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[25 Apr 2003|08:06am]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | "Space Cowboy" NSYNC ]

Eleventh row!?!?! How the hell did I manage that? Oh I'm good! :) Yeah 11th row to O-town, how Ironic...June 11th/11th row..hahah its a sign, I'm gonna die!!!! Just kidding. J told me S isn't coming back. Well ya know, sorry...that pisses me off. I kinda know the story, but it happened to me in 8th grade but did I fucking give up? No I'm still here and ALIVE. It just makes me mad. Gahhhh...sorry S, I really am. I'm just frustrated.

Never have people spend the night lol...yeah long story.

11 played the American Game

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