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[13 Jul 2003|04:04pm]
[ mood | sad+happy ]
[ music | Sum 41- Fat Lip ]

Aww I'm happy, but sad at the same time. I really like this boy but we live far apart.. =\ I miss him..alot, but I'm still soo happy I finally got to see him again. i love church.

.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!! haha the big 1-5!


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[12 Jul 2003|11:47pm]
[ music | Alkalnie Trio- We've Had Enough ]

I'm sooo happy! lol Today was one of THE best days of my life. haha i know what you guys are thinkin & i'm still a virgin! haha. anyway the day went by so incredibly slow but that's good. lol I met ____ again today. he's so adorable. Last time i saw him was at my house warming party. Okay well we volunteered at Herman Park & helped fix the ponds. lol I got to fish for some damn tadpoles.. haha they looked like sperm.

Ok after that, we went back to my cousin's house.. I dunno but I was so freekin cold & I felt like I needed to throw up. haha sorry too much info. Well I took a nap & woke up feeling much better! haha Then we ate at Tan Tan & went home. Not too exciting..

i am soo sleepy..byeeeeeeee

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The day gets even better. . . [10 Jul 2003|10:21pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Well, today's been great. I did nothing but make a cheesecake & watch tv ALL FUCKING DAY. Then I got dumped. Great huh? Well it gets better. He calls me back & said sorry and blah blah. SEE? STUPID BOYSS. Stupid fags do stupid things, then realize how fucking retarted they are and call you back & say sorry & all that good shit thinking it's gonna be fine? uhhh I don't think so. GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE.

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[10 Jul 2003|04:45pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Sum 41- Handle This ]

hey everyone! I was outside earlier beating Judson up with Julie! haha not really, but I DID kick his scrawny legs like 2 times. I'm going down to Alief tomorrow evening. Who wants to go somewhere?! pleasee?!

Anyhoo, I'm gonna watch Dedicate live now. byeeee

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blaahh [10 Jul 2003|04:01pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | NFG- Boy Crazy ]

001.Name: nicole
002.D.O.B.: 9.2.89
003.Location: cypress
004.Religion: catholic
005.Occupation: jobless

001.Hair: Brown with orange/copper highlights
002.Eyes: hazel
003.Height: tall enough

001.Clothing: Normally jeans and a tank top.. whatever is comfortable
002.Music: Anything but pop & country
003.Make-up: Mascara, eyeliner & lipgloss. I am addicted to lipgloss.. i have like a drawer FULL
004.Body art: as in tattoos? no.

001.Wearing: Jeans, navy blue tanktop
002.Listening to: NFG- Boy Crazy
003.Thinking of: I officially think _____ is a complete fag

001.Bought: Disposable camera
002.Ate and drank: 4 Starbursts & a chocolate shake.
003.Read: YM magazine lol
004.Watched on TV: Switched! on amc family & True Life on mtv

001.Club or houseparty: houseparty
002.Tea or coffee: Coffee.. actually cappuccino but w/e
003.Achiever or slacker: Achiever lol
004.Beer or cider: Beer. Cider is nasty
005.Drinks or shots: Drinks
006.Cats or dogs: Dogs
007.Single or taken: Depends
008.Pen or pencil: Pen
009.Gloves or mittens: Gloves..
010.Food or candy: Food
011.Cassette or cd: Cd
012.Coke or Pepsi: Coke
013.Hard or mild alcohol: mild
014.Matches or a lighter: For what?? I don't smoke.
015.Sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful: what the hell??
016.Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey: Ricki Lake!!

001.Kill: Cant say. lollll
002.Hear from: Rob <33
003.Get really wasted with: uhhhmmm.. I don't want to get wasted
004.Look like: I dunno
005.Be like: I dunno
006.Avoid: I dunno

001.Touched: Judson.. I kicked him. Does that count??
002.Talked to: Julie
003.Hugged: Hmm.. either Julie or Judson. I think Julie haha that sounds wrongg
004.Instant messaged: Elliot my drummer boy lmfao
005.Kissed: Rob.. last time i saw him. a long time ago
006.Who broke your heart: :(

001.Eat: Anywhere
002.Dance: Anywhere
003.Cry: Alone.. in my room.
004.Wish you were: At the movies or mall

