey or Mariah Carey? Jim Carrey
179. How many REAL push-ups can you do? I did 6 once. Prolly 0 now.
180. How many fake push-ups can you do? ..A lot? Sure.
181. Go run a mile. You have ten minutes. Are you tired now? I never left.
182. Does your bike have 2 wheels? yes
183. Are they flat? no...
184. Can you do a hand-stand? If I tried hard enough, yes.
185. Front or back? You pick.
186. Walk backwards for 5 steps. Stop. Turn around. What time is it? Time for you to fuck off with questions requiring me to move. Asshole.
187. Are you on fire right now? No. I wish I'd spontaneously combust though.
188. If I give you a piece of paper, what are the odds of you not eating it? 7/10
189. Sprite or 7-up? Sprite
190. Mug RootBeer or Dr. Pepper? Dr. Pepper
191. Bambi or Thumper? Thumper. Cute bunny. ^.^
192. Do you think Flower is hot? FUCK YEA! *creams pants?again*
193. If I told you to jump off a bridge, would you? I'm one step ahead of you. Literally.
194. Would you lick Prince's feet for $5? No. But for $50, he could lick mine.
195. Do you know there are people who would do that for free? That's just dandy.
196. Umm. can you count how many questions are left? 4. 5 including this one =)
197. Is your left pinky right-handed? No. It's neither.
198. 5+7+8-1234569x3=? 20-1234569x3
199. If you had 5 dollars, went to the store to buy 1 apple for 50 cents, but they were out, how many apples would you have? None. But I'd still have 5 dollars! =D
200. Do you know how many calories you burn when you do the wild thing? Lots I would think o.o'
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-[taras day off]- [17 Dec 2003|01:20pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | -[Malice Mizer]---------[Beast Of Blood]- ]

im sick, yet im happy.. no school for tara.. yay!

J-Rock encounter by annana
Year encounteredMarch 15, 2011
Who did you meet?Dir en Grey
Hugs given/received25
SouvenierAutographed CD
Do they remember you?Yes. Definately.
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

yep.. u see that.. tara is going to met dir en grey : ]

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lollypops and binkies [16 Dec 2003|04:33pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | -[Jack Off Jill]----------[When I Am Queen]- ]

today i had one plan.. to look all childish so i put on my strawberry shortcake shirt,pink plaid half pants with bondage straps,black and white stockings,my binkie and a couple lollypops and i walked to school. today was pretty.. uh.. blah. tonight me and josh are supposed to go to my neighbors soccer game.. main reason why we are going.. the swing sets lol.. yah theres some bullshit stiring at my school and all i have to say is fuckkkk... yooouuuu.. ahaha XD..

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kill hannah!! [15 Dec 2003|06:13pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | -[Kill Hannah]---------[10 more mintues with you]- ]

ok i ordered this cd from kill hannah, and i told josh i like kill hannah yesturday so hes like dude! i use to do promotion for them when i use to live in philly so today he brought me a huggeee stack of kill hannah promotion stickers, and then when i got home i got the kill hannah cd that i ordered and it came witha signed cover, that all the members signed andi was like woahah!!! and i got more stickers and a tattoo and a pin, heh. yah well im happy!! now all ihave to do is call josh and tell him

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[14 Dec 2003|07:12pm]
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | Scarling----->Bandaid Covers A Bullet Hole ]

i was searching on horoscopes on different websites and scoripos[mine] was...

"What might seem good right now could turn into a big mistake later."

[Promise Me]

[14 Dec 2003|06:31pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Genitorturers------>I touch myself ]

me and my mom rode around an 30 min looking for joshes house only to find out it was all the way on the other side of town, lmao. well me and josh finally got to the lumonics and cludia and jenn helped us bring in the soda then i sat down in this room and i saw this kid ian who liked me alot over the summer and i was like... uh... O___o and then sameer should up then everyone went to the liquor store and i got me somestuff then everyone drank then other stuffed happeend lol. then umm kristina showed up and i was like yay! then diva was in drag singing songs, it was great! ok well then i was kindof blahed bcuz i like josh, alot. but i dont want to hurt sameer bcuz i know what it is to be hurt and stuff. and i told josh, im like yah sameer came all the way from miami to see me and hes like o and he understood so yah. sameer left then me and josh were kissing and shit then my cousin mike came, lol. he was like...::stare::.....::thumbs up:: lmao hes so great then we went outside and jenn was like plzzz get my autographs bcuz my cousin is being a roadie for wicked witch,morbid angel and alot of other bands. ok then me and josh went back inside and kissed again and then my dad came and me,josh,kristina and kristy sat in the back and my cousin sat in the frount then he got off and kristy got in front and was talking to my dad about stuff u shouldnt be telling a dad! lmao.. o well i wastn paying attention much bcuz me and josh kept kissing and stuff. i was so happy but he reminds me so much of ben..
well kristina slept over

