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. . . . . . [13 Oct 2003|05:44pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | the obnoxious children outside. ]

i am very pissed off at the moment. my stupid friend alex thinks that it will make my life better if i don't talk to him until i stop cutting. i fucking hate how everyone does that. they say it the same way, too. it's as if they're the same person. he said "if you don't stop cutting, i won't talk to you ever again". and i fucking hate that more than "she's psycho, she cut's herself." people don't understand...i can't just stop the instant they tell me to, it's not that easy. he claims he stopped "cold turkey", but i'm sure he had urges, and i'm sure he had times when he just couldn't take it anymore. i hate him so much right now...he says if i IM him again, it means i have no respect for him...but if you think about it, it really means he has no respect for me. he wants to put a friendship on the line? go ahead. he's the one who will be sad in the end. i don't really care if i lose a friend who tried to make me quit by blackmailing me and stripping me of my freedom to express myself. it actually is a lot like censorship, to me, when someone tells you to be quiet because they don't agree, nor like the opinions you have, or don't want to listen to the things you got to say, because they could be "inappropriate" or "wrong". it's just like religion. whenever i speak about how i don't agree with the bible, and dislike the rules of christianity, etc, etc, adam always has to start stuff, and tell me to shut up, because he "believe in that stuff and don't like hearing it getting insulted". i don't care if he doesn't like it, i don't tell him to shut up when he talks about god. i just tell him what i feel about it, and leave it at that. but he...he gets very pissed off. he'll go all "don't you EVER speak about god like that. i don't care what you are. i'm christian, and god exists. you should all listen to me!" im serious. he really says that stuff. but anyway, on to the nicer part of my day.

i went to school. whoo. well, i got to see my friends...i guess that's a good thing. and i got an A on my shakespeare test. although i didn't do as good as kyrsten..she got an A++. my language arts teacher does this weird thing with his grades. if you get the extra credit right, he gives you a number above the 100%. kyrsten got like...110%. i think. well, anyway. at least i didn't get jeremy's grade. he failed. he got a 20/40. haha. idiot. no wonder. and i got a pink slip because i told jose i didn't want to sprint. i didn't. fat people shouldn't have to do all that crap he puts us all through. oh, well. i wanted to get sent out. i didn't want to be in his class.

in science, we got some geckos as pets, and my teacher was holding it, and he accidentialy dropped it, and the tail got chopped off somehow. it was kept moving even after it was chopped off. and i saw the whole thing, i was standing right there. it was so great. after i went to go use the printer, i looked at the tail and it was all bleeding, and you could see the joints and everything..amazingly, i didn't barf. sometimes i get disgusted at things like that..but today, i guess, wasn't the case.

that maddy keeps talking to me. i don't want anything to do with her...i thought she got the message when i spit in her hair, but i guess she didn't. she kept talking to jeremy and i today..well, and kyrsten. that's the only reason why they come over to me. because kyrsten is there. it's so stupid...kyrsten will be standing there, and i'll walk over to her to talk to her, and felicia will come up and start talking, making me go away, because i hate those skanky preps. yeah. so, i guess i will say more later when i don't feel like punching someone.

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ala. [12 Oct 2003|06:10pm]
[ mood | blergh ]
[ music | Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots- The Flaming Lips ]

this weekend was fun. amber spent the night, we had some fun. we got into a fight with some preps, we got to go to the cemetary and take pictures of graves, we took flowers and spread the petals over peoples graves to make them pretty. i found an awesome tombstone there. it was hidden in the ground, kind of, and it was green (old copper). there was this thing that looked like a leaf, and when you swung it aside, it revealed the dead persons photo. it was so cool, i loved it. i took a picture of it. the guy looked awesome, actually. it was like an old 70's photo, where the color is kinda sucky, but still good. then we walked around, and i found some stickers on the gate seperating the cemetary from the ice arena. the stickers were black with the words "Fuck Saddam" and "Fuck Bun Laden" on them, i got the Saddam one. it was pretty cool. it now sits on the wall of my bedroom. amber and i went outside with the ouija board and some candles, and thats when that girl came over and said the stuff from the last entry. it was funny. then her friends tried to pick a fight with us. then my mom came out and commanded me to come inside. so we just finished up everything in my room. it was creepy, we were sitting there, and it was moving (although i think it was amber..) and suddenly this shelf thing by my bed fell down. we weren't even close to it. it could either mean that there was paranormal activity going on, or it was just off balance and bound to fall off at one point. that's just about all we did except for fight. well, it doesn't really qualify as fighting, but it was pretty fun. we would pounce on each other and push each other on my bed. i liked it, except for the parts where the plug in the wall got jammed into my rib cage. that wasn't fun. we ate a lot, too.. that's always fun, no? we also went to and looked up a bunch of stuff about cutting. we saw a lot of pictures, too. some weren't bad, but others were just terrible. i've done bad, but i know i could never tolerate pain like the pain the put on themselves. amber kept looking up a bunch of stuff about gore...there was this one picture of a blonde chick, and someone had cut off her breasts, torn out her throat, hung her on ropes, and i think, raped her. i'm not sure. it was in spanish, and i'm not very fluent in spanish. anyway, i'm sure i've bored you enough. bye.

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What's A Demon? [11 Oct 2003|08:04pm]
[ mood | ... ]
[ music | Mobscene- Marilyn Manson ]

Britney [prep]: What game are you playing?
Us: ---silence---
Britney: ...What game are you playing?
Us: ---silence---
Britney: What game are you playing?
Tiffany: We're playing Find the Demon.
Amber: ---silence---
Britney: A bemon?
Tiffany: No. Demon.
Britney: Demon?
Tiffany: Yes.
Britney: What's a demon?
[Amber and Tiffany break out in laughter]
Britney: Wha...?
[Friends group around her]
Ruth: Don't be startin' stuff, blah, blah, fuck, shit, ass, damn.
Us: ---continues the laughter---
Group: [tries to tell us off]

Beautiful. Getting in fights with preps are so enjoyable. Just another example on how humanity needs to go to common sense academy.

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blah...testin' [07 Oct 2003|09:55pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | n/a ]

We're Maki Girls, Maki Sisters
Gotta scare who we gotta scare
Got the brains, got the power for evilness
We're from everywhere around the state
So you best respect the Maki Girls
Annoying, tormenting from our birth
Working hard for what we don't deserve
Trying hard to break the rules
Cause we pity da fool!
It may seem we're only deranged
And we need help to the straight jackets
It's too good to know we're alone
Cause we are sisters
We stand together
We make up one Japanese family
Though we don't look the same
Our victims are different
Different genders
We make each other twisted
That ain't ever gonna change
OK, just listen
We're Maki Girls, Maki Sisters
Someones always there
To be our innocent victim
Cause we are evil
We stand together
We make up one evil sister cult
Though we don't look the same
Our evilness is different
Different colors
We make each other evil
That ain't ever gonna change
OK, just listen
We're Maki Girls, Maki Sisters

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