001.Dated one of your best friends? Yes
002.Loved somebody so much it makes you cry? Yes.
003.Drank alcohol? Yeah
004.Done drugs: Yeah.. shhh
005.Broken the law: yes lol
006.Ran away from home: Nope. lol
007.Broken a bone: Nope.
008.Cheated on a test: Yeah.. plently of times. hahaha
009.Skinny dipped: Nope.
010.Played truth or dare: Yeah
011.Flashed someone: No
012.Mooned someone: Haha no.
013.Kissed someone you didn't know: Nope.
014.Been on a talk/game show: Nope
015.Been in a fight: haha, yeah. and I fucking won every one too lol
016.Ridden in a fire truck: No
017.Been on a plane: Yes
018.Come close to dying: No
019.Cheated on your boy/girlfriend: No way
020.Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride: Yeah
021.Eaten a worm/mud pie? Hell no
022.Swam in the ocean: Do beaches count?
023.Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up: Hell yes

001.Music you can't stand? All country. SOME pop is tolerable but nah.
002.Your bedroom like? Blue. But it's not done yet. we're gonna completely change it.
003.Your favorite thing for breakfast? Blueberry pancakes or those giant blueberry muffins
004.Your favorite thing for lunch? Anything good.
005.Your favorite thing for dinner? Anything good.
006.Your favorite Restaurant? Anywhere good.

001.A Vegetarian?: No
002.A Good Student?: Yes
003.Good At Sports?: lol I guess so.
004.Good at wakeboarding/snowboarding: No way
005.A Good Singer?: haha I am told I am.. lol jp iono people usually laugh and make me shutup. does that answer your question?
006.A good Actor/Actress?: Theatre arts & all that stuff sucks ass
007.A deep sleeper?: No
008.A Good Dancer?: haha i dunno
009.Shy?: Not really. Sometimes
010.Outgoing?: Sometimes
011.A good storyteller?: I guess lol
012.Last words spoken?: 'That's gay' --in reference to Keri's hippo pen. yeah i know, weird.

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[09 Jul 2003|10:55am]
[ music | Sum 41- Handle This ]

I'm going over to Rachel & Keri's house with Alyssa to see if Rachel's ok :( Be back around 3. Then Alyssa & I are babysitting from 5:45-8. By the way, download Sum 41- Handle This. It's really good..

Sum 41 - Handle This lyrics
You said it once before, you don't do those things you used to anymore.
You say in doubt, were fading out, forgetting who we used to be.

Cause I will bring you down,
I don't want to miss, I don't think you can handle this.
You've lost what you can't find; it's never what you had in mind.

You take it with a smile; it's so easy when you're always in denial
Just in time but out of line I can't make all the same mistakes you want me to.

Cause I will bring you down,
I don't want to miss, I don't think you can handle this.
You've lost what you can't find; it's never what you had in mind.

Your giving up you know it's not what you need.
And it's true what you're going through.
Try so hard not listen to everything I never say.

Cause I will bring you down,
I don't want to miss, I don't think you can handle this.
You've lost what you can't find; it's never what you had in mind.

I'm getting over getting used to,
And after all that I put you through now I see I'm not the only one.

I never thought It'd ever come to,
This in fact was never what you wanted from me or how you meant it to be.

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[08 Jul 2003|07:25pm]
[ music | Pharrell Feat. Jay Z- Frontin ]

hey everyone.. I went over to Kristen E's house today. yup. Mostly watched TV & we watched Jackass The Movie. Bam Margera. Chris Pontius. Johnny Knoxville. good lord. they are sooo finee!!

Other than being chased, raped, & pantsed by Banger Kara, there's not anymore interesting highlights of my day. You should've seen me. Hell yeah I was watching my back lmao I was also holding my pants to make sure she couldn't pull them down AGAIN. man wtf she's so gay now. She got all super gay & annoying today I swear I wanted to fuckin kick her ass. Kristen kicked her out then we just went over to Suzhi Ratliff's house to see her new puppies. haha Suzhi is a fag. what a NERD. Then I went home. Yeah nothin too good today. I got my phone back today. Still fucked up but they'll replace it later. Rob & me are okay now but it was just really stupid.

ooh mann... I've got news for yall!!!! Mai cheated on my boy Markie for... guess who... TOMMY! WTF man that's jus faggalicious. It was so funny though Markie told her "you skankass ho if I were a girl I would bitch slap your greasyass face right now" Then she was like "man fuck you. You're a justin guarini wannabe"

ok byeee ttylll

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[07 Jul 2003|08:31pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey guys!! Don't call my cell b/c I don't have it right now but I will tomorrow so call my house ok?! Well today's my mom's birthday!! yeah. anyways, my family's going to south padre in 2 weeks! I cant wait!! When I'm gonna be in South Padre, Rob's gonna be in Cali. what a coincidence lol. but he's staying there for 2 weeks. Damn I'm really bored now with nobody to hang out with. argh.. oh, these new people moved are moving in this weekend. they seem pretty nice we talked to their family today. they have a girl in my grade & we have alot of things in common (music wise lol) , and 2 brothers. lol ok im outtt

You got me lifted shifted higher than a ceiling
And ooh wee it's the ultimate feeling
You got me lifted feeling so gifted
Sugar how you get so fly?