my dad comes into my room.. telling me that u.s got suddam and i thought he said u.s capertured cher so i rolled to kristina and tapped her on the shoulder andi m like.. we captered cher? and shes like i guess then i woke up and my dad reinsured me it was saddam not cher.. lol yah.. i know TARA IS A RETARD! lol well i wetn to the mall at like 10 with kristina then got deeanas gift then jenn came then deeana and then josh and then chelsea and then my cousin[cody], or the other way around? lol ok well umm alot of other things happened and my cousin was beinging a prick to everyone and i wanted to kill him! but josh made me happy :-) i swear since we have been talking i have been much happier and nothing really can knock the wind off of my sails. well my dad came and picked me up and i left cody there but his dad was right there. then i came home and josh asked me out, yay! eheh :-) :-) i derno im just happy! heh.. yah so 2morrow is school but i dont want to go.. but yet i do. heh..

well this girl has to do her hw. choi

[Promise Me]

stolen from deeana [12 Dec 2003|10:02pm]
[ mood | bored ]

1. RAN AWAY: yep
2. HAD SEX WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND: still virgin lol..
3. PICTURED YOUR CRUSH NAKED: yupp i am right now ;-p
5. BROKEN SOMEONE'S HEART: yeah i have
6. BEEN IN LOVE: yup
8. WANTED SOMEONE YOU KNEW YOU COULDN'T HAVE: yup and i think thats my current situation
9. BROKEN A BONE: nope
10. DRANK ALCOHOL: heh....
11. LIED: white lies
12. CRIED AT WORK: i dont work...


13. HOT OR COLD: cold
14. SUB OR DOM: uhh
15. GIRLS OR GUYS: male speices plz
16. FLOWERS OR CANDY: flowers
17. SCRUFF OR CLEAN SHAVEN: clean shaven
18. QUIET OR LOUD: in the middle
19. BLONDES OR BRUNETTES: brunettes? or abnormal hair colored hair..its all good in the hood
20. BITCHY OR SLUTTY: neither i fucking hate 50% of proclaimed bitches and i hate sluts
21. TALL OR SHORT: tall [me..lol]
22. PANTS OR SHORTS: pants


23. WHAT DO YOU NOTICE FIRST: lips,eyes,hair,body
24. LAST PERSON YOU SLOW DANCED WITH: my cousin in brazil, beaqada
25. WORST THING THEY COULD DO: play,cheat,lie


26. SHOWERED: this morning
27. HAD SEX: never
28. HAD A GREAT TIME with FRIENDS: yesturday and today
29. YOUR GOOD LUCK CHARM: my mousie[stuff animal mouse],my buddas and my Kreppy Koffin Kids necklace <3
30. PERSON YOU HATE MOST: ::pulls out list::


32. COLOR: black,blue,purple,pink
33. MOVIE: anything comedy.. all mel brookes movies,vampire clan,interview with a vampire,pirates of the carribean,edward sissors hands
34. BOOK: ginger bread,vampire kisses,go ask alice,cuts
35. SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: algerbra and lunch
36. JUICE: orange !!
37. CARS: mini copper,mustang
38. ICE CREAM: cookie dough,ben and jerrys phish food
39. HOLIDAY: xmas,4of july[no school],my bday and halloween
40. SEASON: winter and summer
41. BREAKFAST FOOD: frootloops with marshmellows
42. PLACE TO GO WITH YOUR HONEY: any where aslong we are together
WHO: ahah i wish
43. MAKES YOU LAUGH THE MOST: my friends
44. MAKES YOU SMILE: ::cough::
46. HAS A CRUSH ON YOU: er.. sameer,sabastion and i derno who else
47. DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON: a lady never tells
48. CAN MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER NO MATTER WHAt: anime,kyo,japan,laughing and hugs <3
49. HAS IT EASIER GUYS OR GIRLS: um.. guys.. im stright


51. SAVE AOL CONVERSATIONS: if they either A.scare me or B.make me feel loved
52. SAVE E-MAILS: if that person who emailed me piss me off, yup
54. WISH YOU WERE A MEMBER OF THE OTHER GENDER: ugh, never.. if i was born with a dick and i would shoot myself


56. ROMANTIC MEMORY: ::sigh::
57. SCENT: ocean at night and curve for men
58. TYPE OF KISS: when hes hold me buy my waist and my arms are around him and hes kissing me and says i love u.. aghh.. fuck u ben ><
59. PLACE TO KISS: lips, neck
60. MOST RECENT ADVICE GIVEN TO YOU: think postive!!-deeana