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[06 Jul 2003|09:10pm]
[ mood | scared ]
[ music | No Doubt- Running ]

Hey guys.. Nothing too good or exciting happened today. I got burnt but I already told you guys about that lol. I slept for like 2 hours cuz I'm a lazy ass. Then we went to church at 5. Then we went to dinner. yeah. Rob & me are in another argument. haha isn't this just great? You know, the usual things that piss me off about him. Anyway shit between us isn't working out. I'm not gonna talk anymore about it because this is gay yanno?? It's probably gonna be better by tonight though.

Kevin.. please listen to hannah & me. we love you!! :(

..thats all for now.. im outttt

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s c r e w u! :) [06 Jul 2003|03:40pm]
[ music | Hot Hot Heat- Bandages ]

Fuck You All.

Well anyways, we had to drop Alyssa off back at her grandparents house b/c they're going to the beach I think tomorrow. Well we got some self tanning lotion stuff. haha stayed by her pool in her backyard. lol I stayed out too long! I got burnt but it's probably going peel off. haha I know that's gross but yeahh. Man my house is so empty! the guests left around 1:45. I said bye to them before i left but i feel bad because I wanted to spend more time with the kids. hmm my family might go to South Padre next weekend. I hope soo!! Man Markie's an idiot i'm so pissed at him he's gonna kill someone one of these days. Okay later gators

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[05 Jul 2003|09:28pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Afro Man- B/c I got High ]

So more about July 4th. haha it fucking kicked ass!!! Rob even let me do his hair! lol i put a bunch of little ponytails haha it looked so cute! Well I have a lil mark on my arm from the Roman Candles that Rachel & me were shooting at eachother. Rob made us listen to CKY & Smashing Pumpkins. lol We all wanted to dieee!! and then he was like ''c'mon, let's jam!" (purposely sounded gay) and he started doing this really gay dance that Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bellaire does. Like where he like snaps, and shakes his head & hips. And Emo Boy came just in time to see! lol he came and he was like ''Johnny boy has arrived" then Rob was like "great, now Johnny boy can kiss my ass and leave" then he threw some of these really loud fire crackers at Emo boys ass. haha he squeeled! then Keri gave him like 5 hotdogs since she thinks hes cute & he ate it like in 3 minutes. then he got his sk8 board & just went off. haha does his mama not feed him? what the hell lol. we had so much fun... lol ooookay bye! i just needed to tell you about johnny lol it was funny.

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!!..holy shit..!! [05 Jul 2003|04:20pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Sum 41- Rhythms ]

Well Courtney wanted to pick me & Alyssa up to go chill with her. My parents didn't really want me to, because we've been going out alot already. Anyways, they finally let us go & we were about to go to the mall. Our new hangout spot! Well when we were about to turn to get into the parking lot, the next thing I know, we got hit from behind. Then I go '' oh fuck!!" and Courtney goes ''HOLY SHIT!'' and Alyssa was like "damn, you made me spill my fucking drink'' then Courtney goes ''who the fuck cares? what happened" then Alyssa & me started laughing because it was funny! haha the car barely got hit.. then we got out the car & Alyssa almost got run overed LOL. Then the old lady that hit us was like ''are you alright!" and Courtney was like ''What the fuck just happened??" ..... at this point Courtney was freaking out, then we looked at where we got hit and it mostly just scratched the paint. But did I mention this was Courtney's MOM'S car? hahah it was a fucking Lexus too. LOL then we went over and Courtney & the old lady were arguing & Courtney called her a blind hag. Lmao it was just so funny. hahah you just had to be there. Then after like 10 minutes, Courtney just left because she didn't want the cops to come & her mom to find out. lol Winston works in a body shop so it's all gravy baby. haha you guys had to be there. it was some funny shit. Then Courtney flicked the old lady off when we got back into the car. hahah... anyways, I got some coke spilled on me too. Isn't that just bullshit? Later on, Courtney called me back & said the car was fixed lol. The part just needed to be painted but Winston got it. loll so then she started laughing about the accident too.