61. Fallen for your best friend?: ....
62. Made out w/ JUST a friend?: yup
63. Been rejected?: yes
64. Been in love?: ypu
65. Been in lust?: nope
66. Used someone?: nope
67. Been played?: yes
69. Been cheated on? yes
70. Been kissed?: yes
71. Done something you regret?: yes
72. You touched?: uhh?? no
73: You talked to: josh,deeana,heffer,jenn,my mom,chelso
74. You hugged?:josh,chelso,jakel
75. You instant messaged?: deeana,heather
76. You kissed?: uh last guy i kissed was mike, and how long ago was that?
77. You had sex with?:no one
78. You yelled at? my computer
79. You laughed with?: josh
80. Who broke your heart?: ....
81. Who told you they loved you?: deeana,sabastion


82. Color your hair?: mostly every other month
83. Have tattoos?:soon..soon..
84. Have piercings?: 1 pair on my ears
85. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both?: nope

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AHHH!! [12 Dec 2003|06:25pm]
[ music | dfkjsdlfjklsdf ]

I GOT MY DIR EN GREY SHIRT IN THE MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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heh [12 Dec 2003|04:57pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | The Cure------Melt With You ]

today was great! i cant wait untill 2morrow! sabastion told me he likes me! and he kept holding my arms today, during lunch and after school.i was like eerrr.. and i kept pushing him away jakel told charlie if he said ne thing about me he would kick his ass, charlie found out that jenn and chelso were coming my school to kick his ass so he split but everryone chilled for a while and me and josh said we are going to get drunk 2morrow, yay! heh. umm.. jenn and chelso brought me home.. and now im home,.. yay!! lol

[Promise Me]

[11 Dec 2003|10:24pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

ok today sucked! i found out charlie is fucking telling ppl he ate me out and fingered me and i gave him head! FUCKING BULLSHIT! jenn and deeana picked me up at my school and jake came too, and i told them what hes telling ppl and 2morrow a couple ppl from charter and maybe the mall are going to my school 2morrow to kick his ass, and i talked to jenn for about 2 hours at the mall about every single thing that happeend at the party and the bits and pieces that happened and i started slowly remembering, it was a "OO YAH!" moment and i started crying bcuz guess what? me and him did nothing! i bit his neck thats it, we didnt make out.. bcuz jamie told me that i was chewing gum and it ended up in his mouth or sumthing, well guess what i never chewed gum at the party and he didnt put the ice on my lips that other kid did. ugh im sooo pissed off i started shaking and crying at the mall, i FUCKING HATE PRICKS LIKE HIM fucking trying to take adventage of girls and sorry guys but nothing happened im no fucking slut .. ughh!!! W#$()*@#)$(@#)($%)(%K#$FKLSDKAFLSKFL:MKASDLMfksma,lfm,.wqemkl;5j3op59i3mjaerklwm5p2o493

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[10 Dec 2003|05:27pm]
[ mood | soggy ]
[ music | Midnight Syndicate ------->Haunted Nursery ]

wow today was pretty eventful, 4th pd ms pagano had to leave so i stayed in coach notiges class [i have him for 3rd] and my entire class came and christine came and we watched batman, the one with jack nicholson as the joker. and she was on the computer on buddy pic and i was making fun of this emo kid on there and i put my hair over my eyes and christine is like omgmgg u look soo good so im like uhh then i walked around then im like ok im killing the emo-ness, lol. after school it started to pour and i was shakking i was so cold and like 4 ppl tired to keep me warm. then kristinas mom was so kind to bring me and ryan [alis bf] home then 20 min later my aunt came and brought me to the ortho. and i got my perment retainer off and next week im gonna go and get one that comes off and on. umm.. imma gonna go..

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[09 Dec 2003|10:12pm]
[ mood | unloved ]
[ music | Blondie---->Heart Of Glass ]

rain drops keep falling on my head.. but that dont mean my eyes will soon be turning red..

ok.. today was ok. expection of me treated like.. uh.. CRAP today. i walked home.. and i didnt need to break in! heh.... me and my doggie, chance watched pirates of the carribean and ate cherries. im happy bcuz i met some new ppl today, it was this girl in like a tux looking outfit, such a sweetheart i wish i could remember her name.. im soo bad at names, ugh.

well i went to the doctors, he gave me medicine for what i dont know i secertly think its some kindof evil pill that makes u like.. mr.hyde. i went to my moms store and ran to dunkin dounuts bcuz i was so needed of chai! caffine..yumm.. my mom thinks im getting fat bcuz i love dunkin dounuts, i could live off of it. lol.