It was pretty funny because:
1.) It wasnt my car.
2.) Courtney was driving.
3.) She forgot her license at blockbuster.
4.) She wasn't supposed to be driving her mom's car.
5.) Alyssa was about to take a drink right when we got hit & it spilled all over her.
6.) Courtney was supposed to wear her seatbelt, and didn't.
7.) Nothing happened to me.

hahah...Okay byeeeeee!!

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panetang time. [05 Jul 2003|11:14am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Smashing Pumpkins- Bullet With Butterfly Wings ]

Hey guys. Last night I had a blast! The party was really fun.. a lot of people. Rob didn't come because he had to drop something off for his grandparents party. My brother took my cousin, Alyssa and me to Sugarland around 9 pm. lol and We bought a shitload of fireworks at some stand by the Kmart parking lot.Then my brother dropped his girlfriend off. Then we went back to the Northside and he dropped Alyssa & me at Cooper Hills & he went to his friends house to shoot some. haha omg it was so fun there! Rob, Keri, Rachel, Knox, Spencer & a bunch of other kids were there. lol Rachel & me started shooting Roman Candles at eachother. haha then these Indian kids just sat & watched in horror. lol Keri brought 30 hotdogs, and she made us finish it up so she wouldnt have to bring it back home. ahh I could barely eat 2, and she threw another one on my plate. haha so I gave it to some little kids. damn i got this set of fireworks called BIG TEX with over 400 firecrackers and it turned out to be shit. i was pissed cuz they had all these fucky ones that sucked. Well after like an hour or so, we ran out so Rob took me to buy some more. lol he spent $240. We came back & everyone just laid on the blankets watching knox light them and run away as fast as he could.. and rachel & chad were together the whole night. they looked cute together. oh, and Rob didn't wear that eye stuff.. awwee!! oh yes, i forgot to tell you, Courtney decided to drop by with Bobby... she wasn't wanted there & so they left. But then, Courtney made Knox come back home with them. HAHA i can't explain how funny Knox is. He reminds me of Johnny Knoxville on Jackass. haha OH!! then Emo boy came.. how the hell did he know we were going to be there? who knows. but he came & ate like 5 hotdogs and left. haha fag. Well then at around 2:45 am I had to wait for my brother to come back & pick me & alyssa up. lol We all got home around 3 am. haha my parents were a little pissed but everyone was still at my house & awake anyways just watching some movie on HBO. I'll write more about last night later, a buncha good stuff happened. byeeeeeeeeeee..

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Happy July 4th! ;] [04 Jul 2003|01:48pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Smashing Pumpkins- Ava Adore ]

Hey! Gosh Alyssa & me are so fucking tired. My cousin’s are so fucking hyper! Haha but they’re so cute!! Julie stopped by, because she was at Judson’s house and she put these braids in my hair & it really hurt.. haha at this point I think I look Hispanic now. Well anyways, Anthony came runninb in my room when he heard music and started dancing to All American Rejects. Aww he has all these dance moves stored in him that he learned from the Wiggles Show. Haha so we watched him dance & jump around for like an hour. Haha it was so adorable.

We’re having a party tonight. We’re having crawfish & Wingstop & a bunch of other food. Fun! lol rob wants to stop by.. but I’ll have to pretend he’s Keri’s boyfriend or something because I know my parents would be like what the fuckkkk?? Haha no offence Rob. ;] I know this sounds really gay but yeah I’m scared. Afterwards, my brother is taking us to the Sam Houston Race Track to watch fireworks, or maybe somewhere else.. I dunno it just depends.

haha damn julie is making fun of my hair she said I look like Christina Aguilera in my M magazine. That's great. lol I can't stand this I'm gonna take the braids out later.. oh oh ohhhh!! Rob looks so cute without his eye makeup.. haha he looks like a good boy. He sent me some pics but I didn't save it so I'll put it up later when I get it again.. lol iono you just have to see it.

I had some really weird dream last night. TJ, Rob, Charles, Hannah G, and Me were in school watching a Circus. lol But we started talking so we got kicked out and had to stay some garage until the guy came out to give us detention or something. lol so TJ & Rob turned into handy men. and iono what happened to Charles he just disappeared. lol and Hannah & me just started being mean to TJ. and he had really hairy arms so we got tape and just kept pulling his hair off to hear him scream, then we started like stabbing him with sticks and he cried and crawled through the dog hole in the door and his butt was so BIG, he got stuck, so rob got a saw and tried to cut a big hole for TJ to squeeze his butt though. But ROB accidentally cut a slice of TJ's butt so we glued it back! ahaha it was weird!! hahahahah.....

LOL Julie just left my house to go to Judsons, and then when she got to the sidewalk, Andrew & Matt like started trying to run into her while riding their bikes so she was screaming.. haha so I looked out the window and she was just screaming... just standing there! lol you're gay.

okay, I'm gonna go fix my hair & watch the kids. I <3 you Robert! lol byee guys!

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[03 Jul 2003|06:23pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Rascalz- Movie Starr ]

HEY!!! hahah well it poured on us today. seriously. It rained SO HARD. and Alyssa and I wore white shirts. Isn't that just bullshit. Well we went to eat, alyssa wanted pho so we ate at Pho Saigon. haha everyone thought Aly was adopted or something. After that we went to the Bank, then Randall's. It was fun in the grocery store lol we were hiding from eachother yeah I know that sounds gay but it was fun. oh oh oh!!! Then the cashier guy was all flirting. OH MY FUCKING GODDDD !!! !!!! !!! he looked like Tyson from AAR!! except his mouth was normal. He was mother fucking cute. haha then he goes ''you've got 2 really beautiful kids'' then when my mom ran back to get some bread, he winked and he scanned the food extra slow lol. so then when he scanned the candy and cookies, he goes ''sugar overload babes'' haha then he winked. I thought it sort of corny. hah Whatever who cares cuz he looked like tyson lol! haha well it took forever cuz we had 2 cartfulls of food lol. Before we left & he told us to come back more. lol i think my mom was a lil pissed but whatever haha. ooh and my phone was low on batt & turned off so iono if Rob tried calling or something. shit I just spilled some yogurt. fuck. lol I am back. After Randalls, we went home to unload the food. Then we went shopping. Now we are home, and our cable is fucked. lol I'm talking on the phone with my man right now. haha he said he's a "sorry bastard that's going to hell'' haha okay he's funny. . . well I'ma go now. I'm gonna eat dinner which is food from yummy yummy Los Cucos.

Okay, everyone's making comments about the picture in my Picturetrail of the hands. Everyone's asking if i turned banger or something because they thought it was black nailpolish. haha i was wearing a metalic Dark Blue and my fingers really aren't that short & fat in real life lol.

Tomorrow night Alyssa & me are gonna walk to the entrance of my neighborhood at night and sit on the benches by the fountains and watch the fireworks show. lol and they always have people with carts selling icecream, hotdogs, drinks and all that stuff. It's gonna be fun. and Judson and his "band" are coming. Tate is back in the band lol he went down on his knees & begged them. lol he's so funny. lol my dad is yelling i really gtg eat now haha byee!!


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[03 Jul 2003|11:30am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Deftones- Minerva ]

So last night, rob and me talked on the phone around 2 am. and then we talked so long, i fell asleep! hahah so he was like ''NICOLE?!?!" and he said it so loud, alyssa heard it and woke up and told him i fell asleep. haha. by the way, we're not fighting anymore. everythings good. just dandy. so he said he's gonna have to make it up to me since he was being a shithead. lol he called himself a ''pathetic sack of shit'' haha and he said sorry like 1,000,000,000 times. heh.. then at first, after we kinda stopped arguing and then I got mad and almost started to cry, all he said was ''please, baby?? i'm sorry. i won't do it again i swear. nicole.. i love you girl. c'mon baby.'' lol argh. and he kept saying it over and over. so i was like finneee. shut up now. hah.. then we stopped arguing and fighting and just talked and that's when i fell asleep. lol the guests are coming this evening. great. so i'm going to go to the grocery store now. rob said he might leave class early and meet me there to give me a big big hug. lol aww. :) i just have to hide so my mom won't see lol. hahah alyssa's hair is resemblinga bird nest right now. Later guys. ;]

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[02 Jul 2003|11:05pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | No Doubt- Running ]

No Doubt - Running lyrics
Running all the time
Running to the future
With you right by my side

I'm the one you chose
Out of all the people
You wanted me the most
I'm so sorry that I'm falling
Help me up lets keep on running
Don't let me fall out of love

Running, running
As fast as we can
I really hope you make it
(Do you think we'll make it?)
We're running
Keep holding my hand
It's so we don't get separated