lately i have been blah, every single word said to me has an impact on me. even if it wasnt directed to me it feels like it is and im like woah. my parents are freaking bcuz i freaked out the other day, something i dont want to talk about.. they want to put me in boot camp, wtf is that. lol. i dont want to be a sargent pepper...

well saturday is mine and marias party and i passed out flyers today at school, so much fun. emo kids are so cool at my school they were all digging my goonies shirt, i actully felt emo today. lol. i have been having the worset headache of the century.. and im so pissed off.. well im in this group thing for health and we have to do this group thing where we have to teach the class and my group consits of jessica [chezs gf],this mexican chic and this black kid who just sits there. jessica hasnt been in since friday so im stuck withthe mexican and the nigger and of course they dont do ne work so i had to do everything and when i was done the mexican was like o do u need help.... sildrkdfjlksjdlkjsfakldjfkl..

there was a fight today, yay.

ok im done rambling...

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[08 Dec 2003|09:52pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | my dad talking ]

gessee.. me and my dad cannot talk with out him bitching about something.

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[08 Dec 2003|07:10pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | indenity ]

geography-took notes.. fun!! got interm, d,d,c,f, yay! lol.. im making it all up

math-work,talked to christine and zac

lunch-chilled with kristina and jamie came up to me and was like whats wrong with u and im lik euhh? then shes like u gave charlie a hickie at the party.. and im like WTF!!!! i dont remember doing that! -contined after school-

health-did nothing talked to this girl about mixing kool aid with weed

science-did work.. and some how i got B honor roll? lol

after school- ok charlie walks up to me and is like i owe u a bite and im like.. uh? then he showed me his neck and im like Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... and hes like yah and we made out andim like wtf.. we never did asshole and jenn was there the entire fucking time so w.e and hes like yah u did andi m like uhh no and i started bitching and telling him if he comes near me ill hit him with my science book that i had in my hand, kristina is so great she took this kid joshes condom and blew it up into a ballon and she was like lets toss it around and hit it and it flew away, it was soooo great. kristy [kk] walked home and i talked to her a bit and met some kids on my street i never knew were there and they thought i was new bcuz i never go outside lmao, im like uhh no i have lived here for 8 years, lol.. well my mom went to a funearl bcuz my step uncles sister in law died from OD on morphine patch,crack and pain killers and i forgot my key so i had to jump on the ac thing outside pop open the screen and crawl through, thank goodness im like small enough to get threw just the hole was soo small. dornia, a family friend picked me up and we went to pick up my cousin cody[11] and trey[4] and now me and cody are watching indenity, fun stuff..
i cant wait untill mine and marias party,kristina is going to sleepover that night, yay!

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[06 Dec 2003|10:29pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | the used----->the taste of ink ]

i wish i could find a song to express how im feeling right now bcuz i dont feel like bitching..

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[06 Dec 2003|06:09pm]
does anyone in your family or any of your friends have
-athletes foot?
-jock itch?

well if u said yes to any of the following, my dad has crated a cream that gets rid of all of that.. please go to his website and check it out...

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[06 Dec 2003|01:28pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | radio ad ]

ok.. well u all know about my wonderful jewish nose i got from my daddys side, well today i went to the surgey place and they said i can get it done.. yay! and if i dont ill have bad sinus promblems.. and ill go to school with stiches in me and look like shit. i dont care, nope not at all. well my grades droped really bad. but im making it all up. well my cousin mike. is friends with wicked witch and some other metal bands and he said hes going to travel with them in europe, ahh!!!! and when he gets back hes going to travel with morbid angel and canniable corpse.. he said hes going to get me autographs and im asking for some for jenn. ugh i have the worset headache from the party last night whcih i barely remember, lol. ok well im done buhbye

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[06 Dec 2003|09:29am]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | nothing ]

ok i just woke up. and im so happy i dont have a hang over. well the party was ok there was just a couple ppl there but i just remember me being so fucked up calling this kid my best freind and he kept bitting my neck and i remember like running around with jenn and cludia asking me to get these guys off of her so im like gett offf cluddia lol and thats all i remember. today im going to the surgeny to see if i can get my nose job. and i might be able to go to the mall today, yay ok well buh bye

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[05 Dec 2003|11:50pm]
[ mood | drunk ]
[ music | ppl iming me ]

i feel liek poop rifhr now . i m really drunk. i took like 8 shots and drank 2 smiffnoffs, and i think charlie and ed kept bitting my neck and unmmmmmmmmm jenn loves me and i love cludia and i derno i remember more latier.. and ummm my neck is hurtingfrom bites and i think im goint o the masll tomoewwo.. ok well buh. i love you all!

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