Be the one I need
Be the one I trust most
Don't stop inspiring me
Sometimes it's hard to keep on running
We work so much to keep it going
Don't make me want to give up

**i love this song so much!! i just fucking love ittttttttt........!!

update: rob & I are in a stupid argument arghh & hannah just got offline before i could say anyone. i needed to talk to her about Eric lol. I dunno. and rob & me have been arguing the past hour or so. and i didn't even bring this shit up to him either!! hopefully this will be okay before i go to bed because i don't wanna be worrying until tomorrow night. lol alyssa is already sleeping. party pooper. bye guys.
☼robert phillip owns my heart☼

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[02 Jul 2003|10:23pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Talib Kweli- Just To Get By ]

Hey guys. haha Keri wanted her to come home b/c she missed her too much so she came to pick her up. aww sisterly love. haha anyways, Keri and us went to get icecream before they left. It was some funny shit right there. Then we decided to stop by rob's casa on the way to my house. I'm a little upset about some things that happened there. Not between him and me. But him and 2 other people. I'm not gonna tell him & make it a big deal. I just don't wanna fuck things up so I'll shut my mouth till a later date. bye

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[02 Jul 2003|03:41pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Thursday- Cross Out The Eyes ]

***GOOD NEWS!!!!!! Alyssa's dad DID get the promo back here so hopefully they'll move here before school starts. I'm soo happy!! haha but she's still going to have to go back to Florida. well anyways, that's so fucking perfect. haha YAY :)

Another really good day far at least. I'm having a really good time! Well Daisy garcia & her brother Jake came back from Dallas yesterday night. haha I miss her, and I haven't talked to Jake in so long. We slept in late today because my mom took my little sister to an all day birthday party. So it's just us home alone. Well we got really bored & our cable isn't working. haha we decided to clean the house!! So we turned the music really loud and just started cleaning because unwanted relatives are coming tomorrow! haha I know that sounds really mean but I don't like them. Damn it's going to be a full house when everyone's here. I dunno, I think Rachel is gonna have to leave tomorrow before they come though because Keri misses her. I sometimes wish I had a sister around my age yanno? Well Courtney and I had a really long talk on the phone. So yeah, we're cool now.

Now everything in my life is just dandy!! and summer's fantastic. lol I can't wait till my dad get's home because this morning he gave 50 bucks to each of us and said he would take us to the plaza with all the good stores from the mall tonight. So at least I have something good to look forward to today. I'm going to go do some more cleaning! haha okay Later

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[01 Jul 2003|07:24pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Sum 41- No Brains ]

Today was a really busy day.. Let's see. Well we woke up at like 10 am because my mom needed to run some errands. So we went and dropped the library books off, dropped some laundry off at the dry cleaners, & we went to Alyssa's grandparents house so she could pick up some more clothes b/c she's gonna stay longer lol. And her grandparents are so CUTE! haha and funny too. Well we went to eat at CiCi's at copperfield & that one's alot better than the one by my old house. After that, we went home & i took my sister with us to the lake. haha it was so funny there!! Then I showed Eric the picture of Hannah G. and he liked it. That's great! oooh and also, Melanie got pushed into the lake by Eric because he said she was being annoying & whiney. haha she cried when she got out and her eyeliner was all over her cheeks. It reminds me of this picture of Benji in J-14. So then I started singing Riot Girl. and eric threatened to push me in too. little bitch. I stuck a beetle looking bug in rachels coke. HAHA she didn't know and choked on it. loser. lol then my mom called & told us to come home because she wanted to take us shopping. haha isn't my mom cool? Well we went to Kohl's. Then we went to Bath & Body in the Plaza & then we went to Famous Footwear & i got the cutest pair of Bongo flip flopss.. haha I'm wearing them right now. I smell really funky right now I guess i should shower later because RACHEL kept spraying me with whatever she touched at Bath & Body. Then at famous footwear, this old lady started coughing when she walked by. HAHA suckers!! Then Rachel's family & mine ate dinner together at Tommy's Seafood Grill or w/e. HAHA we started playing with the lobster claws & shit it was so funny we made a Play. I'm so tired right now. man i miss rob so much. i havent seen him in a couple of days. But he's really busy studying for a bunch of exams coming up on thursday. But goood news, I'll see him hopefully july 4th night. Everyones going to Cooper Hills & bringing blankets & food and firecrackers. I dunno if i'll be able to go because relatives are coming from outta town. I hope get to though. Okay i'm gonna go watch tv. Later <33. and of course, word to SISTER SALLY.

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